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February 09, 2006


Jonathan Swift

State Senator Jarrett Barrios who is chairman of the joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security at the state house should bring this 104 Gilman Street incident up before his committee as soon as possible. Especially, if the occupants and visitors of the address did not have valid firearm’s permits for the 380 semiautomatic caliber pistol and ammunition for several different types of firearms that were recovered by the Police at the address. Didn't the residents know they were required to have permits for the firearms? Senator Barrios and the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security should pass laws that require a ten year prison for drug dealers and other criminals who use guns during a commission of a crime. This ten year prison sentence should be served after any conviction of the original crime. If he wants to be the future DA, he should put criminals in jail not pass law that appear to be tough

Jonathan Kerry

Here we go with another person who doesnt beleive in the right to bear arms. They might have not had a permit but I beleive everyone has the right to protect their property. And how much was the amount of cocaine? Maybe it was for personal use and doesnt need ten years in prison, just a few years in rehab or so.

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