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February 07, 2006


Ron Newman

When the T still used this building, what did they use it for?


Why should the Ex-Mayor worry so much about the building across from her house? It didn't get like that over night. It's been like that for years. The basement was so flooded; it almost crests the top of the stairs.

She should be more worried about the underground oil tank that is still in the Cummings schoolyard. DEP has been in touch with the Fire Dept. and still nothing has been done to the abandoned oil tank. The reason why it was abandoned one could guess it must have been leaking. Now, students and neighborhood children play there all day long and who knows what presents itself underneath the bituminous black surface.

The City better start working on that or DEP will be back to do the job themselves and then the penalties and fines will be imposed. Joe can't afford another financial disaster can he? Assembly Square isn't bailing him out of the hole and it never will. So get the tank out of the ground Joe, you never know what the dirt is like underneath since the City has never tested it. It has been lying dormant for 4 years now.

Jelly Belly

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

OK Charlie

Who would know about a tank underground at the Cummings School? Why would they call the DEP?? Why would they post it here? Who called the State Fire Marshall when the guys from the Building Shop installed a new boiler and oil tanks at the DPW instead of hiring Honeywell for 100k???? Hmmmmmmm.....Not to hard to figure out. It all points to one FAT, useless,living off the city for playing solitaire all day at the Capuano School,person. Keep up the Sh*t C.A.


Sounds like the mayor has more problems from traffic and parking. I was at traffic and parking today to renew my parking pemits ($10each) thanks Mayor Aholeatonie. One woman made a seen about the snow emergency procedures (not sure what storm). Cost her $100. She was going home to contact one of the local television stations. I didn't vote for this Dicitator!


What's a "dicitator? And Scene is spelled SCENE not SEEN. And if the woman got a ticket during a snow emergency, then PAY IT. She's obviously the idiot that doesn't think the cities policies apply to her. It's not rocket-science. We all have to live with those rules and regualtaions so that the DPW plows can clear the streets for fire apparatus and ambulances etc.You F*d up, you didn't move your car during a declared snow emergency....DEAL WITH IT. I live on the even side of the street and get my driveway plowed in every storm.........Oh well, such is life. Stop the whining and see that things need to be in place to insure YOUR safety.

Spell and spell again

What are "regualtaions" ?


I just noticed I did that and you beat me to the punch for my correction. But I'm still not illiterate like the person I was talking about. It's with it.

reply to spellcheck from snowmoney

Yo, spell check ace! Seen is the (past participle of SEE). Scene is most often used as ( a stage setting). Never mind spell check,,,,,, use the dictionary. This is why this Somerville administration and the Dictator is having problems because of the people he has around him (Operatives and Supporters)like you.
You truly are an ASSHOLE!


Whatever you say. Just quote me on this,every EMPLOYEE THAT POSTED BAD THINGS ON HERE IS GONE IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS,(If not already.) I'll have a job in two weeks, will they??? TOO EASY. WAY TOO EASY. The list has been out for awhile and if you knew what you were talking about, you'd see that pretty soon they'll all be GONE. So if you really mattered, which I'm sure you don't, you'd be gone too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dog Catcher

"When the T still used this building, what did they use it for?
Posted by: Ron Newman | February 07, 2006 at 04:37 PM"

Whitey Bulger's fun house?


Spellcheck,,,,,,, is this Stan? The only people I know who can afford to get their driveway plowed live in Winchester. Any extra money I receive goes towards tax increases ( just paid the highest property tax in my life ) or water bills (also recently the largest ever paid). Also Spellcheck, you may know the REGULATIONS however that doesn't help the women with three kids come up with the extra $100 because she was required to move her vehicle at 6am.


The building in question was originally a rotary converter station used to power the 600 VDC used for the 85 Streetcar Route. This terminated, at the time, at a carbarn located on the site of the current Concord (formerly Shell) service station.

Dog Catcher

JAR, nobody really cares what the building was used for. I hear the Somerville Historical Society has an opening.

Have you seen the rabid mutt who answers to the name of Mrs. McCarthy? Recent reports have it is peeing all over historical landmarks in the city and this is peeing off the city boosters.

Pressure is building for me to snag this little mutt or seek employment elsewhere. Can you research this for me?

Can you look into this and get back to us?


The "past two mayors George." Who's the other one? Last I heard jc was still Mayor. And while I'm at it when you quote somebody it really should be accurate. As in "may not be too soon". Didn't she really say something like it may be soon. Just reading it the way I see it.


woohooooooo thanks chimpy for that plug im surprised you removed it from where it was stuck all this time you truly are the english language sensei oh master of the pictionary all bow down to bubbles..... another local yocal making an ass of themselves and bringing in a whole crew isnt that just so white trash of you thanks again for the plug, but next time rinse it off first hahahahahahahaha


Why do you call her chimpy? Ever see her? She's actually pretty hot.


I have a question?

Why does Donald Gay have his own parking space on a city street?

I have to drive around my neighborhood perpetually looking for any spot I can find.

I believe the former Mayor has a driveway. Can't the boy park his car like regular folk or are we still weaning him off the silver spoon.


Mommy isn’t mayor anymore. You have to act like a big boy now and stop whining.

Now go peel your father off the barstool while Mommy works on her Lt. Governor campaign literature with Kathy O'douls and Dave Downer.

curious busters

They are talking about the parking spaces in their driveway you turd! Go and sleep it off!


The parking space is on the street you illiterate chit bag.

Here is the quote from the author:

“MBTA officials admitted the injured building could cause damage to the Gay’s or their property and decided to take away a parking space on the street to ensure their safety.”
“The parking space belonged to Donald Gay”

Who’s the turd now huh?


George and his quotes. I tried to tell him.... Delusional, whats the matter the doll not working out for you? Plumbing all backed up? Sorry can't help you we sub those out.... HAHAHA


To Delusional
Proud Supporters of:

Somerville Fire Fighters
Somerville Patrolmen's Relief Fund (Two times in one year.)
Somerville Youth Hockey
Somerville Pop Warner
Somerville Dreams for Youth Foundation
Somerville High School Highlanders Football
Somerville High School Performing Arts
Somerville Community Youth Program

Etc. Etc. Delusional, try not to let your mind wander....... Its too small and fragile to be out by itself!!!!!!
Who's got the last laugh now!!!!
Never Coming Back!!!!!!


Most city buildings are in as bad shape. To bad the present and former city leaders didnt care about their own public buildings as much. Police live in a toxic dump !! Time to move to the 'burbs.....

Male Chimp with Boobs!

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