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February 21, 2006


I just don't get it

A shooting is certainly never a funny occurrence, but how do you pursue someone from Mr. B's to Alston Street??? Did he wait out front for the police to arrive so that he could lead them on a high-speed chase around the corner?

Ron Baldasaro

Everyone want's to be a Monday night quarterback. Speculation's run deep. Thank goodness the person wasn't killed. This could of happened anywhere to anyone. It's not long ago I remember when four men were shot and killed at a family 99 restaurant in Charlestown. I also Remember the poor woman who was killed by a deranged person a couple of years ago leaving the bathroom of a Burger-King in western Massachusetts. Let's not forget the crazed gunman that walked into a southern state McDonald's around lunch time and killed a bunch of people with an automatic weapon. If I'm not mistaken those establishment's were opened for business the next day. It's sad we live in a society today where we have to look over our shoulder's or worry about our children's safety in the school's. Always wondering if some creep is going to come in and shoot the place up. Mr B's is a fine establishment, and in my opinion great food with alot of hard working people trying to make a go of it. It is hard to shake the bad reputation's of the prior establishments that once was. I find that people who sterotype lack common sence. These are new owners with good intentions of serving the public and the local residents with pride and repect.I understand there are discussions underway with community leaders who would like to do whatever is best to make the patrons, and the community feel safe and more comfortable moving forward. Good Luck Nephew's, Uncle Ron

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