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February 28, 2006


Old Democrat

Restitution and JAIL.

That's how it should be done.

Or did the law change and I missed it?


What is the big deal? Crime is never solved in Somerville unless the crooks happen to run right into one of our finests while they are trying to get away. There is tons of crime, break-ins, hit-n-runs, you name it, in our town and on our street and nothing ever happens..... The police just wait the crooks to eventually get so bold that sooner or later they just start making big mistakes and get caught..... I guess their hope is that once they catch up to one, the crook will just confess to all the other crimes they committed because the police never dusted for prints, or investigatged for facts to tie all the previous break-ins and crimes together....In this town it probably more efficient for them to listen to informants than to do regular police work..

Coach Joe

Well it is good news to learn that Somerville High did so well in last years drive for the GBL that they now have two football teams.

One team of students, which we wish well, and the other, is made up of the combined old teams the Mayor use to coach at the DPW and Traffic Department. Seven members of the old teams are now working for the City. How many DPW workers were fired from the City in the past year? Eight is what I heard.

So this means that currently 5 past football players are at the DPW, 2 are at Traffic Department and there is at least one more to bring in at the DPW.

One more for the Gipper!!!!


Yea But... Your math is off a bit.. Those kids are probably working instead of Politicking, campainging, complaining, and running for office.... And you know what they say about the majical abillities of civil service workers... They are off at 5 and can be home by 2... These kids are use to staying late after school for practice.. So check your math, the mayor would only need One kid for every two or three of the current city workers.

get a few at the DMV too or whatever that place is where you buy parking passes, they are more pleasent, and you can you take down that bullit proof glass there.


I was at the parking office the other day to get my parking sticker- I'm sure it would be easy to steal from there regularly. I mean the place was PACKED with people with cash in hands.
Also, I think it would make the whole visit more enjoyable if they would have drinks and snacks for the patrons, eh? Keep the blood sugar levels even so there'd be less hot tempers.

Oh Yea

Oh yea... How come the bullit proof glass did not protect our towns money?. Whos that glass suppose to protect anyway? Us or them? which side are the real crooks on?

Elvis Presley

Do Not Pass GO. Do not collect 200 dollars go directly to JAIL.
Elvis Presly
P.S. Jaill House Rocks

Yeah Butt What

I'm not talking about the current members of the football team but rather the students that graduated from High School. The ex-team members of Mayor Joe.

It's all fine and dandy to get these kids jobs and all but let's face it; the DPW has only been hiring the friends, relatives of Joe and Koty with a few other members of the BOA and Joes' Administration.

The new hires are required to have their CDL before hiring unless that clause has been dropped from their list. Those that have come in the past from the "Friends list" had been trained for their CDL prior to employment to the City by a member of the Unit A union of the City while he was on overtime. Now there’s a real paycheck.

Think about it, your tax money going to train people that are not even hired by the City yet and giving it out on overtime? Real good financing wouldn’t you say? Real good.


And we'll all bake together when we bake.
There'll be nobody present at the wake.
With complete participation,
In that grand incarceration
Nearly three billion hunks of well-done steak.

We will all char together when we char.
And let there be no moaning at the bar.
Just sing out a Te Deum
When you see that I.C.B.M.
And the party will be "come as you are".

We will all burn together when we burn.
There'll be no need to stand and wait your turn.
When it's time for the fallout,
And Saint Peter calls us all out
We'll just drop our agendas and adjourn.

You will all go directly to your respective Valhallas
Go directly. Do not pass GO. Do not collect two hundred dolla's

And we will all go together when we go
Ev'ry Hottentot and ev'ry Eskimo
When the air becomes uranious
We will all go simultaneous
Yes we all will go together when we all go together
Yes we all will go together when we go

Cambriville News



The Cambriville News room has been flooded with email, phone messages and courrier pidgeons with reports of a hugh breaking news story. Our reporters have learned that both local news rags in Somerville also have their hooks into this one.

The Cambriville News has learned that this story involves............... oh hell, they can have it this time.

We just don't have the heart to take this one away from the real media in town.

Get ready bloggers. This is the big one.

See you soon.

The Editor and Reporters
Cambriville News




Mrs. McCarthy


You smug, sardonic, Sappo-like, Satan in human form!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where in the name of Don Knotts have you been bubala????? I've missed you!! To say nothing of the loathing I have for you in my heart for leaving me here for a good two months BY MYSELF.

Did you get a real job? Go to Turin(o) and win a gold medal for trickery? Been sunning in the Riviera with Barbara Bush?

You deserted me you DICK! Are you begging me to hate you?

In any event, I still adore you and welcome you back with open arms and full depends.

And as for your last post, we'll see, Tricky, we'll see.

Hugs, kisses and lots of lather,

(Tricky, why are you wearing my bathrobe?)


Anyone here remember the 'Cheese' in the trailer fiasco at the dpw yard during Capuano's regime? What was the outcome?

Waste of Money

The lie detectors that were administered were a big waste of money!


The sun will be shinning tomorrow, tomorrow when Boss Hogg is exposed as the scoundrel that he is. What kind of spin could the Mayor possible have on the contents of the now resigned Highway/Lights & Lines Superintendents’ resignation letter which will be made public tomorrow?

While the mayor is out recuperating from his recent surgery, Michael Jackson surgery, Joe V tells all. For those that know Joe V. he is a dedicated, non-politicking individual that just wanted to do a great job like he has over the past 16 years with the City of Somerville. It took Boss Hogg to force this gentleman out of what he loved to do best, serve the public under any Administration.

But when agendas change midstream, this presented a problem for Joe V. The things he was asked to do by Commissioner Hogg were deceitful, unlawful, undermining and illegal. Every adjective Koty stands for. But that is not what Joe Voutour is all about. So Joe resigns leaving this Administration flapping in the breeze that will probably rely on spin tactics to now discredit a fine dedicated worker. Lies and accusations will fly like no other fabricated article ever written.

The thing is though; Joe Voutour is the good guy in all of this. He will withstand all the pressure, mud slinging, name calling and whatever else Joe, Stan and Frankie want to call him.

It’s over boyz, the walls are crumbling upon you. This is the beginning of the end for this Administration as well as some other elected officials that stood on that wagon of fate. The wheels have come off and you’re stopped short of your goals. Way short!

Mrs. McCarthy

After what I read this morning and in anticipation of the fallout from the story about to break, a bit of advice to some of our elected and appointed city officials........


With My Sincere Sympathy,

Mrs. McCarthy
The Law Firm of McCarthy, Doyle, O'Brien and Levin, LLP


Mrs. McCarthy,

I thought you were from the law firm of,

Dewey, Cheatum and Howe?

Mrs. McCarthy


Good stuff, good stuff. But save some for tomorrow.

We all are going to need our best for then.


Mrs. McCarthy


Where is Barney Fife aka the Acting Midget in all of this trafficgate? Doesn't the Acting Chief Midget want to get to the bottom of this stolen money or is he is just interested in the "bottoms" of the meter maids? Wasn't he the "head" of Traffic & Parking for some time? Or maybe if he digs too deep he might be digging his own grave!


To the Wonderful Editor Mrs. McCarthy,

Do you think the Mayor will represent the Boyz and hinself?

Mrs. McCarthy


If there's a couple of bucks in it for him, I think he'll give it a go. Me, I'd go for DiGirolimo, the zoning guru attorney from Broadway. That boy could get the Pentagon built in DeMoulas parking lot if he put his mind to it.

Better yet, I heard that Janet Reno is looking for something to do these days. Now even Mrs. McCarthy would think twice about butting busts with that dame.

15 Hours, 33 Minutes.................

With Ashes on My Forehead,

Mrs. McCarthy


My dear Mrs. McCarthy:

You're as precient as the Amazing Kreskin: I have indeed reentered the world of Working Stiffdom (and not the Craigslist type of "stiffdom", I might add) and as such can't lurk here all day long with a pot of coffee, waiting for the next remotely humorous act for a politician to occur.

Which would be fine, except there's less and less funny about this corrupt cast of characters. I can't wait for the next shoe to drop, and I'll surreptitiously be checking out the site tomorrow, in a two-inch by two-inch web browser in the corner of my screen, when everyone's looking the other way. I may have to pull the fire alarm to set up a diversion: I hope the sprinklers won't go off at the same time.

But now I've got messes to clean up, Dilbert cartoons to pin up, people to yell at, and I feel we should have some version of the old "78 days without an industrial accident" sign hanging in the Chez Tricky kitchen, something along the lines of "152 days without forgetting to pick up the Trickettes"...

So if I'm coherent after-hours and wet my pants laughing at something here, I'll post. But the days of the Mashantucket Good Times Casino and the Kotydome seem so far away compared to the latest developments.

Oh, and your bathrobe is back on the closet hook in your boudoir, just the way you like it. And was I supposed to get dosed with ashes today? I must have missed the express lane for closet Buddhists...


P.S. I'm trying to assemble a curling team for the 2010 Vancouver games. How are you with a broom, dearie?

Mrs. McCarthy

My Dearest Tricky,

Oh it stirs my heart to great joyous thumps(Jesus I hope its not my pacemaker)to learn that you are once again feverishly making dubloons and squirriling away the cash for the Tricketts education at the "World's Greatest University". Now I feel badly for chastising you for your no-show over the last month. All is forgiven mon cheri. Make lots of dough. The Trickettes are gonna need it.

Trick, there is no other way to say this. So here goes. THE SHIT IS GONNA HIT THE FAN. But fear not Trickster, no need to go online and risk the future of your new found wealth. Before you go to work in the AM, spring with the 75cents and pick up that "other" newspaper in town.(no you silly goose, not the Cambriville News, the OTHER paper) Front page baby! I plan to set up a Depends stand in front of City Hall in time for the workers arrivals(say about 9:30 - 10:00am)just in case they all start poopin at once. Tricky, this is not really the BIG one, for as they say, "The Best Is Yet To Come", but trust me, this will keep the town rockin for some time.

The ashes, ya you missed them. Call Shelton, see if he can give you some ashes from his many receptacles. He might even be able to find your forehead.

Thank you for returning the robe. It's special, a gift from Bernie Law. Long story.

Tricky, I can't tell ya what a thrill it is to hear from you. The only thing better would be for "Houdini" Norton to make a guest appearance tonight.

That would make me happy.

All the Best, screw the rest,

Mrs. McCarthy

It *is* funny

Come on ... who will be the first to talk about the letter? I just read it and despite Voutour's abominable grammar the allegations are pretty damning. No?

Ron Newman

I'm curious how the News got scooped by the Farm Team this time around...

Old Democrat

good question........anyone?

Sick & tired

instead of wondering who got scooped be upset and hold the mayor and the aldermen accountable if nothing is done about this situation. Does anyone really believe that the city attorney should be the one to look into this. I think we need the D.A. or Attorney General to clean this mess up. It's a sad day for the people of somerville if we continue to allow our elected officials and their appointees to misuse their authority.


Didn't the mayor back Duval Patrick? If he did, then Tom Riley's office would be the more likely to want have investigate this one. The aldermen will be running for cover I think, don't look to them to dig very deep. Also, is the feds involved I wonder?

Buddy Cianci


I got your email today. Ya sure, there's plenty of room for you to bunk in with me for a couple of years.

Sorry I can't accomodate Sean and Stan. Call Vinnie. See if he can get them in in Concord.

See you when you get here.


It's a Beautiful Day in the Neigborhood

Ok kids, let's sing it together:

It's a beautiful day in he Neighborhood, won't you be mine, won't you be mine?

Mrs. McCarthy, it has finally happened my Dearest. We got them by their cullonies.

They're up at City Hall at this moment, pow-wowing to figure out what to do next. Frankie, Koty, Buckley, Delorie, the bunch of them cause they know the end is near.

This may be the firs time in the history of the City that impeachment proceedings may be enacted. That would be just fine with me.

I heard Howie Carr last night on the CN8 channel. He will have to add a new chapter to his book for this one. Make a bet he starts it in the morning.

Joe V. is a stand up guy and should be commended for his actions. Boss Hogg has done it for the last time and everyone soon will know the whole truth and nuttin but the true, so me MOLE………..

Mrs. McCarthy

People, people............

Relax will you!! We haven't seen anything from the Somerville News about this story. Yet. So until we do, let's all just take a couple of deep breaths, smoke a bone or two and wait until George gets in the office and has a cup of coffee, chats with the staff and gets anyone in City Hall to return his calls. Then and only then will I assume we will get the real story.

In the meantime, let's just remember the Cambriville creed of justice, "Guilty Until Proven Innocent".

Now I've got to get to my Attorney's office and dicuss a few open items and then to the Cambriville News for tonight's special edition.

Mrs. McCarthy

PS. Jamie,last time I took a shot at somebody, I blamed it on Dick Cheney!!! Glad you're feeling better. Stay in touch, toots.

dog Catcher

Here doggie, doggie, doggie...................Peeing all over Cambridge again are we? I didn't know dogs experienced envy.


Hello from a person that lives somewhere on Highland Avenue. Just a question to the owners of the newspaper the somerville news. what happened to the newspaper machine that was in front of city hall at the bus stop. its not there anymore.


As an avid reader and sometime blogger on the site, I've enjoyed all of the humor and great coverage of the local life in Somerville. Tonight I'm very disappointed.

For months, bloggers have been, for the most part, contributing their thoughts about what makes this City tick. While there have been some really nasty people, I think the vast majority care about this place they call home.

And now, twelve hours after the general public learned about allegations of corruption and wrong doing at high levels of government here, this newspaper has yet to publish any article on the story.

Whatever your reasons Somerville News, in my opinion, it's just bad jounalism.

I've written my letter to the editor of the Journal, I've commented on their site, and now if you allow me one last blog, the condensed version of my thoughts are as follows:

Koty is innocent until proven otherwise.

The Board of Alderman should call for an outside, independent investigation.

Whatever the outcome, we have a lot of work to do to repair our once again maligned reputation.

Snowflakes eleven

I think that by not publicizing the city hall garbage in The Somerville News as of yet was a class act. While all the other "rags in town" are having a frenzy, and all talking about the same old shit, The Somerville News is focusing on the readers to make their own comments and opinions the story! Good work Somerville News, Any moron can join in but it takes brains and guts to hold out and scope the opinions on their own. I love your paper!

boss hogg is going to the big house

well it looks like boss hogg doesnt have to worry about the SPD boys in blue coming after him anymore -seemslike the feds are going to beat them to it! on the lighter side of things- stan will finally be able to lose some weight unless his cellmate is buddy cianci because he wont be doing time in walpole or concord he is going right to the top "CLUB FED" hopefully he wont be able to beat the rap this time like he did back in the 80's with Vinny and the gang, looks like the FAT CAT didnt learn his lesson that he shouldnt be dealing in white envelopes-hope he knows which marked bills go in which envelopes this time around.-well i must go now and check the real estate listings i hear there is a house in winchester up for sale someone needs the money for a lawyer-maybe boss hogg will give you the listing donald see you in 15-20!



It looks like the clock is running on the appointees of our great mayor. Looks like Joe stuck his nose (the old one) where it shouldnt be when he tried to screw over J.V.

It should be funny to see what comes out of this, hopefully the hard working DPW workers dont pay the price for those who got thier jobs without hard work.

Remember folks not all those guys in that yard are appointed, most of them have been there for years, working hard and paying thier dues so someday they can retire and enjoy life, give credit where credit is due to those legitimate DPW workers.

Good job J.V. for bringing the truth to the public, lots of people blame the whole DPW when its only a select few who deserve the blame.

James Norton

Somerspeak -

There really is no reason to feel disappointed. It has never and it will never be the strategy of this newspaper to follow the lead of the "farm team" with regards to any story - okay, to be fair there was the boat escapade but we have been evolving since then.

Please try to keep in mind that our paper doesn't come out in print until next Wednesday and there honestly isn't a full time staffer dedicated to this weblog, so with that information, I think we keep things fresh and flowing on here.

As far as I know, we weren't given a copy of the resignation letter in advance of today (I could be wrong about this) and who knows what kind of walls went up at City Hall and the DPW once the stuff hit the fan this morning.

That being said, I can't speak for the editor of the paper. It's not my job, it's his and he does a great job at it. I'm sure if there's something that we don't all already know about, it will be printed online or in print in due time.

Now my personal opinion - and this is only MY opinion and not the official opinion of this newspaper or its Publishers - we all heard the rumors about what happened and why and whatnot. There's a lot of conjecture out there on the street and a lot to speculate about, and after reading the letter today and knowing Stan personally, I along with others not directly associated with this paper found the "quotes" in the letter itself to be suspect at a minimum.

What I mean to say is, I cannot in my right mind imagine that the "letter" is gospel, nor can I believe everything to have been printed in it without a modicum of skepticism. Personally, I say let the chips fall where they may, let there be an investigation and until otherwise, I will go with my gut on this one and stay clear of the whole thing because at the end of the day, its a dangerous game to play the part of judge and jury without knowing all the facts, without speaking to all the people involved and without knowing, clearly, the circumstances surrounding the entire situation.

Sure, I just danced around the whole thing, but thats my perogative - just like every other blogger on here. I may get the crap kicked out of me for sticking up for the commish and then again maybe I have a point.

That's for you to decide. For now, let's wait to see if there's anything news worthy to print here and in the print version of the paper and for me, I'll let the editor of our paper do his job.

Thanks for reading another ramble of mine at 1am.


James Norton

To everyone else -

Can I ask a silly question and maybe someone, anyone will give me an honest answer? Why is it, that ever since I was a little kid, everytime someone shows some promise politically, pisses someone or a group of people off, or just happens to be the wrong person at the wrong time, that the "Feds" are coming to town and someone's going to the big house?

If you're going to bore me with "well, that's because they've been here doing a big investigation..." and "you reap what you sow..." then save yourself the time, it won't even register in the furthest recesses of my mind. The funny thing is, almost everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet, that doesn't mean we are eligible for federal time.

My point is this - there are no "Feds" here bothering with the local petty bullshit political machinations that like to intellectually masturbate themselves into a literal frenzy every time someone sits for coffee somewhere with someone other than a family member, for example.

The stigma that we would love to think has gone away from local politics here in Somerville will never really go away and will always remain a regional joke because of the absolute absurdity entrenched in the conceptions of community, public service and entitlement in this city.

Maybe it's me, maybe it's not, maybe (as I have offered many time before) I need to be back on my meds.



The Reckoning Day

“Twas a cold day in January, 2004.
Unknown were the mystical open doors.
When a deal was stuck with the Devil.
But unknown were the words being beveled.

Joe asks not much at first.
But soon windows start to burst.
City business continues down the path.
Soon to come is a hand of wrath.

Here is a Mayor who has a compulsive disorder.
The two build their own buildings constructed of mortar.
Flanked by a Commissioner who wallows in the power.
Let’s ask our City Treasurer Billy Fouler.

Now Billy, how much money is in the coffers?
Both hoping to see money of a saucer.
The two gaze heavenly into each other’s thoughts.
Each one standing alone thinking about the fights they had fought.
Which one will it be that rises to the top?

They both may be standing at the end of the day.
Those answers they seek may be far, far away.
But soon to come they will be scrambling for answers.
They should have remember the days they were dancers.

With split power and control amongst the two.
Which one will come up with the most black and blue?
One lashes out with words of miscue.
The other lurches forward with a new venue.

Let’s hope that they each blow the other way.
For it is getting close the Reckoning Day!

Old Democrat

Let me see if I got this right.

Former SPD officer and long time respected City employee accuses his boss, the Commissioner, of asking him to do something illegal. Tells him it's "from the top". Guy refuses. Life gets tough on the job. Guy resigns. Sends letter to newspaper, Board of Alderman, and Mayor. Mayor says there will be an investigation by the State Ethics Commission.

And only one of the local news rags covers the story. Strange and stinky.

The Commish is the former campaign manager for the Mayor. Strange and stinky.

The Commish has been accused of something like this before. Plead the fifth on almost every question asked. Strange and stinky.

The Mayor will investigate his own campaign manager for alledged wrongdoing. Strange and stinky.

Where is Howie Carr when we need him?


To answer your question. There are a lot of people who have been in very comfortable positions and situations for a very long time. They work only to to keep their situation comfortable . They do not at all strive to make things better for the people of our community... Progress is their nemesis. Any time someone new comes along with new ideas, they are automaticcly a threat to the fabric of lazy crap that goes on... The voters will never get their tax monies worth! Not until it is all cleaned up.. In the public sector individual productivity is difficult to measure when it is fabricated in this environment. Labor redundancies stem from this. Troubles start at the recruitment stage, where the weaknesses of screening mechanisms, coupled with widespread political patronage and cronyism, allow large numbers of hardly competent or devoted individuals to land a public sector job in our town. But they get much worse at the monitoring stage, where seniority-based promotions and an almost complete job security usually suppress any incentive for good performance. Lazy public sector workers face virtually no risk of being caught shirking, and even if this was to happen, they would face virtually no risk of being fired. Under these circumstances, only those public sector workers who have a high work ethic are likely to be productive. But it is rare. And we all pay for it with higher taxes.. and with dealing with politicians…

And the worst part is. These people spend more effort and energy in protecting their little comfortable kingdoms than productive people spend in doing their jobs.. 90% of the work and fighting they do they waste fighting each other...

But to be fare maybe we should offer this cat and other redundat workers some severignts pay. WE can view this as a fair tool for Pareto optimality.


Earlier you asked why is it that when "someone shows some promise politically..." we say the Feds are coming after him. I read your article and I can only assume your talking about Stan Koty showing "promise politically." If that's the case and I apologize if I'm wrong, then that's absurd.

The time of crooked politics is gone and Koty should follow suit and leave with whatever dignity he has left. He should also take hi son "Hop-a-long Cassidy" out of the politically created and appointed job that they made just for him. After all, the Koty's know trash.

James Norton

Political Promise -

The first posting had to do with the DPW situation, the second, nothing to do with it, so NO I was not referring to Stan as showing political promise. And I won't comment one way or another about him or his son, because I'm very good friends with both of them.


Old Democrat

Well then that's the honest answer. The Norton's won't cover the story because of their friendship with the Koty's.

Honest answer. But as someone else said, bad journalism.

James Norton

No, moron. That's not what I said. The newspaper moves on its own under the direction of the Editor of the paper. If you, or anyone else out there think that my father, myself or anyone else tells the Editor what to cover and what not to cover, then you're just as bad as the rest of the "Feds are coming" morons.

I said I personally was staying out of it and not commenting because of my relationship with some of the people involved. I would have thought that showed some integrity, but of course like everything else in this warped city, it was taken the wrong way by you (and I'm sure a whole bunch of others).

Now go back, re-read what I wrote and try not to look for an Oliver Stone movie trailer in it. Not everyone speaketh with fork tongue. Try to keep that in mind.


Old Democrat

Mr. Norton

The name calling and your attempt at spinning the story clearly demonstrates why you have a "friendship" with Mr. Koty.

I can wait till Monday and Thursday when other less biased media will surely be covering this story.

Until then, maybe the Editor will give us his thoughts about why he "chose" not to cover this story.


Norton, You know, we did not take what you said wrong.. Neither did this other guy. What he did was push your buttons. His replies made no sense otherwise.

Old Democrat

For more coverage of this story see today's Boston Globe, City/Region section, page B3.

Photo Journalist

To the Sparky, aka electrician, MS, at the SHA, taking those 45 minute drives out of the City to do personnel work while on Joe Macaluso’s, Director of the Somerville Housing Authority, timesheet.

I am heading to Stoughton today would you like me to give you a lift? I could probably bring down some of the stock you need unless bring it by with the SHA vehicle is better for you, then by all means, go right ahead. Being a Sunday you must be entitled to overtime no?

I will be waiting to take that candid shot of you pulling around the corner.

Smile, Your on Candid Camera!!!!!

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