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January 19, 2006


So did the others

Your tribute to Tim Toomey is lovely. Tim wasn't alone. The entire Somerville Delegation was in favor of this bill. Jehlen, Barrios, Scortino and Toomey all stood up for those kids.

Shut up

I think they were referring to Tim's speach before the House. What did Jehlen do? She never voted! Why dont you come out and say what your real problem is? You hate Tim because he is the last of the so called Good olde Boys in the State Delegation. If the article was tailored around Sciortino, you probably would have had multiple ____ (you fill in the blank). Tim made a great speach and deserves the credit for it.

Tim Does Jack

Yea great! Let’s hear Tim speak about the 1989 temporary Dukakis income tax. His people voted for a reversal in 2000. Nothing has changed as of today! First things first in this state, try taking care of the legal existing kids. Don't you think they would like a tuition discount? Let’s get them the tuition reduction! Let's make it retroactive for this year's students! Maybe Tim can call MeMayor and fix the continuing dressing/shower room problems at SHS (reported in today’s news). Tim also did great job helping with the backdoor Armory deal, 400 person occupancy with 40 parking spots. Maybe if every-10 people can jam into only 40 vehicles we won't have parking problems on Highland Ave.


Dear "Shut Up", What in the post would lead you to believe it was trying to say something bad about Tim Toomey. It doesn't say anything of the sort.

Unlike apparently your posts, every post on here is not always an attack on someone else.

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