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January 18, 2006



TONY CICCARIELLO FOR PRINCIPAL!! We could not ask for a better candidate than Tony. He's a resident, and a HARD WORKER who cares about Somerville's youth. On a scale of 1-10, he's a TEN!!

Cross your fingers that he applies...

Former Student

I second, Tony ciccariello for headmaster. Regardless who may be interviewing for the job, nobody knows the Somerville High School better than Tony. I wish Tony the best. He has a heart of gold, and a passion for education. Nobody could compare to Tony when it comes to work ethic.

Tony Ciccariello

Tony Ciccariello and his family are the salt of the earth. The best of the best. Tony would be an asset to the city.


I like Tony; he's a nice guy. Unfortunately, I think he has been sticking around SHS more or less for this opportunity (headmaster) and has been merely going through the motions waiting to land this job. Although a really nice guy, he is not the kind of administrator we need as the next headmaster of the high school. We need a true leader for SHS.

Ben Pease

Tony went from being a great classroom teacher to a devious bureaucrat hellbent on increasing his salary and status in Somerville. Tony does NOT communicate well to his employees, does not inspire trust and is lucky to be an assistant headmaster. Tony's heart WAS gold years ago, but his skills with adults (other than kissing parents' asses) suck and it's all about him now.

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