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January 31, 2006


Ron Newman

I believe that your item about cellphones and telemarketers is incorrect. Take a look at these pages:

A 'Do Not Call' List for Cell Phone Users? (Urban Legends and Folklore)

Cell Phones and Telemarketing (

James Norton

First of all, not everyone needs to go off half cocked about this thing. Second, Newstalk is not a "News" reporting section of the paper, so relax about that as well.

I have seen many emails regarding the Cell Phone Do Not Call List. The information regarding the phone number to call for the DNC Registry was found through an older email, but I did have a conversation with two people regarding this, and I got a "yes and no" answer from both people, who then went on to explain that yes, starting this month, depending on the cell carrier you have and the type of service you have, you can be called by telemarketers because of some loophole in the Opt-In something or other in some service providers contracts.

It was posted in Newstalk just to throw it out there, not to start a heated debate, because it wasn't worth making into a "News" story to begin with. I guess my bigger beef was with Ron for having a comment not once but twice today alone with links in them.

If the cell phone thing doesn't apply to anyone here, then who cares? It doesn't cost anything to log onto the website or give a call - and put the number on there regardless. You never know if you'll be taking your cell number and going to another carrier with different provisions in the service contract or maybe converting to a hard line now that you can take a number with you.

I figured it would be worth mentioning - so enough with the fighting over it. Thanks.



Hey JN, calm down. Ron's post on "this" particular subject does not seem unreasonable. I don't think it calls for you to be offended or get defensive.

Mrs. McCarthy

Random Thoughts from the Madwoman of Cambriville

Sorry I'm late today but it took me quite awhile to notify every telemarketer in North America of Ron Newman's cell phone number. With that pleasant piece of business accomplished and my nightly meds fully ingested, here goes some randomness...........

Remember when you were a kid and someone would want to do something and there was always one in the crowd who had a better idea..."Na, let's do this instead. It'll be much better I promise." Magoun Square, Powderhouse School, Police Chief, Assembly Square, Union Square. All re-do's by Mayor"I have a better idea"Curtatone. Is anything getting done in this freakin city?

Bad news about Trant leaving the Booze Board. I know the family well and Ray is one honest civil servant. Too bad the good ones are leaving service to our city. Wait and see who this administration puts on there now. God have mercy on us all.........

Parking rates and the "Speedy Meter Readers"? These people have to be stopped. My good friend Alice K. was ticketed on Saturday at the Brooks in Davis Square. She was'nt even driving. All she did was stop in front of a meter with her Lark mobile scooter, and liketty-split they ticketed the poor dear. No problem, Alice. One call to SOD and he'll have his bro make that baby disappear just as fast...........

As for the 911 fees? No doubt brought to you by the same crew of Alderman and others that thought nobody would notice the fee hikes for parking meters. Talk about stupid. Well stupid is as stupid does.....

All this recent chest thumping over the Mole's identity really gave me a god-damn freakin headache. I'm glad it's all over and Stan Koty has finally fessed up. Koty is the Mole...............

And as for me, there is one and only one Mrs. Mary McCarthy of Cambriville and don't any of you slugs forget it.............

With Love and Toasty Toes.......

Little Sisters of the Poor
Cambriville, Massachusetts


"I figured it would be worth mentioning - so enough with the fighting over it."

What an irresponsible attitude for a journalist. You printed an unsubstantiated internet rumor and then tell readers to relax.

I recently moved to Somerville, and I've been considering whether to get a local paper. I've been checking out the Somerville News and Somerville Journal online in order to decide. This entry alone is enough to tell me that I can dispense with reading your website.

so the answer is...

so the answer, when people prove you wrong JN is censorship!? some newspaper this is...what, does freedom of speech only go as far as the speech you like (or likes you)? you know what i'm talking about... you deleted something like four or five comments just because they proved you were flat wrong.

oh, and even you basically admit now that Ron was correct. the only reason you deleted and raised such a fuss about his comments is because you can't stand that he showed you up. you're like the big fat bully in elementary school who picks on the twerpy kids just because you hate yourself so much.

you should just divest from this paper and go pack to selling luxury condos and pricing average folks out of somerville.

Ron Newman

Well, my intent was neither to "show JN up" nor to embarrass him, just to point out a factual error. Any newspaper can make an error. I figure that's why a newspaper blog has a comments section in the first place, so that people can correct and add to the news that is reported by the editorial staff.

And I don't understand JN's dislike for links. This is the web, and a web is made up of links. I've linked to the Somerville news blog from other places, and so have other folks. That helps bring people here. Why shouldn't we also link from here to relevant sites such as the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance? It's not like I'm posting spam links to video poker and porn ...

Calm down

Quit bickering. Here's the FTC explanation:

Using autodialing for cell phones remains illegal, and no telemarketer who makes any money has people sitting there dialing you up by hand.

Seriously, do you people printing this trust everything you get in e-mail? This is such old, debunked non-news. Catch up to 2005 at the very least, please.

Jelly Belly

I heard you can go to and you will stop getting spam emails too!!!

I saw it in an email, so it must be true.

Doug Holder

Thanks for the plug about "Inside the Outside," the new avant-garde poetry collection I'm in. I love writing for the News, and I am very pleased they give so much space to the Arts, as does the city of Somerville. No wonder they call our fair burg the "Paris of New England." Also: I like the moniker "poet laureate" of the somerville news, it will make mom proud!

Cambriville News


AG Reilly May Tap Curtatone for Lt.Gov. Spot

The Cambriville News has learned that the Reilly campaign is in secret talks with Mayor Joe as a possible running mate for Lt. Governor. Curtatone could not be reached for comment. The Mayor it seems is on a campaign fund raising swing through Italy.

The Reilly campaign issued this statement concerning the rumors. "The Mayor is the only elected official in the state who returned our call. We look forward to hearing from him upon his return to the country."

In other News.....................

The ward caucuses will be held across the City tomorrow to select delegates to the Democrats convention in July. Turnout across the city is expected to reach 29 - 35 party faithful said Helen "Doby" Corrigan.

In Related News................

Seems some party faithful were confused about the day of the caucuses after observing at least 6 Alderman and other appointed city officials gathered in front of the H&R Block Tax Services office in Davis Square yesterday. Traffic was backed up for two hours in the square due to the many vans driven by DPW workers delivering cardboard boxes to the tax services office.

And One More For The Road...............

A temporary power outage hit Central Hill late yesterday. A spokesperson for NSTAR had this to say. "There had to have been 400 shredders going at once in City Hall to have caused that kind of drain on the system." Power was restored at 8:00PM.

At the Somerville Theater Tonight..........

Dr. Bill Shelton will discuss (again) the powerful documentary "Our Changing Bodies".

Green Tea and Bill's Brownies will be served.

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