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January 24, 2006


vote Reilly or Healy or Mihous

A judgeship for MeMayor? Are you sure you’re sources are correct. Sounds more like he would be in front of the judge. Besides what does this guy know about law? Ask his attorney colleagues. Anyway, an accurate background check of this guy and all will become public. I think the "Mole" needs to be on the investigative/background check team!

The Mole

I certainly do not think people are talking about OUR Mayor for a Judgeship are they? I mean come on now, he can't even get accountability right.

Mrs. McCarthy, Stop the Cambriville Presses:

Just out of the DPW yard. Seems a Traffic & Parking employee brought the leaves from home, this person lives in Somerville, to the "Drop off Spot" in the DPW yard for yard waste. This person has now been suspended for 5 days. Why, because it was transported in a City truck rather than their own private vehicle.

Someone robs the Traffic Department of $9,000 4 weeks ago and no one is held accountable for that incident. Projections of revenue were off $1.2 million dollars when the Mayor put the budget together last March and no one is held accountable for the miscue. A City employee brings in yard waste to be deposited in the specific area in a City truck, transferred from their personnel vehicle, and this person is suspended without pay for 5 days.

Stupidity is the alias for the morons that are running the Traffic Department, the go around to any department guru, LM and the witty revenue guy, JK.

Yeah, Joe has a great chance for a judgeship. Can't call a snow emergency to save his life, looses $9,000 in a heist that has inside job all over it, revenue projections that are fabricated and now, the Administration suspends a City worker for 5 days without pay because they brought a bunch of leaves to the dump in a City vehicle!!!

The only Judgeship this guy will see is the ones in his dreams.


Snowplows on the move

Speaking of DPW workers and side jobs, does anyone know why one of the cities new dump trucks was seen plowing on Wedgemere Road in Medford at about 3pm yesterday?

Of Course

I would suggest you call 311 and have it placed on a work order so the City can track that event.

The Mole

Well, it just goes to show you what a new day brings to the City of Somerville.

I am not sure how true the snowplow was in the Medford area, it may have been traversing the area to get back to Somerville, but there was no differentiating the City truck backing up the driveway of the Y.M.C.A dumping a load of taxpayers salt on their establishment. Now I think every business in this City should schedule a time when the City can come by and do your establishments.

What is right for the goose is good for the Hogg, Boss Hogg....



I've got no problem with the city dumping some salt on the parking lot of a semi-charitable organizaton; businesses I would have a problem with.

However the Wedgemere Road accusation if true would pose some problems; it's a dead end street (could it be a private road, that would be interesting), back behind the Tufts swimming pool, nowhere near Somerville. You can do a reverse address search on several sites to see who lives on the road.

Anyone? I'll let you conspiracy theorists run with this one, because I can't possibly imagine what I'm thinking...

The Mole

Sorry Tricky, I do have a problem with the Y.M.C.A. getting special treatment. As you say, it is a semi-charitable organization BUT, they do make a profit and they do have the money as they had before this Administration came into existence.

Mrs. McCarthy reaps the bennies from the City and they have been for several years. Unlike the Y.M.C.A. BM can afford it should be stopped. Sorry I don't agree with you on this one Tricky... but then again, if we all agreed, there wouldn't be any dialog on this site.



Not a problem there. There are bigger fish to fry.

Go look at who lives on Wedgemere Road. The coincidences are almost too much for me to take; some "random" road in Medford might have been plowed, and one of the residents on the street just happens to have the same name as someone at...

Let me know if you come up with the same thing. If it's all coincidence, I'm going out and buying some lottery tickets...

Ron Newman

Pretty sure the YMCA is registered as a genuine non-profit organization.

Is Wedgemere Road part of the Tufts University campus? Looks like it might be from the map, but I'm not sure. Maybe the city and Tufts have some informal agreement to share resources?


Wedgemere Road in Medford is a residential sreet near the Tufts University campus.

The street is not affiliated with Tufts or the City of Somerville.

If the above allegations are true, the plow operator was using City equipment and city wages to plow for someone they know. Or under the direction of someone in this City that instructed them to do so.

Does it really surprise any of us? Not me.


Somerspeak, you are totally correct. If the above allegations are true, the operator may have been the resident of that street. This person took over the reigns as Highway Foreman at the DPW about a year or so ago. The Foreman either instructed someone to plow that street or it was the Foreman himself that took the vehicle there, if in fact it was true.

As in other posts, contributors tend to agitate the pot as in the MB rumor. This could be the same, but if not, we now know who lives on Wedgemere Rd.


I was mildly intrigued by the resident with the same name as a special agent in criminal investigation for the IRS, but maybe my tinfoil helmet's acting up again...

Chris Roberts

Are y'all headed out to SF for the national ERA convention? If so, drop me a line - I'm out here now.

former contributor and current SF resident
Chris Roberts

Snowplows on the move

Well people can believe it or not, but this is the second time I have seen this. The plow was the new large green dump and salt was also being applied.
I guess the older fellow that plowed the "Y" has moved on (passed?) so BM has a connection at the yard? Hasn't any one heard of GPS??


Sorry to say JN, but watch the front page of the minor league paper tomorrow. 911 caller gets into it with Administration due to lack of earnestness.


Who lives on Wedgemere? I am having a difficult time following this.

Ron Newman

To Chris Roberts: Equal Rights Amendment convention? Earned Run Average convention? Something else?

Chris Roberts


"Something else." Here's a hint - Either read Newstalk again for the answer, or take a quick look on the left-hand side of your screen.
If that fails -

Ron Newman

Ahh, I see. I hadn't realized that particular 'ERA' existed anywhere other than Somerville.

James Norton

Ron -

Electronic Realty Associates, Inc. (now known as ERA Real Estate) has been in business since 1972 and has 3000 offices in 67 countries world-wide. Each office is individually owned and operated, but the parent company of the brand is Cendant, Inc. - which also owns Century-21, Coldwell Banker, NRT (National Real Estate Trust) and Sotheby's. Not to mention over 30 other non-real estate related companies such as Avis, Orbitz, Budget, Howard Johnson, Ramada, Travelodge and others.

Regionally, ERA has expanded from 40 offices statewide to now over 70 offices and is by far the fastest growing real estate franchise in the state.

Locall, my family has owned their ERA franchise for 15 years and now has two offices (one in Watertown) and a few others opening over the next couple of years. We have 52 agents that work for us and have been noted specifically by the National Association of Realtors and ERA International as one of the most "diverse" offices locally, nationally and internationally.

Thanks for asking the question Ron, so I could shamelessly plug our family business. You have a great day, and remember where to call if you have any real estate needs.




SHAMELESS! But I love it.

All the Best,


old customer

I didn't know that ERA owner the Nortons owned this paper when did that happen, I thought Publicover owned it still? DN sold my grandmothers house years ago and since then sold a few other family members homes. There a good company and its nice to know that this paper is also owned by them. Good luck in San Francisco's at the convention on wining that award. If you go to there web-site you can see all the agents that work there, interesting names working there.

once again

Ron, seems to me you don't "realize" much of what is happening around you daily.

Mayor Shafts Police!

The Mayor is in secret negotiations with Sheriff DiPaula. According to a high level snitch in city hall, the mayor plans on using deputy sheriffs to do details in the city instead of using Somerville Police officers. The mayor is attempting to break the union with his lacky Cheif "BUBBA BRADLEY" AKA George Washington, AKA "THE Mighty MIDGET" The Cheif should come coco with the goodies before we start dropping some dimes on his behavior. He knows what were talking about. The Cheif should take his knee pads off when he exits city hall. The board of alderman see right through his phony antics and behavior.

Ron Newman

With all due respect to Bob Publicover, this is much more of a 'real newspaper' now than it ever was when he ran it.

Tank McNamara

There are three things in life that will kill someone. Drugs, alcohol and jealousy. It is obvious that the those who penned the threads regarding the resident of Wedgemere Road is simply resentful.

The DPW Foreman is probably the hardest working city employee on the payroll. He goes beyond the call of duty each and everyday.

Look up fulltime full service in the dictionary and his picture is there.

The City of Somerville is a better place because of the DPW foreman.

So have some kahoonies my friend and list your real name as you don't have the sack you were born with.

Keep up the great work Mr. Foreman.


How long has "going beyond the call of duty" included plowing a private road in adjacent municipalites? Just wondering.

Tank McNamara

You should be ashamed of yourself Tricky for having to hide behind this forum to air your resentfulness.

Your accusations have as much merit as Butchie the Ball-eater being the next Mayor of the City of Somerville.


Perhaps I should retract my last statement, until (through GPS?) it can or cannot be confirmed whether or not a city truck was indeed in Medford.

Resentful? Hardly. But to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "I paid for this snowplow."

Tank McNamara


Good night oh Tricky one......!

Keep up the great work DPW Foreman.....I as appreciate all that you do for the City of Somerville!

It has never looked better!


Once again, I find myself correcting the misinformed (or outright liars). Shaft check your source - it's not as good as you think. The Mayor and Dipaolo ARE NOT in ngotiations for details. First, and most important, the Mayor can't make a deal like that. Secondly, the Mayor (and my source is EXTREMELY reliable) has thrown the sheriff's men out of time on several occasions when they have attempted details. Like JN said, don't stir the pot unless you have your facts. You just sound stupid.



I love that you are so intent on worrying about Medford and thier streets getting plowed.

I wish you had some balls to put your real name on your accusations. I love all you guys who live for rumors and thrive on them.

Put your time in the DPW and keep your mouth shut, jealously will get you no-where. Stick to the job you have and be happy you still have.

You couldnt do half the work the foreman does, so worry about yourself. Let me know if you find any balls and want to discuss it like true gentlemen, stop hiding behind a message board........


Tank McNamara

"the sack you were born with"

And we are to believe that "Tank MCNamara" is your real name?

It's really not a crime to post YOUR real name here since you seem to have such admiration for "the foreman"

What's good for the goose and all that.




I bid two nights in Vegas, all expenses paid, and I'll through in my sister Mrs.McCarthy.......................

When does the bidding close?

The Mole

I wish I could put the final bid in for the contributions to the Somerville Charities.

I do believe the Charities will prosper three fold for the guessing game you propose. Georgey porgey, Charlie, Bob, John L & Theresa sounds like your ballot choices of old

As you proceed, make sure you have all you need.

Although I know one (through the blogg) the other 3 are not known to me...

One would think with the posters properties, FS is on the high seas.

Unless the plant for FS is kewl, the mechanics shop is way over OT.

67 hours & 91 hours consecutively can wonder where the excess can BE.

Hold out your hands and I will fill green backs heavy one, two, three...

Ms. Management


TO: DPW Staff Members - Reminder

RE: Use of City Equipment and Personal PC's

FROM: Ms. Management

It has come to our attention that some of you have been distracted lately from the jobs for which you were hired.

As you know, the use of City equipment(including snowplows) for uses other than City business is strickly prohibited. If you are caught doing so, it is grounds for termination.(unless the Commish has given you the wink and nod).

Additionally,continued use of your personal computers, cell phones and other such devices, to conduct business other than the taxpayers, is also grounds for immediate action by management.(you could wind up on the list for over-time pay).

We would like to remind you that any breach of the above policies will not be tolerated.(unless of course you have the Commish's blessing to piss away your days on this weblog and waste the taxpayers money).

We also would like to remind you that a winter storm is fast approaching. Please sign up for the overtime management will be handing out like candy on the second floor landing in the Franey Road headquarters of the Koty Klub.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

All I asked was Who

It looks like our comments were deleted because you guys are dropping full names in violation of JN's rules. In any event, take a Prozac you freak. All I did was ask who he was. You go off saying the guy's going to get stitches and things are going to get ugly. All you're doing is proving his point that he works with thugs. Jeesh pal, take a break! I'm scared to think you work for the city. No psych eval apparently. Lay off the names, too, you're going to send JN into a tirade and he certainly doesn't need the headaches from postings against his rules.


All these guys do is hide behind the doors of the mechanics area and type away. They think they are safe from all, but they are sorely mistaken.

The time will come when their gig is up, soon. MB,FS,TB and the rest of them will be out in the cold without the help of the Union.

The Union is another joke. They have the E Board all filled up with hacks. Wonder why everything gets passed through without going through the proper channels? Ask the President of the Union. He knows why! Ask the Secretary of the Union. She knows why!

They are so far up the Hoggs arse his twirly tail is straight as an arrow. Must feel good huh Boss???



I don't understand why my posts keep getting removed, the truth apparently isn't allowed on this website......

That aside, hopefully it was up there long enough for all to see, in case some of you missed, just let me know, I can post it again for you......

George P. Hassett

The Kid,

Your posts were removed because they were unproven and inflamatory and may cause this man harm at work. Public officials may be fair game but please refrain from using full names of private citizens. Thank you for the consideration.

George P. Hassett

James Norton

George -

You're being way too nice to them. I have food poisoning today doubled over in pain and I have to delete comments like these off here? Oh Hell NO!

I have stuck up repeatedly for the men and women who work at the DPW Yard over the past couple of years. I consider them all to be hard working and earn their money. In fact, I've never had a bad thing to say about any of them (Department heads don't count, so relax).

(Paragraph deleted for content - hahahahaha)

This is a weblog with rules. Some of you today violated those rules. At The Somerville News, we are trying to provide the best local news coverage in a city which desperately needs a refresher course on what it means to be a community again. This weblog is here to be a vehicle to express yourselves (within guidelines), and every one of you who posted today are fully aware of those rules - stop ruining it for the rest of the innocent people you hurt by naming names and making inane and simple-minded threats.

How much of an incentive do you think the owners of this paper are going to have to go to court and/or jail to protect the First Amendment when you assholes abuse it on here?

Think about it.


Ms. Management

I tried to warn you, boys. Now you've got Jamie pissed. Couple that with the fact that he HAS tried to defend most of you and the fact that he's not feeling good, well, let's just say that all of you had better think twice before you use city pc's to post your blowhard bullying.

Ya know boys, there are only about 78-83 of you left at the yard. It really does not take a rocket scientist to figure out which of you will go blindly over the cliff with your perverted sense of loyalty. Neither is it difficult to know which of you work hard, get what you get on your own merits and will continue to enjoy gainful employment, no matter who occupies the Commissioners office.

Of Course

Jamie sorry to hear that your down and out for the evening but you know how Mrs. McCarthys' cooking can be. You should be more careful as to what you put in your mouth. Hope you feel better.

Tank McNamara

Hope you sleep nights George G, Hawk, Charlie et al.....

Remember, those who work hard get rewarded and that is why the DPW Foreman is in the position he was appointed to by the current adminstration.

I am not a fan of the administration or any of the alderman who don't have the spines they were born with....


Your right Tank, as you state, you are a fan of mostly of all BOA since most of them DO have spines. We know how deep DPW Foreman is with this Administration. I mean come on; do you think most of us were born at night?

FS sticks to the Mayors side at any event in which he attends with him. Patriot games, club seats too boot, all City events FS is right there like flies on chit. Cruise’n on the Titanic during the summer nights, concerts at the Gardens. Nice life they live.

If only they knew what the heck they were doing. It may seem like paradise to them at the moment but that bubble will be bursting soon. You can only go to the Dante Club so often until word gets around town. You can only frequent the bars in Union Square until it becomes public knowledge. You can only hide for so long until it all falls in.

Time is swiftly approaching for these has beens. Tank, I suggest you put your vest on real soon, no not a bullet proof one but your swimming one.

Another Idiot Chimes In

Thanks for proving you're an idiot as well, Tank. I just chastised another clown yesterday for his cowardly threats and here you come doing the same thing. "Watch your back;" "hope you sleep at night;" "Be careful when you start your car;" "We're going to start a JIHAD on you;" "Sleep with one eye open;" yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. You're another pussy who air-mails threats on the Somerville NEws website because you're too much of a fat pussy to do anything else. No doubt you're proud of the Skipper's threats against JN and company. If you have something to add to the website, do it. If you want to fire off threats that will never come true call the Farm Teams number. We have no use for you here.

Oh yeah. If anything were ever to happen to any of these guys don't you think they're going to investigate you?

For all you know, someone that doesn't like GG said he's the Mole to get everyone riled up against him. I could just as easily say that Tank McNamara the Pussy is really the Mole (I don't think he is, not that smart.) Cut the crap already.

Cambriville News


TO OUR READERS(all three of you)

Over the last several months, we have shared our silly, sometimes accurate, most times completely fabricated views of and opinions about the personalities, public and private, of the citizens of Cambriville.

While the focus has been about the sometime lunacy of the two major factors as we see it, the "us and them", the "progressives and the GOD(good old democrats)factions, the newcomers and the old-timers, the recent DPW posts concerning the "Mole's" identity and the postings about the serious division within the Somerville Police Dept.have led us to conclude the following:

There really is no need for us to try and poke fun at some of these characters. We could'nt create this type of entertainment if we tried.

This in no way is to indicate that our esteemed Editor in Chief, Mrs. McCarthy won't have her usual ascerbic, sarcastic and sometimes witty(mostly laced with a good dose of profanity), commentary on any given day.

Just thought we'd share that with the citizens of Cambriville and the World.

Note to Tank,The Kid and Company: You do realize that every time you post something on this site, you have a worldwide audience of about a billion people that now know you are complete and total assholes?

And by the way, how cold DOES it get in your "office" on Franey Rd.?

Have a Nice Cambriville Day.

The Staff of the Cambriville News

The Quiet Man

So many mysteries. So many possibilities. I know the truth about it all. I'm your DPW fly on the wall. I know the real stories behind the scenes. Not just the stupid made up dreams.

Mrs. McCarthy

Hey Quiet Man.......

You're the DPW fly on the wall? Well I've got a 6ft by 3ft fly swatter and I'm ready to use it. How do ya like them apples? Please, for the love of God man, don't get these jamokes stared again with the threats. Please......................

Calling for Peace, Clam and Clean Cambriville Streets,


P.S. Jamie, did I do something wrong? You're not talking lately.

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