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January 24, 2006




sorry maureen

Remember that when it comes to city elections in 2 years, the alderman that voted for it and of course Mayor joe we have to thank, add that to all the other taxes that have been raised. Let us not forget the new tax coming down the road the rubbish tax for residents, already triple for businesses in the city. Thank you Mayor Joe Curtatone and his buddies up in City Hall.

DPW: Dept of Pussy Whiners

Dear Tank, You got it wrong. The Charlie they are referring to is not Charlie R. it's Charlie A. AKA: Ali-Asshole.

The Hawk has changed his tune. He’s no threat to your buddy or anybody.

To the rest of the Somerville news readers,

The mole is not one person. It is a group of miserable bomb tossers that failed to get their candidate elected and have nothing useful to do with their lives.

What happens is: Charlie A, Bob C, and JL, take turns posting the info they get from George G who gets his info from Joe V.

There are other contributors to the mole society. Theresa H, Phil J, Bert S, et al.... There are a few more wannabes in the mix but that’s the bulk of them.

PS. Somerbridge sounds much better than Cambriville. Either way, My office on franey road is toasty.
How is your office at the Capuano? Or is the bullshit being dished out from Hudson Street.

The Quiet Man

Dear Mrs. McCarthy
I'm not making threats. Those idiots who started that are on there own. I'm just saying if you want the real info about DPW rumors than ask me. I'll tell all I know.


I wonder if FS got his honeymoon trip tickets from his ex to go to Chelsea at a discount? Seems to be a quick wedding last year and not so far a trip to take to un-consecrate a marriage. The DPW: Dept Pussy of Whiners can guess all he wants. FS passes me in the yard almost every day and still has no clue. So go ahead FS, sit in the hot office on the 2nd floor. Enjoy the view while you still have one that is not obstructed. Keep on with your guessing games as to who is who. You will never guess in, what do they dole out now under the Ricco Act of 1970, 15-20, years. Maybe my mom can knit you an afghan for the cold nights up there, just maybe.

Mrs. McCarthy

The Quiet Man,

Sorry if I was a little abrupt with you. I really should have been more direct and asked you not to get those few thugs aggitated again. It's like poking a stick at a snake, it threatens them and they defend themselves by striking out at anything that's near them. Even if it's not the person with the stick.

Quiet Man, just some friendly words of advice from an old lady. If you have proof of wrongdoing by city officials or employees, gather the evidence and go to authorities outside the city. They can help you better that any of us can.

Wishing you a successful fact finding mission,

Mrs. McCarthy


Maureen, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I was at the girls basketball game the other night and I went to use the ladies room, I had to turn around and leave.

It was dirty and it seemed as though it hadn't been cleaned all day. I am sure it had to do with the volume of activity all day long, being a school day and all, but an attempt to clean the bathroom between school ending and the start of the game should have been accomplished. I refuse to attend another event at that facility.

I did call the City 311 number the day after and reported my dissatisfaction with the cleanliness of the area I hope it helped.


So is there any reason that my comments get taken off but no one elses do? thats a bunch of BS. anyway lets get serious now because whoever is the one writing all this **** about tank and saying hes a ***** for saying stuff, take a look in the mirror cuz your doing the same **** you idiot. if your such a tough guy why dont you go ahead and tell everyone who you are then. i'm a low life city worker who hates himself and his job because i am nothing in life and will never be successful to come. let me just tell you guys something you can do whatever you damn well please but i can guarentee that no one and i mean no will ever even come near being as good as the foreman is now. there has not been anyone for the last 5o years and there will never be. so aside from all the misspelling and truly gross grammar that i am full of, lets get serious now and come to realization. grow up and face the fact that what goes around comes around always remember that, you may think your all find and dandy on this site talking all this smack. but remember everyone gets what they deserve - i wish i made it past the 6th grade.

Poss ID

Hmmmm, Why would a man be using the womans bathroom at the basketball game? Maybe because he is a pervert. Most of you are probably confused by this statement.
The posting from Sheila was written by non other than Mr.Bob C

Well Roman, it seems the shit is pouring out of hudson street again. be carefull not to get any on ya! or do you still like that sorta thing?


PossID,,,, not sure about the bathroom issues (don't care). However, you are only half correct about Hudson Street. Most of the "shit" (as you call it) that is pouring out of Hudson Street is coming from the PDS people. If you need to know who they are simply drive down Hudson Street and note all the yellow Provost signs in their front yard. The PDS people think that this woman is the answer to all their problems. Ms. Provost did zero for the Armory ( 400 person occupancy permit). Also dropped the ball on the Maxpak site, 229 Condo's to be build with parking for 1.4 automobiles per unit. (Do you know that a development next to the Natick Mall is limited to only 200 units? This might be a bad comparison however, this development is adjacent to RT9 and RT30 not Cedar Street and Lowell Street. The point is that it could probably handle 400 units but it is not being maximized.) Take a quess why she is keeping quiet about Maxpak. It will be fun in a few years when 400-500 additional automobiles are on Lowell and Cedar and Highland Ave. Maybe we can have the PDS people direct the traffic by the Provost house on Albion Street, if she is still living full time at that location in three years.


so says the man who gets more ass than a toilet hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Poss ID:

Who ever you are your playing guessing games. Your guessing on gender is interesting. Your conclusions are even more extraordinary. Because one says they had made a trip to the ladies room, they automatically become an enemy. It shows what your thought process is and what direction it is heading.

I have no qualms with you or whom you may work for. I simply stated a fact and left it at that. I have been to several of the Highlander games and found my last endeavor to be a bad one. All I ask is that someone clean the ladies room when there is a basketball game on a school day. It is as simple as that.


I agree with sorry maureen. we do have a chance to correct the ship's postion come next eletions. i for one will do just that. we need to send clear mesages that we no longer will tolerate their actions.


Dear PussyID ohh sorry i mean Possid i just read that you have some sort of physic powers that you can look through a computer and see whos who will u look into the future and tell all of us here that read the somerville news how long untill the special election for Mayor


this is all pretty funny stuff. How about a list of ALL city vehicles that are taken home despite the Mayors directive...hee hee


Well, on the weekends you can count several down at Avalinos on Mystic Ave. Mostly from the Building Shop. Then you can get the appointees, one at his home all day long and the other at the Dante Club during the day. They you have the other building truck picking up their son at the Winter Hill School everyday. Good liability there for the City for sure. And you can always go to Wedgemere Rd. and find the Highway Foreman there for lunch. You need more?


maybe we can bring back Bob T to straighten out the DPW yard.. We certainly ran alot better under his wonderful leadership. The best COMMISH in years

Tank McNamara

Bob T was clearly a very good manager. As a matter of fact, the DPW foreman (that you have bashed ball-lessly) also worked as hard (just ask Bob T)and was rewarded for doing so. So for the city workers who are posting these A.M. threads, you must have ample time on your hands while on the city payroll to post such cowardly remarks.

My Mother always told me that those who work hard, get rewarded. That is why the "fellowship of the miserable" are so frustrated trying to take down those who put in a hard days work.

I am....Tank McNamara


the DPW is the mayors new toy. He is pumping more and more cash into that black hole that it is ridiculous. The city is a mess and the OT is at an alltime high. How about a few more cops to make the city safer ?

City Hall Fly

Well, the Mayor, the BOA president and the Mayor's Aide, JDL, are all over at our Sister City enjoying the good Italian food. They left last Monday and will be returning this Monday. I wonder what new and innovating services they will come back with from overseas. This is going to cost the taxpayers plenty for their expense accounts.

Why do we need to have this kind of overseas meetings go on while our City is bleeding financially? Is it because Gaeta is the Mayors' hometown? Would it be because Italy and the U. S. “DO” have reciprocity? Lincoln Park School is now more than $10 million under budget and that was predicted before the hurricanes. You can’t let this Administration fool us and use the cost of fuel as the numerator for this factor. We need a new Police Station to properly house our most diligent working force. The Powder House School is not the solution. Not with all that needs to be done with the building, plus, the building does not meet Home Land Security code. I would think we could have spent this travel expenses some other way that would benefit the City rather than having three people go out to eat every night in Italy. Just goes to show you where this Administrations priorities are, doesn't it!

But wait, the Mayor has an important meeting on the 8th of this month. Seems Joe was slighted by the recent Labor Breakfast by not being invited about a month or so ago and wants to make amends so he has scheduled a meeting with them at the Hall to smooth things over. Do you really think it will work Joe?

What kind of smozzing is he going to do when he and others are trying to take two positions out of the DPW Class D unit by home rule partition? Well, they did try it but failed because it is a bargaining item and someone forgot to bargain it. So the home rule partition was shot down, but it seems it has all the BOA signatures on it, even Alderwoman-at-Large, DP. How are you going to get around that one Joe?

How about passing a copy of that paper around for toilet paper Joe? I am sure the Labor Union would like to see that piece of paper. Just goes to show you what this Administration is trying to do once again.

The more power, the more money, the more "CONTROL".

He's back

The Mayor was in Somerville on Saturday February 4 for the Democratic Caucuses. He returned from Italy on Friday night.

As for how much this cost the city, are you sure it cost the city anything? Perhaps he paid for it himself.


I'm sure Mayor Joe had a great time. How appropriate he went to Italy, like Nero Joe is fiddling while Somerville burns !! Public safety building is crumbling, Lincoln Park schhol is over cost, Police all hate each other, firemen in his pocket, teachers crying for more money, and the biggest and fattest pig is the DPW lay-a-bouts....hope you enjoyed the canoli's Joe!!

City Hall Fly

My description of his return only meant that he was away for a week from the office. We all know the Mayor can not afford to pay for the price of an airline ticket so he either had his Aide along for the ride and the tab, JDL, or the City pre paid for the flight, hotel dinners and all the rest. No way did HE pay for it personally.

Now if he ends up with a brand new car after the trip I would really be surprised.

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