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January 18, 2006



Regarding item 5 of the above "Newstalk" items... about the worst thing I can see happening as a result of the recent census error is that EVERYONE registered to vote in the city would be automatically defaulted to the "inactive voter" list. In reality that would not take place--but it's possible.

For those concerned about whether or not their vote is properly counted, I respectfully submit the following...

The voting system we have in Somerville, while not perfect, is about as good as you can get. It offers the combined security and convenience of nearly instant results AND the ability to go through and hand-tabulate votes on paper ballots AND a tape-backup on the machine which is sealed (the number on the seal is recorded by the warden and clerk in the presence of the police officer in the morning prior to running the zero-tape). I have personally never, as a polling place worker, come up against a situation where there was not a way to reliably and honestly reconcile a problem at the end of the evening. And certainly, there have never been any situations where my faith in the integrity of the system has been in doubt. When your ballot goes in and you hear that "chirp" from the machine, and the number on the meter goes up by one, you can rest assured that YOUR vote has been counted.

The eligible voter list--from which the respective ballot clerk, ballot box, and inactive voter lists are created--is updated prior to EACH election. When there are only two elections in any given year, this is a relatively manageable task. When there are 6 or more elections, it gets a bit more challenging.

I'm not saying that the issue with census having the wrong ward and precinct numbers is "no problem", but for the reasons given above (and for a number of others) it will, in NO WAY, impact the integrity or the sanctity of the voting process. Basically, the census taking process and the voter registration process work independently of one another (which they are supposed to).

Oh, and by the way, it is not possible for there to be both local (for instance, BOA) AND state candidates on the same ballot. It is against the law. This means that if Denise Provost gets elected to the General Court and decides to vacate her BOA seat in time to force a special election, said election's candidates CANNOT be included on the same ballot as the state primary or general elections. Nor can there be a single set of voter books used for both--they MUST be separate. They CAN be on the same day or days but you don't even want to THINK about the line you'd be standing in waiting for each ballot!

Ron Newman

A question for JAR: How likely is it that the Legislature could override this law by a home–rule petition, in the interest of saving the city and state some money?


From what I understand, not very likely. There are a number of reasons for this, which include everything from voter confusion (or the avoidance thereof) to campaign finance. Call the Secretary of State's office if you want a complete explanation. Also, I believe there is a law smeplace that says a candidate can only run for one office at a time and have his or her printed name appear on a ballot in only one place.

As it has been explained to me, the only money saved by consolidating elections to the same day (since they cannot be consolidated onto the same ballot or registered voter books--recall that there are, for instance, no provisions for party affiliation in local races) would be the cost of police details (21 precincts x whatever the costs are for the officers). There still need to be separate ballots since they are, in essence, separate elections.

The Mole

You asked for assistance on your last item regarding the Police Station move and the Powder House School Rehab. Two project managers have been assigned to the projects and yes; one has been a no show up to this past week. JD, brother of SOD, has been home happily sitting by in the comforts of his warm home while others brave the cold.

But putting aside the no-show who receives a little bit over $69,000 per year, someone best check the regulations of putting what the City is calling, Homeland Security into a building that is NOT structurally sound for such a client.

Oh, if JN needs proof of the no show, he knows how to contact me. JN use the tree mail and I will swing it your way.


as the grandchild of Holocaust survivors (not to mention the decendent of many exterminated in the Holocaust) I hardly find it funny to joke about a meter reader being a "Nazi". I understand you're saying she prefers the former title to the latter, but lightening of the phrase in such a context really undermines the severity of historic event.



HOLY MOLEE, MOLEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Two attendants just came in and picked me up off the freakin floor...............

Molee, you're in the will. Screw my sister Eileen, I took care of her enough during her lifetime.......

I'm reading, I'm seeing, but I'm still having a hard time believing....... Over $1.3million paid to Design Consultants.....

As I said before, that seems like a lot of CONsulting. Any idea over what length of time and for what projects they were paid this obscene amount of money......

And Molee, if this is true, be carefull my little beatific one..... some of these folks can be extremely dangerous........

And yes, the dropoff for the info is legit.

Let's talk...............

A million hugs and kisses,

Mrs. M.

The Mole

Glad to see you’re up and around Mrs. McCarthy.

A Mole wouldn't be a Mole unless he had something to tell that was accurate.

So I would like to put to rest all the rumors, innuendoes of the bedbugs, Supporters, and those that want to be, of Tony L. The ink hasn't even dried but Tony L. has officially dissolved his campaign camp by filing papers today.

There is no committee to elect, run for or even hint to Tony L. becoming any type of Civil servant now that those papers have been filed in the near future.

I hope all can rest easy now and enjoy the wintry months and go own with their own business just as it seems Tony L. has done.

Mrs. McCarthy, you told me that you have my back. I count on you to do just that, if things get rough. For I am a little person with big ambitions and I need your help. My little office here is in the thicket of the war. So please save some defense maneuvers if the enemy comes a knocking.



ok let us start off with you guys are a bunch of clown's you people are between the ages of 20 and 50 years old and your clowning on someone about something that happend like a year ago so you people need to get your minds right an start acting you age !! your acting like your in the 8th grade again your supposed to be buisness working people your in the real world now... an if the skip-der revolves around you that you guys need to find somehting better to do wit your lives honestly who are you clowns trying to publicly humiliate someone who helps this city out more then all of you guys together. and if you have something to say say it to his face insted of hideing behide a news paper and step up and do something about since you have so much to say !! all you clowns could start a circus ........the battle has been won but the speak out war has just began

sincerly yours,
Nikki P and Emma D


excuse me but what the hell is this last post about can anyone tell me???? they must be some of the great ass that a certain person gets "more than a toilet seat" what a bunch of yahooos. sizzle chest thinks this planted posting is making a statement hahahahahahahaha what a tool. it probably would have helped if it was posted after the last tweedle dee and tweedle dumber exchange over a week ago. actually i think it was almost two weeks ago - i bet its the mum in law and her offspring trying to be stealthy and shit. bunch of goons should be banned for life from anything that causes interaction with anyone above complete retard mentality. and whats with the comment about meter nazis? they are for gods sake - another bleeding heart liberal thinking that the comment actually had anything to do with the holocaust. my god does the parade of mental people ever stop around here? i think im going to go play in cambriville land with those fruit loops if this keeps up.


Nikki P and Emma D, it's painfully obvious that you haven't made it to 9th Grade English yet, unless you were attempting to come off as stupid as you have by your comment. Not only that, but it's also quite obvious to the weblog regulars that you are most likely a plant, and those aren't your real names.

The most glaring bit of obviousness which gives you away is that you've planted, I'm sorry, posted a comment in the wrong area and to the wrong story.

Not only is the person you vaguely refer to not mentioned in this lifted from the print edition article, but there hasn't even been a remote reference to the man in any commented following THIS article.

All in all, your comment is silly, unbased and typical from your group of people. Grow up, and at least post your comment in the appropriate place.

Cambriville News


Developing Story..............

The Cambriville News has learned today that authorities are requesting information from state Senator Pat Jehlen's office concerning travel expenses her office has racked up since taking office late last year.

The request for information comes on the heals of the news story of Congressman Michael Capuano's fact finding mission to Brazil. The trip, recently reported in the Globe, was financed by lobbyists for the transportation industry and reportedly cost over $18,000.00.(Hey, Mike, ever hear of the Internet and Google? Lots of facts there.)

The trips taken by Jehlen and her entourage, which included Prozac Prize winning author Bill Shelton, Minister of the Mundane Ron Newman, "I coudda been a contender" Marty Martinez, Helen"Doby the House Elf"Corrigan,and 12 other assorted Progressive hangerson, were taken over a one week period over the holidays.

The destinations included, Mexico, Guatamala, Nicuragua, California, Hawaii and Northampton, MA. The News has learned that the national lobby group, P.O.T.S.(Progressives Opting To Smoke), paid for the trips. The News has obtained the travel and expense records for the trips. The total is expected to reach $147,000.00 for the group.(including $3,559.07 in parcel, pre-paid postage).

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.............

In other news this morning, Senator Ted Kennedy's office yesterday denied reports that he is the father of the entire 1984 Pittsbugh Pirates team....................


Cambriville News


From Progressives Studio 8H in the Brickbottom section of Cambriville........

The world premier performance of the "Progressives Anthem"(recorded earlier today)

The Progressives Anthem
(sung to the melody of "A Foggy Day")

A crooked day in Cambriville
Had me low, had me down.

I viewed the future with such alarm
Old City Hall had lost its charm.

How long I wondered would this crap last
But the age of miracles hasn't past.

For suddenly I saw them here
And above crooked Cambriville the sun was shining, everywhere.

Recorded live at the Progressives Studio with special guest appearances by BONO, the Progressive Democrats of Somerville and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Available on compact disc now at Target and the Moakley Courthouse gift shoppe.

The Mole

I wonder how many other City employees have the same luxury as the Elections Commissioner does? Imagine the City paying this person $2,000 per month, $24,000 per year for use of a parking lot next to the Central Fire Station that the City paved and had fenced off.

Now I could understand if, if there were no parking spaces around that area but there are parking spaces on Walnut St. side as well as behind the station.

I just don't understand this maneuver, or is it ma-nu-ha. Isn't this a conflict of interest or even illegal? I am no Attorney but it just doesn't seem right that I have to pay for water coming in my house, which I don't mind, but for water going out at double the rate that it comes, in when the City is paying the Commissioner of Elections for an empty lot!!!

Come on now. Let's get things together. Step up to the plate and tell it like it is Mayor Joe.

But the good news is the election commish's contract is just about up! Good Riddens

If I remember correctly former mayor Gay set up the election commissioner not only with his sweetheart-non fir able job but also the deal with the parking lot. I'm surprise the current administration still let it go on for so long after Dot Gay was voted out and left office. The good news is the election commish's contract sould be just about up soon. Good Ridden's!

Concerned Citizen

I am appalled about the above implications, if it is true. How can something like this happen in a society of today? Maybe I am naive but to think that his has been going on for at least 4 years and no one on this Administrations team has caught it, makes me believe they turned an eye or two.

Ethnics seem to be nowhere now a day. The city has an Ethics Commission as well as the State. If this doesn't raise any eyebrows then I am totally in the dark as to why not.

IF, this person is getting paid by the City for property he is letting the City use, then why didn't he/she pay for the paving and fencing debt? IF, this person is an appointee of the Mayor, whether it be from the prior Administration or the current Administration, and he/she is an appointee, which I believe this position is, then there seems to be improprieties that need to be addressed.

I for one will be sending a letter of inquiry to the Attorney Generals office for a full investigation of this matter as a fact finding endeavor as a pissed off Citizen and Tax payer of the City. I am sure with the Mayor’s endorsement of Deval Patrick; Attorney General Reilly will be more than pleased to head the investigation himself.

I got my 39 cent stamp ready, does anyone else? (Office of the Attorney General, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108.)

Hey Concerned Citizen, While your at it,

Hey Concerned Citizen, While your at it, have them cross reference "U.S. Travel World" on Broadway in Somerville. This is also opened by the Election Commish. I'll bet you'll find a few surprises regarding travel perks especially with the old former appointing administration! This is a real big conflict! It's been going on for years!

Concerned Citizen

I presume your referring to the Kelley-Gay Administration where they were always going over to her mother country, Ireland.

I knew she took a lot of people with her but haven't got a clue as to how tickets were paid for by the group. I can imagine that if she had so many going, get one free would kick into play, or in her case, 2 free with hubby puppet.

So yeah, I guess I could mention that along with his easy pay plan with the city for his property by the fire station.

Thank you


Getting charged so much money/fine per bag of trash in front of my home. Is that a rumor or if it fact?

New but Curious

As the sayings go, I am new to the city and frequent a couple of establishments in Davis Square and came across this News Paper. It honestly didn't take me long to understand there is a high level of animosity towards anyone in political office.

I have read the articles over the past several weeks and now have to voice my concerns.

If all these posts have substance to their indications, why doesn't anything get done about it? I can understand this particular post, if in fact it is true, about the legal parameters associated with what the City is paying this individual. Knowing somewhat of a background the Mayor has for prior work experience, Attorney, I would think he would have done something about this if he had known. I cannot get myself to believe he DIDN'T know since he is now a part of his Administration.

I hope something is done as to the investigation of this property. But, as I stated earlier in my post, I have seen other articles this News Paper has published and find what the Mayor says and does is short of believable.

Cambriville News



The City is still buzzing after the flurry of activity in the Teele Square section of Cambriville this weekend. Seems the Ward 7 Alderman was successful in luring the studio filming the new Danny Aiello movie, about a struggling funeral home and its less than honest city leaders trying to gain control over the land the home sits on, to shoot in and around Ward 7.

The working title of the film, "City of Stiffs", with cameo appearances by Trane, the Mayor, four other Alderman, The Commish, the Honorable Ron"Butters"Newman and a host of other Cambriville notables, wraps fiming tonight. Reports that "Doby" Corrigan declined a sizable paycheck to play the lead stiff, have been denied by the PDS.


Cambriville seems to be the hot location for film production this month. The new Moakley Studios film, "The Chronicles of Natasha: The Liars, The Witch, and The Wardalderman" will begin an intensive one month shooting schedule beginning next week. Asked what difficulties he anticipates fiming in Cambriville, the district, er, director(name unknown at this time) e-mailed us, "Like shooting fish in a barrel."

More on this story next week in "Real Estate News"...................


"Sautee, Simmer and Stir"

This month on "Mrs.McCarthy's Cooking Cauldron" (Sunday's at 4:00am, SCAT TV)

quenelle (ke-nel), n.{French} a dumpling of chopped beef and chicken, cooked in boiling water or fried in fat.

(yes Jamie,it's me.....had to change a little something in my mailing address)

James Norton

Ok Beverly -

This is what they call a "do over" and is the advantage of being able to unpublish comments. Let's not go into it, I apologize for rushing to judgement, go ahead and make your point - it's a reasonable discussion about serious issues.

Thanks for your patience.


Cambriville News


The Camriville News is proud to publish this month's INS and OUTS(so far)........


Dunkin Donuts - Magoun Sq. - pays for customer meter parking

Rebba Gewirtz - off to a rocky start though

Voting Wherever You Want - thanks Nick

Jumping on the Progressives Bandwagon - Mayor Endorses Deval Patrick

Accountability - Mayor's Inaugural Speech

In-state tuition - Cambriville's reps vote yea

Voyeurism At the High School Locker Rooms - still no curtains

Good Leadership - see Shelton article "Good Leadership"

"the money" - the thief/thieves of T&P


Green Line Extension - Mayor endorses Deval Patrick

Jack Connolly - but not for long

Voters Assigned Polling Places - bye bye Nick

Loyalty to the Democratic Party - ??????

Accountability - T&P heist

In-state tuition - illegals don't vote

Privacy In the High School Locker Rooms - still no curtains

Good Leadership -see Shelton's article "Blowing Smoke"

"of luck" - the citizens of Cambriville, still no sign of the missing T&P cash


The 2006 Cambriville Olympic Teams ready for Turino, Italy...................

New but Curious

James Norton

I was hoping I did not ruffle any feathers and was somewhat apprehensive doing my first posting on this web. I was only trying to make a point that kind of missed its target by having my words bearing more than one connotation.

If I post again, I will try to be clear as to what I am trying to say. I understand the power you hold and I will respect that power. Let's just let it be and your readers will have to figure out what our pickle was.

I hope you have a good week and maybe our paths will meet.


James Norton

Hey Bev -

You're a very good sport, I hope you post more often. Fresh faces are always welcomed and I hope our paths cross as well. Take care.




How come Beverly gets to do a do over? I recall several times you've used the power of your mighty edit digits to slam me and the Cambriville staff up against the wall.(oooh Lordy, but enough daydreaming).

What gives here pumkin? You're not thinking of straying on me now are you? James, I've given you the best 6 months of my life and I would be crushed, crushed I tell you, if you ever even thought about putting your hose in someone elses garden.

As for Beverly, you may want to give her the program notes about bloggers and Cambriville News. Seems there are people here in Cambriville that think Somerville is a real City and the Somerville News really exists........ Silly, huh?

Resting Comfortably on the Divan,

Mrs. McCarthy

What a joke:::

Enough is enough, from Mr. McCarthy and Cambriville News. Get a life. Find something more productive to do with your time. At first, you guys were funny, now its ridiculous. Give it a rest. Back and fourth all day long like two nit--wits. Not to forget the other jerk named of Course. Talk about obsession! Every time i turn around you three jerks are posting. I think your starting to scare readers away. Its one thing to see Ron Neman post, we all now there something wrong with him but you guys or guy are intelligent and could probably make more money in the real world if you just put the same energy into something else. Give it up. Make up a new name atleast!

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