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January 20, 2006


Yankee Go Home

Ooh! A thought-piece on leadership. Bill is a leader--he leads the MVTF. Could this piece include references to Bill's own leadershp? I wonder whether, by his own criteria, he smells more like a rose or a fig. Let's find out!

"[Realistic] is not, for example, the self-serving, unsupported generalizations of real estate developers...[or] a matter of the "common sense" of the day." That sounds like a fairly direct reference to MVTF's mission of confounding the majority-preferred IKEA establishment in dear old Somerville to *me*, but of course, I am biased...

"Good leaders challenge what is, with what realistically could be." Sure, a dense-pack urban oasis of 30,000 souls sure sounds realistic to me. Of course, think of all those residents having to drive down to Stoughton to get their furnishings; the thought burning all those fossil fuels is enough to trigger my asthma.

Here's a measure of good leadership: "Taking [leadership opportunity] generates followers."

Does MVTF have increasing, static, or decreasing membership? How many paid their 2006 dues, I wonder... My sense, at least from online forums (and the fact that the MVTF hasn't been updated in years, has no contact information, feedback link, or public forum) is that MVTF suffers a lack of broad popular support (whilst IKEA, as we know, garners awards from fortune 500 companies, women's groups, and human capitalists (all shills for da man, I am SO sure).

Bill backstops his lack of support with the analogy that "[o]nly a small minority of Americans participated in the civil rights movement." Yah, MVTF is civil rights for the new millenium--NOT.

My fave has got to be the unsubstantiated, unreferenced "[p]resenting solid evidence is much more effective than calling opponents names or sending out hateful campaign literature with fraudulent and misleading statements calculated to arouse voters" (I guess you all know what he means, if you know what I mean).

Bill's a good leader, and we all need good leaders. Even though Bill has stated that he would not run for public office, "[o]ur situation today...cries out for good leadership." Personally, I hope he puts his leaderhip skills in public service, for, Bill, is an honorable man.

A Fan of Shelton

I just wanted to take the time to thanks Mr. Shelton on his composing articles. Some find them very interesting as do some find them offensive at times. Mr. Shelton shows he knows what he is constructing when he creates an article for publication.

Those that do not share his views are entitled to their opinion, as is Mr. Shelton. Mr. Shelton's articles are mostly colorful and in-depth. Maybe that is why there are some of us out there that could care what he says because we don't understand him.

Obliviously, this News Paper would not tolerate Mr. Shelton to post here if they thought his words were meaningless. So to Mr. Shelton, my hat is off to you on your splendid articles of late.

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