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January 16, 2006


Of Course

Well, I guess the City of Somerville is off and running with Gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick in town. It wasn't seconds he was in the building that the Mayor handed him the kiss of death, the Somerville Pin, to hang on his lapel. Yup, he got the curse right there on his expensive suit.

I know some that received that pin that no longer wear it and have discarded it. They must have their reasons I am sure, but I am not one to speculate as to why they no longer wear it as proud as they once did.

Gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick, I wish you luck but your better off with a 4 leaf clover than that cursed Somerville City Pin...

The Mole

I recently read the support of our Mayor to the Democratic candidate Deval Patrick. I went to his web site and read some of his ideas on how to raise revenues for Cities and towns and it doesn't sound that appealing to me. It appears to be a hidden tax and those that are coming to our diverse City to enjoy some of the better qualities of eateries will be paying that tax, as well as the citizens of the City who support those eateries.

As quoted from the Boston Globe, it states, “Among the proposals, Patrick wants the state to allow local officials to raise revenue on their own through a
Restaurant meals tax or other sources and have the state set aside a fixed percentage of its annual tax revenue for cities and towns."

Meal taxes! Other sources! Well, a tax is a tax whether we pay it in our real estate or at the table.

We were told about what Assembly Square would do for us when it was operational. It's operational and it hasn't done what it was suppose too. Now Alderman-at-Large White wants it explained to us why it did not lower our residential tax base this year.

Bill, why don't you tell the public about the tax break Chairman of the Finance Committee, Alderman Curtatone, had ex-Mayor Gay give to Assembly Square Limited Partnership back in 2004? This was a vote by the entire BOA so all participated in the tax relief for ASLP. The tax break that was given to Taurus and Gravestar, aka ASLP, was $12 million. Then when the Curtatone became Mayor in 2005, another tax break was given to ASLP for Millions more. Now we all know who the key partners were with ASLP. Two names come into my mind, PM and NP. By the way, NP was the Mayors first campaign manager and was working for Gravestar at the time, as well as he DNC.

So the Citizens of Somerville lost commercial tax revenue on approximately $23 Million over a two-year period. That is a lot of money that could have been in the City coffers. Why wasn’t it? Why was ASLP given such consideration? You tell ME! Now Alderman White says, well it was based on last years tax base as all new bills are for the upcoming year. Let's have RB from our Assessing office explain it to the citizens watching "The Rocky & Bauwinkle Show", at the next BOA meeting.

This is a case of smoke and mirrors happening all over again. It seems the deflection screens are put up so as to make things seem like everything is all right but if fact, it isn't. Applying "Yard 21" to the factoid makes it even more unbelievable that this City is not collecting its fair share for that property either.

Since the new owner, Federal Realty doesn't have to pay in full for the property acquired first by ASLP back about a year ago. The Land Deal was set up so it would take 9 years to pay for that site and it was passed over to Federal when Assembly Square was sold to them for a whopping $64 Million. At that table were attorneys from Gravestar along with our own City Solicitor.

A few months back, Assembly Square had a commercial tax amount of $30 Million on the City books. A year later the entire property was sold for $64 Million. Wow, what a profit someone made! $34 Million in less than a year. Better than any stock I know of even during the .COM days...

There is so much that the deflection screens are hiding that will never get out, unless someone checks into it. Remember, the sale of Assembly Square had to have the disclosures of all living bodies that were to profit from that sale, as it is stated in our City ordinances. Those three German families were never mentioned where they? I know they weren't now others know...

Mrs McCarthy


I think I'm falling in love with you. But you have to slow down for an old lady with ADD. I followed some of what you were raving about(some of your financials are a little off dear, check them again) but can you be a little clearer about the Germans?

The rest about PM and NP is common knowledge around our News room. And if you think that you'll ever be able to prove anything unethical in the dealings with this or the past Administration concerning the "arrangements" with either of the developers, get in line. Our sources at the Moakley and our reporter there, Timmy Summons, think that even the most seasoned Feds are having a dickens of a time following that trail.

But can you help me with the German connection? Speak in Ubbi-dubbi if you must. Most of the administration are still sucking up to Deval and his folks.(P.S. I overheard one of the Patrick staffers joke that on a cold day like today and with all the ass kissing goin on at ESCS this morning they should have handed out "Deval for Governor" Chapstick give aways. That's a lie, but I thought it was funny)

Hugs and Kisse(but not on the bum)


Cambriville News


BREAKING NEWS............

Repoters for the Cambriville News are following a developing story concerning an attempted coup today.

Authorities are questioning 23 members of the public works department after Cambriville special agents foiled an attempted coup of the government in power and the government in waiting.

With every player in and out of power present at the Deval Patrick speech and Martin Luther King, Jr. observance, agents halted the construction underway at the ESCSchool that, authorities presume, was meant to permanently seal all entrances and exits of the building. Under one roof today were the Mayor, his entire staff and city department heads, the Acting Chief of Police, two progressive Senators, two progressive State Representatives, most of the Board of Alderman, every yahoo city activist, the entire MVTF, several Patrolmen's and Senior Officers union members, Ron Newman, both local Newspaper Editors and some of their owners and a plethora of other Cambriville notables.

It appears that the only senior officials not present, Commissioner Koty, Aldermen O'Donovan, Roche and Desmond, were being questioned by investigators about the action at press time...............

This and other stories when I finish my nap.

Another sea shore visit

Alderman Sean was there...he was just a late arrival. Early in the event the mayor announced that Sean was on his way back from Cape Cod.


the Farm Team Paper's blog mentioned that announcement too. A bit embarrassing for the Ward 5 alderman, methinks.

Cambriville News



The National Institute of Health and Life Sciences today released the results of a two year study on the DNA of all employees of the Curtatone Administration.

The Director of DNA Studies, Dr. A. del Bonaparte LaFuente, summarizing the results, commented:

"The results clearly indicate that 97.3% of all current and future employees of the City of Somerville, under this Administration, are in someway now or will be, DNA related. A staggering result."

Topping the list were the Roche, O'Donovan, Curtatone, Buckley and Koty families.

Talk about your six degrees of separation....................

The Mole

Dear mrs. mccarthy, first before we go any further, take your medication for ADD. This is going to be a long one.

You are correct on some of the figures for the tax breaks. I believe in 2004 Assembly Square was taxed on $18 Million rather than the evaluation of $30 Million which was on the books. In 2005, I believe the tax base was set at $23 or $25 Million rather than the $30 Million. This would bring the totals to $15 - $17 Million rather than the $23 Million I posted earlier. I do believe those figures to be correct, if I am reading from the paper properly which I have in front of me. Nice tax break wouldn’t you say?

Three wealthy German families founded the Taurus Company in Germany. I believe they bought up major companies and real estates all over the world and turned them over with big profits. One actually moved here to Cambridge. GR. PM, of whom you know I speak of, went to them and worked out a wonderful deal with the assistance of NP from Gravestar. No news for most, NP was JC’s first campaign manager for his first bid for the Mayor’s seat.

Knowing the connection that NP had with the fathers of the City, PM knew he had a great deal going on. So, while NP lived in a little cottage on the property of her old boss's wife, CM, ASLP was born.

(I do wish I had the other two names for you and I promise I will research my records to find them. Public documents mind you.)

But, ASLP had the ace up the sleeve all the time, NP. Knowing "Yard 21" would be the KEY to the transportation ring, ALSP knew what the City was going to do with that property way before others knew it. That parcel plays an intricate part in the entire Assembly area. What better place to put the transportation end of this feature to bring the flow of people needed to make this area survive. As they say, "You build it, they will come".

So the City puts out to bid "Yard 21" with the assistance of Gravestars' attorneys. Not saying they were trying to make it so others could not bid, but if the horse could talk... ASLP now makes a shell company, Sturtevant Partnership, or something similar. They place the bid of $4.2 Million I believe on "Yard 21".

OH no!!! Another bid comes to the table for $8 Million for the same parcel. This bid placed by a developing group made up of two companies also, Habitat for Learning and someone else. This was double the bid as the ASLP shell company and, and, this other group was going to build on the parcel immediately if they got the bid. Not wait the 9 years Sturtevant Partnership laid into their bid.

Now most times, bids go to the highest bidder. Why the $8 Million bid was tossed out and awarded to Sturtevant, I cannot answer that. I can make an assumption but it would be speculation and I know JN does not care for that. Others can draw their own conclusion.

So, the City awards "Yard 21" for half of what they could have received for it to Sturtevant Group, PM and NP. Ah, now ALSP gets the parcel when the sale of Assembly Square goes though with Federal Realty from Sturtevant. All the pre-sale agreements follow "Yard 21" which meant; the City would not see the final penny until sometime in 2011 or 2012. Now are taxes being paid of that parcel? I presume not from what I read on the RFP Land Agreement. So more tax dollars are being missed for another 6 or 7 years.

mrs. mccarthy, it truly is a web of master minds. It is difficult for most to follow the trails. However, it is not difficult for those that are trained to follow the money, (if you know what I am speaking about).

I do hope I have not put you to sleep on this cold, cold evening. But if it helps, I can come over to rub those toes of yours anytime.

BTW, the line you speak of, I am at the front of it so anyone behind me must wait...


Mrs McCarthy


Just had a pedicure. Painted the toenails "Passion Apple Red". Come on over!

Now, stop being silly. In confidence, talk to me about the relationship between NP and the former communications director for the City. There was something there and I could never really put my knarly little digit on it.

Where there's smoke, dear................

Any thoughts?


(I feel we now can become a little more familiar: especially since I'm pumping you for a future Cambriville feature story)

The Mole

Oh mrs. mccarthy, Passion Apple Red is by far the most sensuous color a woman could apply. Pump me all you want, not sure I would be able to supply you with all that you may need.

Talking to you in confidence about a relationship I know little of, would not help anyone’s cause. I too hear the rumors around the City about such events. I am truly sorry MH didn't have a going away party for his swift departure. Not sure what that was all about, but someone got pissed off.

Tales go, an Attorney Office in Davis Square, as well as one in Reading kind of requested the resignation of a certain local attorney for behavior unbecoming of a gentleman. Seems this local attorney was sort of playful with office personnel that wouldn't put up with the shenanigans... unlike yourself who likes a little foreplay in her life...

So darling, I hope your gnarly little digit won't be working overtime tonight since it is near the whistle time at the Little Sisters of the Poor. Do they really make you go to bed by 8 PM?

Always remembering you.... in my dreams~~~~~



So Joe,

What happens when Mike Capuano runs for Governor: Are you going to back-peddle and retrack your MAJOR endorsement.....No one is going to beat Healey anyways. You could've waited a while and made an intelligent decison, rather than your unadivised-makeshift stan-koty factoids...

Ron Newman

And what makes you think Capuano would suddenly jump into the Governor's race now?

Anyone who's running had already better be well-organized, because the local caucuses that pick delegates to the Democratic State Convention meet on Saturday, February 4. A candidate for governor (or any other statewide office) must get 15% of the delegates' votes on the first ballot at the convention. I doubt that any candidate who hasn't even announced yet can accomplish this.

Snowflake's Eleven

Hey Ron Darling, how are ya! Just think of all the free food at all the up and coming governor candidate parties. Don't think your taking me there on our first date! JN's right about you!


Capuano was kicking around the idea of running, but as of the middle of last year said he is definitely not going to pursue the Governor's office (in 2006).

He'd look kinda silly changing his mind again.

$u$ie Creamchee$e...

Get used to saying "Governor Healey". Duval Patrick, if he makes the cut at the convention, might win the Cities of Boston, Somerville and Cambridge. Everything else, including Quincy and Needham and Lowell and Springfield and Attelboro and Pittsfield and Greenfield and every burb inside 495 and every burb touching it will have an R next to it. Kerry Healey will carry 35-38% of the vote total in Somerville by the way, same as Willard the Mor(m)on did in '02.
You heard it here first people.

The Mole

Poor mrs. maccarthy she just couldn't take it that late in the evening. I knew that joint on Highland Ave. would put her to rest early last night.

I wish there was something that I could have done to help her. I know she was trying to tell me something but I just couldn't find the time to take and solve her dilemma.

I do hope the poor little lady is ok. Maybe Cambrville News has heard from her or maybe even worse, she could have been taken hostage by those awful people from..... Oh NO! That's it...



There you go again....... The truth be known, I did not partake of the preferred cigarrette of Cambriville(anyone else find it odd that the same yahoos who want to ban cigarettes from the face of the planet, advocate the sale and use of this stuff?) but I did finish off the brownies Shelton send over. Yumeeeeeee.............

And as for me not being able to take it that late at night, let me tell you something lovee, I can take it 24/7.......

I really don't have any concrete inside poop(whoops, wrong word to use up here) but Timmy Summons tells me the investigation, er, inquiry, has been nicknamed "The Cambriville Code" by the Moakley worker bees.

Not trying to stir the pot(easy Shelton) just wondering if there is any "linkage" there.......................

Let me know if you ever come across anything. I may just have some "overtime money" left to put you on the Cambriville payroll.................

Mrs. M.
(author of the new bestseller"My Life at Warm Springs: Eleanor Can't Swim"

The Mole

You naughty lady you. Accepting one of Shelley's spiced up brownies. Sounds like you were having a party late into the evening baby. Hope you had friends around for comfort.

Overtime money? I thought Boss Hog was the only one that was doling out the "OT". The boys were working feverishly yesterday at time and a half. Well most departments in the yard except for the penalized Parks Dept.

Ya know mrs. mccarthy, there is one thing I cannot understand. How has this Administration been able to bring on board all their buddies, PCO officers, CDL workers, Custodians, Health Inspectors for evenings and a lot more, how have they been able to shuffle the cash to allow that many new faces on the payroll? There has to be a breaking point somewhere in their balloon. There certainly has not been that many retirees going out the door as new faces are coming in. I just cannot grasp the handle on this one. Can you shed some light on the matter?

And as a matter of fact, what happened to the stolen money? Do you have a reporter knocking at the doors to see if and how the investigation is going? You should be deploying more resources out on the streets. I know you have the power sweetie.

Always a pleasure speaking to a lady...


Patrick will fade

Patrick is white hot right now but will fade. Reilly "may" beat Healy in the General Election but Patrick would get smoked. Keep it up progressives, electing Patrick as the Democratic Candidate will ensure another Republican governor. Tell me again how progressives are good for the party?

The Mole

Sorry JN for posting this under an unrelated story, but I though one could go back to the archives and post to that to bring it forward. I was wrong.

To mrs. mccarthy:

Not sure this may interest you but, checking in my public documents, I find it disturbing to find two checks cut by the City to their consultants on Magoun Square. It is odd that both checks were cut the same day, June 15, 2005.

Wasn't this just before the City release that they were going back to the drawing plans to do yet ANOTHER study? No, it wasn't by the press release The News has. So obviously, they wanted to make sure they cleared their books, the City that is, to start fresh with a new purchase order for the fiscal year 2006. The wonder of it all.

So the two checks, one for $9,428.88 and the other for $90,580.01 were sent to the design consultant, Design Consultants INC. on June 15, 2005. Nice piece of change for the summer vacations.

I need you help on this one mrs. mccarthy. Any insight on this and the new plans for Magoun Square? The City has the same consultants for good reasons I am sure...


Mrs. McCarthy


My brain cells are just now starting to regroup.(that's the last of the brownies)

Forgive me for not getting back sooner, but I like you, had to do some research on this. And as you know, poor Mr. Lynch of Magoun Square, as reported in the Cambriville News, has been eliminated twice(once by asphalt, once by chopper) so I doubt we'll hear anything from him real soon.

I do find it interesting that $100,000.00 of grant money was used to pay the consultants for multiple plans for the same project. I think that this is an item for the Board of Alderman to take a lookie see. But then again, the ward 5 alderman is the chairman of the community development subcommittee, so good luck finding a trail there.( we think all the city records on this one are somewhere on the Cape or in Florida for safe keeping). We do have a little tidbit from our "Mouse" at the "Hollow Halls", however. Seems that after the story broke, there was a little meeting of the minds at City Hall, including the Mayor, things got heated between the two Joes, and at last report, neither is on speaking terms with the other. So as usual when it comes to money not well spent, we have one extremely pissed off Irishman and a hot headed Italian out for revenge.

That's all we have for now dear. Got to go, soups on in the the Dining Room. It's a Cambriville special, "Split Peas with Nuts" Yumeeeeeeee..................

Hugs, Bugs, and Slugs,



Deval Patrick has my and a lot of others I know voting for him even though Curtatone supports him.

Reilly is just a media hound scumbag who:

1) Wouldn't prosecute his good buddy Cardinal Law.

2) Took tons of cash from the big dig contractors he is suppossed to investigate.

3) Covers up crimes and information when it comes to his friends and donors, but would release an autopsy report to the media in a heartbeat if it furthered his career.

4) Gave John Henning of channel 4 a copy of Matthew Eappens autopsy report before Woodwards trial so that she could be smeared by the press and taint the jury pool before she even got to trial.

5) Has stuck a knife in the back of one of his biggest campaign donors and someone who raised tons of cash for him to run as Attorney General..........Billy Bulger. Say what you will but a friend is a friend no matter what, especially a friend who helped get you elected. Shows you that he would go to any lengths to appear as a crimefighter.

6) Hid his head in the stand while pedophile priests were molesting young boys by the hundreds!

The list goes on and on.

The Mole

Thanks for returning my call Mrs. McCarthy. After in-depth searching of my records I found some disturbing information that I cannot understand.

It seems the totals I gave you earlier is just the TIP of the iceberg. Records indicate that Design Consultants INC was paid a total of $178,538.78 in calendar year 2004. Other payments for calendar year totals for 2005 indicate $143,292.17. Seems like this company has been doing some serious consulting for the City.

Then I came across a total of $119,00 of Chapter 90 money under highway for engineering services for Somerville Avenue. I am unsure if that total is a separate one from the previous two calendar years or because it is Chapter 90 $$$, is separate from all totals.

The final straw for a running total for this company, a whopping figure of $1,337,346.47 comes into view on my screen. Now this could be the running total paid to them by the City during its inception of doing business here. I cannot understand it for the life of me.

Some staggering figures mind you I must say. Do you think Mr. J. L. from the Magoun Square committee may have some insight to these figures? I certainly don't. Seems DOR might have a field day though...

I hate idle time on my hands because every time I turn a rock over it seems to blossom into a boulder, then a mountain. I may need your help in this tricky spun web. Care to join me for TEA on the Veranda anytime soon?


Mrs. McCarthy


Clever boy! That's a lot of CONsulting. Come to think of it, it's downright INsulting.

What, I wonder, has Cambriville gotten for a million bucks worth of CONsulting?

Last time I took the walker for a stroll through that part of town, nothing had changed since the CVS was built...... and that I believe was all private money(or was it?)

Molee, give me some time on this one, or get that world famous private investigator team of Parker and Hassett,LLp and see if they can give you some insight.

Meanwhile, I'll send Ace, Tricky and (God help me) Snowflake's Eleven into the field to see if they can find anymore rocks to turn over.

And Molee, your figures better be correct. I don't like sending my limited staff(not that they are)out on wild goose chases. You know that we here at Cambriville will only print the news as we see it. And Molee? If you're wrong, consider yourself shutoff.....................

Smothered in Honey, honey


The Mole

Ah. my Love,

I do hope the Fed-X man arrives shortly to the Highland Ave. address you supplied.... if not, I know of no other way to give you the paper work I have...

The Mole...

Mrs. McCarthy


You surprise me! I thought you spoke fluent Ubbi-Dubbi. The dropoff point is not here at the PooPoo Palace, the courriers names are imbedded in the last communications. Re-read it. If you can't figure it out(c'mon Molee, you can do it) just send it to Jamie. He's always up for a good mystery read before going to bed...... N'est pas, mon brut homme?


Mrs. M.

(Jamie, don't go gettin all hot about my very obvious whoring for this story. You and I both know that Mole is smarter than the entire BOA, Law dept.and the Globe staff all rolled together. Hugs to you my little Teddy Bear...)

The Mole

Well Mrs. McCarthy, I could not read between the lines so the monitor will be forwarding my findings to you. I must confess, with all those figures I was kind of failing with my Mr. Gadget features.

I just home JN doesn’t flip on being the messenger...


The Mole

To Mrs. McCarthy:

I have responded via our courier last evening. I do not know if our contact has forwarded to you the information you are seeking.

Let me know if you have not received the documents, so that I would suggest to you to empower all your might into getting them for your eyes only. (Except for the courier that is.)

So I await your thoughts on said documents. I guess a phrase comes to mind, "Seeing is Believing". Maybe then you will trust your Molee henceforth...


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