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January 30, 2006



I extol Alderman White and Gewirtz for standing up to the State on this matter. The State seems to want it both ways, Their way and Their way again.

Glad to see them all sign on for this one. Of course, I would venture a guess that SOD will be disenchanted due to the fact his baby scheme won't get the limelight it would of if the Green line came through MaxPak sooner. Oh well, maybe ReMax will have to settle for a little less won't they?


Well, you can "extol" Alderman Gewirtz in person at her meeting with Davis Sq. businesses this evening at 6:30 at 212 Elm Street. I'm sure she'll appreciate your stopping by.


It is great that you extol White and Gerwitz. This is a no brainer...why do you commend an alderman for this. It is like me commending you for wakeing up and turning your alarm clock off. This is a grand standing article if I ever saw one. No Offence, I really am a White fan but commend or "extol" him for something else.

giga goga

What does extol mean? should I extol someone too?

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