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December 22, 2005


Of Course

Why can't the City afford it? It just collected over $300,000 for a 5" snow emergency. I hear it might rain on Christmas Day. Why not invest in a snow gun and make another 5" on snow and declare another snow emergency.

All you have to do is brainstorm and you can come up with some inventive revenues.


Maybe Mr. Tauro of Pat's Towing should be appointed police chief. Then there will be communication. Maybe???

Get The Facts

Here we go again. Of Course do you just have a problem with telling the truth?? Read Mr. Hasset's article again. It's $200.000!! Ok, hit me with - "that's not the point. The point is the amount of tickets an revenue and.. blah blah bull $%^%." I thought you were going to do your "own research" from now on? It doesn't get any easier than the article below the one you are posting to....

Of Course

Get The Facts, your right. I did get my facts mixed up. I said a 5" storm when the total I wrote was for the enitre year.

I guess I can get put into the corner...

Of Course

I guess someone else likes to be known as "Of Course". The posting above is not mine but that of an imposter.

Oh well, I guess I have a fan club of "Wanna B's". Only Jamie knows for sure.


My car was stlen and soon after my cell phone was disconnected. I called and informed police, and left numerous numbers for them to call in case of its recovery. My car has been found, but i was not notified until 7 days after it had been recovered, on a fri at around 6:00 pm. So when I went to pick my car up on Sat. I had to spend over 3 hours trying to find out if they had my car and where it was at. After hours of pointlesss conversations the police finally found where my car was located and I was on my way. It turns out the police had the car towed so that they could search it and check for finger prints. My car had been sitting at a local wrecker service for over a week with the windows rolled down in the rain. Since, I had not yet received the tittle for the car (bought it from my brother) and didn't have insurance. I now have to come up with the money to get my car back from the police/wrecker service. $100.00 for towing, $15 per day x 9 days-accounts till mon. $40.00-$60.00 to get towed from wrecker service to my house. And only then will i have to pay to get a key made. WOW. My car was stolen by a theif and now I can't afford to get it back from the cops/wrecker service.

Is there something wrong with this?

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