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December 29, 2005


Mrs. McCarthy

Enough talk already. Sue the bastards for $500million dollars and we'll build the damn thing ourselves.

What a bunch of putz politicians. Gettin up there, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. Does anyone else out there see what a sham this is? God Damn it! I want this@^%$# thing built before they cart me off to Doherty's.

Now get this thing going or I'm gonna whoop some Cuban and Italian ass!!!!!

Happy Holidays Boys, Chooo, Choooo........

Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sisters of the Poor
No Green Line Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts


I feel the T and gov't are really screwing people's opportunity to leave their cars at home. Somerville needs rail transit, streetcars were taken from the streets of somerville back in the 1950's and we need them back on this extension NOW!!! People of Brighton/Watertown got f**** over and the poeple of JP got F***** over by the T and business owners!!! Now the T shuts down Lechmere for 1.5 years just to put the E line back to Lechmere, what kind of dumb ass game is this??? The Riverside line went there before the shut just the sucky E line... the T continues to mess with us transit riders.


the T is a bunch of a@@holes, I remember I lost my camcorder on a train, contacted the T's lost and found section or whatever they call and and they never got back to me at all, and its been over 2 years and I wrote/called them over 15 times, that shows they have no respect for their customers and only care about their pockets getting fatter, i say boycott the T and see how they like that

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