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December 28, 2005


Ron Newman

While some elected officials' endorsements may have an influence in the election, I doubt that this will be one of them.

Denise do something!

That may be true Mr. Newman. However, Ms. Provost needs to focus on the two development issues in her backyard, Maxpac and the Armory. Both developments will create serious parking and traffic problems. Provost needs to not just sit at the meeting asking the obligatory questions but stand and pound the table and say "This will not happen in my neighborhood." That statement will never happen. Not until the developers stop sending her donations to keep her mouth shut. She has swallowed the old time Somerville Politician pill!

Moroney Supporter

There are two facts in this election:
1.) Denise is great alderman for the City of Somerville; and
2.) Elizabeth has more Beacon Hill experience then Denise.

A Vote for Elizabeth Moroney is a Vote for Somerville. The City receives a great State Representative with substantial Beacon Hill experience, and retains a powerful voice on the Board of Alderman in Denise.

What will a vote for Denise produce? Another special election in the City of Somerville (assuming Denise vacates her seat which is the only honorable option) that will cost the City thousands of dollars. Further, the Board will lose a voice, often a lone voice on important municipal issue.

Denise’s strength lies in municipal affairs. Her own website sustains this proposition: she was a former municipal lawyer, and published in the area of municipal law.

Elizabeth’s strength lies in state affairs. She has worked on Beacon Hill since the 1990s, and has held the position of Chief of Staff for Senator Resor since 1999.

Vote for Somerville. Vote for Elizabeth Moroney.

Ron Newman

The Armory project has been approved and the deadline for any appeal to the courts has passed. The neighborhood was not united against the project; I've met several neighbors who strongly supported it. Plus, I think Denise considers herself a supporter of the arts community, and they will be major beneficiaries of the project.

MaxPak is a whole 'nother story.


Go to bed and stop being a gossip hound... Focus on your family WT.

Ron Newman

What is 'WT' ?


As Ron states Denise choose the arts community over the the concerns of the neighbors.


Lets be clear about a couple of things:
1. I do not support the armory project as it was developed and I was at most of these meetings. I saw Denise Provost at these meetings and I know she was disgusted at the way the city and the ward 5 Alderman was pushing this project down the throats of the neighbors. As always Denise is fair and independent and thought that a middle ground could be reached.
2. She has been to each and every Max Pac meeting and has been involved as much as she can. The voters of Ward 5 decided to stick with their loser of an ALderman and thus are stuck with the projects that he benefits from. Not much more to say there.
3. Lizzie Moroney has no experience in Somerville. I think its hillarious that she sent out robo calls to people asking what the issues are in Somerville. It just shows that she has no clue what people are concerned about in Somerville. If she wants to run for State Rep from Acton (which is the only community she has been working for at the State House) then she should but we dont want her and more importantly she does't stand a chance to win!

Hey if the shoe fits, Wear It!

Hey Ron, I think "WT" means "White Trash"! Hey if the shoe fits, Wear It!

Denise for Alderman, Liz for Rep...

First off, much as Ron Newman said a while back about Bill White's senate bid, I like Denise a lot, but I like her as Alderman-at-Large. She has gobs of experience in municipal matters, especially legal ones. She doesn't always follow the BOA, and I like that too about her. She's independent and gutsy most of the time.
But there's a WORLD of difference between Central Hill and Beacon Hill. Her mentor, Pat Jehlen, was a laughing stock as a legislator through several speakers (not just Finneran)who was never able to get anything substantial done for the district. Don't believe me? Just look at her record For Somerville's sake, I hope she does well in the senate, but we'll have to wait and see.
All this stuff about who's more progressive than who is stupid and meaningless to the average Somerville person as far as I'm concerned.
Say what you want about Liz Moroney, but so far, I've seen in her a candidate who listens to people. For sure, there's a lot she doesn't know about Somerville. No candidate "knows" what people's concerns are until they ASK them. That's what she did when I met her. I like that. What's more important to me though is that she is current with the who's-who on Beacon Hill. All those little things that a person needs to know to move things along, who you can approach and who you can't and so on. that DOES make a difference or at least it impacts the typical person on the street in Somerville. She is WAY more moderate than Denise on most issues at the state level. We need that.
Make no mistake though, NO person, certainly neither of the two people running for the open seat, is going to make this huge overnight sensation and get everything Somerville wants or needs. It will take a long time for anyone to build up the political capital needed to be effective in the legislature. But if I have to pick between someone who knows the city budget process inside and out and someone who knows the STATE budget process inside and out, guess who I'm going with? Just my opinion.

Somerville Regular

Hey Clarity. It's Elizabeth not "Lizzie". As for no experience, 18-years in the city, 6 years on the Planning Board with 5 as Vice Chair is city experience. Can't quite get your problem with Elizabeth asking voters about their concerns and issues -I want a state rep who will listen not tell me what's good for me. And lastly, as Chief of Staff for Senator Resor , Elizabeth has represented 14 cities and towns in that Senate District since 1999 (that includes the City of Marlboro). If you want to take a shot at Elizabeth -at least get your facts straight. As for Elizabeth's ability to win this race - 33 organizations have endorsed her and are working to get her vote out. But hey, if Denise is a sure winning then you don't need to vote.

Denise's ward5 problem!

Denise needs to stand up and protect her neighborhood. She has demonstrated that she doesn't have the sack to stand up to the big boys (Me Mayor and SeanO). Yea, this will help Somerville when she’s on Beacon Hill running up against the best. The Beacon Hill politicians will make MeMayor and SeanO look like boy scouts. Once again Denise needs to not just attend the Armory and MaxPac meetings asking the obligatory questions but stand up for the neighborhood. Mr. Newman,,,,, the neighborhood is not “for” the current Armory project with a 400 person occupancy permit/40 parking spaces. Only a few of the asshole PDS residents are receptive to the plan (including Denise). If she does nothing more concerning both developments, at a minimum she can stop receiving the donations from these developers.


Elizabeth has represented no one! Hello, she has been a staff person...that is not the same as working on behalf of people. Look at folks at city hall and the mayor's office, do they represent the entire city?? no, give me a break. Elizabeth only has the experience of supporting developers as a planning board member and ignoring the needs of neighborhoods. That is experience that we can do without

i work at the state house too

Somerville Regular - you have to be Lizzie Moroney herself-- no one else cares enough about her to rant like that.

Stop campaigning on this page and start letting your people (all 44 of them) know that you are way down and there's no way you're getting up. Not a big fan of Denise but at least she has the relevant experience as a leader for Somerville and isn't a coattail-riding staffer. I'll take my chances with someone I know. Oh yeah, and nice try with that last comment begging people not to vote.

Jonathan Swift

Attorney Denise Provost is an alderman of Somerville. Doesn’t she operate her law office from her residential home? I wonder what would happen if another Somerville resident operated a business in a residential area. Is this infraction of Somerville’s city laws allowed because Attorney Provost is a member of the city’s party faithful? Does the party faithful (Socialist Democratic Party) allow her to operate a business out of her home? The city of Somerville deserves her. Corruption in government starts small, such as operating a business in a residential area. The state has enough corrupt legislators we do not need another up on Beacon Hill

Mrs. McCarthy

Mr. Swift,

Perhaps you should give serious consideration to legally changing your last name as it really does not do justice to the great writer himself, nor does it come even close to describing your intelligence level.

Jamie, can't you do a little something for these poor bastards that post crap like Mr. Swifts? It really is a poor reflection on our community's public persona.

Hoping to see you in Copley Square tonight!

The Ever Lovely
Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sisters of the Poor
NewYearLand Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts


who cares what sheriff "payola" thinks. denise is the best candidate to send to beacon hill.

Jonathan Swift

The questions are still there. Does Alderman and Attorney Denise Provost operate her law office in a residential area and is the operation allowed by Somerville law? Mrs. McCarthy couldn’t answer the question. She did what many of the elite do, such as, attack the other side on a personal level. Intellectually, I admit, I am limited when it comes to the liberal arts. After all, when I was young, I had to leave school to help support the family. Then, I got drafted. After returning, I worked two and three jobs to support my family that brought me to a good living today, without a socialist union. Furthermore, I am not ashamed of my working class routs. Mrs. McCarthy maybe hiding behind her working class ruts, or, she is hiding behind her guilt that Ireland along with the Kennedy’s of Massachusetts support the Nazis. The Little Sisters of the Poor should be proud?

Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Mr. Swift;

You little English slut! How dare you question my working class "routs" and "ruts". I'll have you know that I too came to this marvelous country as a poor child.(never mind that I was born in the Bronx). We struggled just like you. We scamed and schemed our way to mediocrity just like millions of others who arrived at the Golden Doors, the teaming wretched rufuse of a thousand other nations.

Now, as for my "working class ruts", I never divulge the details of my sex life, but I have been known to screw a millionaire(including a Kennedy boy or two). And as for the Ireland/Nazi was 1943, his name was Fritz, I was in Dublin for the weekend and that's as much as I'm going to say.

As for the ordinances about law offices in residential homes, how the fuck would I know. Mr. Swift, I'm a fictitious character, remember?

Good Lord. It's going to be a long day Jamie.

All the Best(except to the French AND the English

Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sisters of the Poor
IrishHighlands Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts

James Norton

Hey Mrs. McCarthy (snookums) -

It's so sad, some of these people that log onto this weblog. They actually think that everything on here is posted by me and my father OR they believe that there's always serious dialog, instead of the witty banter and musings about everyday life here in Cambriville. Sure some of what is said on here is serious, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously. And I don't know how many times we have explained over and over and over to the mentally challenged group that shows a strong employment trend near the 100 block of Highland Avenue that nobody at The Somerville News posts anything on this weblog with anything BUT our own names and that we have no idea who the commenters are. They just don't get it.

Take this Jonathan Twit dude - why would you engage a fictional character on a weblog about the correct zoning for someone who is running for public office's home? Does anyone expect you to be a zoning expert? It also doesn't take a friggin brain surgeon to figure out that if you are self employed, you can obviously work out of your home. Moron.

You're right, long day.

Oh by the way, snookums, thanks for the card - why didn't you join me at either the Christmas Party we had or the other night at our annual New Years celebration? I was hoping you would show up.


Mrs. McCarthy


Would love to stop and chat but the Pats game is on(can't get enough of that Tom Brady) I've got more oysters to shuck and I don't want to lose my chair in the Community Room(otherwise known as Depends Central)

Check you later Babycakes

Mrs McCarthy
Little Sister of the Poop
Bradyland Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts



Plenty of lawyers work from there household for a variety of reasons. Tell me Swifty does a computer programmer working from home need a zoning permit?

Steve Cockneck

Jim DiPaola should spend more time securing our jails and less time worrying about politicians who seek to expand his agenda, like Moroney and Curtatone. DiPaola wants to put untrained sheriffs on our streets to "protect" our citizens. He has basically convinced Moroney and Curtatone that this is good idea. The job of the sheriff is not a law enforcement function, its a prison management function. Curtatone wants to dwindle our police force to the point where he can bring in the Middlesex County Sheriff to patrol our streets. Liz Moroney wants to help him do this.

The sheriffs are not trained police officers and never will be. If you bring them in to do our city's police work it will be like the Red Sox playing bench plyers in the playoffs. DiPaola's 'endorsement' is nothing more than a proxy endorsement from Curtatone to Moroney. This after he promised not to get involved in the race. Does anyone think MB isn't burning up the phone lines trying to get support for Moroney. Let's put a stop to Moroney and DiPaola. Put both of them in the prisons and let them run that and only that. Let's get more trained SOMERVILLE police officers on the street and police OUR OWN CITY. And at the same time we can add another noth on the loss column for Joe.

Ron Newman

Mayor Curtatone gave a long speech introducing Denise at Denise's campaign kickoff, at Sabur restaurant on December 12. This led me and others in the room to believe that the Mayor was officially endorsing Denise, but maybe not. Denise's latest mailing lists public officials who have endorsed her, and the Mayor is not on that list.

There is, however, a photo of the Mayor and Denise together, inside the mailing.

James Norton

Ron -

Actually when the Mayor was on the BOA he and Denise and Bill White got along pretty well if my memory serves me correctly. Not directly endorsing someone and then being in a picture with them is nothing new either.

If I don't preface this next remark with an explanation making it clear I do not believe anyone is presently doing this, then I would be blamed for making an accusation against whomever (like Steve Cockneck did). Making calls and working behind the scenes for the other candidate in the same race is just part of "hedging your bet" politically and part of Somerville Politics 101. How sad is it that I have to explain myself every time I type anything.

Anyone from Liz Moroney's Campaign reading this -

I've gone over the rules a thousand times on here, but I must have either missed this one thing that pisses me off or figured nobody is stupid enough to do it, why bother with the explanation. Someone from Liz's campaign decided to post a comment on this article which was only a press release from another elected official endorsing her. Yes, I unpublished the endorsement, no I won't mention who it was that endorsed her and yes I banned that person from posting on this weblog any further. How tacky.

Snowflake's Eleven

I had a dream that Ron Newman was being eaten by the weblogs cat
the entire weblog treats him like a frigin rat
Drat! Why can't Newman go to a rehab hospital?
Because there was no free food around so its not possible?
Will the Newman survive?
What will the hospital provide?
Will the Newman be released?
Or will the turd reside there in peace?
Will the Newman be treated fairly?
Or will the Newman be happy by being treated Qeerly?
I feel sorry for that misfit he looks like a rabbit
I hope Ron Newman doesn't dress like that make a habit
Of putting is nose where it dont belong in the life of a political animal
I mean, he could swim with the fishes but he would survive because he's a mammel!
Someday he will need Somerville's A.J. Writes help
If he gets his plad on plad dork suit wet he will melt
If when he gets old and goes to a nursing home
A computer and weblog will bring memories of his old home
If he moves out of Somerville to live on a farm
The animals will escape from him so that lover boy does them no harm
If he just don't post such idiotic crap he could just stays here
But JN cant outrun him so Ron won't fear

Mrs. McCarthy


Cambriville has made their predictions. Care for a friendly wager as to the outcome?

Say, my true lineage and ancestry against you having dinner with Sen. Jehlen........

Mrs. McCarthy


Hi All - Just want to pipe in with some information. I am on MB's 'call list'. I have not received a call from him regarding one candidate or another. I did however call him this weekend to see who I 'should' vote for. His answer to me was whoever I thought was the best for the job. When I asked him who he would vote for if he could... well let's just say I think his answer would surprise you. Almost as much as that ugly blue truck!

Of Course

To Susie, why would someone call anyone, let alone MB, to check in first as to whom to vote for. You have a mind of your own and obviously a computer to check each candidates web. No wonder why our society is the way it is today.

People have to check to see whom to vote for!!!!

Gee, I wish my mom was alive today to make sure I married the right woman...

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