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December 19, 2005


mrs. mccarthy

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie,

Are you completely out of your mind boy? How could you blatantly go after the most holy of holies in this city. Don't you realize that everytime you stretch your literary long limbs, the rest of us suffer?

Going after the Mayor, Bob Wretched and Stan will only lead to higher taxes, less services and all kinds of retaliatory actions. Now none of us will be able to walk the street without fearing a jaywalking ticket. Water service will be terminated without cause and everything with a wheel will be towed to Pat's. Secret deals with every powerful developer will be the ruination of the neighborhoods, nobody will be employed in this city unless you heavily contributed to your politician of choice and...........

Wait a minute! That's the way it is now! What the fuck, go get em my boy. I've got your back!!!!!!

Nothing to fear but fear and loathing.

Little Sisters of the Poor
HigherFartLand Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts

The Pie Man is standing by with every flavor!

This poem is so true about our shameful/ corrupted city. When the time comes to re-elect this administration the Pie Man will be tossing every flavor pie that there is full of tasty inside information that will break the camels back when the time comes. Keep up the great work with this fabulous web site informing our voters on how their tax dollars are being pissed out the corner office's window every day and don't forget, "Who's throwing those pies!"


Everyone keeps talking about corruption, lies, cheating (even you James).. yet NO ONE has said anything credible. Is it because you have nothing? I believe that is the case. If there is something I want to hear it. I believe we deserve to hear it. So unless you want to talk facts stop talking. Everyone is sick of listening to idle threats and lies.

Of Course

Pie Man, you hit the nail on the head. Talk about out tax dollars flying out of town; you all need to read the heading of this weeks rag,

"Local News $10G missing from Somerville meter department".

Imagine, this money being stolen between Friday evening and Monday morning. No alarms going of to indicate intrusion. No nothing. This means, as the article indicates, it is looking like an inside job.

Well that inside job could even extend outside the Traffic & Parking Department. Those management personnel from that Department are not the only ones that have codes and keys to the building. Others that would have access to the building during off hours would be the Building Department, under the Skippers jurisdiction. Most, if not all of the building personnel have the master keys and the codes to gain entry. But that would be easy to check if the SPD checks with the Alarm monitoring company. I am sure they already did that. Wouldn’t you think? I mean they themselves checked not having the Building Department check. They could say they did but didn’t…

It is time to start doing Corey checks on all new hires in the City, not just those personnel that are around children, ALL EMPLOYEES. This shows that all the chatter about this term of office is true. There is a thief among thieves. No one was lying about that. It just so happens that there have been a lot of new hires to this department. Some ex-football players, some friends of this Administration, some friends of friends. It is someone that found the opportune time to get where the cash was. Someone that this Administration has entrusted his or her trust to do a good job.

Well, they did just that. The wiped us out of out hard tax dollars at a time this Administration underestimated their projected revenues by almost $1.2 million. I wonder how much this loss of $10,000 plays into that? Funny how it occurred, two weeks after announcing revenue projections are down, then all of a sudden we have a thief amongst us....

Is this Hollywood? Roll those Cameras…

The Truth will set you FREE!

Why did it have to end up this way? The good people at the Somerville News did a lot for Joe Curtatone when he was running for mayor. The Norton's and Toro's went out of their way for Joey! If Joe's advisers were smart, they would have told him to make amends with the people that helped him get elected. Joe went from being endorsed by the Somerville News, to getting the shit kicked outa him on a weekly basis. If Joe and his advisers were smart, they would have made amends a long time ago. Sometimes they think their too smart for their own good. Its going to catch up. Big Mistake on Behalf of the Curtaboloney administration.
Joe should take a good look around. Don't make the same mistake that Dotty made. I can see it happening. Joe has a lot of good ideas for Somerville, some of which he has already implemented, but he is burning bridges everywhere. Joe should start taking care of the people that took care of him. If I could give Curtabaloney one word of advise it would be to get rid of the ego. Your ego is going to be your down fall. Stop acting like the tough guy that your not. Stop shooting from your hip. Your mouth is going to loose you votes. Remember that your the mayor, and start acting like it. People often wonder, who advises Joe C. Thats starting to be a good question. Joe is starting to be a little ungrateful, and it shows. If I was in Joe C's close inner circle I would tell him to get rid of the ego, and start being the mayor.

Doug Holder

James with that epic of a political poem you should make it down to breakfast with the bards

my opionion

Awesome piece and so true, the sad thing is they will continue this crap until he is out of office. The ego goes with the office doesn't everyone see that? Lets hope some candidates run for mayor in two years, was that how long it took for Joe to get Dot out of office?
Keep up the good work,


To the author of "The truth will set you free"! Don't let the two Somerville News Guys fool you! They could have single handily took Joe and his administration down for the count about six months ago but they didn't. TL and JL had Joe and his Motley crew by the nuts stone cold bagged, but the two "Do-gooders didn't let it happen. They were playing like they were Joe's Guardian Angle of something! Maybe their just waiting for the right time to expose him or maybe they are all talk!

Stop burning bridges!

Mayor Joe is like a frigin crocodile! When he gets hungry he eats his young! True the names that you mentioned were loyal to him but how about also the Hussy's, Martini, Dechico, old man Senesce. For crying out load he fired the poor bastard because he said that he was to old. But he wasn't to old to be taking donations from him? Was he? How about all the others that helped this guy get into office? And the list goes on! Forgotten! Poof! Gone like a puff of smoke. Memory erased! Joe who in the world are you getting coached by? Your making a big mistake! You forgot your roots! Now they are all going to forget about you! Looking at the big picture your going to need all the help that you can get soon! Stop burning bridges!

James Norton

Mrs. McCarthy -

I have missed you doll, where have you been? I didn't take anyone on, call them out or say anything you can't hear on the street at anytime - and I am so not worried about "retribution" it's not even funny. Thanks for thinking of me though.

Truth -

It's a damned satirical poem you dope. It's about things that everyone in certain circles most certainly have heard a little about one way or another already - there's no hardline accusations or threats - re-read it again if you must. I merely poked fun at some of the insane crap that we have all heard about in the rumor circles. That's it. It's my op-ed piece and I can comment about anything within a certain context, which I have clearly done. If it hits too hard and/or too close to home for you, then read the fluff farm team rag and blog somewhere else.

Doug -

Thanks a lot, I appreciate the compliment. I mentioned to you at the Christmas Party that I would like to join the bards after the first of the year and I'm working on making time for it.

My Opinion, Of Course et al -

The sad reality is that it doesn't matter much who is in office, political power and arrogance are too attractive for just about anyone with the ambition to sit in the corner office on Highland Avenue. This publication isn't all about kicking the crap out of anyone - it's about being real. The Somerville News reports the local news, and god forbid us local people who are involved with the paper taking the opportunity to speak our personal opinions every once in a while. For one example, beyond all the craziness lately, I think the DPW as a whole is being run better than it ever has been and it's because Mayor Joe puts his trust in Stan Koty and the rest of the Department Heads there (along with the regular workers for sure) who quite honestly work very hard and earn their paychecks. The rest of the stuff that goes on is part of the political landscape - reality is - when you do something stupid to land your name in the paper or on a weblog, then you have to take the good with the bad. Period. That;s life and thats why Reality Bites, sometimes.

Chew on it and get back to me.


Somerville is a funny place!

Hi Ann, IM trying to picture in my mind how this paper is thinking and I think that I got it. If they had the opportunity to take the administration down six months ago and accelerated their plan what good would the administration have done? There was no opponent all! What the administration would have had done is grow back new limbs if the paper cut them off and continued on like a new day. Now that he will be facing an opponent in the future election if faith has it, The paper can felicitate its purpose, cut off the administrations limbs and crush it like a tin can! When a ship is half full of water it goes down much faster in the end and I'm sure that the publishers would be standing by with a high pressure water hose to finish them off! Or on the other hand they just might be loyal people! Who knows? Somerville is a funny place!

If it takes a new mayrol candidate to kick you guys into high gear, shit then I'll pull papers out t

I say expose and crush them now before they get away with more! If it takes a new mayrol candidate to kick you guys into high gear, shit then I'll pull papers out today! If that's all it takes I'm sure half the city will pull papers early!


Norton - wow. I don't know whether to book you for the St. Paddy's Day Breakfast in Southie or get you a gift certificate to Grub Street. Probably both.

Merry Kwanzakkuhmas to one and all (y prospero ano y felicidad). Now, Santa's got presents to wrap.

The Truth will set you FREE!

Let me tell ya, not only is Joe Curtabaloney a farse, but there are two bigger phoney's in the city. The first is Tony L and the second is John L. Joe C, Tony L, and John L should be called the Three Stooges. GOOF!

Rusty Woof-woof!

Not only that "Truth." What about the false "Joe C" Christmas card. Mr. Mayor has a phony dog. What was "Rusty"(RL) doing over at Joe's apartment? Did he get picked up by Somerville “animal control” that day for the photo shoot?

Use Caution "Hater repellant in use"

To Rusty Woof-woof, Hey "Hater"! For your information Mayor Joe does has a dog. His name is Koko. And yes it's the dog in the picture. So before you post something stupid again think first you "Idiot"!


Yo "Caution",,, you know what they say, imitation (RL) is the greatest compliment. How was the Mayor's Christmas party? Nice that it cost the Somerville residents 200k in parking fines for 5 inches of snow. I'll put my money on Rusty over Koko puff any day of the week!

Snowflake's Eleven

Yes, I have to agree with Rusty, with 5" of snow was a bad move to call a snow emergency. Even 6",7" or 8" isn't a big deal either today. I think the people in Mayor Joe Snowflake's think tank jumped the gun again. Those individuals are going to be his downfall! Now every time it snows out flashing red lights will go off in voters minds and they will label Joe with this on election day next time around. Just like they did to Mayor Gay with the street cleaning!

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