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December 20, 2005


Of Course

How cushiony is a job such as 311.

If you take the figures from the article on 12/20/2005, 600 calls by 3 operators over a two-week span. This means, each operator fielded 200 calls over a 10-day period.

Breaking that down, each operator took 20 calls for the week or .5 calls an hour. Now that is what I call a cushiony job. Ok, so they track the call by computer. That must take all of 2 seconds too.

I mean come on folks; we had a customer service at the DPW. One person would field the calls and forward them to the appropriate department. Why do we need three operators to accomplish what one did? Another waste of taxpayers hard earned dollars. I don’t find this fiscally responsible at all.

Why didn't the “Ward 1 sell a vote Alderman” get that job for one of his other relatives?

 No English (speakers) need apply

This is a very cushy, well-paid job. However, the positions were only offered to people who spoke Spanish! What an outrage. Don't they think English Speakers (the majority) have questions for city hall too? This makes 6 jobs by my count that have been changed to 'spanish speakers only' jobs in the last 6 months (city and school department), and thereby taken out of the reach of long-time residents who deserved them!

Has anyone tried this?

I called 311 four times for different reasons and to try out this new "service". First call: they forward me to traffic and parking, it rings 20 times, no one ever answers. I probably could have handled that one without 311 assistance, eh?
Second call: I explain what just happened, and they get a person at traffic and parking on the line for me to talk with. She puts me through to "the supervisor", which turns out to be voicemail. I leave a message. No one ever shows up to deal with the parking problem.
Third call (a different issue): no answer at 311. No answer of my direct call to DPW either. Great.
Fourth call: I explain my 311 experience to date. The operator says he'll handle it directly. Nothing happens ...

Soooooooo, what is this new service that our tax dollars are supporting??????

The Mole

I heard through the PCO grapevine that ALL breathing PCO Officers were called in last night after midnight due to the Rain Emergency, I mean Snow Emergency.

Due to the volume of tickets given, City Hall phones were conveniently down most of the morning. This way, any complaints coming inbound could be put off for a while until a strategy plan was put into effect.

Sounds like a little of the "Patriot Act" being applied here in Somerville also. I haven't received the count of tickets issued for the latest Rain Emergency but I do expect them to be coming in to headquarters soon.

Let's see, we’ve had two snow emergencies in less than a month and I don't believe we received more than 4 inches COMBINED.

We have to remember this record snowfall during our next trip to the poles...

Whats the deal?

What's the deal here? I tried calling that 311 line and had no problem. The people who answered were courteous and helpful. And, they spoke ENGLISH, by the way. Sounds like the same people who have it out for the Mayor all the time are the ones who are complaining about 311. Are you ever happy about anything to do with City Hall and the Mayor? What a bunch of nit pickers. You even try to blame the Mayor and City Hall for a power outage that brought the phone lines down? How ridiculous. That is something that could happen anywhere. Does it also occur to anyone that you cannot blame the operators on this new service if they have to transfer you to a department for assistance and you get a voice mail? Seems to me that the person complaining about that is directing his frustration to the wrong department. Shouldn't his complaint and problem really be with Traffic and Parking who did not answer their phones? If I had a problem with that 311 line I would be the first to complain about it, but let's get our stories straight here people. As for the person who complained about snow emergencies...what does this have to do with the price of eggs? The complaints I have read here do not seem valid somehow...

Of Course

Yeah what's the Deal; remember the stats they came up with? Six hundred calls in a ten-day period. With 3 operators, that took just .5 calls per hour. Real busy part of our government.

I wish I had that job. One of those 3 operators is none other than the son of the Chief of Assessing, DB. He use to be a Security guard at the DPW then PCS officer. Not saying anything bad about this gentleman, he is a great guy, but it points out the directions and priorities associated with this Administration.

Every Mayor has their hacks. This Mayor seems to have more than most due to the fact he constantly needs to re-group and associate himself with new and different people because he burns so many bridges along the way. He uses them, abuses them and tosses them aside. That is why you see so much negative energy against this Administration and if you can't see it, you'll be tossed aside soon.


Who is the person who writes under the pen name "Of Course" and makes such accusations? Is he/she fabricating some of these things? I think so. I doubt you can prove it. Put your money where your mouth is and lets see. Oh yeah...I know for a fact that the 311 job applicants were not offered to people who only speak Spanish, as someone else said. That would be discrimination and against the law. I think the City Hall of all places obeys equal opportunity employment practices. It also appears that the person who called the 311 line a "cushy" job might be jealous because they didn't apply for it. Sounds that way to me. Sour grapes, that's all it is.


Here we go again - "Of Course" is making information up. DB does NOT work for the 311 center. How come people are constantly needing to correct you? A few weeks ago you posted that you would never post again without doing your full research. Guess that was made up as well....

JN - I have two questions (just curious - not complaing) How come of course does not get shut out? He/she is constantly corrected for mis-statements. (notice I did not say lies). Also, the other day you (and/or Mrs. McCarthy) stated that spouses of public officials are off limits. How come when of course was spouting off about SJ and MB's wives no one stopped him?

Thanks JN - keep up the good work!

Shut up!

I agree with "helllo!" that the person who makes such accusations is ridiculous and a bunch of sour grapes. I would like to see this person reveal their true identity and show us in print that there the people who were hired for 311 office are a bunch of hacks and/or related to anyone in city hall. Preposterous and outrageous remarks will not help your cause and only make your argument weak. You cannot find anything wrong here so you are making stuff up. You will stoop to nothing, even lies, which is what this all is. A bunch of hooey from another sour puss!

Of Course

Truth, I have refrained on some bad info that I had checked out before I posted, but in this case, your right once again Truth. I got the message wrong by about a mile.

I am not here to settle a match... but I do tend to listen to the wrong people. But if I am wrong, I do apologize. I misunderstood my information as I stated on this one ALSO. He works for the SPD. Wrong church correct pew....

James Norton

Truth -

Well, you know that is a fair question.

As far as "lies" from Of Course, I am glad you didn't make that kind of statement, because how else would anyone know someone was wrong, unless they were corrected and then admitted to being wrong? I'd give him/her some credit for having the class to accept when wrong and apologize.

As far as referencing spouses and kids in this weblog, they are typically considered civilians by me, unless they work for the city. But in any case, they shouldn't be called on by name...and if memory serves me correctly, the people in question were referred to by initials.

I think I even piped up about it when it was happening about the initials thing and commented myself about Mrs. SJ having her teaching certificate, which I know for a fact she has.

In any case, I try to stay out of the fray, edit or unpublish when something is over the top (as soon as I can, as moderating the weblog is not my full time job) and I hope I'm not giving anyone the impression of creating any double-standards, so please feel free to point out any problems you might see in the future.

If you have a valid point, I'll listen to it - if you don't - I have no problem telling you to stick it, as I am sure you are well aware of.

Happy New Year


shut up!

The "truth" will set you free, "of course"!

Next time check out your sources better before you stick your neck out.


Just to clarfiy a little......I'm guessing the above person who said the 311 operators were Spanish speakers was misunderstood. My information is that they might indeed speak english, but would not be considered for the job if they did not also speak spanish. That, unfortunately, is not considered discrimination and is not against the law. And I know that several city and school jobs have recently been changed to include the phrase 'MUST SPEAK SPANISH' or 'MUST BE BILINGUAL'. I'm afraid you won't be able to get any school or city jobs if you don't also speak spanish. The school department is no longer following the civil service list also,by the way!

shut up!

Where does "clarification" get their information from? It is my understanding, and also from what I read about 311 from different articles, that not all the operators who were hired for this service at city hall speak spanish or more than one language. Your sources are wrong! Here is another example of someone who does not have all the information and is quick to accuse. Get your story straight.

shut up!

I meant to add the following to my previous comment in response to remarks or opinions made by "clarification": Although I am sure there are instances where it is necessary for an employee to be bilingual and speak spanish or more than one language, this is not always a job requirement or hiring pratice of many companies, including city hall and the school system. Believe it or not, they still hire people who speak only English.


Thanks all. Of Course - I am pretty sure ( maybe I should confirm - haha) that DB works for the traffic and parking. I can call and confirm that. JN - good points. You are correct about OC being big enough to admit it. As far as the wife comment goes - I shall stick it. ; )

Of Course

OK Folks, I do not want to create wars on the web log. If I were wrong, which it looks like I have been stepping in my own mess, I would be the first one to admit to it. I am a grown up and can face the facts.

I did my apologies to the Para issue. When I checked, as I should have in the beginning, I found all your accounts valid. I did say it would never happen again but I didn't take to my own words. I apologize for that.

Flog me, stone me, but believe me, I do not want Truth, Delusional, Tricky or even mrs. mccarthy to think I am trying to stir the kettle in a way that it is, how do I say this, black.

It may or may not be true; I have an axe to grind. It I sharpen it, it will truly cut the heads off of those that are deserving of it. All I am able to say at this point is, this Administration is not what it seems.

I will always try to bring those points out in my messages here, but I will not stand on the diving board and jump in until, until I look behind me first.

JN... did those pictures burn a good image in your mind? I hope you don't have nightmares over them.

shut up!

It takes a big person,and a wise one, to apologize for the error of their ways. Kudos to all who have done so. Let's hope that this blog starts off on a different foot from now on, and a more positive one too.


you people make me want to barf apologizing and being civil youre all a bunch of whiny little pussbags. it takes a big person and a wise one to apologize and you hope this blog starts off on a more positive, different foot? you dont happen to work at 93 highland ave do you? another conspiracy theorist we have here and what the hell happened to you jn i dont always agree with what you say, but being so mellow. rip em all new ones even light me up who cares. a weblog is for opinions and it hasnt been so negative we have all seen far more negative than its been around here lately.


Call 311 for City Hall??

Try calling Walter Pero. Sure he may answer but he isn't home (that is his mommy's home). He is down at his PRIMARY RESIDINCE on the Cape.

Call forwarding is great, but we all know you don't care about anything but yourself.

P.S. Keep your dog's feces off my sidewalk!

shut up!

Your name delusional is certainly appropos, because of your paranoid delusions that anyone writing on this blog works at city hall. What mind expanding drugs might you be taking?

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