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December 20, 2005


The Safe isn't Safe

You asked "How often does the Parking & Traffic Department leave the rear door unlocked and the safe open after hours, and how much money was stolen? (Okay that’s a silly one, but we can’t get a straight answer out of anyone)?"

I think other good questions are "Who knows the back ddor is unlocked, who knows there is no alarm, who knows where the safe is kept, who knows its not alarmed, who knows its not locked, and who knows these combination of questions to such certainty that they know they're not going to get caught?"

This is a huge disgrace! Someone's head should roll over this. Why not pose these questions to "truth" when he/she says "So unless you want to talk facts stop talking. Everyone is sick of listening to idle threats and lies." There is nothing here but fact in yet another story.

I don't always agree with you Jamie Norton, but I agree you always put the facts out there and let people read what they want into them. There are no fluff pieces in this paper.

mrs. mccarthy


about the money stolen from T&P.....and I thought he was just happy to see me! It was just a roll of quarters afterall!!!!!!!

Damn, damn, damn.

Looking forward to my gifts from you.

Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sisters of the Poor
Fartland on High Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts


One nasty thing about the snow emergency - it was called to begin at 6:00 in the morning. Excuse me? I don't suppose they could have waited a couple of hours, at least until people started to take off for work and alleviate (some) of the parking crunch?

And now parking permits are going up to $10? Jesus. I like the director's quote, that the price of permits will be more in line with Cambridge and *Arlington* now.

First, we have meters going up to 50 cents an hour, because that's what "Boston and Cambridge" are doing. But then I see an article in the Globe about parking in Inman Square in Cambridge, and the director there is talking about how they raised prices so they'd be in line with Boston AND SOMERVILLE. Wow, the People's Republik wanting to be like Somerville. (Call the Cambriville News!)

So, nice. In revenue raising, we want to be like Boston, Cambridge and Arlington, but over at Assembly Square, let's be Everett. No wonder no one can figure out this place.

In The Know

Well, well, well! Leave the back door unlocked? Leave the alarm not set? How convenient it would be but how unrealistic too.

The alarms to these buildings have time frames they need to be opened by as well as closed by. If they are not, then the alarm company calls the person on their list to inform them and he/she goes out to see what is up with that system.

If the alarm was not set on Friday night, then the first person on the call list, Skipper, may have received the initial call. Did he respond? I have no clue but the alarm company does so why don't the SPD call them to see what was up with that weekend. It is simple, easy and it doesn't hurt. AS LONG AS THE SPD DOES THIS AND NOT THE CITY. The City can say, oh yeah, the alarm was set, when it wasn't. Cause if it were in inside job, you wouldn't want the SPD to know that one of your own was in there now would you?

Makes one think that this is something that someone would say hmmmmmmmm too....

mrs. mccarthy

I'm no Miss Marple or anything(sometimes I have a hard time finding my feet in the morning) but doesn't it seem strange that the theft occured right after a big snow storm when tons of tickets were issued and I assume paid at the T&P on Holland Street, I also assume, a large number of them paid in cash?

What is even more mystifying is that such a large amount of cash was left(I assume) in the safe for the weekend?

If this city is in need of every penny, then why wasn't all that cash deposited into the bank for safe keeping and earning interest?

Well this sleuth thinks two things, the director of T&P should be fired without severance and both newspapers in our fair city should persue this until the thief or theives are caught and prosecuted.

Remember.Mr. Mayor, it's all about accountability!!!! You said it big boy, not me.

Silent Night, Holy Cow, all hell breaks loose, Joe's gonna pay for it now......

A Lay In a Manger

Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sisters of the Poor
Landed Fart High Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts

Of Course

Glad to see mrs. mccarthy still has her marbles intact. Way to go mrs. m to give us that rendition of the Mayor and his Accountability speech. I too remember when Joey spewed those exact words. Now as you state, let's see if he holds to his words or could it be lip service 101...


I agree the mayor is accountable. Why the secrecy, the Herald broke this story last week. Hmmm.... who is the mayor's office protecting the mayor or .....

bring back Dot

Jezzzzz remember how everyone was upset with Mayor Dot's towing of cars for street sweeping and how that helped to bring down her administration? You think this is the beginning of the end for this administration?? I say bring back Mike Capuano or Gene Brune even Dot Gay fast we can't afford this guy. One thing for sure I now know that I wasn't the only one that got one of those tickets on December 9th, I am going hanging the cancel check on the wall so that in two years when its election time again this can be one of the many reminders not to vote for this guy. I maybe relatively new to the city but I see how this administration work.

she's right

Mrs.McCarthy's right....remove the new director of T&P and is his assistant the former head of Personal, former head of Council on Aging--- L Murphy??? fire the two of them and all the media in boston should be finding out what is going on at the T&P. Doors unlocked at night, safe's open, cash in them, what's in people's head? I agree heads should roll and questions answered. If your going to give us $100.00 tickets and charge us .25c for 15 minutes on a meter, we have a right to know how this happened.

DOTS All Folks!

Dotty, might just in fact be the worst thing that has happened to Somerville in years. Dotty left this city in shambles.

Cambriville News


It was announced today from our headquarters atop Prospect Hill(future site of the KoKo Curtatone Dog Park) that due to popular demand from our readers and the fact that our Editor has returned from lockup in a temporary trailer outside the former Somerville Police Department Headquarters(now the site of a National Health Intitute study on toxic waste), we will be hitting the presses earlier than expected.

This "Wahington Post" of the northeast, with its new Editor-In-Chief, Mrs. Mary McCarthy of the Little Sisters of the Poor, will publish its last missive of 2005 on Christmas Night.

Look for future editions with new features such as:

Fashion Cents - by Stan Koty

Effective and Successful Campaigning - Stan Koty

The Daily Weather and Revenue Enhancement - Stan Koty

Office Romances:Good or Bad for Business - Stan Koty

And much, much, more...............

We at the Cambriville News will strive to report the news only as we see it. Nothing more, nothing less.


Due to the outcry from many residents over the recent plethora of tickets isssued during the recent non-snowstorm, Mayor Joseph Curtatone announced that the snow emergency parking ban will stay in effect until Memorial Day, 2006. Citizens, especially the elderly, are urged to take the non-existent Green-Line or ride a bike.

From the Editor and Staff of the Cambriville News, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. If you happen to be amongst the millions of people who celebrate something else this time of year, you're missing out on some damn good presents!

Cambriville News

DECEMBER 22, 2005


The previous special edition of the Cambriville News failed to mention an additional special feature we have added for the New Year.

Live From The Moakley - The Timmy Watch
by ace reporter Timmy Summons

The News regrets the error.

David st Hubert

The Mr. Mayor is trying to be rich on one day but it seems like he forget in the next two years he will need our votes again.
I'm sure that I have more more than 20 people who can listen to me about who they should vote. So therefore he will not get those votes. I also got a ticket on Dec 9th and I work very hard to make $100. I still don't have the money yet.god knows what I'm going to do for the next election.

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