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December 26, 2005


blah blah

Maybe - But you lost an election because of your reputation of being a hack.

To Blah Blah

Show some respect! This man made Davis Square everything you progressive yuppies wanted it to be. This is how you people repay him.You wanted him out because he is not a new resident or a so-called progressive. No offense to Rebekah. I hope she does well. Oh, and I really am not a jack supporter...Davis Sqaure makes me ill

blah blah

i aint no progressive yuppie & Davis square does nothing for me either. But all that doesn't change the fact that Jack was and is a hack who represented himself - not his constituents. Don't believe me? Well he spent 50 grand and still lost!!! This nonesense that his supporters are throwing around that it was Jack who made Davis swq what it is. is - exactly - nonesense. If he did such a great job, he would not have got such a drubbing from a young newcomer. Good riddance to jack connolly.


How does spending 50 grand on an election prove that he only cares about himself and not ward 6? I think it proves that he still wanted to be the alderman-for whatever reason. I really find it hard to believe that Jack had nothing to do with the development of Davis Square. And any one with the exception of Pat Jehlen and Provost would have lost that election...the mayor included....along with any other alderman


A multi-alarm fire deleted Ming Toys.
Who is responsiple for the square losing two
super markets, three department stores,
shoe store, furniture store, a couple of family type eaterys, etc. etc. All were there in the late 50s -early 60s.
The bookies are still rampart in the square. The're called lottery agents.
(even though the're legal they still cause an addicton to quite a few.

Of Course

Couldn't really find a proper place to put this comment so I just picked the newest post.

Had the great opportunity of stepping into City Hall today to see the entire Mayor’s furniture out in the hallway. Wait until those that attend the Inaugural on Monday evening at City Hall. Those that get the invite into the Oval Office will find newly painted walls, floor covering and all the rest of the smoke and mirrors.

It is partially a good thing since the Mayor's office had the P & D students do most of the work. It's the work that is being done this week that is the killer.

The building shop is filling in the cracks that the P & D couldn't finish. They will be working around the clock, evenings and this weekend to get everything right for Monday night.

Got to guess with all that overtime being doled out that there isn't a problem with cash flow.

Then why the hell has this Administration kept the citizens in Engine 4 district with a closed station? Why does the Mayor put himself ahead of everyone else? This overtime that is being pushed out the door should be going to re-open that station. The protection of the citizens of that district is more important than that of the Mayor's Office looking good.

Come on Joe get with the program. With all the money flowing into your coffers from outside deals with Waste Management and the rest, open Engine 4 and get the people the safety net they so willingly deserve.

Mrs. McCarthy

Oh no. Somebody out there finally figured out the answers to those age old questions, "Did Oswald act alone?" and "Why did Davis Square die?"

For God's sake just say it, it was Jack Connolly. He was with Oswald on the 6th floor having lunch and he single handedly brought down all the good old stores of yore.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph did you ever stop to think that it was you and me flocking to Zayers and Bradlees to buy panties 2 for a dollar that had anything to do with the demise of the old mom and pop stores?

As a wise young woman once said at a public hearing about Assembly Square, "it's really all about cheap undies."

Gumm on that for awhile, you twit!


Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sister of the Poor
Cheap Undies Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts

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