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December 20, 2005


Of Course

Ok George, change the fine from $100,000 to $100 for snow removal and the word haad to had in your other featured article of the break in at Traffic and Parking.

Bare in mind that the revenue brought in was accomplished by the PCO officers and not the SPD. No cars were towed because no Somerville Police were on the road enforcing that violation, to my knowledge. I did not hear the warning normally given by the SPD in their cruisers up to two hours before the snow emergency. Did anyone?

If this wasn't revenue driven feat, then I got a bridge on Lowell Street I would like to sell you. Come on Tommy, do you think we were all born at night? You have the most PCO officers on the payroll than ever before. You have gone from 50 cents an hour for meter parking to a half a buck for 30 minutes. All other fines I am sure have been levied to a higher level also. So let's not say it isn't about revenue. This is probably the only department that has gone to the extreme of increasing fines.
To say we are in line with Boston, Cambridge and Arlington is a real cliché. If we were, we would be having a lot better service here now as they do in those other Cities and Towns.

This is Christmas and all past Administrations had given free time at meters during the Christmas shopping time. This was to help keep money in our strapping establishments. Are we doing that this year Mr. Mayor? I haven't heard anything about it.

The best way to describe this Administration and BOA members, because they all voted and approved these measures it to wish you all a BAH HUMBUG season...

Your entire stocking will be filled with coal, unless someone knows a developer that can help you~~~~~

Frankie Freeloader

Hopefully this means the SPD's forgotten about two unpaid tickets from last summer...

Take from you to pay us! Sorry, I fell quilty getting paid but who am I to say?

Do you want to hear something interesting? During last week's snow storm twenty one PCO's AKA "Joe's SS Nazis Meter Maids" hit the streets.At first we ordered them to go home at 2pm. Then after realizing "Dur it's still snowing" we called them all back and were told to stay. Each one gave out at least 135-150 parking tickets and at one hundred dollars each! Wow just do the math! That's over $315,000.00. We were to understand that it's a good way to raise quick monies even if it comes from the elderly, the low and middle class etc,etc. Take from the poor and give to the rich! Take from you to pay us! Sorry, I fell quilty getting paid but who am I to say? As wrong as it seems we have our orders to do this shameful task. If any of us criticize the plan we get fired. Oh well I guess that's how the boss had the money to pay for his Christmas party today in his office for us all.

Of Course

Gee! If is awful quiet round City Hall this week. It must be due to the Holiday Season.

On a Day when the Mayor was trudging through the rubble of the old auto garage building, which was leveled last week, he seemed content with the dust and brick which lay beneath his Italian soled shoes.

Which leads me to ask the inevitable, where is the accountability to the recent theft at the Traffic & Parking Department? The Mayor was so sincere in his address that he would hold everyone accountable for his or her actions, or lack of, which nothing has happened to date. It has been 3 weeks now and still nothing.

Maybe, just maybe he will fine the Director say $100 like he did the Skipper. Maybe, just maybe he will transfer that individual to another department making it the 5th since hired by the city. Maybe, just maybe nothing will happen and it will be a big blow of wind just like him...

I'll settle for the latter.


The fines in Davis Square are ridiculous especially along Meacham Rd. I used to live near Davis and had to move primarily because of the ease with which the meter maids would hand out parking tickets even if there was no violation. At least once a month I got a $50 ticket for parking within 6 feet of an intersection. Once, I physically laid down on the street, my head well clear of my bumper and my feet barely touching the street corner.

I've been to the Parking Clerk many times to get him to throw out these ridiculous fines. Most of the time he does. He does because the meter maids are out of control.

I cannot afford two or three parking tickets per month amounting to $100 to $150 dollars total on top of my rent, utilities, and food expenses. Now I am living far away from Davis and much happier. I park the same way I did before but get no parking tickets. What a shock!

The people of Davis square are cowed by psychotic meter maids. I have never seen cars more perfectly parked than on Meacham Road. This is not compliance it is an abuse of power and a violation of the public trust.


I wonder if the Mayor shovels his own driveway?

Steve Cockneck

Santa asks if the Mayor shovels his own driveway... why shovel if you don't have a car to put in it? MB's 4x4 can motor right over the snow.

angel integrity

to all "human beings" involved with any aspect of levying or giving or collecting parking meter fines or other parking tickets that do not have to do with obstructing the normal flow of traffic, just remember, WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. and that means YOU!
So if I or someone else passes you by some night while you're lying on the ground, having been mugged, and in need of a compassionate thought, you can forget it!

Mike Jamal

I find it totally a city or town defect. It has nothing to do with the residence of the town or the cars in the town themselves if you look at the area itself you will find its completely compact tighter than all the houses stacked up before a hotel in Monopoly... and that is exactly what it has become a monopoly. Thank God I live in country that thinks before it develops and once its developement doesn't meet the need of those who live in there, its time for that department that was voted by the people for the people to act and fix things properly instead of handing out fines. The fines are nothing more than Socialistic if not Communistic resolution to Sommervilles problems... the place is just not designed for Auto Transpertation period... I burned over 1/2 thank of gas just manouvering through David Square in 1 day alone... its just not done efficiently and condusively for proper transportation ethics. And its Monopoly for the city no matter how you slice it... put in proper parking facilities and you will find the entire place will become a much better community for those who walk and for those who drive and for those who visit.. trust me the parking ticket that I will never pay was not warranted and is a direct result from improper town or city planning by those who are paid by the people for the people... and guess who pays in the end... the people.. but its all flipped over to suppliment thier needs not ours. Break down 1 block and make parking.. heavens we can't do that! Boston is overwhelmingly compact peace

Ron Newman

Well of course it's not "designed for Auto Transportation" - much of the city was built up before the auto was even invented.

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