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November 18, 2005


papa Jim

There is a two family home on Cedar Street which has been sold as being in 02144.
It is in 02143.

Peter Kim

You make some good points but the taxation suggestions are ridiculous. I don't know if you've been paying attention to real estate markets recently but housing prices have been relatively flat the last year or two. Even a 2% tax would significantly hurt people, especially middle class homeowners who don't exaclty have money flowing in like water.

The anti-speculation tax is even more absurd. Who the hell are you to restrict people from selling their property? What if the person isn't being "speculative" but just suddenly decides they want to move out of the city or to a new neighborhood? Or if they find out they hate their condo board or neighbor? That is an undue burden on people's rights as property owners and as citizens who should have the right to be as mobile as they want. It's not right for some government official to decide what is an appropriate reason for selling property.


I agree with Peter Kim that excessive government regulation is NOT the solution to the problem of housing in Somerville. However, Peter Kim you need to be a little more receptive to tough solutions to the issue, to immediately and outright dismiss a potential solution will do nothing but make finding the right balance a longer process which in turn means more people suffer. To Bill and nearly everyone else who posts on here, why do we insist on exploiting the distinction of "new" and "old" Somerville? This does nothing but exacerbate the problem instead of bridging the gap. I am new to Somerville but I am as concerned as a resident who has lived here for 70 years about the cost of living. I know everyone thinks the "new" people are driving costs up but I can assure you as a new person I can barely afford the rent let alone trying to buy on over priced and under sized condo.


Mr Shelton forgets the other half of the word "gentrification," the part where detiorated urban property is restored and rejuvenated.

Designating certain units as affordable in any new housing/apartment development is always a good idea, but we need to keep in mind that the best way to keep prices down is to create more housing, even if market based. If you increase the supply, prices will eventually go down. Limited-equity cooperatives, a 2% capital gains tax, and an anti-speculation tax limit the creation of more housing, both affordable and market based.

If you really want to protect Old Somerville, then we should focus on ways to keep people from being forced out of their homes. For example, we should lobby the state to raise the senior circuit breaker property tax exemption--because of the exponential rise in property values, there is a significant number of seniors who are being priced out of the current circuit breaker limits and are paying ridiculously high property taxes, despite modest and low incomes that have not risen with their property values.

And if you want to keep people in the city, I suggest making the city a place where people want to stay--decrease gang violence and other crime, improve public transportation, lower property taxes by finding other sources of income, and better our school system. A fine of a 20-50% capital gains tax on equity for selling within 5 years of purchase will do nothing more than to anger people and keep everyone--both outside and inside the city--from buying property.

Personally, I think it's a good thing that the city has improved so much that people want to come here. The goal now is to find a way so that the new and the old can and want to stay.

rick1-the other side of the story

The price of housing continues to increase in most U.S. cities. Somerville is not the only city that has/had a problem with gentrification. Can you classify this as a problem? Supply and demand dictate the price of housing. Increase the amount of units on the market and the price will fall (might be what is ahead). House prices don't always go up at the rate we have seen the last seven years. They will decline at some point and you will hear people complaining about how much they paid and now the house is 15-20% less than the purchase price. Finally, I am tired hearing about people who can't afford to live in Somerville. During the late 70's and early to mid 80's many long time residents moved to get away from the city. Additionally, as they moved out they made sure to laugh in your face. Now they want to come back. Being a Somerville resident of 46 years, I now want to move. The reason is partly being tired of the current administration and the new class of people that come into the city thinking they are better than the long time residents. The PDS crew falls into this category. They think they can do better because they have a four year degree. The PDS mantra is "if Somerville can get this far as a blue collar city, imagine what it will be like with us being the administrators." Look at what is happening at the Armory on Highland Ave. The older residents want to see the Armory developed and don’t have a problem turning it into the Art’s center however; most of the participants are the newcomers. The 400 person occupancy permit with 45 parking spaces would not work or be approved at a location in Vermont. This is an example of the "new-comers" manipulating the current administration to receive special "grandfather" laws for votes. However, if I try to convert my home to a 3or4 family, zoning and the Curtatonie crew will tell me I don't have the required parking. What do you do about the residents who can afford to live in Somerville, but have now chosen to start their exit? If this continues the city will return to it's 1960's and 70's status. I have one problem with my exit. The Town of Lexington has no subsidizing programs for Somerville residents.

Movin' on up

Wait a minute here? Who was selling all those original homes to the "yuppies" if it wasn't the "old timers?" They were all too happy to take the money and run, weren't they?


I can't take it anymore. I am REALLY sick of the people who have been here for years and their "xenophobia." One of my favorite things about Somerville is that it isn't filled with people that are in their 20s like me. I like knowing that people can remind me of the history of Somerville. Quit being afraid of change because some of us that represent the change aren't interested in getting rid of what has been here before us. Also, unless you have attended a few PDS meeetings don't slam them. They have a perspective that may be different than yours but just beecause it is different doesn't mean that they think it is better. This riff between new and old is ridiculous, and it is exactly what keeps the inept idiot Mayor Joe in office (who still loses a 25% of the vote unopposed!). He plays us off each other and keeps these distinctions alive for his own gain because if we look at what he does then he is screwed because what he does is not a whole hell of a lot!

papa Jim

To "Moving On Up".
I believe that it's the retired "Pols" who
are selling out; or should I say "cashing out"
Old timers like me, still love this city and
I welcome all who move here.
Some of us live here till we 'move up' to that condo run by Saint Peter.
(At least I hope it's up)


Shelton has a nice beret.

Steve Roix

Andy, have you ever actually met Joe Curtatone? What are you talking about keeping him in office? Has anyone actually run against the guy since he's been an incumbent?
I don't think you know what you're talking about.
The more people like you slam the guy, the more I like him.


hey stevey......not just the whacko-liberals hate this guy, trust me. dont say silly stuff like the more people like andy slam him the more you like him because that means youre either stupid as shit or youre a "plant" as norton likes to spout off about...whackos, regulars, dipshits, former friends - they all seem to carry the same message that mayor mccheese is a backstabbing user of the highest order. personally, i think the guy is pretty cool, but just has his priorities messed up.....
i might agree that too much time is spent on someone who just doesnt deserve all that much attention. ive seen the list of elected officials, talked to just about all of them, and theyre all a bunch of tools - why not go after some of them and leave mayor mccheese alone, hes gotta pick out a new car, if theres anything left over.

oh please

Nostalgia for ol' "Slummerville." Yes, by all means let's go back to being poor and authentic. It worked great for Dorchester. Oh wait, there's a lot of that law-abiding, tax-paying, house-remodeling rabble moving there too. Worthless, inauthentic bastards... Bring back the chain link fences!

What to do?

What to do about Gentrification?

Take the money and curtsy.

Steve Roix

I didn't call anyone a "wacko-liberal". I'm a liberal myself, and I'm new to Somerville. But I have met the mayor (with regard to a specific issue - not just a handshake at a public event) and I came away impressed. I'm not saying I agree with him on all the issues, or that I even know his position on all the issues. What I meant was that calling someone an "inept idiot" on an anonymous web forum (without backing it up) is exactly the type of statement that tells me someone has nothing worthwhile to say so they're just going to start calling people names. That's what I meant by "people like you".



Yuppies move to Somerville to experience culture.

Why don't you all move to Roxbury or Dorchester, they have culture over there too. Why do you choose somerville? Huh?

Yorktown Street

We need more housing AND we need measures to keep existing housing affordable. Merely building more homes doesn't lower the price, any more than building more roads lowers the commuting time. Build more roads and more people drive on them (as we see right now with the Big Dig). Build more houses and people who are willing to pay a higher price to live on the Red Line will continue to bid the prices up.


I loved the old Somerville. I knew everyone in the city. I'd go to Church and see 100's of people I love and grow up with.

Now, yuppies have moved in, with no respect. Most have no morals and are homosexual. It's a shame.

Of Course

Being a property owner and having tenants, I do understand the complexity of affordable housing. I haven't raised their rents in 4 years now and I sacrificed putting in a third person for the same rental income.

Unfortunately, water bills have gone up, 1/3 water bill and 2/3 sewage. Taxes have gone up and will continue to go up and I will be receiving the same rent for another year.

Sunday there were 147 ads in the Boston Globe of which 2/3 were for condo-converted buildings. What does that tell you? There were also 48 apartments for rent anywhere from $900 - $2,200. That is a lot of real estate vacant.

But the one thing I foresee is my property values going even higher in the next couple of years with the extension of the Green Line. I would venture a guess that my property value will reach close to $800,000 when that happens. That is when I decide to move from the "Ville" as a happy man....

Yorktown Street sucks

Hey Yorktown Street,

Why should hard workers who take a risk and buy a piece of property have to subsidize your lazy ass. If you can afford to live in Somerville, then move to Everett. If you can't afford to live in Everett, then move to Chelsea. If you can't afford to live in Chelsea, then move to Worcester. Its the way of the world asshole. I would like to live in Winchester, but I don't. Guess why...because I can't afford to live there. Do you see me bitching and moaning to the Winchester Selectman that they need more affordable housing? No. And the reason is because we live in America and the federal, state and local governments owe me nothing but the opportunity to work hard and advance myself. If choose to do that then someday I may be able to afford Winchester. And you know what...I will be proud to say that I did it myself without handouts that I don't deserve. So you know what...Yorktown Street should grow some balls, stop being a gutless bloodsucker and stop bitching about things he has nothing to bitch about. That goes for the Somerville Community Corporation, Marty Marqueenez and the rest of the PDS perverts. Take that assholes!

J. Rich

I'm not sure I follow Bill when he says "Too often, young homebuyers move out of the city when their children reach school age, taking their inflated equity with them and accelerating the inflationary spiral." Young couples leaving the city do nothing to push up the cost of housing. But they do make the city more transient and less effective as a community. Somerville needs to convince these people to stay, put down roots, and make a commitment to the city. In the meantime, some "old Somerville" families, contrary to the hype, seem eager to leave Somerville as soon as they can afford a place in the burbs. What would it have taken to convince these families, with little or no mortgage debt, to use some of that equity to fix up their houses and stay? These are the important questions, which the old/new divisiveness does little to address.

Yuppies Have No Culture

What do Somerville Yuppies do on Thanksgiving? Eat Tofurkey? Talk about how they hate George Bush? You guys really suck !

Hold On

Get it right. There is a difference between Yuppies and the assholes that eat Tofu on Thanksgiving. "Yuppy" is a nickname for young urban professional. They can be conservative, liberal, Bush lovers or Bush haters. The ones you refer to are the lazy, good for nothing liberals that whine and bitch every chance they get about what is wrong with society. They wait around for handouts because they don't want to work. These are the ones that talk about how much they hate Bush. These are the ones that stand in Davis Square holding a candle during a peace vigil, talk about how bad America is, then go across the street and spend $5.00 on a latte and $10.00 on a dog biscuit. These are ones who bitch and moan about fair wages and then when they go out for dinner they leave a $2.00 tip for the poor Brazilian waiter that works 120 hours a week. These are the ones who cry that the city needs affordable housing but refuse to live in areas that are more affordable because they love the status of being close to Davis Square. These are the same ones who preach "tolerance" but the minute someone has an opinion that is different from theirs they attack, slander and bash. These my friend are the assholes you refer to. They go by many names such as liberals, communists, socialists, and progressives. You should be able to detect one easily because they very rarely bathe and the smell is a dead giveaway.

sandi rockwod ruscetta

I mimick, I miss the Old Somerville. I have been away, but family still resides in the City. It has changed, College influence, socialism, communism tendencies.

I graduated in 64, hard work families, respect for each neighbor. Then my parents moved out about 20 years ago, to be closer to my family. We still spent some holidays at my aunt's home in Somerville. I agree, laziness, the gimmee society, and the influx of persons known for violence.

Memories, I have, good ones, but, what I see is very upsetting

Sandi Rockwood Ruscetta

Its a New Day

Its a new day in Somerville. The end of an era. What can ya do? Its awful. Liberals suck. Someday St. Clements will be attacked. St. Annes will be next. Lucky for the Catholic Brazilians that are moving in. The baby killing, Bush hating, communist loving bastard liberals will soon be the majority in Somerville. What can we do?? I guess just move out to Reading, start a new somerville.

Ron Newman

If what you're concerned about is the closing of local Catholic parishes, the responsibility for that falls wholly on the Archdiocese. Liberals (Bush-hating or otherwise) have nothing to do with it.


It's funny that a lot of people in here post about how there used to be respect for neighbors. I think those people ought to read what they are writing. I can't believe the hate and anger that exists.

yougottaknowby now

How many of you have two to five houses on your street that you all wish were sold, bought, and fixed up better? Our street has a few. We were told by the oldtimers on our street that there are some kids living in one that just got out of jail, that they are real bad and break into houses, they have been in and out of jail, their house is messy and they are kind of loud. Another one has a lot of cats and dogs living in it; and, in the summer, when the windows are open you can smell this house across the street and several houses up the street. Christ! We can't even open our own windows and smell the jasmine we planted because of the stench coming from this house! I am really not kidding either. Then, there are the unkept houses with piles of boards and garabge in the yard.. I know how bad it is , and we discuss this stuff with the oldtimer neighbors and the new neighbors and we all WiSH these houses would be sold and fixed up..... so that we could enjoy our homes and neighborhoods more... When we have kids we might move away if things don't change, but, we can see how good things could be it they did change. This was our starter house, we bought it with expectations that we could either fix it up and stay or sell it depending on how things go. IF some things change , we could stay...


4 square miles of chaos.

That what this city has turned into. The rich hate the poor. The conservatives hate the old liberals and the progressives. The progressives hate everyone, except themselves of course. The Police Department hates the acting chief midget and the mayor. The Fire Department doesn't know who to hate yet....but they will find out soon enough. The custodians hate Stan Koty and the mayor. The teachers are walking around befuddled with their "new way of teaching".
The only happy people in this city are the meter maids who drive around all night looking for that serious infraction of parking with "your left wheels to the curb". Why mayor joe don't you just call these around the clock meter maid ticket nazi's (the price of tickets have gone up ridiculously) a city tax? That's what it all comes down to. Maybe you can buy a pair of pumps for the midget so that he won't have to use a milk carton to speak at a podium? I wouldn't mind getting a ticket as long as you hold up your part of the bargain and SWEEP THE STREETS!!! I also remeber when I was a kid they use to clean out the neighborhood sewers at least three times a year so that when heavy rains come it didn't affect your house with these old water pipes underground. The infrastructure of this city is falling apart and that is only what you can see......I would hate to know how many problems we have under the ground. Old water pipes, power lines, gas lines etc. It's also nice of you mayor joe to get some of the city's streets paved.....but have you bothered to have the DPW check the conditions below the street? I guess if you put makeup on a pig it gets a little easier on the eyes. This city is going down the drain fast!

Its A New Day

Somerville is a mess. Liberals and their homosexual politicians are moving in preaching homosexuality, and are a threat to the children. Gangs are running rampant in east somerville and rape robbery and STDs are on the rise. What the heck is happening here.

What do you all think can be done to stop this insanity??


Liberals and homosexual politicians are generally tolerant of people. Tolerance is pretty much a good thing. Can you call yourself tolerant? Honestly? Do you even care about tolerance?

Most of the problems I see around Somerville are primarily due to lesser educated people. I overhear kids all the time talking about how they beat this kid up the other day, or how much they hate this group of people -- intolerant stuff like that. Not one of those students could I identify as growing up in a more educated family. The students I know that grew up in yuppie families are generally more tolerant and more socially moral than most children of Somerville natives.

Gentrification in Somerville is going to happen whether one likes it or not. Change is a constant in society. The city will only go down the drain if people let it happen. I say do something about the actual problems: do something about gangs, graffiti, intolerance; but don't blame a specific group about these problems and expect the local government to fight your battles for you. Go out an do something; and the best thing you can do is to teach kids that their education is worth it, that gangs aren't the way to go, and that someone who has a different point of view isn't exactly evil, they just have a different point of view. Do that, and I guarantee you that a great amount of your problems with Somerville alleviate with time.

Ron Newman

While I agree with much of what you say, tolerance also has to include respecting and learning from the people who have lived here before you. This learning doesn't occur if you dismiss them in advance as "less tolerant" or "less educated" or "less socially moral".

Its A New Day

Ideotque... yuppy kids are more moral than somerville kids?

How, when 100% of them turn out to become Homosexual and contract AIDS?

You are 100% wrong. I know mostly everyone in somerville, and while a small minority likes to hang in the streets all night and do drugs, yuppy kids are 10x worse with their hatred of God and their love for homosexuality!


Ideotque you say:

"I say do something about the actual problems: do something about gangs, graffiti, intolerance; but don't blame a specific group about these problems and expect the local government to fight your battles for you."

Then why don't you get off of your pompous arse and do something? Is there such a thing as a Yuppie kid? You Yuppies are to selfish to have kids!


I have to say That I loved the Somerville of the seventies. That's when I was a kid and the Broadway show was there. It was 75 cents to go to a movie.

I was poor, lived in East Somerville but was happy. We had kids hanging out, we used to go to Vinnies to buy gum and milk. Patsy Pastry when we had extra money.

It was when we had a rush of immigrants that Somerville started down the road to destruction. We allowed people to move to our city that were used to living in filth and squalor. They were worse than any of our poor but we let them in anyway.

You talk about this and that. Somerville is a good and tolerant city but certain types of people contribute to crime. These South Americans are causing all kinds of problems in East Somerville and no one does anything about it. Liberals and progressives are another ballgame, they are of the mentality of do as I say and not as I do. We know this much.

The problem with today is a lack of respect for people and the types of poor people that are in the city. It seems that overall it is better to have poor whites than any other type of poor race in your neighborhood.

Yuppies are not ruining Somerville, these transplants from other contries that come here with nothing and begin to form gangs and such are the problem. I could never figure out why people would allow their neighborhood to go to shit. Fight back. These gangs are just a small cluster of individuals, take back your streets.

They are a disgusting group of individuals. When I was a kid shootings were rare. Forget about raping a handicap girl in a wheelchair. You need to be as agressive as your enemy.

Somerville is not going to get any better by building nicer homes or upping the rents or values of homes. People are going to move out in droves to escape the crime. If you want the old timers to stay you need to act fast and clean up the streets. The cops are not going to do it, it's job security for them.

The people of Somerville have to do it, fight back, organize and take control of your streets again. Make Somerville safe again to walk down the street.

Let the liberals and the progressives move to East Somerville and set up a home. No they want to live on the side where the crime is low. This is where the cops focus their attention, sure you see them in East Somerville when they have to be there.

If change is going to happen it has to happen by the people of the city, not government. If you wait for them it will be too late.


I don't understand? What is wrong with with homosexuality?


Wouldn't it be nice to order all Somerville Police personnel to actually live in the city they receive their paycheck from, especially the Chief of Police. Then you would see the crime rate drop faster than shit through a goose. If the police in this city actually lived in this city don't you think they would go the extra effort to rid this city of it's hooligans and scum?

When the Mayor goes through his semantics and then hires BB aka the Midget as the police commissioner, he should order BB to move into Somerville. When the chief only spends part of the day in the city he is supposed to protect and then spends the rest of his time in surburbia riding his horses then something is terribly wrong here.


Who is the chief of police nowadays in Somerville??

I've been out of somerville for years. I moved because of all the immigrants from the Third World that moved to my street -- and turned my beloved neighborhood into the Third World. Thats what happens.

The main problems with the liberal yuppies -- is that the local govt. and police cater to their needs. I see cops all over Davis Square, where they're not needed. They belong in the Mystic Projects, or at Foss Park. Maybe that little handicap girl could have been saved!!!

Ron Newman

Before the Brazilians and Haitians, Somerville had Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Before them, we had immigrants from Italy and Portugal. Before them, immigrants from Ireland.

Somerville has always been a place where immigrants settle.


Your right ron, but unlike your illegal relatives that sneaked in or over stayed there visits... A lot of us that are italian,irish,Portugues and what have you immgrants are here legally and didn't ask for anything but worked hard. You Ron like all the other back packers think we owe you something and that your proud of having your relatives here illegally so much so that you even mention it here in your blog. Ron, you might be a nice guy, and you might work hard like the majority of us do and we all might obey the law and there is order. But some of these immigrants today don't care about being here, its not bad enough there proberly here illegally but now they want everything. Ron don't lecture people on Somerville and its heritage, everyone with an ounce of brains knows there has always been immigrants, that's what United States is made upof. My grandfather and grandmother came here legally and worked hard, the key word here is Legallly.
But I imagine you Ron will have a come back that will show your true colors "Red"....

How Do We Fix Somerville

This Message is to every single person on this board.

How do you suggest we fix somerville??? What can be done to make Somerville a better place?


You know there are a lot of businesses in Somerville and a lot of them exist in residential zones,not business zones. 60% or more are owned by people who don't live in the community and they do business with people from outside of somerville.. Why don't we Raise the taxes of these businesses? a whole lot! I mean tax the shit out of them. Then give them abatements for doing things like , hiring local residents, participating in neighborhood cleanups or neighborhood watches , .. this will increase revenue and help longtime local residents with jobs and income... I mean why should the residents of Somerville have to put up with traffic and loud music from bars in their neighborhood? These young famillies who wnat to have kids are going to sell their homes and move away if we don't make somerville quiter and nicer...and what for? so these businesses, who dont have local owners in our community and whos patrons don't live here can thrive and pay lower taxes than they would if they existed in sorrounding areas? And then they get away with noise and code violations because they make friends with the mayor and aldermans... come on... lets take our town back in every area that we can... lets fine the shit out of places that don't clean up, that don't reduce noise, and don't look out for their residential neighboors. As soon as the city starts to imporve there will be plenty of good businesses that are willing to move in and be a resposible part of the community.. What about somerville cabs too ? are they not regulated?.. We got in one to go the airport and the cab was a mess, the check engine light was on, and then the cab broke down half way to the airport. Thankfully, another cab pulled up and picked us up.. But when I turned around, the cab driver from the broken cab charged my wife, I was not going to pay him. Who regulates these business and make sure they pay the community and stay up to code? Are our ellected officials doing anything about this? are perhaps they are happy to make deals with them and the whole time just let the residents fight about gentrification..
I just remembered the other funny part of the cab thing. When my wife intially called , no cab showed up, nothing. So she called anothe number, one that was next on the list. What do you know, it was the same company with a different name and listing. I think they must have had 4 different listings and phone numbers for the same dispatcher.. that just Seems fishy to me.. But to allow an old cab to have license and let break down.. Now I know that is just wrong!


You are right. You should not be fighting each other over gentrification. There are young couples that both work hard who are trying to buy their first house or condo. They can't afford Cambridge. It is not really so much their fault the prices are going up. this process has has more to do with unregulated businesses in our country at the federal level like the banks who loan the money. They keep coming up with scams to loan more and more money to first time buyers. There are fancy loans with balloon payments and now 50 year morgages now in California and the west. All designed to drum up business for the bank and squeez more money out of the population.. You think prices are high now. Wait untill these 50 year mortgage loans get here. This process increases the pie so then realators and attorneys and real estate brokers con people into paying loan fees, outrageous real estate commisions, and then a lot of these buyers end up with houses they can not afford themselves once the balloon comes due. The losers are the buyers and the other members of the community. A lot of what is happening to us as diverse community is not the fault of us. But big business, these guys work together to and can afford to lobby the government, they will allways find new ways to stick it to the littel guy.(with the help of our own government) And they are really happy the little guy does not fight back. Their happy we fight each other instead.. I don't know about you . But I like diversity. I like that I can go and get a cachina at a brazillian store and listen to stories from neighbors who lived here for generations. When I talk with my neighbors, I find we all have the same concerns for our neighborhood and famillies. We have the same issues that we need government to address if we sork together here. For the most part we are all in the same boat, and we can get to the other side if we all paddle together.

Yorktown Street

Immigrants arrive. When they can do it legally, they do it legally. When they can't, they do it illegally. It's not up to them. The U.S. sets quotas for how many people can come from different countries, and if you're from a country with a small quota (like El Salvador) you're SOL. If you're from a country with a large quota (like Ireland, thanks to the Kennedys and other Massachusetts politicians), you have an easier time. But there's no difference in the people, only in the laws that apply to them. So let's stop pretending "illegal immigrants" are any different from you or me, or our grandparents.


I think the United States should begin merger talks with Mexico, Canada,every Central American country as well as every Carribean nation. Merge the whole damn thing and call it the United Countries of North America. End of story. We'll have enough of what big industry wants(cheap labor), we can close the doors to all immigration(except the Irish,we still need good bars) and then deport all those dirty bastard French. I never liked them anyway.


Hello all!!

I have a question for you guys about Somerville Politics.

What power do these politicians have? I don't understand the difference between Alderman, Selectman, State senator, state representative.

Does anyone know the difference???



Yorktown street... immigration quotas?? I never heard of such a thing.

Where did you hear about this?? That El Salvador has small quotas, and Ireland has huge ones??

Ron Newman

Mike: most cities have a 'city council', but Somerville has a 'board of aldermen' which does the same thing.

Only towns have 'selectmen'; cities such as Boston or Somerville do not.


holy crapola.......i know between the online tough dudes and the little girls on here the reading entertainment is star quality, but hows this bozo for firing on half the cylinder bank?
did you take high school civics or did they not teach that at the happyland school for the mentally disabled? talk about needing the chin strap and the hockey helmut....i think this moron needs the drool bucket as well yeah theres quotas for letting in immigrants - too bad you got in under the wire sounds like they should deport you back to stupidland, or maybe........give you a job working under mayor mccheese youd fit right in with mongo two-badge, mongos frumpy-in-law and her merry band of retards, stank the hogg killa....hell, any city dept
doesnt take much more cranial activity than a friggin plant to get along down there....just come when mccheese blows the mongo-alert


What power to alderman have? Can they take a million dollars from the budget and decide to clean up the Mystic River if they wanted to??

What about State Representatives... can they take a few million out of the budget and put it towards schools?

Ron Newman

I'd guess that Mike has recently moved to Somerville from another state where there aren't any such offices as 'alderman'. It is not necessary to insult new residents.

Since only a small part of the Mystic River is in Somerville, this would be a state responsibility rather than a city one. State aid to local school systems such as Somerville's is a continuing political issue.

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