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November 29, 2005


Ron Newman

Which driver is related to a Somerville Police officer? Mr. Privitera, or the other unnamed driver?

Is he the same Francis Privitera who is mentioned in this Somerville News article from July 2004? At that time, he owned the Barrister's Building in Union Square.


well, at least the somahville cops didn't try to cover this one up.


Why is it that we can hardly read the above article. Is it because that fat bastard FP is a constant "contributer" to this paper?
For all the misery and pain that slum lord has put people through I am now starting to believe that slogan of "what goes around comes around"!

I wish I had a nickel for every time his picture was printed in this paper. You should have charged him double to print his egomaniacal pictures. He made his money the old fashion of the backs of the poor!

Ron Newman

This article is in a very small font. News editors, please have mercy on those of us who are growing older and wearing bifocals...


Please Ron, every article I have read in here has the same font except this one.
Coincidence? I doubt it. It's because FP is involved. And I don't use FP for his initials but his nickname around the city.

James Norton

Brickbottom -

Dude are you serious????

Listen, I know we have gone at it here and there and it's been pretty low-key overall, but thats bloody offensive.

Since the present owner of the paper took control in early to mid 2003, I don't remember one photo of the ass you've mentioned. He used to have something to do with the paper - long before we came on board. It skeeves me to think that anyone out there remotely believes that he has anything to do with this paper and/or with any of us on any level. Quite "frankly", I'm not the only one around here who can't stand the sight of him.

So if you want to jab, have fun, insult - then do so, but don't mention that guy and this paper again. That's just not right - it's truly offensive.




Sorry if you took offense. My mistake. At least I am not the only one who thinks this ass is scum!

Ron Newman

Thanks for fixing the font, James. Do you know whether FP, or the other unnamed driver, is the Somerville cop's relative?


Ron - Why do you care so much? What does it matter to the story?

Ron Newman

it's an important fact that was omitted.



When the Somerville Police department can't do an investigation of someone getting killed by a car within the city limits because one of the drivers son is a Somerville Police Officer.......that I think makes the story matter.


brick - I agree that the fact that there is a relation to an officer is important. It's the fact of which officer that is not important


everytime i sit back and watch this blog on i am amazed at the little girl-like comments most of you morons post on this thing...the spd did the right thing by handing it off to the state police to investigate, that way theres no chance of a cover-up. its 2005 people, wake up and smell your latte - and even if you dont like piggly wiggly, you have to feel bad for him hitting the girl and even worse for the girl's family. im a heartless bastard, but i think some restraint is in order for the appearance of some kind of class. i know its difficult for most of the people around town, but just remember, what comes around, goes around.


thank you delusional. That is what I was getting at. I should have just said it.


Is there anything to the fact that the second driver is yet unnamed? Other than that they would be minimally (if at all) at fault in this accident?


JN, I thought that was the one of the funniest sections of the pre-Norton News: Frank's Celebrity Corner, where you'd get FP chumming it up with Tony Bennett, or whatever Vegas-friendly lounge personality was appearing in town that weeok. Said celeb would be in the middle of the photo, flanked by Mrs. P. and that divine beehive (has the Smithsonian called yet?) on one side, and FP on the other holding onto a highball with his head jovially cocked to one side and flashing a million-dollar smile. One issue had so many photos it appeared they were posing with a cardboard cutout of the man.


Is this the same FP that was promised a flag pole by you know who?

Ron Newman

I think the North End's Italian-American newspaper, the Post-Gazette, still runs FP photo spreads like that from time to time.


leave the fat bastard alone.i dont think even he is heartless enuff to put this in the who gives a f#@k catagory and if he is he;s the one who will rot in hell not us.

Angry Little Men

My how quickly and happily we kick someone when they're down. Someone died here. This was an accident, not some hike in the rent of a slum apartment. Take a moment to say a prayer for the girl and her family. If you can find it in your heart, say one for FP as well. You want to talk about "little girl-like comments?" How about little parting shots like "just remember, what comes around, goes around?"

Make no mistake about it, 'delusional' and 'brickbottom' are two of the most disgraceful characters in this city. The two of you make me sick.


I have nothing but renorse and prayers for that women and her family.

FP will have to answer for his actions to a higher power than I.

Let's wait to all the facts come out.

"Angry Little Men" say what you want but I could care less about what you think of me.

Steve Cockneck

Yo Brick! What's up with you lately? I don't want to steal from Angry Little Men, but your comments are getting more and more angry. Relax, this is a great site that we have to express the truth and popularize our thoughts. I agree with you more often than not but their are two areas where we differ. The first is AC. You nad I know what he did. Everyone knows. Find a middle ground and say he's a nice kid, but he shouldn't be a cop. There is only so much you can say to defend someone who has no defense.

The second is FP. I'm not trying to steal Angry Little Men's thoughts, but I'm with him/her all the way on this. It's a shame what happend. Focus on the poor kids that got killed and how we can fix the intersection up there. Leave poor FP to his demons.

God Bless, pal. It's that time of year.


Have a great holiday season Steve Cockneck.
I hope you and yours receive many blessings!
Take care.


Why the silence from the Somerville News on the "real" news?

James Norton

What silence are you talking about?

What's the "real" news?

Maybe I wasn't sitting there today when we had our weekly meeting with the Editor and Assistant Editor. There was no talk of any "real" news regarding this story.

You must be sniffing too much glue, seriously.

If you've got the inside track, then step up, have some testicular fortitude and present whatever evidence you have to the Editor of the paper - George P. Hassett at our office at 21A College Avenue.

If not, then shut the hell up, you bomb tosser.



Guys, I knew very well the victim's mother. Reading all this stuff you have wrote it seems that Francis Privitera guy has been quite infamous around there. Pls, can you give more details on that!! If there is someone responsible for that tragedy I think he should be brought to justice!! Thanks in advance!!

Ron Newman

I looked in the online Boston Globe and Herald archives from 1979 to the present, but the only substantive article I found about him was from the Globe of November 30, 1982. A couple who rented an apartment from Mr. Privitera were awarded $1.2 million in damages because the tenants' three infant children suffered lead poisoning from paint in the apartment. If your e-mail address is valid, I'll send you the full article.

There's probably a lot more about him in archives of the Somerville Journal and Somerville Community News (a defunct newspaper, different from The Somerville News), but these archives are not online.

Jim Sokolov Makes Them Pay!

Was this what is meant by triple damages in leagal terms?
See if you can find the name of the plaintiff's attorney and have he or she scan this weblog for business, I dont think Mr Sokolov does libel and slander as it takes to much time from the slip and fall volume work this time of year.


okay, just to clarify this issue...

The Massachusetts State Police respond to EVERY motor vehicle accident which causes a fatality. It's their job and state had nothing to do with MK's relationship to FP. The State Police ALWAYS investigate motor vehicle fatalities...

Just an FYI...

somerville eye

Sorry to read of this tragedy,
Hopefully the state police will find out the exact cause of this accident, either way it is a great loss to the community.

Let's face it, frank's record is not great one in the city, but, if he was at fault, should be totally accountably, or if it was an accident, should at least show some kind of compassion. time will tell...and god should be the judge...

Frank Quatela

I met FP while we both were serving in the US Army from '56 to '58. I can truthfully say he was (is) the most remarkable
honest intelligence person I have ever met in my 68 years of this life. We have not been in touch since then to my regret. I still talk about him to my adult kids in the the most favorable deserved way. If those that have negative feelings about him, I'm sure don't really know the man personally. Perhaps they were on the wrong side of a business situation with him. Such hate, good God, let it go and get a life. To read some of these remarks about him is unreal and unjust.
In closing, think how YOU would feel if it were you in that accident, taking a life! I know FP would not attack you. Who is the better man.....

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