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November 30, 2005


What a show!

It's nice to know that Linda Vitiello has awakened from her coma - it's also good to know that the only reason is that the MTA had to become involved in order for anyone to stand up to the administration and actually ask for something for the paras! Ms. Vitiello is too busy playing her political games. And she should really review the facts before speaking to the press - paras are paid to work 180 days, just like teachers. The same holidays teachers have are built into their salary. And can someone please tell me who needs paid vacation time when you work a part-time job (30 hours) and have approximately 14 weeks a year off (not counting snow days)! And since when is overtime an issue when someone works in a classroom. This isn't IBM, there's no 'overtime' in a classroom! Paras who want to earn extra money do it in many ways, like running after-school clubs, etc. They should be paid better, but all of this grand-standing and picketing is a result of the STA's inaction for many many years. Thanks to the MTA for stepping in!!

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