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November 28, 2005


Ron Newman

Wow -- I guess the rumors that were posted here during the long weekend turned out to be correct.

But then, why did he pull the papers in the first place, and wait so long to do so?


This summer Running for Senate.
Later this summer Not running for Senate.

Wednesday he is in for State Rep.
Monday he is out for State Rep.
Who knows where SOD will be on Tuesday!
He may decide tonight to go back in. He only needs 150 signatures by 5 pm Tuesday. He must have that many Somerville voters in his family alone.


Inside Guy

SOD pulled papers with the full intent to run. The Mayor cut him off at the pass and told him that he didn't want him to run and that SOD needed him to win (OK, insert hysterical laughter here. The Mayor couldn't get you you more than afew hundred votes). It actually stands to reason. They don't believe that SOD can win. I disagree. But why chance it when you can buy a vote for the Chief in Civil Service in exchange for supporting Denise P. in the election? They may smile when they're talking to Joe, but they're still plotting his downfall and that poor guy just doesn't get it. He didn't just sell out SOD, he sold us all out. He gave the Progressive "locomotive" some more ammo instead of letting loose with someone who could have stopped them.

O'Donavan's In Again

Just kidding. Sorry JN but the way this guy has been going it could be a real headline.


"Inside guy", you hit the nail on the head. But for DP accepting the mayors help after he tried with all his might to squash any opposition from the "progressives" is mind boggling. Politicians in this city will "sleep" with anyone if it furthers their warped agenda, even whether they step on their so called friends back or not.It just goes to show what type of character the mayor has. He will stop at nothing to get his little "mini me" (BB aka the midget)
made police commissioner because this issue became personal with the mayor and he knows he lost a ton of friends because of this decision. But the mayor doesn't care about the people that were with him since he first ran for office. He has "new friends" from the past administration and those that latched on during the past two years. The type of friends that would step on his back if a better deal came up for them. Good luck mayor joe, I hope you are enjoying your new company (except of course his boyhood pals he took care of exceedingly well), especially SK who if he sees your poll numbers slipping in the next election will jump ship as fast as that body of his will let him. How many votes did you win the first election? Somewhere in the range of 400 votes? We'll see next time.

History Lesson

Back in the day, probably going back to the Capuano times, Joe C. and Denise P. were on the same side. Maybe they're just re-kindling an old friendship!

blah blah

It was Curtatone's machine - in fact - that put Denise in office. He went all out for her the year she was first elected (2000 maybe?)


The mayor can't see the forest but for the trees. If he has the gall to support DP then a lot of people are going to remember him in the next election....not in a good way I may add. This BB aka the midget will be his downfall, whether he realizes it or not. He may win the battle on this one appointment but eventually he will lose the war. How stupid!


Sean and Mayor Joey just plain old chickened out of this one.

Denise will win in a cake walk- Joe and Sean will keep the powder dry for another day.

What a state house delegation. Not one person born and raised in Somerville.

Sad but true.

Joe and Queen Jean buddied up!

Joe C and GB conviced Provost to vote in favor of takin the chief outa civil service. In return, Joe and the Queen are goin to endorse Provost. One hand washes the otha. I heard that Tony L. is pissed, because he has been raising Provost big dough. The last thing that Tony L wanted to see is Joe C. and GB workin on the same team. Stay tuned!

James Norton

Alright -

Enough with the nasty/salacious little comments about people. I will start mass-banning people. You can get your message across with just initials. You know what I am talking about - all of you do. Don't ruin it for everyone else.



Can the good people from the Somerville News confirm that the Great Tony L hit it big on a scratchy? 100K? The rich get richer.

GB the California Raisin?

When you say GB do you mean the California Raisin?


Is it true that Tony L hit for a 100 grand on a scratch ticket? It looks like money goes to money! Spoiled rich boy!

Ron Newman

It's official: there are only two candidates, Elizabeth Moroney and Denise Provost, both Democrats. Neither Sean O'Donovan nor John Roderick returned papers. I just now called City Hall and confirmed this.

So the February 7 general election will be a rather expensive formality, with no Republican and no independent candidate on the printed ballot.


wow, just two canididates. i was kinda hoping it would be a bigger race. although, i'm still confident that denise provost is the best candidate.

Tony L. 100K+, more weekend information!

Sounds like Tony L. has a partner with his scratch ticket dilemna. However, close friends can't verify who it is or the amount. Only information available is that it might be a "$5 Holiday" scratch ticket. After doing some research, the top prize with that ticket is $500K. If Tony L. does have a partner he might have a $250K hit.


Queenie GB, the mayors godfather may have given the mayor some bad advice by twisting his arm to support DP. I don't know why the mayor takes this advice from a do nothing ex mayor who biggest splash in the limelight(on national tv no less) was to advise people to avoid their toilets when the chemical spill happened down by the brickbottom section of Somerville. He also held the party line and read his que card from the mayors idiot staff in regards to removing the police chief from civil service. This from a guy who appointed a chief that went to jail for "exam scam". The current mayor has changed so much in the last two years it seems that S. Lester Ralph has invaded his mind! Joe wake up and listen to the people that got you started in politics 10 years ago!!!! You really have turned into a big arse!

Of Course

Gee, now Tony L is up to winning half a mill. We have some great investigators that should be working at the SPD as detectives.

Who the heck cares what citizen in the City wins any money? I would be happy if it was true for Tony L, or any other citizen in the City. You must be sore that it wasn't you!! If it were anyone else other than Tony L, your comments wouldn't be here. Let's face it. You’re jealous it wasn't you.

Go back to investigating who and what is stealing out taxes right from underneath our noses…

Tony L to Tony K

Wow $500K! Sounds like Tony L should change his name to Tony K. Yea, I wish it was me that won. Still a lot of K's.

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