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November 10, 2005



I heard Moroney has no credible experience in politics, is this true? Why is anyone running against Provost when she recieved so many votes in the A@L race? She's already won the race, why oppose her?
I can already see some of the people on this site calling her "moron-y" in future years. Still, I hope she does well, at least she's going to try, right?


Denise is the one. Period!

Ron Newman

Elizabeth is an aide to State Senator Pam Resor (D-Acton), so she does have some experience in the State House. Still, my vote's going to Denise.


According to the Journal, Denise is unsure whether she would give up her BOA seat. If she decides to give it up, I would vote against her just because I think Somerville needs her that much.

Yet Another Crackpot

Oh, the poor Somervillians need another liberal to save them from themselves. We need Denise here in the city. But then again, she'll make a great state rep. Give it a break. If you travelled outside of this cozy hamlet into the rest of the United States you would see what joke Massachusetts is to the rest of the country. And tucked inside that joke is Somerville and Cambridge, the jokes to the rest of the state. Never once has a meaningful thought or piece of legislation come from Provost. With the significant dental problems she has, the only place that really needs her is the Nutcracker as a stand-in for the title character.


"If you travelled outside of this cozy hamlet into the rest of the United States you would see what joke Massachusetts is to the rest of the country."

And yet I live in MA and am quite familiar with jokes about other states, most of which don't rely on disparaging, irrelevant comments about teeth.

Ron Newman

My understanding is that if Denise gave up her seat on the Board of Aldermen, we'd soon have -- guess what? -- yet another special election, this one citywide.


I heard Denise has nice teeth, why is everyone making fun of her wooden teeth.. Take a look at Joe's teeth, their even worse....


I want to know what has happened to Somerville. I grew up ther in the 70's was poor like the majority of lower broadway. There was crime but michivious type. Now you have gangs from South America raping cripled girls in the park. Getting stabbed for 3 bucks. Where are the types of people I grew up with. Ones with the backbone to take matters into their own hands.

What a horrible place to live now. This is a matter of not caring. This is what you get for allowing immigrants with no class to move into your neighborhoods. This is what you get for a liberal. democratic state. This is what you get for the Kennedy and Kerry's who run the state into the ground.

It's disgusting, when I come back there for a visit (I live in Kansas now) I drive around and I am sickeded by what I see. When Howie was in that city it was clean. I am not for crime but he was a stabilizing factor. The city is crap now.

People are mad at the yuppy grafitti. Please get mad at the MS-13 pukes in the city. Or is that something you are scared of doing. I used to be proud of Somerville now i look at it in Disgust.

Actually Massachusetts is a disgrace, i just didn't realize it when i was a kid. I was trying to survive. But I wasn't raping anyone or even robbing anyone.

You people of that city should be ashamed of yourselves for what you have let it become. It's a haven for illegal immigrants and gangs who are of the lowest mentality.

Patsy's is the only thing left in Somerville that has any value.



When I first moved to Somerville I lived with a couple of Haitian immigrants, whom I hadn't known before. I always kept my apartment door open, not just unlocked, with my wallet and car keys in plain view. Only two people ever went in my apartment without permission. One was a cop who wanted to harrass a roommate for DHS, and the other was Joe Curtatone who wanted me to vote for him.

I much prefer the company of non-citizen immigrants to any racist who "belongs" in the city.

Guess Again

That's funny, because I have a similar story....the only person who came into my house uninvited (with noone home, I might add), was also someone looking for a vote.....PAT JEHLEN! This was sometime ago, and it opened my eyes to her true character, and the lengths to which she would go.


So, if Denise does decide to vacate her seat, who runs in the special election for her at-large seat? Marty Martinez, Kim Foster-Hirsch...

Here's an interesting thought: you think Jack Connolly could beat both of those guys? Or does Jack open the door for Kim to sneak in if he gets involved? Tread carefully here...

Mrs. McCarthy

Hey Trickey.......

Remember me? The late Mrs. McCarthy of the Little Sisters Home? Well I ain't dead yet and I wanna throw my two cents in here.

Provost will win the Rep. race(barring acts of GOD)

Provost will hold her At Large seat until Nov 06 general elections. That will be enough time to galvanize support behind Martinez for the At Large seat win.

End of story.

With so many dirrerent(sorry, my plate slipped) different factions in the GOD(Good Old Democrats) party, they couldn't win a district erection, sorry, ELECTION if their lives depended on it.

That's all I have to say for now, tea is on!


So George, let me get this straight--crime was okay in your day because immigrants weren't doing it? Well let me assure you, there are lots of native-born thugs in Somerville now. But it sounds like there's at least one in Kansas now.


Is it true that one of the candidates for the State Rep. seat has a history of sending her kids to school with lice?


What's the deal with Tony Lafuente? Is he a big supporter of Denise Provost or what? Rumor has it she hated him when he ran for mayor now he's running around town trying to raise money for her State Rep campaign. Tony, you are the kiss of death. Stay away from anyone you want to win. You are a born loser. Focus your obsession on something else. Maybe you should take up golf or midget wrestling. No wonder Mr. Important is fed up with you.

Ron Newman

To George: I'm willing to bet that a large majority of Somerville residents are (a) immigrants, or (b) children of immigrants, or (c) grandchildren of immigrants.

If this bothers you, please remain in Kansas, where they're still trying to decide whether evolution has ever happened.

Child of legal immigrant

Point of Information.....
I believe George referred to 'illegal immigrants'. Most of us (myself included) are the children and grandchildren of 'legal immigrants'. We're starting to see that there's a big difference. Legal immigrants, by definition, are more apt to be up-standing, law-abiding citizens. When you enter the country illegally, it's often not a sign that you are coming here to work and to contribute to our society. Out of control immigration, legal or illegal, leads to all sorts of to vacation in Paris anytime soon?

Ron Newman

The calendar of deadlines for the special election is now online here and here.

Of Course

Portugoose, why in the hell would you start rumors about Tony L? Do you have a vendetta against him? Why don't you start throwing stones at your house rather than others? You always want to accuse Tony L, John L, Steve L, anyone with an L to just make wishy washy. Relax; take a break from talking or playing with yourself. You need to take some serious medication to calm those nerves. No matter what alias you post under, your IP is always the same. So chill out, the elections are over and everyone is moving on.... why don't you!!!

Far From Authentic!

Tony is attempting to align himself with the progressives because he believes that they will elect him to city hall. I think that the progressives are too intelligent to fall for Tony L. Tony L was a republican. We all know that he is the furthest from progressive. Tony is conservative. Its not a bad thing to be conservative but lets not shit a shitta. Tony is trying to raise all the progressives dough so that when he attempts to run in two years he hopes that they will back him. What a joke/fraud. This guy appears to have the biggest ego in the city. Why is he so obsessed with being the mayor of somerville. This guy scares me.

Ron Newman

I go to some PDS meetings, I have friends who are more active in PDS, and I've never heard any of them talking about 'Tony L' as one of their supporters.

Of Course

Far From Authentic! is just that. You speak out of the side, behind and under your mouth. Why are all so afraid of Tony L? What the hell is he doing now that you all don't like?

The next City election, outside of a special, which Tony L has no interest in, is about two years away. There is a lot of time between now and then so sit back, relax and stuff your mouth so even you won't be able to hear yourself talk.

Like everyone else, but you and a few others, have a family to tend to and enjoy. If you and others feel as though attaching anything with an L in their name feels good, then you, and them, need help.

So sit outside tonight and freeze your thoughts and ass off while you think of the next blogg....

kudos to newman

I agree with Mr. Newman. I dont know why people even mention Tony L's name. Tony isn't involved with the PDS. Members of the PDS realize and understand Tony L's agenda. To assume that Tony L is fooling the PDS is a wrong assumption. Progressive Democrats realize what he his attempting to do, and won't be fooled.

glen lippenstein

I'm new to this blog and I would like to know who this Tony L everyone is talking about. Is he a public official, elected or appointed? Why is everyone so concerned about what this man is up to. Please enlighten me.


There was no such thing as a "legal immigrant" before 1920, because there were no laws at all and no process to follow. If you wanted to come here, you got on a ship to America, and if you didn't suffer from one of a few diseases and weren't mentally disabled, you were allowed in.

Unless you were from China, but that's another story and has nothing to do with Massachusetts.

Anyway, the descendents of Irish or Italian or Russian immigrants who came here before 1920 didn't do anything special that today's immigrants, illegal or otherwise, aren't doing. And anyone who came here after 1920 can't complain too much about how new people are "changing Somerville", because almost all our houses were built by then so, guess what, you changed Somerville in your own way by buying or renting someone's old home. The more things change...


Britain33, stop talking ragtime.


The PDS doesn't realize or understand the agenda of going to the store for a carton of milk. The biggest ego in the city is the guy who sits at city hall! The meeting on Tuesday night will be interesting.

And So It Begins

Somerville1 wrote "The meeting on Tuesday night will be interesting."

And so it will. It will determine whether the people of this city allow the Mayor to unilaterally realign the police department with threats, bribies and false promises. I'm going on Tuesday night and speaking against the Mayor's plan. PLease join me.

Ron Newman

Tony LaFuente was an unsuccessful candidate for Mayor two years ago. I don't know why people keep bringing his name up now. He certainly has no relevance to this news item, which is about Denise Provost and Elizabeth Moroney running for Pat Jehlen's former House seat.

Mrs. McCarthy


The mothership will be here in the morning. Please have your bags packed(don't forget your Haldol) and make sure you bring a laptop so you can stay in touch.

All the Best,

The Not Yet Late Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sisters of the Poor
Highland Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts

Hi Ron,I'm not used to seeing you in mens clothing!

Hi Ron, Sorry it took a little time to say hi to you tonight at the writers festival. I'm not used to seeing you in mens clothing!

Ron Newman

I called the city election department this morning to see if any more candidates have taken out papers.

They told me that John Roderick (who posts here as JARfromWard3) has taking out papers to run as an unenrolled (independent) candidate in the general election.

Yorktown Street

Actually, most immigrants who come here without papers do so to work. They end up working very hard jobs that most American-born people won't take. They pay taxes for services they can't use because of their immigration status. If it weren't for immigration (legal and illegal), the population and the economy of Massachusetts would have shrunk over the last decade. Those are the facts.


Yorktown Street, you don't know what the hell you are talking about. Keep your mouth shut if you have nothing intelligent to say. That goes for Ron Newman too!!!!!!!


JAR,,,The Proctor School wishes you good luck (if yo did pull the papers).


izzy izzy. Snaggletooth.

Ron Newman

I just called City Hall, and learned that Sean O'Donovan took out papers this morning.

(sorry for the double posting, but I think people are more likely to read new comments under this heading than under 'And they're off').


Is it true that O'Donovan's campaign headquarters is near South Beach in Miami? If so sign me up, I'll volunteer for the guy! Run, Forest, Run!

izzy, izzy...cigar in the pool

JV rules!!!!!!!!!!

Who's JV?

Who is JV, and whats izzy izzy?


Who is JV John V or Jimmy V? Mr. important or the sick time abuser?


Is is JV the sick time abuser or JV the home wrecker?

Ron Newman

None of the four candidates have the initials JV, so I don't understand what you are all talking about.

What the hey, Ron

Come on now Ron. You've made a name for yourself talking about completely unrelated, ambiguous, and baseless. comments. Why complain when someone else talks foolish?

Ron sucks!

Crawl back in your hole you little rat bastard!

Ron Newman



And here I was thinking a vote for O'donovan for ward five alderman would serve to protect us from the progressive locomotive. What a fool I was. Just like his ill fated Senate run, I now realize he'll run for anything just to get out of the Aldermans role. Well you don't have to tell me three times you don't want the aldermans job O'Donovan. Let me state this in perfect English. Sean O'Donovan will never get another vote from me no matter what office he runs for.


I know that if Deinse wins she can serve on both the BOA and at the house. Does anyone know where this is stated? is it in the city charter or is it state law?




Vinny C. was both a Representative in both the House and as a member of the board
of Alderman in Somerville. Then people finally realized hat he was just a rubber stamp for whoever was speaker so he was eventually replaced, in both positions by the electorate.

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