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November 21, 2005



Anyone know when the concrete beams currently stored down on Somerville Ave. are to be moved to the bridge site?



Movement of the precast beams and all other structural supports began today and will continue through Tuesday-Wednesday.

Thanks for the photo. Can I get the original so I can scan and distribute to some other folks? Please call. Thanks again.


Thanks Joe. It was good seeing Lowell Street re-connected this evening.

Your welcome for the photo. I sent a copy to Jamie here as well. FWIW, the telegrapher's symbol for that building was "SC".

Ron, I was hoping you would scurry across the first beam on your bike. You disappoint me! (Ron was the last person to ride a wheeled conveyance over the length of the old elevated Central Artery before demo began). I'm going to take a walk over to Lowell in a few to get a shot of one of the beams topping Spring Hill.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Ron Newman

The construction workers told me that they expect to lay all nine beams down tonight by 6 am. So if you see this before then, take a walk over to the bridge and watch the work being done.

Ron Newman

At tonight's meeting, the construction manager said he was currently aiming at an opening date of July 6, 2006.

Nice work Pat

After five little years Pat is able to get the Lowell Street Bridge underway. Is there anything she cant do. Well other than not being able to deliver anything to the district. Keep voting as far left as you can Pat, that is all you need to do with the wack job constituent base that lives in Somerville. Your hard work should be commended.


After five little years Pat is able to get the Lowell Street Bridge underway. Is there anything she cant do.

"Nice work Pat", when Charles Shannon was representing the same street in the Senate and winning praise for his constituent services, what did he do to get the Lowell St. bridge underway?


It is obvious that you do not understand the world of how state politics works. Pat could never get anything done without Charlie Shannon. This was a project for the State Representative to handle. Shannon was not going to get the heat for the bridge being broken. His district is huge and this is a tiny project. For the Rep, it effects everyone in her district. I am sure, and I have good insight, that Shannon was tired of getting projects done and Pat recieving partial credit. If Shannon really wanted that bridge bet your behind it wouldnt take 5 years to do so. As childish as it is more of a game.


FWIW, the project cost for the bridge is $2.1 million.

BTW, the main pre-cast concrete beams were fabricated in Barre, VT.

Ron Newman

Last night's meeting also briefly discussed the Sycamore Street bridge. Mass Highway needs to build a temporary bridge next to it, to carry utility lines (and maybe pipes too?). Then the utilities need to relocate their lines and pipes to the temporary bridge.

So demolition of the Sycamore Street bridge won't begin until next June or July.

Ron Newman

John, did they manage to get all nine beams placed overnight despite the rain?


Not sure as I didn't drive by this morning on the way to work (0530). They were bringing more of the beams over Spring Hill last night, however. I think all were delivered to the site by 2300. That crane can easily work in inclement weather, so it's likely they completed the laydowns.


Somerville Residents Interested in the MaxPac site development.

I was verbally notified yesterday that KSS, the developers of the five acre industrial site next to the Lowell Street bridges, will return to the VNA Community room on Tuesday the 29th. The purpose of the meeting is to unveil the new plans for the proposed condominium development.

Two additional meetings have been scheduled for Thursday, December 1 and Wednesday, December 14. For times please call City Hall, Ofiice of Strategic Planning or Alderman O'Donovan.

I hope all interested parties can attend.

Joe Lynch

Ron Newman

Thanks for posting that, Joe. I got e-mail from Matt O'Neil at KSS, but their message said the meetings would be on November 29, December 7 and December 14. The e-mail did not include either the location of the meetings, or the time of day they would begin. I will forward it to you.

Ron Newman

Joe, the e-mail address that you posted here does not work. I sent email to it, and it bounced.

Of Course

Matt O'Neil, now isn't that name familiar. I am only guessing now, but I think one of the good Alderman-at-Large is a college buddy of his. Yes, it is coming to be me now, I remember. How tangled a web we spin. I wonder how the votes went when the Developer came into town. Now I got to get the financials of this Alderman-at-large and see if KSS is on his too. Oh yes, they were already on SOD's...

Ron Newman

Here's the full e-mail I got:

From: Matt O'neil
Subject: Maxpac
Date: November 22, 2005 4:25:43 PM EST

KSS will be holding a series of public meetings over the coming weeks regardng the Maxpac development and responding to the Design Guidelines as promulgated by the community and its task force.

Meetings will be as follows:

Tuesday, Nov. 29 Introduction of Site Plan and Traffic

Wednesday, Dec.7 Plan Revisions/Traffic

Wednesday, Dec. 14 Open Issues and Summary

We hope that you will be able to join with us for these meetings as we share with the community our new plans and designs for the Maxpac site.

Matt O'Neil

Ron Newman

I wrote to Matt O'Neil, asking for the starting time and location of these meetings. He wrote back and said:

It is at the VNA from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Joana Ferreira

when will the bridge be completed?

Lowell Streeter

Supposedly, july 6th is the date of official open.

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