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November 22, 2005



People often say: Joe is not his father's son! Joe's father was a good man, but his son Joe couldn't walk in his fathers shoes. If he wants to open himself up for critisizm, this is a good way to do it.

Frankly Speaking

Frankly speaking,
Joe Jr. may not be like his father but I think he's a stand-up guy. He's the only one that had the guts to go against a crooked administration. By the way, the Acting chief did buy off the superior officers union with the promise of promotions and Charlie F. knows this. So why doesn't the acting chief start acting like a chief and tell the truth. Joe Jr. does. Come to think of it, Joe Jr. is like his father. So bring your criticism, Joe Jr. can handle it and there will be plenty of people there to cover his back.

Of Course

I am sorry but I had to puke when Alderman Roche said there are different parameters today than there were in the past and that the removal of Chief of Police is the best thing we could do. Well Bill, the only difference is that your daughter in law is now working for the Police Department as Detail assigner to the tune of $50,000. Not only that, but she works a four day week. What they heck is she going to do for 10 hours a day in making detail work? What happens when the 5th day of the week comes and there are calls for detail work? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she would get OVERTIME>>>>>> Come on, your even reading from a prepare speech that someone must have written for you. Somerville just got screwed royally..... Time to move.....


McC's beef is that he doesn't get along with the Acting Chief. If he did it would be a different story. He's been politically connected all along. Didn't he have a city hall job under Kelly-Gay? CF sold the union down the river. My bet is that when he gets promoted he'll give up the union job. Charlie the Phony.

Cadillac City/////improper bostonian--lol

Does Joe. McC remember cadillac city. Many of us do? Lets not talk about crooked. If Joe McC was doing his job and doing what he was suppossed to be doing he would't have time to meet with his proffessors from school to help him type that letter. This is all a big sham by Joe. McC to keep the focus off himself. People should read between the lines.


Does any one know if new cops are going to behired??

Joe McC

Joe McC is attempting to take the focus off himself. He originally voted in favor to take the chief outa civil service until he realized that he scored too low on the promotional exam to get promoted. After realizing that it wasn't likely that he would get promoted he ran to his proffessor and said "what should I do" The same professor that wrote his daddy's memmoir. After discussing his options, it was in Joe's best intrest to revolt and change his stance on taking the chief outa civil service. Joe McC revolted against taking the chief outa civil service to protect himself. You will shortly see what I am getting at. Joe McC hates the chief, and by publicy revolting agains the chief he can turn around at a later date and say, "the chief is screwing with me because of the letter that I wrote to the board of alderman". Joe McC could care less about taking the chief outa civil service. Joe cares about Joe and would do anything to insulate himself from this adminsistration. Maybe if Joe McC was doing his job he wouldnt have to worry about everything else that is going on around him. Typical paranoia! But cute!


I am really sick and tired of hearing the cops bitch and moan. We all know the SPD is full of lazy, whiny crybabies. They are a bunch of overpaid, underworked, alcoholic skirt chasers. Do they really do anything while they are on duty. I see them talking on their cell phones, smoking cigars and hanging out at the homes of undesirables more than anything else. They are out of shape slobs that do nothing but badmouth, backstab and abuse the system. If they get a hang nail they go out for at least a month. There is a certain list of Somerville's Finest that need to be exposed. Stay tuned...


useless (a great moniker for you) you would be the first bitch to call the police if someone in your family needed help or God forbid a big tough guy like you needed protection. Of course there are bad apples in the police department just like everywhere else.

And believe me I no big fan of the cops.

Al-Z the dragon slayer

The spd should be proficient in fraud investigations, there are plenty of frauds working there, especially in the superior officers ranks. Not to mention the frauds that sit at the horse shoe up at city hall. How easily their agendas change when they are given the nod by the DON. Give me a break. Its never been this bad as it is now. You have an under qualified, not to mention inexperienced, unprofessional bufoon running the DPW department who does nothing but ruin the image of our city. I wonder why the departments in our city have reached such embarrassing lows.

Useless and Cockneck

Useless and Steve Cockneck... you two have been promising a list of these cops with faults for over a week now. Are you going to put anything down? We're waiting.

Somerville has one bad police department

I find it highly insulting and most of all down, flat embarrassing to have such a police department as we do here in Stupidville! Most of these cops, 97% of them just give a shit about themselves. They don't care squat about our city! As prior post have mentioned and may I add that they are out of shape, cry babies, scammers, opportunist, IGNORANT, VERY IGNORANT, vindictive, and most of all their Fu#@ing As@#oles ! Accountability! HUH! These Scum Buckets in blue are running ramped in our city and nobody, Nobody has been or is doing a fu@#ing Thing about it! You got our Mayor, our acting chief, our so called captains! Their doing shit about these cops conduct! And that's now. Just Wait until BB is out of civil service and becomes the Commissioner and the two captain bafoons become Deputy Commissioners! They will do even less! Noting but a joke of Bufooning, bloodsucking sleasebags! All of them! These top brass Bafoons, including the mayor should show some sign of authority Now! enough time has passed doing shit! Revamping of our city government system should begin now! Starting at the top and removing the top dogs who have proven not to have been doing their jobs all along! And the city should reevaluate the dead beats that are on the police department, Just like it was a private business and get rid of the slackers and opportunist seeking cops, especially the little frigin punk rookies with the sour/shitty attitudes who are the troublemakers in our department! See ya all at roll call! And lets make it snappy! I want to hide and fall asleep in my cruiser!

Steve Cockneck

I think the word you were looking for is BUFFOON you, dare I say it, buffoon. If you are this angry and this disaffected, maybe you shoul find another job. Someone with your patience, understanding, and absolute mastery of the English language should be able to find another job quickly. You might want to try to get a job in a field where you don't have to talk to anybody or come up with any novel ideas.

The police department has its problems. Saying that is simply stating the obvious. Your percentages are a bit off, however. 90% of the department are honorable, hardworking men and women. Don't disrespect them by suggesting otherwise. To do so only tells people that you're a BUFFOON.

I don't think any of the readers on this site care much for your caustic comments and profanity. If you can't amke an intelligent comment without using profanity then... oh wait, you can't make an intelligent comment.

If you truly want root out the bad 10%, then vote this mayor out of office and stand up against his plan to take the chief out of civil service. Unless of course you are related to Bill Roche, in which case keep your mouth shut because you'll get a sweet city job for supporting the mayor's proposal.

If you think it's bad now, wait until some hired gun comes into town and does exactly what the mayor (any mayor, now or in future)says. In that case, you'll never get rid of the crooked cops who happen to have connections.

But hey, you're at roll call. Tell us what the problems are and what the solutions are. How about a more extensive and selective hiring process? How about taking laterals that have proven police skills from other towns? How about firing the bad apples and keeping them fired? These are all potential solutions but you don't want address that. Maybe that's because you're not a cop, just another plant from the Mayor like all those phony calls to the Farm Team rag.

Also, you heard it here first (JN, I like to keep you on the cutting edge. Nobody in this administration can keep a secret). There will be no Deputy Commissioners. The mayors office already caved in to the patrolman's union and select aldermen on this issue. They feel the the $20,000 it would take to fund those positions would be better spent elsewhere.

And even if you really don't like BB, don't fret. If the hiring process is on the up and up there is no way on earth he's getting hired as the chief. But then again, that was probably Joe's plan all along.

As for "Useless and Cockneck" I haven't had a chance to get to the expose' yet but I will. It only deals with the folks who spoke at the public hearing to take the chief out of civil service, however.

Have a great day, people.


Cockneck you say:

"And even if you really don't like BB, don't fret. If the hiring process is on the up and up there is no way on earth he's getting hired as the chief."

Do you really think that the hiring process will be on the up and up? I bet you somehow, someway LSH (the mayors friend who drew up the initial report regarding the police department) will be involved in that process somehow and if he is BB aka the Midget will be appointed. If he isn't appointed then he better retire real quick with all the enemies that he has made through the years.

This whole process was done behind closed doors with a lot of early Christmas presents being passed out to the powers that shameful. Even though the BOA passed this reolution it still has to pass muster on Beacon Hill......what type of deals do you think are in the process to get it passed by the legislatur? I'm sure the mayor backing DP for state rep. will be a big one. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I agree with your post regarding the number of "bad apples" that are on the force. There are bad apples in every walk of life and there always will be. I guess the guy who posted above your post didn't receive his cue card with the party line from the mayors office.......see what happens when these morons are left with their own intelligence to protect the mayor! Pretty pathetic.

Well, that's all for now. Take care.


So when Dick Marley was a body guard for the biggest coke dealer in New England.How many of our boys in blue were sticking the shi#t up their noses?Do they drug test the boys?
I've been in the room and watched certain cops snorting their brains out.Do they still have that club in east somerville?Boy the tigs you can do when you wear a badge?It was at one point an honor to wear a badge,today I feel its just something to hide behind.I'd like to see them drug test everyone of them Monday morning or when thewy start their shift.I bet 90% of them burn the test bottle.
Corrupt huh,the whole city is corrupt.Enough said.



Somerville police to be reorganized
Force training, work rules faulted:

Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone unveiled a major reorganization of his city's police force last night, after an advisory panel found that the department is plagued by a flawed command structure, inadequate training and equipment, and work rules that hamper community outreach and neighborhood policing.

The plan calls for splitting the city into eastern and western districts, using civilian employees for some administrative work being done by uniformed personnel, and eliminating rules that allow officers to change shifts and patrol assignments daily based on seniority, Curtatone said in a press release issued by his office.

Curtatone said the changes would put more officers on the streets, redeploy them more effectively in high-crime areas, and establish local substations in both the eastern and western sides of the city.

''Our goal is to bring officers closer to neighborhoods and to make them directly accountable for crime control in those areas," he said.

The reorganization was prompted in part by recommendations made to the city's Board of Aldermen last night by a special Police Advisory Group, which was established by the city in April and chaired by former state attorney general Scott Harshbarger.

Among other findings, the panel, which also included the heads of both the State Police and the Lowell Police Department, said in its report that only eight members of the department were in compliance with ''state and national training and certification standards for police officers."

The manual given to newly hired officers, the panel found, is 14 years old and needs to be updated, according to the report.


How are the 100 "Points of Light" doing?

Part of the Mayors Inaugural Address/1-05-04

"The Police Management Study proposed over 100 suggestions for improvements to the Police Department.

How many of these suggestions have been effectively implemented?

We all need to know.

I will hold the Police Chief accountable for the thorough implementation of the recommendations and I will ask him to report
on the progress.

We will use this information to develop a continuing strategy to get as many cops on the street as possible – out from
behind desks and back on patrol.

I don’t want police officers performing tasks that a civilian can perform.

And I want to develop accountability based on performance standards rather than simply on total arrest numbers.

The question should not simply be whether we’re making more arrests, but whether we’re stopping crime – and, if we’re not,
how we should reallocate resources to get results."

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