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November 08, 2005


Ward 4 Resident



whats up in WARD FIVE

The City  is Screwed

Wait until you see what this nut does. Or better yet what she doesn't do. Did you see the drones buzzing around the City for her? I wouldn't let those nutbags walk my dog. Thanks for a great 22 years Jack. I'm selling my house and moving.


Holy smokes! Congratulations to Gewirtz and her supporters. Given that she was taking on a decent and compentent incumbent, I'm surprised by the margin of victory.

Big question: What does to suggest as far as the at-large races tonight?

Ward 4 Resident

I can only assume that Marty and Denise have won.

Anxiously Awaiting

I hope that it suggests that times are a changing in Somerville. Hopefully we will get some fresh faces in (ie Steve Glines)with the result of the at-large race tonight...


I don't know, I'm not sure this result bodes well for Glines or not. I'm know it doesn't for Kim Foster-Hirsch.

This school committee in Six will be close, as I have seen a lot of Gewirtz-Thomas combination yard signs out there, far more than Connolly-Bockelman.

Hey Ward 4

You can only assume that because you'ra liberal whon thinks everything should be given to them on a silver platter.

A Message to Mayor Joe

Hug Sean O'D tight tonight and dream of wonderlands on Highland Ave. but just remember that we disloged Jack and we're already planning your outster. I like to say it's been fun but it hasn't.


Jack Connolly was a victim of his own success. Let's hope Rebekah is here for the long haul unlike so many other Davis Square types who like the city for the night life when they're young and single but leave for Lexington or Natick when it's time to settle down. Although I'm a "lib" myself I think city alderman is the wrong place to be if she's just looking to push an idealogical agenda.


You don't think Jack Connolly getting his clock cleaned by a political novice bodes well for Denise Provost?

Ward 4 Resident

Simple math "Hey Ward 4": Every vote for Rebekah was a vote for Marty and Denise in the At-Large race.

Ward 4 Resident

Strange, Marty lost, but Rebekah won?

Ward 3 Resident

This isn't my ward, be we had no interesting races so I watched this one closely. I can't help but feel conflicted. I'm generally suspeicious of politicians who have been entrenched for years, but I also can't help but to marvel at what Connolly has done for Davis Square. I wouldn't have been able to vote against him without feeling ungreatful.


Marty was running for "at-large" - there is more to the city than Ward 6 (or ward 4 for that matter).

Davis Square



Everyone likes change but you blew it Ward 6 neighbors when you voted out Jack. The same person who says she's going to bring people together split the Dem Party in Somerville. Let's see how long her voting base stays in Som. We'll all be watching how quickly she responds to community needs. With Jack people could drop in at any time and he'd take time out of his business to solve their problems. Can you do the same with the other? I'll take Pothole Guy any day!

Ron Newman

Congratulations, Rebekah! (And also to Paul Bockelman, Denise Provost, and Bill White.)


Ron, are you really happy that Jack lost or are you just congratulating Rebekah as your new alderman?

tired of whiners

Ward6welostbig why don't you try calling Rebekah and finding out before you start complaining?


I suspect that Rebekah will be good on constituent services--she did work for Pat Jehlen for a while. So long as nobody at the DPW decides to try to screw her over by not serving Ward 6. Don't mean to sound like a conspiracist, but I could see it happen. Certainly hope it doesn't.


I'm not complaining. We expect she will provide the same or better accessibility. I'm glad to see we have her guarantee! You'll provide Ward 6 with the phone number at her place of employment as well as cell and home phone?
And as far as the DPW goes: she said she can bring people together. She will have to find a way to keep our services or she's not keeping her promise.
And by the way I'll be waiting for all the State aid to come pouring in.


Congratulations to Rebekah!

And to anyone who wants to move out of Ward 6 because of Rebekah's victory, let me know. I'd like to put an offer on your house!

happy in six

As a "new" resident of Ward 6 (I moved here 20 years ago) I am thrilled. Jack is a great guy but the nonsense he has done in favor of some very greedy developers turned me off. Can't find parking? Thats because he never saw a reqest for a parking variance from a bar/restaurant/developer he did not love. The improvements to the square are DESPITE him. 2AM closings, more bars, less stores, that is Jack's legacy.

Nobody deserves to be in office for 22 years. Power corrupts

Pat and Constituent Services?

Pat Jehlen and constituent services? She was and still is terrible. Obviously you never called Tim Toomey or Charlie Shannon's office. That is the funniest post I have seen in some time on this site.


Simon, LOL. Don't forget it's a buyer's market!

- - -

As far as Davis Square, I don't think you can blame "less stores" on Jack Connolly (the tap rooms are another matter), I'm trying to remember what was there in 1992 that I'm missing today, and I don't miss much. Mostly food joints gone: Teddy & Libby's, the Supreme. Otherwise, what, a jewelry store, an optician, a third-rate drugstore. What else?

Ron Newman

Some stores or restaurants I remember from Davis Square's recent past. I moved to Somerville in 1984 and to Davis Square in 1992, but I don't remember what closed when:

- Woolworth's, and later Woolworth Express at a different location
- Almy's department store -- eventually replaced by McIntyre & Moore bookstore, I think, after many years of vacancy
- Mark's department store
- Cumming's -- I think this was a shoe store. Goodwill now occupies this space.
- Friendly Family Center (FFC) -- replaced by Family Dollar with similar merchandise.
- American Discount Pharmacy - replaced by additional screens of the Somerville Theatre
- Kay & Chips, later renamed Dolly's (late-night restaurant, open only from 11 pm to about 7 am). Out of the Blue restaurant is in this location now.
- Brigham's - replaced by Papa Gino's, then by Starbucks
- India Restaurant - replaced by Joshua Tree restaurant

Various bookstores came and went - Zembla's, Chapter Two(?), Boston Book & Record Warehouse. The last one was in the current Goodwill space, and moved to Harvard Square to become Barillari Books. A few years later, Barillari's closed quite suddenly.

Ron Newman

A few I forgot:

- Radio Shack, was next to Supreme Deli. Diva restaurant and lounge now occupies both spaces. I liked the food at Supreme Deli but didn't like all the cigarette smoke, which is why I didn't patronize it very often.

- the original Steve's Ice Cream. Torn down and replaced by Carberry's, which recently became O'Natural's.

- the original Bertucci's restaurant, complete with bocce court in the basement. Sadly closed, and now the site of a Subway sandwich shop, which is not much of a replacement. (Subway was here once before, across the street from the Somerville Theatre, where you'll now find a Chinese restaurant.)


Thanks, Ron. Woolworth's, Almy's and Mark's were all gone in 1992, as was Brigham's. I'm pretty sure Cummings' was gone as well. Had my first Steve's in Ann Arbor, I was surprised to find out they originated in Somerville!

Bertucci's is a loss, except they didn't have a full menu - if you didn't want pizza you had to go to Alewife or Medford. Papa Gino's, eh. Radio Shack was helpful to have around once in a while. India Restaurant was good, moderately priced Indian food, since replaced by better, outrageously priced Indian food.

I had never been in Supreme but I think its loss affected older people, but all of us as well, in that a certain subset of people were no longer in Davis Square regularly.

Dolly's was essential, a late night joint but maybe more suitably located right in the middle of the square (a la the late Tasty in Harvard Square) as I don't think I'd want that kind of traffic outside my house at 4:00 AM.

Someday opened shortly after we showed up, but was in such a small space at first, which was eventually added on to the theatre lobby when they redesigned. Then they added on their current "back room", accessed by some odd passageway underneath the stairs to the offices above, then they took over the corner space when the theatre expanded. (Didn't Buck a Book used to be in that corner space?)

Zembla Books was nice, I think Judith had a pretty eclectic selection and I spent plenty a dime there. She moved out to Wellesley first and then Western Mass. M&M is an big upgrade over that, no?

Dave's Fresh Pasta bumped out a decent place that had pretty good biscuits. Before that, there were a couple of struggling breakfast-type places, something not particularly well defined. Orleans seems to be doing well in the former Bullpen Pub, after a couple of other failed experiments (Savannah in particular had absolutely dreadful service).

Disc Diggers kind of lost its luster over time; in addition to the nuts they had a lot of third-rate stuff that just didn't turn over often enough. (Or maybe I had everything I was looking for by that point). I had a couple of beefs with them but I am sorry to see them go.


Holy smoke - Jack Connolly is responsible for the demise of Woolworth's? Good thing we got him out of there! Next thing you know Montgomery Ward and Jordan Marsh would've been gone too!


This just in........

In a stunning announcement this morning, Alderperson-elect from the Ward 6 section of Somerville, Rebekah L. Gewirtz, disclosed her intention to file a Home Rule petition with Beacon Hill to officially annex Ward 6 to the Peoples Republic of Cambridge. Newly elected Senator Patricia Jehlen, standing behind Gewirtz during the announcement outside the Davis Sq. T stop, said she will "support the initiative to the fullest extent allowed.". Also present at the impromtu press conference was declared candidate for the state Representative seat vacated by Jehlen, Alderperson Denise Provost.

Asked by reporters whether or not she supported such a move by Gewirtz and Jehlen, Provost stated emphatically, "Whatever they want." Provost went onto say "Why stop there? It is my intention, once I am overwhelmigly elected to State Representative from most of Somerville, to lead the annexation movement for my distrct."

Representatives Toomey and Sciortino could not be reached for comment.

For a live radio commentary on this developing story, tune into Radio Free Cambridge tonight at 6:00PM. Tonights co-hosts are Marty Martinez and Lawrence Paolelella.


I wonder if Rebekah is a match for Somerville politics and will miss Jack's accessibility and savvy as someone to go to to discuss working politics. It seems that Jack underestimated the need to spend on his campaign. On the other hand, we are on a path of 'cambridgization' and there have been needless frictions in the past. But I do think Rebekah will have her hands full coming up to speed.

Holy cloud of Pot Smoke Batman!!!

Can anyone or anything stop this socialist "soacial worker" juggernaut before it devours the entire city!?!?!?!?
Will Speedergang be able to do a psychonalysis on the non-progressive part of the population (all 5 of them it seems!!) and assimilate all the non-conformists.
"Pat Jehlen" and "constituent services" together in the same sentence? Is that an oxymoron or simply a non-sequitar?
And why didn't Paola run for mayor instead of alderman in ward 3? He would have probably won in a landslide.
When will the foreign occupation end?!?!

Now that we're freed from the danger to our families wrought by the likes of Jack Connolly, will the liberating Army stay so long that they become the enemy?

Can Don Curtatone make them an offah they cannot refuse?

The answer next week! Same Bat Time..... Same Bat Channel!!

Hail Boss Jehlen

The Somerville political landscape continues to emerge.

The day that you had to be a long time or lifelong resident with an Irish or Italian surname are done. In fact those things work against you in many parts of the city.

Pat Jehlen and her organization are clearly THE POWER of Somerville politics- and yes that includes consideration for Congressman Mike Capuano and Mayor Joe Curtatone who are a distant 2nd and 3rd.

Capuano will continue to serve as Congressman for as long as he wishes, and lets hope for Somerville that is a very long time. But I do not believe he has the organization or power to get anyone elected in Somerville. If you dont believe me ask John L. Sullivan who got his ass whipped last night.

Joe Curtatone is in my opinion a flash in the pan. If a serious candidate steps up next time I believe Joe will be defeated by a wide margin. Whether you like Joe or not, his days seem clearly numbered.

As for Pat Jehlen, we should now call her Boss Jehlen. IF she decides to ...she will make the difference in who becomes the next State Rep (anyone think Provost can be beaten?) ... and the next Mayor ... after that the political pawns (School Committe and Alderman) will have one choice... get on the Jehlen bandwagon or get defeated.

You might think this makes me happy- BUT I can tell you it does not. My Somerville required you to know the people and neighborhoods ... to have gone to school was a big advantage if you got a college education ... and you had to work and own a house ... If you did those things then people took you seriously as a candidate.

Today's Somerville is all about Pat Jehlen and her organization and what they want. You can live here for 6 months or 6 years and you still have a shot it Pat and her organization are behind you.

Times have changed, and I know battles will continue on for the next several elections.

But from this pundits perspective- the war is over and the victor will now collect her spoils.


In a related story, Cambriville News has just learned that Representative Tim Toomey, who represents a small portion of Somerville, has been requested by Federal Marshals to surrender his passport and to remain in Cambridge for further possible questioning. The wherabouts of Mr. Toomey are not known at this time.

Cambriville News could not reach Mayor Joseph Curtatone in his underground bunker nor Alderman Sean O'Donovan at his Florida district office for comment.

We were requested by the radio hosts of tonights forum concerning the Annexation of Ward 6, to inform you that the radio show will be simulcast in sign language.

Stay tuned for this developing story......

You're Not Funny

Hey Cambriville News -
I like political humor. But you do not provide it.

Heh, "People's Republic of Cambridge" - still wicked hilarious after all these years.

I voted Connolly, but look forward to seeing how Gewirtz does. Congratulations!


"My Somerville required you to know the people and the neighborhoods"? Rebekah Gerwitz stopped by my house *twice* in the months before the election; if Connolly did I must have been out, anyhow I see him enough in Davis Square. I'm not thrilled that she won, but you can't fault her for not pounding the pavement.

As far as the special election, Denise Provost won eight out of the eleven precincts that comprise the house district; she finished in the money in the other three as well, one second, one third and one fourth. Her support is strong across the board and particularly so in Ward Five and Six.

I can't imagine Bill White running against Provost; Provost isn't as widely reviled as Pat Jehlen is in some circles, and White ran horribly in West Somerville. Provost picked up 900 more votes than White in the district, and there were more than a few people voting for both of them.

So the question is: who will Stan Voldemort and his gang put up against Denise? (Can I say "plant"?)

I think Provost's only worry is having three dozen other progressive-types running and leaving the backdoor open for someone else to slip through (a la Capuano winning the Dem. primary for his US House seat with what, 18% of the vote). Could happen.

can you hear the people?

While it's always fun to say cruel things, the reality is, Rebekah Gewirtz won fair and square.

Like Carl Scioritino, Mark Nedergang, and Pat Jehlen, Gewirtz is part of a group of progressive Democrats. Their agenda includes a liberal platform emphasizing careful city planning, better public transport, and a government that works for everyone, regardless of where you were born. That agenda is clearly popular with Somerville voters.

Smart pols like Mayor Curtatone and Alderman Roche should learn to work with their new colleagues -- or perhaps the next time the Somerville voters speak they'll be looking for new jobs themselves.


More related stories on Annexation.....

Alderman Bob Trane, Ward 7 - Somerville, today ordered the borders of Ward 7 closed to all except residents carrying proper identification. In addition, Trane has ordered the Somerville DPW, under the direction of Commissioner Stan Koty to immediatley begin the roundup of all non-Somerville Tufts students......

Alderwoman MaryAnn Heuston, Ward 2 - Somerville, was seen this morning leaving Ward 2 for Boston. The caravan of moving vans created a two hour backup to the normally congested morning commute in Union Square.

And finally, Aldermen Desmond and White were seen trading in their luxury automobiles for hybrid vehicles at a dealship on Mystic Avenue.

Once again, we have been requested by the hosts of Radio Free Cambridge to announce a change in tonights format. The forum concerning the annexation will be performed in mime to the listening audiance.

You're Not Funny

hm. Nope, still not funny.


Furthermore, President Larry Bacow called for all Tufts students to barricade the university against the anti-annexation forces. Tufts football players were seen carrying torches and rolling beer kegs down the Packard Avenue hill towards Powderhouse Boulevard.

The United Nations has been called in and a compromise solution has been proposed: all of Ward Seven west of Curtis Street will be airlifted to Assembly Square. The world's largest IKEA would then be built in West Somerville.

In related news, it was announced that Good Time Emporium has merged with the Mashantucket and Pequot Tribes and will be relocating to a riverboat casino docked in the Mystic River, just off the new Assembly Square stop on the Orange Line.

Mayor Curtatone will be performing an interpretive dance jointly broadcast on Community Access and Bravo to explain the latest developments to all Somerville residents.

Ron Newman

I don't think anyone is blaming Jack Connolly for the closing of Woolworth's. I think the second incarnation (Woolworth Express) lasted later than 1992, but I could be wrong.

American Discount Pharmacy occupied the entire depth of the Hobbs (Somerville Theatre) building from the corner of Holland and Dover streets back to Meacham Road. For a short time afterwards, they moved to a small storefront on Elm Street. I would have liked to patronize them instead of a big chain like Osco or CVS, but they closed much too early in the evening, and were never well-stocked.

Buck-a-Book did replace them for a time, before the Somerville Theatre added extra screens that ate up most of that storefront's square footage along Dover Street.

Where Orleans is now, I recall a succession of restaurants: The Venice, The Transit, the Bullpen Pub, and finally the Aquarium, a total disaster that alienated all the neighbors with loud noise and boisterous crowds.

Something else was there between the Bullpen and the Aquarium, but I don't think it was called Savannah. The Savannah Grill until recently was on Elm Street, and had the best pancakes I've eaten anywhere. It was replaced by a Tibetan restaurant within the past year.

I have totally forgotten what used to occupy the now-vacant Buck-a-Book location. Can someone remind me?


Obviously Gewirtz could never be a good candidate, she's not independent minded and she doesn't have an independent agenda, she's in the pockets and under the wings of the Progressive DemoRATS of Slummerville and Adolf Jehlen. Whether or not you agree with my opinions on these two superpowers, it's undoubtedly so that having an agenda that is not entirely your own leads to corruption, lack of independence and naturally restricts democracy and leadership among our city.


Was the first post-Bullpen restaurant called Tallulah? Anyhow, it turned into the Aquarium, and if I recall, wasn't the whole permitting process as huge bait-and-switch perpetrated by the owners i.e. "We're a restaurant", and then that sort of fell by the wayside?

Wasn't there a (pretty lousy, IIRC) liquor store where Buck a Book was? That's something you need two of in the square (not).

It *is* funny

Come on ... the mime part and the interpretive dance? That's good stuff!


Still4Jack - why are you so vehemently opposed to Gewirtz, Jehlen etc.? What is it in their positions that offends you so much? I'm going to miss Jack, but I can't find much that separates their respective positions.

Also, News Flash: Rebekah Gewirtz FOUNDED the Progressive Democrats of Somerville. It's HER group. Thus, it's HER agenda.

If you want to look at something that "restricts democracy and leadership among our city" look at Stan Koty and his minions out in Ward Five yesterday. Wasn't he a "loyal" aide to Dorothy Kelly Gay until he saw the iceberg up ahead and jumped ship to grab a plum deck chair in a Curtatone administration?


IKEA plans move to West Somerville ............

IKEA, the Sweedish home furnishings retailer, has agreed to relocate its proposed superstore to the site of the former Matignon High School in West Somerville. The move was prompted by unrest in the eastern section of the City and backed by Mayor Curtatone. Reached by encrypted cell phone on a secure line just before his interpretive dance rehersal, the Mayor said, "I don't give a shit where it goes. The City needs the revenue."

Alderman Bob Trane, Ward 7 Alderman was reached for comment just before boarding the UN airlift helicopter bound for Camp Assembly Square. "I've never ridden in a copter before and I like casinos. It's a win-win for everyone, I think."

Commenting on the recent unrest and political changes in the City, Alderman Sean O'Donovan, commenting from an undisclosed location,stated "I don't understand all the proposed changes, but I'm voting for them."


Ron Newman

Yep, that was it, Tallulah's. Expensive place that I don't think I ever went to.

The Aquarium got a restaurant license but turned out to be a Lansdowne Street-style nightclub and disco. To Jack's credit, he did eventually manage to shut it down, but the process took much too long. The city finally cited them for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act -- failing to maintain a wheelchair-accessible entrance.

You're right, there was a liquor store. Very forgettable place...


(AP Photo) Mayor Joe Curtatone breaks ground for the new IKEA megastore/brew pub in West Somerville today, flanked by actress/bombshell Anita Ekberg and the Muppets' Swedish Chef. In the background, a video link shows Alderman Sean O'Donovan simultaneously participating from an undisclosed location, flinging a handful of sand at an encroaching pelican.

This photo will be simulcast in Braille on SCAT and the Oxygen! network.


Hail Boss Jehlen:
"flash in the pan" Curtatone was elected because his predecessor had a poor record on crime, particularly the gang infestation in East Somerville. Ward 6 types don't have to worry about that stuff, but they don't get choose a new mayor all by themselves. Maybe the green line will turn Union Square into Davis Square in a few years and the resulting gentrification will spread completely through East Somerville and Winter Hill. Until then I wouldn't bet against Curtatone, and certainly not against Bill Roche (for as long as he chooses to run).

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