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November 23, 2005


The process

How good is this process that Roche is talking about if the mayor has already picked Bradley. It seems like politics as usual.

Oh, the NON-Political Police Chief

Well, we all know why Roche agreed to this process. “I supported the ordinance because it calls for a thorough non-political selection process,” he said.
He added "the new system has safeguards to prevent political favoritism." Unlike, say, hiring your familiy member to take away a union job at the police department. We didn't know that Roche was so ANTI-union. Oh wait, yes we did.

The mayor stated, “If I don’t do a good job as mayor, the voters would boot me out of office. If the aldermen don’t represent their constituents, they too can lose an election." Well stay tuned Joe because that very topic is coming to a polling place near you very soon.

I want to know what outside recruiting firm the city will be using, how it will be chosen, what hack owns it, and what cover story will the city use for its pre-determined selection?

Also, quotas for minorities on the hiring panel? The rest of the country is moviong away from the quota system and Joe is embracing it. In a city that boasts a 25% minority population, minorities will count as 50% of the selection process? I can't wait until someone challenges that in court: City Deprives Citizens of One Person, One Vote Guarantee of the Constitution.

You wanted accountability Joe, and now you're going to get it. I can't wait for the next election.


"That process begins with an outside firm recruiting and reviewing applicants."

So who is this outside recruiting firm going to be? I bet you L. Scott Harshbarger will have something to do with that.

Doesn't this process also have to be approved by the State Legislators also?

This is a sad day for Somerville. A once proud police department that is at war with the Mayor.....this is going to get nasty.

If BB is appointed we will all know that the fix is in and everyone associated with passing this ordinance got something in return from the mayor. How sickening. If we go through all this trouble and money to "locate" a new chief and BB is appointed then why waste the taxpayers dollars?

Also, why hire "Deputy Chiefs"? Captains can perform the same tasks as a DC can. They were useless back when the positions were abolished and they will be useless now. Except of course as more "trading cards" for the mayor to use to appease some disgruntled captains or friends of the mayor who are captains to fatten their wallet and ego's. How shameful.


No, the next dinosaur that the mayor will attack will be the school committee. Just like Menino in Boston did. He will rid the city of elections for these most important positions and then he can appoint his own cronies to the board.

Trading Cards

Brickbottom, Nice point. Can you imagine what Roche would do for one of those "trading cards?"


To The Somerville News.

Is there some way that you can get a hold of a list with all city of Somerville employees on it, excluding the Police and Fire Departments?

It would be fun to "connect the dots" from these people to all the politicians in this city especially the mayor.

Of Course

One only has to go to the Personnel Office at 93 Highland Ave, and request in writing under the Freedom of Information Act, all and any employees with a hired date of 01.01.2005. They are required to rive you all those names for a small fee for processing.

I am sure everyone saw last night that both Puppet Roche and Puppet Desmond reading a pre-scripted detailed speech when it came to their turn around the horseshoe last night. It was totally stage for the praise and back slapping for all around the table. This City just took the next to last turn around the corner. Wait until the last turn comes.... you won't believe it....

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Qeen Jean Brune  and Joe C buy Provost!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise Provost sold her vote to Joe Curtatone and Queen Jean Brune! What a disgrace! Joe and Queen Jean both promised Denise Provost that they would support her for State Rep if she promised that she would vote in favor for taking the chief outa civil service. What a shame. I thought that Denise Provost was better than that. Denise Provost will never get my vote again. I hope it was worth it.

Steve Cockneck

Wouldn't it be funny if after all of the back room deals pulled by the Mayor, BB, and Brune that they were all drummed out of office at the first chance. Curtatone will NEVER again get my vote OR my money. The "non political" recruiting firm would/ should never choose Bradley as the chief, but Joe is trying to force him down our throat (literally). And Gebne Brune, I didn't even know he was alive until I saw the ventriliquist act Joe played with him at the public hearing. Oh, wait, maybe he's not alive and Joe is just holding his spot open until the election so he can try to get another anti-union Roche (OK, they're all ANTI-UNION scabs) into the office.

All in all, the people of the city lost big time here. Soon, I'll address the people who attended/ spoke at the public hearing and tell you what their connection is, what they stand to gain, and a little of their past history. Feel free to start without me or to join in. I'm going to enjoy this.


oh no Cockneck, you first. Give us a teaser. Start spillin. That's if you really have anything substantial. Ready, set shoot!


Denise Provost sold her vote to Joe Curtatone and Queen Jean Brune! What a disgrace!

you are such a liar!

No Nonsense

I'm definitely not a Provost supporter, but I agree with unionsqaureboy, there is no way Provost sells out to Joe and Gene Brune, AKA the California Raisin. Why would they back her when Tavern on the Hill Homeboy SOD just pulled papers?


SOD is pulling out. SOD couldn't win without Joe's support. He waited to long to make a decision. SOD would make a better State Rep but rumor has it that Joe C. already committed to Provost along with Jeanny Brune. SOD coudn't win without the support of City Hall. I wonder if Tony L realizes that Joe C is backing Provost also. This might be the first time that Tony the loser and Joe are on the same side. Good move by Joe C.,,,,but bad news for Tony L. I bet now that Tony L realizes that Joe C is backing Provost, hell stop raising money for Provost.

Tony L is a HASBEEN...

Tony L must be crying like a little bitch now that he found out the Mayor is backing Denise the Nut. Its like a slap in the face for Tony L after all the money he raised for the Horsetooth Senator. He expected that now all the PDS Perverts would stand behind him in his next failed attempt at becoming Mayor. Guess again Tony... Mayor Joe made a smart move. He is now in a win-win situation. He now has the support of all his loyal Somerville cronies AND the support of all the wacked-out, hairy armpitted slobs that obey Denise the Nut. Tony L should finally realize that he has no base. Get over your obsession Tony. Be a man and face the fact that you lost the Mayor's race. You are a Republican and not a member of the PDS Perverts. You may try your ass off at fitting in with the Pervs but you can't. You are a non-union business owner who likes the finer things in life. Fancy vacations, expensive wine and Merecedes Benz vehicles. There is nothing wrong with that Tony. Enjoy life!!! Be thankful for what you have!!! I am sure you worked hard for it. Just get over the Mayor obsession.


Thats a good point. Why is Tony L so obsessed with being the mayor of Somerville. All the back door deals and fundraising will do him no good. I thought that Tony was a good man, but I am starting to realize what his agenda is all about. Why is he so sneaky. Diddn't he run for office a couple of times in Cambridge? Did he have any luck there? People say that it wont be long before him and Helena G. move down south. I think they may have a point. It may be a good idea. Politics is not working for him here. It doesn't matter how much the portugese community can raise him. When your a loser, your a loser. Give it a rest!

Obsessed and Confused

Not only is Tony the Phony obsessed with being the mayor of Somerville, but he is also totally confused with what his real agenda is. For instance, why would Tony send all of his children to Catholic school, attend church on Sundays at St. Ann's and then at the same time align himself with homosexuals, liberals and PDS sickos. We all know that Tony's "new" friends don't have the same conservative social views that he has. Therefore, it can only be one of two reasons why Tony is trying to make friends with the PDS Deviants: (1) He is stupid; or (2) He is a fraud, a fake, a liar and a phony. I am going to go with #2. He is trying too hard and everyone can see it. He runs all over town badmouthing the Mayor and his family and it is starting to get old. Tony, repeat after me "I will never be the Mayor of Somerville." See, now that wasn't so bad...was it? Move on Tony. Go back to making flags and stay out of politics.

of course

Tony is WT.. Only a few people know what WT means and those distinguished people, please bath in laughter, because he is only a piece of WT from Chelsea..

Of Course

I only wish people would use their own handle rather than complex issues by using others...


Though I supported the Mayor during his first election againts Tony L., I have met Tony L. during the ensuing years. Taken at face value this guy does not seem like the devil incarnate. He might have a few flaws in his decision making process, but so haven't all politicians.

I am not saying that I am a Tony L. supporter , all I am saying is that some people try to attain positions in politics and some have there own way of doing it. They all have their eye on the "prize".But, it does seem that the way Tony L. to obtain the Mayorship is a complete failure. We need some fresh faces within the next wo year.


And about $250.00 Thousand Dollars?


Of Course,
The same issue has arisen with my own "handle" I only use two IP addresses and the powers that be know that.

I seem to be having a problem posting here and at one point was told that I was banned but managed to be able to post a post.

I would only wish I could find out why "the powers that be" don't like my posting, I try to adhere to the posting guidelines and found out a few that I "learned" during my posting time here.

I may have an agenda like 99% of the people that post here and that makes it fun. Some feelings are personal and some are comical but all, I hope, are "somewhat" based on reality.

Thak you for listening and to the moderators I hope that you find the room to express my views.

Thank you.

Why all the fuss about Tony L?

Why are people still talking about Tony L. He is not a public official and is not a candidate. Let's stop giving this guy so much name recognition and maybe he will just go away. By the way, I love the California Raisin comment.

The California Raisin

Seriously now, doesn't Gene Brune look like the California Raisin? All dried up and wrinkly, both in person and politically. Mayor Joe had a couple of his hacks carry Brune's life support machine into the BOA chambers so he could speak in favor of taking the chief's job out of Civil Service. Gene did his best "grandfather with alzheimers" and sputtered on about how he wanted the chief out of Civil Service but he had a lot of things going on when he first became mayor and then there was the chemical spill.
Then there was that long, uncomfortable pause as if he had something to say but forgot. He moved on from there to say he always felt the job should be removed from Civil Service. That's great Gene but the chemical spill and problems when you became mayor lasted what, a couple of years? He was the Mayor for TEN years, dammit! How many times did he push for the Mayor out of Civil Service? Exactly. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. What conviction he speaks with.
I feel bad for Gene, the California Raisin, because he's the curmudgeonly old uncle that we like to see and have around but we don't want him to speak because he habitually makes an ass of himself.
Always the opportunist, Mayor Joe sees this and has turned Gene into the doormat for the Curtatone Administration. This really angers Maria because she's use to being the doormat wherever she goes and she's demanding she be appointed to that position.
THe sorry fact of the matter is Gene Brune is being embarrassed by the Curtatone Administration and he's embarrassing himself. It's quite clear that politics has passed him by. He should finish out his term as Registrar of Deeds and move on with some sense of dignity. Gene, we want to remeber you fondly, but you're making it very difficult.


Amen! Very well written too.

Steve Cockneck

The Mayor should give some long hard thought to removing the chief from civil service. If you recall, Mike Capuano (an infinitely smarter and more efficient mayor than Joe) wanted to remove the acting fire chief (Kevin Kelleher) from civil service. He was denied in his attempt (probably because he didn't try to buy off Alderman william Roche) and Kelleher became the civil service chief. Chief Kelleher has become one of the most efficient and respected fire chiefs in the state. There's no reason the police department can't have the same result. The Firefighters Union should weigh in on this battle because they're next when Chief Kelleher retires. When that happens the Mayor can combine fire and police into a public safety commissioner.

Its obvious the citizens of the city don't agree with removing the chief from civil service because if they did this would have been decided before the election. Instead, old-time Somerville politics intervened, moved the decision till after the election and shielded the BOA from what they claim to want... accountability. What a disgrace. Joe is not a strong mayor and he's going to pay a stiff price politically, despite what his army of hacks say in the Farm Team rag.

Enough is enough!

Cocktails, wine, lobster fra diavolo, ice cream...enough is enough already!


Didn't TRY to buy off Alderman Roche???!!!! Are you kidding me? Who do you think put Billy in the seat in the first place when Rich Johnson went to the state police???
Mike was, and is, WAY too smart to waste valuable political capital on things as stupid as taking the chief out of civil service. If Joe is looking at higher office in the future, this will come back to haunt him. Just watch.


So who is the mayor sharpening his knife for now:

The Fire Department?
The School Committee?
The Custodians? (He is already in the process of trying to abolish them)
The Teachers?

Why doesn't he investigate Koty and the water department, I hear something really stinks down there. To fire and then re-hire someone down there because Koty knew he was looking at a hoggish!

The only people safe with their emploment are hacks that supported the Mayor, even those who came from the Gay administration crawling on their hands and knees looking to see if any crumbs were left. Right, BMcW.?

It was disgusting to see all the hacks who worked for the wrong "horse" kissing the mayors arse to latch on to his sleazy machine.Then this two faces mayor got amnesia with all of his supporters since 1995 and gave most of them the cold shoulder.

I just hope a viable candidate runs for Mayor next time (not Tony L., he has too much baggage) around. But who has the money to contend with someone willing to shell out over $200.000 to become mayor? Whoever that person is better start running now because name recognition is the only factor between now and then.


To ILikeMike,

MC makes the mayor look like the amatuer he is. Whether you disliked MC or liked him, at least you knew where you stood with him.

Of Course

Brick, just to let you know, MC is definitely in... Case in point.

MC is supposed to monitor OSPCD cash going to City projects. That particular bar on lower Broadway that was renovated by the Langston/Douglas outfit, Russell Disposal owner, was MC's watchdog. He was to ensure prevailing wages were being paid to the workers under Langston/Douglas.

You know what? Never happened. Langston/Douglas submits the wage sheet for prevailing wages and then goes to the carpenters union hall gets workers and doesn’t pay the prevailing wage, no one checks, wham bam thank you MC... One of my friends was such a carpenter and didn't want to make waves so he accepted what was given to him. Lots of condos going up if you know what I mean. He wanted to make sure if he said nothing, he may be asked again to work.

JN I use the contractors names only because it is of public record and it was posted on the facade of the building...

Steve Cockneck

OK. Let me begin. I'll start with a pro-Joe speaker. When I deal with the pro-Joe's I'll try to keep them in order of when they spoke.

1st up... Captain MD- Afte years of being anti-everybody, he finally sees his shot at the brass ring. Unfortuneately for him, the ring is on BB's finger. After years of badmouthing BB (and everybody else behind their backs) he's suddenly the trusted advisor who took over as the XO. He realizes that his competition is too great and likely would never be chief so he sold out for a shot to be a deputy chief. Word is that he's on suicide watch now because there aren't going to be any deputy chiefs. Once again, Joe and BB have failed to keep their word after getting what they want. Right now, MD looks like the most stupid person in the SPD. I bet he wishes for a do-over.
MD has had his share of problems in the SPD which include carving up everybody behind their backs.

File him under 'not ready for primetime.'

On our next episode I'll look at an alderman. If anyone wants to add or detract from what's here go right ahead.

Who's throwing those pies?

In the center ring we have MD, (almost Deputy MD)! So MD learned the hard way. Sold out his comrades for what? For shit, that's what! Next in ring number two we have CF (almost Deputy CF)! Sold out his comrades and got what? Shit, just like MD! And in the third ring we have BB! AKA "Slam Bam BB The Man"! Sold out his comrades and got what? A Pot of Gold, That's what! And in that pot of gold is Joey Boy! The Teflon Mayor! Why Teflon? Because you can turn up the heat, stir it around and slip slide away! Clean as a whistle! Now MD and CF are saying to each other, "Who was that masked man and Who's throwing those pies?"

Steve Cockneck

I'd like to tell the author of "Who's throwing those pies?" that that was the funniest thing I've read in a long time. It's a rare talent to be able to blend humuor and truth, but you have that talent. INSERT APPLAUSE HERE. How quickly they sell out. And for what? They are noe jockeying for title of most hated guy on the job.

After looking up and down the rogues gallery of potential chiefs (both now and future) I'm siding with Alderman Pero when he was quoted as saying the new chief MUST come from outside the department. However, he may change his mind ala Roche if a family member needs a job.

Goodbye for now, but watch out for the guy throwing the pies. Hilarious but true...

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