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November 02, 2005


Gerwitz sucks more than Jack

Let me just say that I have no love for Jack but he has been there through Davis Square's transformation. Gewertz is a "johnny come lately" trying to give a little more more control to all the wacko granola heads that have been infesting Davis Square. I might consider voting for her when she purchases a home in Ward 6 and becomes a little more stabilized. Where was she when the buildings behind the statue park were burned down and Davis Square was a shit hole. Where was Gerwitz before the Diesel Cafe was such a cool place for the lesbians to hang out. She's a fraud hanging onto lunatic Jehlen's coat tails. When she's campaigning with her clip board she acts like the nicest person in the world. When she's not trying to scam your vote she's rude, arrogant and stuck up and can't be bothered giving you the time of day. Jack sucks but Gerwertz sucks even more. Unfortunately I have no other choice than to vote for Jack.


Rude, arrogant and stuck up is a good way to describe Miss Gerwitz. I might add ridiculously shallow, condescending, elitist and aloof. But guess what? She's gonna have thousands of Mass Equality soft-$$$ and GOTV resources behind her. I wouldn't be surprised to see her win, which would suck for Ward 6 in my opinion. At the PDS night back in July she came across as not being the brightest light on the tree, showing the Pat Jehelen training she's had. So what did the "progressives" do? They boo'ed Jack and Tom T. and the others who MADE this place what it is for the blow-in progressives.
I wonder how she would have been in Davis Square 25 years ago when it was actually DIFFICULT to be an alderman there, with empty storefronts and full bar rooms, and they weren't her collegiate peers drinking and dealing and fighting in those bars either.
Sorry, but I know a phoney when I see one. I have to go with Jack. He saw the square through to being a vibrant place, and now he's being wrongly cast as "in the pockets of developers" for his efforts. A goddam shame if you ask me. These newbies don't even have a clue!!


Gerwertz is anotherone Tony the Phony is hiding behind. He pressures all of these puppets into running hoping that he will take over the city. Tony is a phony bastard with no balls. He has a small man's complex. My advice to him is be happy with life and don't try to be someone you are not. All Tony has been doing lately is embarassing himself and losing credibility. He should start being a man and stop acting like a jealous child. Tony, you lost the election. Move on and stop putting such a negative vibe throughout the city. All you do is go around bad mouthing everyone. You are losing friends fast. Stop before its too late.


Somerville's Top Ten Political Minor League Hacks:
1. Tom Bent-Tom plays holy roller on Sundays up at St. Catherine's but plays political whore the rest of the week. We're watching you and so is the man upstairs. When you start donating more to the church and less to the other hacks maybe then you'll be able to fool your way into heaven.
2. Rob McWaters- a well known hack but not a bad guy has been kissing ass for years. I wouldn't say this if I didn't think he was proud of it. Keep up the good work Roberto.
3. Jim Veneziano- This cigar smoking bag of wind has been breaking balls for decades in this fine city of ours. He almost hit the jackpot with Tony the Phony but if it wasn't for bad luck he would have no luck at all. Keep trying Jimbo. Maybe someday you'll pick the right side.
4. Matt Desmond- This wreckless driver from ward 3 thinks he has a get out of jail free card because his father is the wannabe mayor. Red means STOP Matthew. Become your own man and stop riding Daddy's coattails. We'd also like to congratualte Matt on finally receiving his GED.
5. Anthony Capobianco a/k/a Cappy-The current mayor's favorite uncle can't decide which side he's on. Drive down Cambria Street and it looks like the circus is in town. Tents in the backyard, signs all over the place. You can't play the game forever without it finally catching up to you. We love you best of all.
6. Lucy Warsh-This charming young lady who is employed in the mayor's office has recently been spotted enjoying libations at a romantic watering hole is Boston's Back Bay with the mayor's first cousin. I think she could probably do better than a Curtatone. Maybe its time for a promotion.
7. Mike Dukakis- this newly apointed advisor to the Mayor is back in action. Mayor Joe needs a little more help with the Green Line extension in order to compete with the likes of Lawrence Mortadella Head Paolella. Snoopy's back in town.
8. Maria Curtatone-Sister of the mayor and loose cannon attorney has done nothing to help her brother's cause. Facilitating million dollar real estate deals on Prospect Hill using her elderly mother as a guinea pig. As if the babysitting wasn't enough.
9. Erin Mackey- Recent Harvard grad turned failed campaign manager has been working hard in the Benton Road area trying to gain support for the upcoming State Rep race. Rumor has she knocked on Mr. Important's door and he kicked her off his property. Sorry Erin. Looks like Dad ruined it for you.
10. Ken Kelly-Fresh off the boat from County Claire, this Irish lad has had no problem at all weaseling his way into the Somerville political scene. It wasn't the Luck O' the Irish has won him a 2 am liquor license at most of his local gin mills. Sources say he was recently spotted kissing the arse of Melrose Mayor Robert Dolan while enjoying a nice slice of the famous Zazza. Sure beats kissing the Blarney Stone.

Maybe someday if they keep working hard they will make it to the bigs leagues with Boss Hog, John L and Ron Newman.


The endorsements are in, the candidates are still out there, and I'm all done with this except to vote on Tuesday. But, I will start the rest of my beloved bloggers on our own race to see who can accurately predict the outcomes. Ready, set, go.......

Contested races only. Based on a total of 12,000 votes cast citywide.

Ward Alderman

Ward 3 - Taylor
Ward 4 - Pero
Ward 5 - too close to call
Ward 6 - Connolly

Alderman at Large (alphabetically)


School Committee

Ward 5 - Neidergang
Ward 6 - Bockelman
Ward 7 - Rossetti

Re; thetruthwillsetyoufree

That was one of the most cogent, succinct, and timely blogs I've ever read (even if I didn't agree with ALL of them, but almost). Can you please update your post, is Erin Mackey running for State Rep or her father? She was one of the reasons (along with lardass Cathhy O'Dea of course) that her father lost the race and we got stuck with Comrade Jehlen. She was completely unable to run a campaign. If you doubt what I'm saying, ask anyone that volunteered. I wasted more time waiting for her tomake a plan than I did enacting the plan. Sorry Joe, but Erin (and Lardass Cathy) blew it for you. As for you thetruthwillsetyoufree, I'd like to hear more of your thoughts because you, my friend, are one enlightened individual. Thanks.


What I want to know is who will clean up all the litter on my street? Oh, wait...they are all Desmond lit pieces. Maybe someone should remind him that he is supposed to keep Somerville looking good, not making it trashy.


I hate all this Desmond trash!!!! He is not winning votes by doing this!


Alderman for sale -

Great idea! I agree with all your picks for the winners, with one change to the Aldermen at Large list (sticking with alpha. order):


Martinez & Provost should go on a long bike ride together and fade out somewhere in the sunset!

Martinez & Provost should go on a long bike ride together and fade out somewhere in the sunset! And make sure to take Gerwertz with them! They are all perfect examples of failed government! Instead of running for alderman all three should run for the new seat created by Senator Jehlen. "Keeper of the Granola crunchers"!


"are all perfect examples of failed government!"

Can you quantify this statement? If not, please refraing form making comments with no backbone. How can Martinez and Gerwitz be examples of failed gov't when they have never held and elected position? Please enlighten all of us with your great knowledge of Somerville politics.


The Truth Will Set You Free------- forgot to mention the Secret Squirel aka. Herbie Vargas. How come your just attacking ward 3 residents?


Response to "thetruthwillsetyufree"

not going there..... but the Rep. Special Election prelim is set for January 10, the final set for Febuary 7. Get ready for another round of "us against them"mentality.


When are nomination papers for the special election to be circulated?

Ron Newman

If those are the real dates, I wish any and all candidates the best of luck trying to get their messages out during the Christmas season.

Though it can't be any worse than trying to campaign in late August -- at least people will be home.


I will tell you all right now that a good indication of how someone is going to treat the city once they get into office is to check out where they live. For example, Jehlen's house on Dane Street is a disaster. It is an eyesore and brings down the neighborhood. The same goes for Provost's house on Albion Street and Martinez's house on Seven Pines. These people want to run the city when they can't even take care of their own property. It doesn't take money or skill to cut your grass, pull your weeds, clean up the trash in your front yard or do a little painting. It only takes PRIDE. If these PDS ultra liberal lunatics don't care about the homes where they rest their heads at night what do you think they are going to do to our city that we have worked so hard to improve over the last two decades. If we let them take control they are going to turn our fine city into a disgusting mess just like the shitholes where they live.

Clean up your mouth

I will tell you right now that a good indication of what campaing someone is "planted" from is to read their useless rants. When you just write insults with no substance you are doing a disservice to your candidate.


RE: Aldermanforsale

I thought that the date for the special election was not set yet. There are three open seats that have to be filled and also a Democratic Convention to organize for. I think that the leadership would wait till spring or early summer for the election. I do not think that that is necessaraly a good thing for the district, but I wouldn't be surprised if they wait till April.


Demo-rat(did you not "C" this?)

The powers on Beacon Hill do not necessarily consider what's good for the district when they set the dates for special elctions. Rather, it is usually set to favor their choice and to hurt the candidate they do not favor. Hence the squeeze play on Provost. The lack of time between the muni elections coupled with the fact it will be dead of winter and the crimp it puts on fundraising abilities, does not bode well for her in the normal scheme of things. She hasn't spent a lot of money on her Alderman-at-Large race however, so she does have that going for her. The almighty power players in this City will, I think, attempt to throw up some third tier candidate and try to galvanize an anti-Provost campaign. All will be for nothing. The only way the good Alderman can be beat for this seat is for an out of the blue candidate, but somewhat known in the city, with a lot money to step in. The power brokers will have to instruct their soldiers to lay down their arms for the greater good of the "party" and support that third party candidate to knock Provost off her feet.

Tony L is up to is up to his old dirty tricks

Here he goes again. Slanderous statements against the mayor and his constituents. Bashing members of ward 3. I hope that the voters can see through this. I noticed that you diddn't attack the vargas family or the clifford family. Its ok it wont be long before you and Helena G...... move out. Your days are numbered. Keep up the dirty politics and the personal attacks. SE LA VIE


Can someone explain this flyer that I found on my doorstep from Marty Martinez. It says that he was endorsed by this paper. I could have sworn he wasn't. Did this paper issue another endorsement that I'm not aware of or is this a fabricatiion by the Martinez campaign?

Obviously Marty Martinez is lying again and he's noting but a big fraud! I didn't see him endorsed b

Obviously Marty Martinez is lying again and he's noting but a big fraud! I didn't see him endorsed by any paper except by "Charmin"! That's because he's full of shit! Poor, failed government in the making like I said in my prior post! Just like a PDS member poor failed government!

Tony L. is on the LAMB

Pony up Tony... Pay your dept, lets not be like Frank the Pig. The last thing that you would want is a reputation for not paying your dept. What goes around comes around.

It's DEBT you idiot

You must work for the Dept. of Public Works because you have dept. on the brain. This means that you're a political hack so I'll let you got by saying that DEBT is when you owe someone something, DEPT. is where you work when you're a slacker and you couldn't get a real job so you paid a crooked politician and got the job.


Dazed and Confused.....

The November 2 edition of the Somerville News endorsed the following for Alderman at Large





As for Martinez lying, can't verify, haven't seen the piece in question.


I saw the Martinez lit piece. It does not say that the News endorsed him. It clearly states that the Journal, Jehlen, Sciortino, and Barrios endorsed him. If you read it without paying attention you could get the idea that the News endorsed him, but that would be a mistake by the reader. I still don't know if I will vote for him, but if bloggers here hate him this much...maybe he deserves my vote!

New "Progressives" ruin Somerville

Here's a list of candidates who are ruining the politics of Somerville:

Marty Martinez - He writes all these pro-homosexual works online, then refuses to talk about them in person. Yeah? Yeah. Washed down candidate with nothing to offer Somerville except for his own queerness

Mark Niedergang - This is a man who has no job. He has no job. He's a bum. He doesn't even know the schools in Somerville and he wants to break up the schools. What does that offer?

John L. Sullivan - Wow can you say "Big Tony's B!TCH?" absolutely because he IS!

Rebekah Gewirtz - Condescending just a little? Well she founded the PDS and you have Bockelman, Duverne, Paoella and Bauer. Coincidentally what are they? Why's she running against a guy who's done a great job for 20 years?

Let's move on to schools, it seems bloggers don't like them much, but they mean the future of Somerville and we're wasting huge tax dollars on them.

Let's talk Roberta Bauer - what a crazy b!tch she is. She and Carolyn Taylor tried to ban normal food from the schools. What sort of a lunatic does that?

Herby Duverne - Another candidate who has no ideas for anything? At least Mary Jo's done work in her years on the school committee.

Paul Bockelman - possibly the biggest @sshole in all Somerville. Pretends he's a nice guy, but in the end he's another condescending sh!t-talking son-of-a-b!tch who knocks on doors too much and sends too much campaign crap in the mail. I met him twice and he's clearly hiding alcoholism or something. This is one of those people who's clearly a compulsive liar and has one of the most annoying voices anyone's ever heard (no aldermen included). Nobody actually buy's this guy's "nice guy" facade because it's a load of bull. His kids are going to be the dykes, fags and tramps of tomorrow's generation and if elected to the school committee all our kids will be.
The same goes for Niedergang.

Here's another big thing; why did Adolf Jehlen endorse Bockelman? What the hell does a senator have to do with a local school committee race whose ward she's not even in? I can understand endorsing Martinez, but christ gimme a break.

Another person who's ruined Somerville politics: PAT JEHLEN! I don't even care if Bill White's a Republican, that doesn't mean he's a bad candidate for anything. Any real Liberal would know that.

Screw Somerville progressives, what have they done for us? They suck


Some of your points are valid.. I think the PDS people are useless. For once I know I am correct. Just look at who belongs to that group. Talk about condescending attitudes. These people think the laws apply to everyone else but them. In other words they think the S%!& ice-cream. However, you forgot to do an evaluation of the current administration. On Tuesday it is important to send the current administration a message. Vote/write in "Nobody" for Mayor. Also, for the ward5 voters it is important to vote John L Sullivan for Alderman Ward 5. His feet have been on the streets before he became a ward 5 candidate. Team Broadway (dig me) Joe and Sean O'no need to be dismantled.

Outside Persepective

Gee I think Tony L has received more press time than during his election. If this is the case, it clearly shows how much of a treat he is to someone on this site.

Tony threw this puppet in to help his chances in the next election. Tony L makes up these stories so all will follow. Tony L holds the strings on John L to speak through John's mouth.

The only strings that Tony L is holding are the ones to your jockstraps. Tightening them inch by inch with a right hand twist as he goes. He has you people thinking everything he wants you to think and you sputa it out on the site. And you know what, he's doing a great job of it through YOU.

That's a fine piece of work having your critics do all the work for you. It shows leadership, tenacity, stature, integrity and most of all, showmanship.

Yup, Tony L concocted all what you say he did and he did it in only 6 months. Almost like a campaign. It works fantastically. Tony L will not have to run in two more years, someone will be shaking that seat loose along with some others for a special within the next two years.

Reminisce and mark this page to be sure you heard it correctly. SPECIAL ELECTION.....
Coming to a City near you....


With all the talking going on here about who NOT to vote for (and I agree with almost all of it), let's not forget who TO vote for.

Bill White and Dennis Sullivan for AT LARGE. These two guys are, to me, like perfect bookends. Bill is smart, savvy, and doesn't take any bullshit. He is probably the most intelligent alderman I've seen in my lifetime.

Dennis is also smart and savvy, but more than that, he's a true REGULAR Somerville guy. He really does UNDERSTAND things and has a likeable way about him that you don't see much these days in politics. I agree with some of the other bloggers here who suggested he should run for Mayor.

With these two guys on the BOA, we can at least look forward to some intelligent, unbiased and thoughtful discussion free from undue outside influences. I'm going to bullet Dennis Sullivan and Bill White this time around and I hope they carry the day BIG TIME. Two steady riders that Somerville needs, ESPECIALLY NOW, amongst all these PDS plants who want to come in here and tell us THEIR best way to do things. I've HAD IT with these liberals. Instead I'm voting for two guys who know how things work, who know how to get people on board, and who actually GET THINGS DONE for the good of SOMERVILLE and who, at least, are FROM HERE!

New "Progressives" ruin Somerville

I agree with the last 3 posters (especially the last) except
Although it'd be nice to send a message... John L is a weirdo who is a puppet.
As to the second: I'm not Tony's puppet in anyone. I'm not a member of the PDS, therefore I pride myself in free thought and have the ability to do so.
The third; who not to vote for is just as important, especially in wards 6 and 5.
It's implied that NOT voting for those people would mean voting for their opponents, who are better, aren't MUDSLINGING and aren't complete A$$HOLES.



New Progressives Ruin Somerville!

I agree with some, not all, of what you rant about. There is one enormous ASSHOLE you forgot to include in your list. YOU!

While the candidates are fair game to slam, the rules in anyones book says don't ever go after their families. Remember that the next time you feel the urge to rant about why your life sucks. You DICKHEAD!


Who did the other paper endorse for Ward 5 School Committee? I heard it wasn't the incumbent but the "Mark" guy. If that's true, then the farm team editor needs a total lobotomy!

Just some random thoughts

Monday Morning Musings:
-The PDS have planted MANY candidates in this election, and they don't seem to be taking as much heat for it as Tony L. is (if he did indeed plant John L. - John L. has been involved in politics a long time, he isn't new to the game).
-It seems that there's a common link to the postings about many PDS candidates (from Martinez to Bockelman, Gewirtz to Niedergang) that they are arrogant, hypocritical, patronizing, etc.....hmmmmmm.
-Two candidates formerly worked for the city (Martinez and Niedergang) but don't say why they no longer do. I know that one of them was forced out for misappropriation of funds, I'm not sure about the other.
-Kudos to Foster (Ward 5)! She sent out a piece this weekend blasting Niedergang for going around saying she has no experience and she's too young.
-Did anyone see the piece from John L. Sullivan? Capuano has come out to publicly endorse him.........very interesting!


voting on Tuesday? Me too. Bill White, Dennis Sullivan, Bruce Desmond. One of the four suggested in the other papers endorsements for Ward 5 alderman. Can't decide on the School Comittee


Is Bill White handsome?

Marty Martinez hot?

Hmm, I don't know because their looks are not assessed in your descriptions.

Why then is it important to state that Kim Foster-Hirsch is "attractive"?

ward 5

I think you better take a look at puppets in the city! I think curtatone is O'Donovan's puppet! The mayor walking and standing to support him,thats great but don't you think he should be doing his job as mayor instead of trying/finding votes for Mr.OD!! come on Mr.Mayor i think you could find better things to do on a saturday not standing up Magoon square! One thing to support him but spending your entire saturday with Mr.O'D even a family day would be nice!!

somerville 47

I agree why is the mayor working so hard for O'D, is it becuz he knows that Sean will do whatever the mayor wants? He needs to keep his yes man on the board.

Change Ward 5

I agree with the above post. Vote White and Sullivan. Let's dismantle the PDS people. They can always move to Cambridge. If they truly where Yuppies (an outdated term - they are not young up-incoming professionals) Yes, it was nice to see the mailing of the former Mayor of Somerville with Mr. John L. Sullivan. It demonstrates his concern about the current administration. Let's get some new blood in Ward 5, O'd needs to move on to something bigger and better. Remember Sean O’s words, quoted in the Somerville Journal, two years ago “nobody is going to take our city.” They won’t have to take the city; it will be given to them. Remember it's "nobody" for Mayor!


I am voting for Charles "Chuck" Silari for Mayor. He is a good guy and has a good wife. She served me a great burger at Tavern on the water..

Mr. Magoone

'Twas the night before elections and all through the city,
The candidates were groveling, it wasn't very pretty,

The citizens are tired of all the baloney,
Should we vote for Nobody or Joe Curtatone?

O'D and John L. with their last minute pleas,
To voters of Ward 5, are down on their knees,

And what to my wandering eyes now align,
But Herbie and Stan STILL putting up signs,

The "progressives" are here, aren't we lucky tonight,
They'll change all our values and tell us what's right!

Gender confused and granola they crunch,
What did we do to warrent this bunch?

The moon on the breast of the city at night,
They come by bicycle, oh what a sight!

Ole Pat in lead, with latte's they came,
She whistled and shouted and called them by name,

"Now Mark, now Lawrence, now Denise and Marty,
On Rebekah, on Paul, go Progressive Party"

From the middle of Davis to Union they ride,
What's happened to this City that once had much pride,

So much has been written, so much has been said,
I've read and I've listened 'til I had pains in my head,

Who will we vote for? Are these candidates fit?
Or was I right all along? They're all full of shit.

Will the results be "progressive" or will Somerville stay,
A place that the 'Villens can live work and play?



As much as I admire your command of rythmic poetry, it's M-A-G-O-U-N !!!!! God-Damn it!!


and if the Somerville News will allow, I received today (November 7) an announcement from City Hall concerning the "new proposed plans" for the Revitalization of Magoun Square. The meeting will be held at the VNA Community Living Center on Lowell Street.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005, 6:30 P.M.

Any and all residents and businesses are welcome to attend.

Clear Picture

Come on folks. Why do you all think the Mayor is walking the streets with SOD? The Mayor needs to keep in check all the flip flops he has encountered over the past two years. He also needs to insure his plan of deception is going forward for another two years. How better to do this by trying to get his current soldiers re-elected. There is no why the ordinary voter is going to see this set-up. It is going to take all of you to help get the word out that new blood is need on the Hill and it starts with tomorrows election.

Tomorrow will be the darkest days of Joey's life. That is until the silver bracelets come into play.


When this is it. We can get out and vote for a city to be proud of or we can let the Progressive shit heads waltz in and take over. The PDS is in the process of ruining Somerville. Let's make sure we get out and vote. Tony L, you suck!!!!!!!!!!


This is what a Pat Jehlen City would look like if she wins for Mayor:

Mayor: Pat Jehlen

Chief of Staff: Rebecca Garbage Gerwitz

Treasurer: Dick Bauer, Husband of Roberta

Auditor: Herbie Vargas

Somerstat Chief: Lawrence Paoella

Rainbow Coalition: Marty Martinez

Solicitior: Carloyn Taylor

Director of Planning: Bill Shelton

Spokeswoman: Robert Reich

Party Chairman: Howard Dean

Police Chief: Kevin White

Fire Chief: Walter Cronkite

Parking Chief: Jimmy Veneziano

City Hall Greeter: Tony Lafuente and John L.

Bye, Bye, Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think people's brains are starting to melt down: Now we've got Tony Lafuente (a known Republican) and PDS plotting together?


I would not vote for Martinez simply because he is the most dishonest candidate in the city. He fails to tell people he is gay when he meets them at the senior citizens homes. He lies on his literature, AND he his such an idiot he has his mother record his phone calls because his voice is SOOOOOO gay people would puke when they answered their phones. MARTINEZ is going to be the downfall of this city if he get elected.

Good Luck Tomorrow Bill White (R)

Having a republican candidate or office holder is better than any one of those PDS people. I will be voting against every Progressive on the ballot. This group needs to be shown that they don't count. Go Bill White!

Keep America Clean

I agree to the above posts. Let's keep American values pure.

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