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November 02, 2005



Here is a little quote from an article on Martinez in the Bay Windows, which is a gay newspaper:
"The current composition of the 11 member Board of Aldermen doesn't reflect the diversity of the city, he contended: "There are nine white men and two white women. They are all heterosexual."

First of all why does this matter. Second, why hasn't he mentioned this concern throughout his campaign. Martinez, come clean. Is sexual orientation an issue or not.


You hateful homophobes are the real problem in America today. Our country was built on values of tolerance, justice and equality. Spewing the trash you speak puts you hateful people on par with the likes of Adolph Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. YOU and your hateful attitude towards anyone different than you will be the REAL downfall of America.

Plus, your homophobia comes from the fact that you're all so deeply closeted yourself that you don't know what to do.

REAL candidates

Let's talk about REAL and HONEST candidates:

Dennis Sullivan

Bill White

Mary Jo Rosetti

Jim Thomas

What has happened to Somerville when only four candidates can TRULY stick up for their beliefs, be independent and advocate for the right causes, as well as listen to everyone, especially those they represent?

Mock Around The Clock

My predictions:


Dennis Sullivan
Bill White
Denise Provost

Runners up:

Bruce Desmond

Ward 3
Tom Taylor

Ward 6
Jack Connolly/ by the skin of his teeth

Ward 5
Sean O'Donavan

Glines will put on a good 1st impression, along with Foster. Desmond better move back to Lowell. His career is done in Somerville. This will be the last year that connolly and Taylor remain in office. Taylor propbably could be re-elected, but I think that he has had enough. Connolly's days are numbered if he is lucky enough to make it past tommorrow.

Vote Sullivan ward5

Don't be giving Sean O the election so fast.
The last piece of Literature from John L. Sullivan was very well done. It was great to see former Mayor Capuano looking good! I have supported Sean O in all his past elections. However, Tuesday I will be changing my vote for change in the Ward 5 leadership to John L. Sullivan.

long time resident

The winners tuesday nite
in Order for Alderman at large
top vote getter Bill White
then Dennis Sullivan
then Bruce Desmond
last Denise Provost
Alderman Ward 3 ---Tom Taylor
Alderman Ward 5----Sean O"D
Alderman Ward 6----Jack Connelly
for mayor hopefully a lot of votes for "Nobody"
The PDS is a small wacked group that got together maybe 20-30 people maybe a little more.....thinking that they can get clout ....We in Somervllle have seen these kinds of groups many many times....come and know why?? cause there narrowed minded self centered and have a need to belong and can't do it anyother way.


I will be voting against every Progressive on the ballot. This group needs to be shown that they don't count. Go Bill White!

Thanks for the suggestion. I was going to give one of my votes to Bill White today, because he has a good reputation no one has a bad word to say about him, but after reading trash like this and "Keep America Pure" I couldn't stomach having my vote be read that way. So I bullet voted instead of giving my vote to White. Sorry Bill, you lost two votes from me and my roommate over this crap.

more bull

Please spare us the bullshit about changing your mind an voting against Bill White because you don't want your vote "read that way". Did you read what you wrote here? What a moron.


Well, I cast votes for Martinez, Provost... and Bill White. And Jim Thomas.

Let's see if you conspiracy theorists figure that one out.

Ron Newman

I hardly see a reason to punish Bill White for the words of some anonymous idiots who post here on his 'behalf'. I was happy to continue voting for Bill, as well as for Denise, Marty, and Rebekah.


No problem,,,,just gave a single to Bill. This makes up for the one he lost to the above post.

Grow up

"I would not vote for Martinez simply because he is the most dishonest candidate in the city. He fails to tell people he is gay when he meets them at the senior citizens homes."

Not identifying his sexuality when meeting people makes him dishonest? How is this relevant? Do you proclaim your sexuality everytime you meet someone?

If Martinez is elected as Alderman, will it turn you gay? You must be a really weak-willed person to have it frighten you so much. I hope you can resist the temptation if he does win...

Somerville has been changing, and new residents have just as much right to be represented as do the people who have been here all their lives. This is America, right?

Anyway, I voted for Connolly AND Martinez today. Imagine that?

There's lots of name-calling on this thread. I assume that those people can't vote, right? 'Cuz children can't vote.


Here's my theory as to why the mean-spirited chatter is lower than usual on this site today: the perps are all standing out holding signs today. (I won't venture to guess who, you guys can kick that around)Take that as you may.

James Norton

Hey Tricky -

You are so right. I was out earlier and saw so many Pod People and Zombies holding signs it was crazy. They love the anonymity of this weblog - they're scared little children working for the man and rarely, if ever, sign their own name to anything posted here.

Wow did you and I just agree on something? You see, progress can be made by eliminating the morons, or can it?

Chew on that you bloggerific person you.



JN, I don't have enough time or energy right now to address the importance of an informed and generally civil populace. I don't generally tolerate morons, and I suspect you don't either. The idiocy of some of the material on this thread is staggering.

- -

I think you might need to rethink this completely anonymous thing somehow. There's some downright libelous material thrown down on this thread (see how Bockelman got slammed), and I think that was one of reasons the old TownOnline board went down; people could just come slime and run.

I remember banging heads back in the days (always posting as "Tricky") regarding the prior occupant of the Ward 5 school committee seat and whether or not she was beholden to Stan Voldemort; whether or not Somerville would have a women's pro soccer team, all that nonsense. And it went mostly because of a few morons who couldn't play nice.

A couple of boards I frequent will allow you to log in under a username, posters can either be public or anonymous as long as they are logged in. I think the anonymity leads to a slighty more provocative discussion; without it this place will be as lively as "Letters to the Editor".

Only one username per person is allowed, and people crossing the line can be IP banned in perpetuity. There's some wiggle room allowed (moderate profanity is fine; refer to some female poster a c**t and you're out).

I'd be glad to try and hash this out (once I get an email address I'd be happy to let everyone dump on).

Barry Hart

Regarding the Nov. 07,2005 at 04:40 PM posting by joelynchinmagounsq- I have never read such a hate-filled,ignorant,bigoted,absurd rant.What racist enclave of blue-eyed fascists did you crawl out of?Those stereotypical slurs-"Gender confused and granola they crunch"-are so dated &infantile.I'd laugh but your comments are so despicable. With contempt,B. Hart.


Dear Mr. Hart,

This reply is sent without contempt. The post you refer to was not written by me. Rather it was posted by "Mr.Magoone". As the head of the Magoun Square Neighborhood Assn. for the past five years I find myself continually correcting folks who mispell the name. The subsequent post referring to the mispelling of the name was me as you can tell. Mr. Hart I assure you that I am neither hate-filled nor ignorant nor bigoted nor did I crawl out of a racist/fascist enclave.

I have been known however, to rant absurdly from time to time and I do have blue eyes.

I agreewithBarry

"Gender confused and granola they crunch"
I agree with Barry! These are by far the most despicable, hateful, racist, bigoted absurd,stereotypical words of a blue-eyed fascist I have ever heard. I would like to add that it was also detestable, vile, intolerable, xenophobic, narrow-minded, prejudiced, unfair, discriminatory, insular and just plain horrible.

Ron Newman

Gee, I'm a progressive, and I thought it was funny.

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