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November 02, 2005



"Like we said two years ago, we need responsible leaders on the Board of Aldermen and School Committee who will best serve our interests and work effectively with the Mayor to secure our future."

Then why'd they endorse Bockelman and Desmond?


What about ward 2, Can Rebekah run in Ward 2? We need some help over here!

Good Luck Steve

Good Luck Steve!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Steve when he knocked on my door on a rainy windy night. This guy really put in the work and I wish him the best.

Glines?  Are you kidding?

Does this endorsement of Steve Glines have anything to do with the advertising he does in your paper? Can I smell a conflict of interest? Glines is a carpetbagger who is trying to rise to prominence on the backs of the Sillari real estate holdings and their cash. I'm not falling for it. The last thing we need is another attorney on the city trough. Good call on Herbie Foster-Hirsch (oops, sorry Kim). We should be putting our efforts together to rid ourselves of Herbie rather than contemplating putting his progeny in City Hall in any capacity. Rumour has it that if she loses a hungry Stan Koty is going to eat her.

James Norton

Why address that comment to only to me and not the paper in general?
Do you honestly think you can go "toe to toe" with me on any issue, nevermind an issue you are so way off base on its ridiculous?

Okay - let me explain the process to you and anyone else out there in blogger land that doesn't already know...The Somerville News endorsements are done by a large group of people including the owners, publishers and some of the staff as a group. We actually vote on each person.

Advertising in the paper has absolutely nothing to do with the endorsements, because if that were true then two years ago, when Elio LoRusso paid for the back page of the paper, then we would have given our nod to him...and we didn't (Sorry Elio, it was a good example though).

Get a grip - there are plenty of people who advertise in the paper and have in the past and one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. You wish you knew what you were talking about.

The family name you mentioned is a nice family with wonderful people in it - and none of them are hack-job holding pod people like most of the zombies in this city. If you mention them again like that, I will unpublish the comments and ban you.

And just for good measure - if it were true about endorsing someone because they advertise in the paper - how would it be a "conflict of interest"?

It's a privately owned and operated paper you moron. Pick a subject that makes sense, please, for the love of all that is Holy. It's obvious you forgot your 6pm dose of Xanax and Lithium, so I'll let you back to it. Thanks for giving me something to spout off about - I've been trying to be a good boy and stay out of the fray on here.

Bill Ritchotte

Wow, thanks for the primer on who NOT to vote for. Maybe someday when you "middle of the road","centrist", "wishy washy" whatever it is you call yourselves, choose a conviction, any conviction and run with it, you'll have a more convincing slate of candidates to endorse. I'm heading over to the Martinez campaign website to make a donation.

Bill Ritchotte
Heath Street
(No, I did not attend Somerville High...Does that make me ineligible for office?)

James Norton

Hey Bill -

What paper did you read that said we called ourselves "middle of the road"?

Have you been taking your daily dose of Haldol? Where do you get the idea that we have flip-flopped on anything we have said? Where did we say you had to attend Somerville High School to run for office? That's ridiculous. Maybe you were reading some other publication, foolishly. If you're going to bother plugging yourself in long enough to type 80 or so words, why not choose to write something that has a point to it.

Oh wait, I figured it out - you're just another "plant" - you know, another campaign bullshitter who can't disguise him/her/itself and be subtle about it.

And you'll retort and say you're not a plant. Well boo-friggin-hoo. If you weren't a plant, then you should have been helping Marty all along, instead of finding Jesus 6 days before election day, because it doesn't matter how much money (if that's what kind of donation you actually meant) you throw at him at this late date.

Chew on that.


Bill, why don't you spend money on a candidate that has a shot at winning and isn't part of the phony "progressive" party? (that isn't intended at the PDS, rather Somerville's false progressives who don't create progress, some of which are in the PDS such as the two school committee candidates in wards 5 and 6, others of which are not).
Way to go by the News for endorsing Rosetti and Foster like they should.
People should focus on who can actually bring about the best progress, not what party they're from or how "progressive" they are. Bill White is a classic example of this, he's the best candidate for alderman at-large (arguably of course, but let's assume for these purposes), he is a Republican, which I personally do not agree with, but it is impossible to deny that Bill White has done more to progress Somerville and Somerville's politics than any other candidate in recent years, his hard work and leadership has brought undeniable progress. Isn't that progressive too?

Bill R itchotte

Easy there, my friend...80 words is all you are worth. A a local city election? I was only paraphrasing your well written endosment and I am sorry for mocking it. You're right, and I took my meds - I just wanted to thank you for helping me out. You are so make me complete


(p.s like most people, I love your writing - please keep it up. you are so funny)

The progressive's holiday song!

Dashing through Davis Square, on a one seat open bike, all the cafes we go, shitkicking with all the dikes, bells of progressives ring, making Jehlen's day, what fun it is to bitch and moan and hacking all the way, OH Hack,hack,hack hack,hack,hack hacking all the way! Oh what fun, it is to ride and sing , on a hacks shirt tails to,day!


P-D-S, P-D-S, PD's all the way,
they'll cheat and lie and if they don't win
at least they'll say they tried, hey!

Take care comb your hair

Great endorsements.... Especially Glines. I met him while visiting my Grandmother at Ciampa Manor. They all loved him and I noticed how he talked to them he really seemed interested. But you know what I am getting a little tired of some people's act so I hope there is a shake up and Glines is in.... Provost can move on. Let her move to the basement of the State House. Ooops was that a secret she is running isn't she... Oh yeah, I forgot for BOA... Nothing against Bill White but enough already how smart he is. If he was so smart he would have run as an Independent and kicked the snot out of Pat Mayhem


The way the "Progressive" Democrats of Somerville are manifesting elections reminds of me of the German League of Nazi's.

As a person who considers himself a progressive, I am absolutely ashamed to be associated by name with these fakes. They do not represent a true progressive agenda, and look at the people they've endorsed. Other than two incumbants and Gewirtz I can't see anyone who can actually bring progress to Somerville which the PDS have endorsed, especially when we're talking about our school systems.

Could the PDS be the next Nazi party?
I'm only waiting for them to kill Santa Claus, have Santa endorse their candidate and ask "Do you remember when you had Christmas? Did you feel loved, and like you got all the presents you wanted? Well we want to build a sense of rich middle-class white people's community (others are allowed if they seem white) and make ALL the children in Somerville enjoy Christmas. Especially the Jews, Muslims and athiests."

Ron Newman

What the f*ck?! Comparing PDS to Nazis? It's one thing to disagree with an organization, quite another to claim they are potential murderers.


I should hope they're definately not murderers.
Potential Fascists: Definately.


I think Denise Provost has been a great alderman and with such a crowded field, I will have to bullet her; although I like Bill White a lot too. Denise regularly offers information to people on her email list that we don't get the "farm team" rag or your wonderfully written and informative paper. She regularly updates residents about meetings she has attended and information she has gotten for us. She is a great alderman and deserves a vote.


newmie - you almost swore! i bet norton would have allowed it just to see the word related to your name...i personally laughed at the nazi comparison. lady death did, if you recall ronny baby, say she was a yellow dog democrat - which is about as radical as you can get. and maybe not all that different from the radical views of the nazi party (aside from the killing part)
personally i could half a shit about the school committee - why dont they all just run for those whackbag seats...since education reform, school committees dont have any power, so let them fester there i say! what else can make you mad enough to almost curse you crazy little ruskie.


Just finished re-reading the endorsements. Had to make sure I read the Ward Five Alderman piece correctly.

Anyone at the Somerville News have any extra Haldol? At the very least, anyone know a good moving company?

Dissappointed with White

I just want to say that I am very disappointed with Bill White!!! He let us down in the Senate Race by not campaigning until it was too late and now I read the Farm team paper this morning and He did not spend a dime on this election. Is he just done with politics. YOU LOST MY VOTE BILL!!!

Ron Newman

Why is that a reason to vote against Bill White?

I don't think he could have won against Pat Jehlen no matter how hard he tried or how much money he spent. But he is an excellent Alderman-at-Large, and one of the two smartest people on the board (the other being Denise Provost). Vote for or against him on his record as an Alderman, not on the basis of his Senate campaign.


Anyone who makes Nazi comparisons here needs to study Godwin's Law:
"'As [an online] discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.' There is a tradition in many groups that, once this occurs, that thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress."


i'll hold my breath but im voting for tommy t anyone see larry come unglued on scat last nite? guy comes in and puts his bumper sticker on the desk so the camera can see it and as soon as the guy running the show started asking him questions he starts flipping out about needing more taxes and how malls are no good. Sorry, but i like to shop at christmas tree.


Ronny I think a lot of people feel they have helped out and supported Bill in the past and they might be a little upset that he does not give it his all.


Personally I don't care that Bill White doesn't annoy everybody with door knocking. He is, hands down, the most capable and savvy person on the BOA at this time. I care more about his performance in the body politic, which has been exemplary and effective, than his performance in front of a crowd or on my front porch, or what he puts in his mailings. It's worth it just to see him in action! One of my favorites was during a discussion a few years ago when one of the Ward aldermen was spouting off about this and that and then mentioned the word "ethics". Bill reared up and said "With all due respect, you wouldn't know ethics if it hit you in the face!!! Bill White is the real deal and I don't care what party he's from.
With that said, Newman's right. He probably couldn't have defeated Jehlen without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars; and besides, that's not what Bill White is about. He's about getting the job done. I've never asked him for anything, other than to represent me to the best of his ability, and he always has. When I watch the alderman's meetings and some issue du-jours is being "debated", there are two people I wait to hear from: Bill White and Denise Provost. I admire Denise's intellect, but her delivery and political skill are lacking and therefore I don't vote for her. Bill White has gotten my bullet every election he's run in, and will do so once again this Tuesday. I hope he gets re-elected.


I think the endorsements made by the news were good, informative, and right on the mark. Saying that my favortie Alderman are Bill White & Dennis Sullivan both for differant reasons. There both honest, dependable and smart on the issues that affect us. White doesn't campaign like Sullivan and that's ok, I'll vote Bill & Dennis everytime and I don't care if they knock on my door or not. To bad our Mayor can't be more like Bill & Dennis, everyone should vote "Nobody" for Mayor or write in White or Sullivan either way lets send a message to the mob at city hall. Especially the Cathy O'Dea class of incompetent Mayors aides.


For Ward 5 Alderman, I would definitely go for Sean O’Donovan. I do not think his opponent, John L. Sullivan, is a good choice. He showed his style and skills, for what they’re worth, in a long series of meetings about the renovation and future use of the Armory by its new owner. What he might have called “protecting the neighborhood” looked to others more like “trying to whomp up opposition to the project for (whatever) reasons of his own”. On at least two issues I suspect he opposed good solutions to problems because he didn’t really want the problems solved. Anyway, at the end he failed to gather more than a very small amount of support for his positions, and, perhaps knowing that he’d lost, he did not show up for either the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals meetings.

In contrast, Sean O’Donovan helped pull important community meetings together while staying out of the way so that neighbors and citizens could hear each other out. In effect, he facilitated putting an end to the earlier negative, unproductive, and seemingly endless pattern of pointless meetings and replaced it with a skillfully mediated and open process that worked to the satisfaction of the vast majority.

somerville 50

Once again the facts are wrong on the Armory issue. John helped lead the group to a sucessful negotitaion on the first special permit granted last November. It was only on the developers request for amendments to that special permit that the city got involved. Sean stated at the ZBA meeting that he has been working for over two years with this developer and the arts community on this project. Notice that he did not include the neighbors in any dicussions. He never gave the neighbors the benefit of being involved from the being which is part of his job. He also stated he asked Tony L if he wanted a community meeting! Why did he ask him, because he showed up at a couple of meeting? Good move Sean make the guy feel like he so important no one can make a move without his ok.
The Bottom line is the alderman did a half assed job and didn't contact the people who were at all the meetings he wanted the Armory project done and was willing to override his constituents concerns.The blame for the problems with Armory process are not John's but the ward alderman who sat back and did not get involved until the last minute.


I am going to give Glines a bullet. He seems to be the only one out there working his ass off without the help of a big machine and agenda behind him.
1. Desmond has done nothing. I started to see a few signs go up recently but that's about it.
2. White might be a smart guy but he hasn't spent a cent on his campaign which means to me he doesn't really want the job.
2. Sullivan seems like a guy you could drink a few beers with an have a laugh but he is definitely not the brightest bulb in the city.
3. Maybe I would vote for Provost if I lived on Mars, butI don't so she's not getting my vote.
4. Martinez is being supported heavily by the PDS and has his own selfish agenda regarding gay issues. I personally don't think he is a very honest person. If you check out his articles on the Bay Windows website all he talks about is how he wants to do more for the gays, bisexuals and transgendered residents of Somerville. When he is campaigning in Somerville he makes no mention of these issues. He shouldn't pick and choose the issues depending on the audience. He doesn't seem very genuine to me.
5. Foster-Hirsch is definitely not getting my vote knowing about her father's past and her allegience to Stan "Boss Hog". Rumor has it her father has been running around town telling everyone how much money he has invested in her campaign. Kim needs to become a little more independent and mature before she earns my vote.

I don't know Glines personally but he seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and is working hard. I'm willing to give him chance.

Glines with Curatonie?

Is Glines a Curatonie insert? Remember to vote for "Nobdy" for Mayor November 8.

Curtaboloney Homey

Glines stopped by my house on Westwood road and he is smart, young intelligent man. He's got my vote but none for Curtaboloney......

Buch of fakers

Come on everyone, We all know how this will play out. Glines is a great guy, he's very bright and ambitous, I have met him and I can attest BUT he doesn't have the big machines or PDS whack job androids on his side so he is probably out of luck. I'll tell you what. He's the only one of these candidates that seems to be genuinely concerned. I'm giving him my vote. Good luck Steve!!!


I am voting for theo epstein for mayor of about everyone else?

alderman at large picks

I think that Bruce Desmond has done alot for the youth in this city. Therefore he's got my vote.

I think that Dennis Sullivan is a nice guy who will do what he can for his constituants. Therefore he's got my vote.

I think that Steve Glines is very energetic and truly cares about the city. He appears to be very genuine. Therefore, he's got my vote.

I think that Denise Provost has continuously opened the doors for discussion regarding many issues concerining Somerville. Therefore, she's got my vote.

Ron Newman

I just got home and looked in my mailbox, and there was a Bill White postcard in it. So it's not true that he has no campaign or is not spending any money.

The postcard has a web address on it too, but the editors here tend to delete comments that contain links to campaigns. So I won't post the URL here.

This alone is enough reason for me to support him: "Bill White authored the Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sue the State if it failed to honor its commitment to build the Green Line Extension. Thereafter, the State agreed to go forward with the Green Line."

LA LA LAFUENTE----fraud graphics----broken promises!

Apparently Tony the phoney doesn't have the courage to show his face at the weekly luncheon. After stabbing several of his formner supporters in the back, he appears to be lacking integrity.

Por ejeamplor #1 "Senior Importante" was beat for several thousand dollars in cashish. Tony The Phoney was selling jobs before the election. Dont count your chickens before the hatch.

Por ejemplor #2 Puppet John L was placed in the race so Tony could get a chance to walk the streets of ward 5.. and promote his own agenda. I wish that John L could see through this shady goose! He set you up!

Por ejemplor #3 As we all know a certain flag pole is missing on a very extiguished gentlemans lawn. Broken promises that were made for more cashish.

Por ejemplor #4 FEDS FEDS FEDS--- he sounds like the portuguese Paul Revere. Were still waiting Tony! Where are all of thease indictments and investigations that you were tawking about?

Por ejemplor #5
When is he going to pay his outstanding bills to hard working businesman like creative signs on broadway. Pay your dept. Dont think we dont know.

We all want to thank him for entertainment that he has brought us in the past few years. We have all found it very comical and can only hope that you will continue to bring us to Atascas Restaurante for fine wine and Chaurice.. I enjoyed it in the past and will continue to enjoy it in the future-- with or without u!

vote Nobody or Theo on Tuesday for Mayor

Finally,,,, a Curtatonie supporter who knows how to post on a web site. Congratulations! You must be his sister. Seems like she's the only one that remains (rumor has it that relationship may have problems).

Leave family out of it

Leave family out of it you idiot! Stiffing Joe is one thing. Putting your nose in family matters is another and no business of yours!

I don't think Tony L would renege on a flag pole.

I don't think Tony L would renege on a flag pole. Maybe that Fat shit Frank ate the flag pole!


Here's one thing I'll say for Joe Curtatone - At least he's not part of the PDS!


Sounds like the rumor is true. Thanks for the verification. I agree he's not part of the PDS.

Joe for lunch!

If he was a PDS, Fat Frank would probably eat him too!

question on fat

Who is Fat Frank/ I am getting all the fat people in the administration confused.


Fat Frank is Frank The Skipper, Santangelo. He's a hard worker...

No, No! Fat Frank is Frank P the double-sized attorney

No, No! Fat Frank is Frank P the double-sized attorney/ slumlord with the reserved seat at Mike's Restaurant!

Herb Vargas

Rumor has it that local activist Herb Vargas has had a change of heart and is in support of Mayor Joe Curtatone's handle of the city for the past two years! My how times change!


When are people going to stop praising Connolly for things he did 20 years ago? He's the reason term limits are a good idea. Yes, he helped develop Davis Sq, as a member of THE DAVIS SQUARE TASK FORCE. This is not an Alderman's position. What has he done as an Alderman lately? Fix taxes? nope...fix schools? nope...fix traffic? nope...speed up development at Assembly Square? nope...

You criticize Gewirtz for being "light" on the issues. Take a look at their websites. Atleast she talks about some issues. All Jack's website has is a picture of Porter Sq labeled Davis Sq.

Hey Somermom, you sound like an ingrate, a plant, and a shithead!

Hey Somermom, you sound like an ingrate, a plant, and a shithead! Connolly did a lot for Somerville then and now! Open your eyes and look around! It looks great! proberly the reason why you stayed around for so long!

Connolly Schmonnolly

Hmmn, and how much of that was Connolly? Not much. He's a bit of a lame duck now. Gewirtz at least isn't afraid of tackling some issues. She's the only PDS person in Ward 6 worth voting for.

I have to agree with somermom

Ya, sounds like the haters are our tonight!

Ya, sounds like the haters are our tonight! They always seem to try to paint a picture that their candidate is here to save the world! Sorry to bust your bubble you yahoo's! But like the prior post read: If it wasn't such a nice place you Yahoo's wouldn't have moved in! Just thank Jack Connolly for paving the way via making Somerville a better place to live in. So why don't you just peddle your bicycles through the square and go make out on the bike path with each other! Oh by the way try to opposite sex once in a while you might like it!

A bit over the top but so true! Sorry!

A bit over the top but so true! Sorry!

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