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October 26, 2005


Someone Hit Nail on the Head

Yes, it was rumored and now it is factual. Jimmy Hyde and Gerry Reardon did resign and are now among the rank and file. There was a condition in having Reardon step aside though. It seems, someone had made a statement that there "could be TWO" Sargent promotions if the latter of the two officers resigning doesn't cause any waves. If he did, which means if he didn't resign and became President of the Union, there would only be one promotion. Well, we got our answer didn't we.

Jack Leutcher will more than likely take the reigns and slip into the Presidents slot with this Administrations cringing. We all know there is no love loss between Jack, the Chief and his Honor. Nope, sparks will fly.

But do you see how this Administration manipulates to get what they want. They dangle peoples livelihoods by a string and say, "You better do this or else". Is this the Administration you all voted for? If it is, that's a sad situation…


I didn't vote for this dictator!
He thinks he's running an island 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

Spell Check

I agree,it's not the administration I voted. But more importantly, it's SERGEANT you retard. Apparently you're not on the list.

A real cop in a real city!

You bunch of clowns wouldn't last a day on our department. You guys in Somerville are nothing but a bunch of run down sloppy frigin crybabies always looking to scam someone of just scam the system itself! For Gods sake just do you job that you get paid to do! "To protect and to serve" means shit to you clowns! Your all a disgrace! For your elected officials down to you strokers in blue!

A real sad story in Somerville!

This goes out to the author " A real cop in a real city!" You making this kind of comment in our city on our local paper's web site! How dare you! But then again it's so true! We are only as good as our leaders that we serve under. For our leaders have let us down and they have broken our will! From our Elected Dictator down to our backstabbing comrades it is all true. Its every man for himself! A bunch of wiesel's! The power and temptation of greed and power have overtaken our elected officials of our once fine city and our personnel of our once finest police department. How True it is! This is a real say day for Somerville!

FOR SALE: One five mile parcle of land situated between Boston, Cambridge, Charstown and Medford

FOR SALE: One five mile parcle of land situated between Boston, Cambridge, Charstown and Medford. Comes with a police station that needs rebuilding. A city hall that is disfunctional. Four 2:00am liquer licences. A boat storage facility that is completely a secret. New green city trucks that are slightly used. A half built shopping strip mall. An outdoor cafe with outdoor tables. Pleanty of bars, liquer stores and gangs available all night long. Serious nquireies only! CALL (617)-625-6600


I hope everyone involved is proud of what they did to our city's reputation. Things were better when Gene Brune and Mike Capuano were mayor. You never saw this shit happening! Within the last four years this city fell apart with the help of the two hacks that were elected mayor. One worst than the other. But our most recent one more of a sneak! He has also shaped his followers that work below him to be at his similar level type, below scum level that is! The street thieves are all sitting back watching and laughing at our police department as it falls apart more and more everyday letting thieves get away clean with their crimes unsolved because our officers just don't care, depressed and no will to perform. It's like living on The Planet of the Apes! Finding The Somerville Prospect Hill Tower Castle half buried under the sand! POOR LEADERSHIP! It starts up top and works it's way down stream as you can tell!.

you need help

The previous emails were written by a select few lazy no-good officers. Of course, you didn't vote for the current administration - YOU DON'T LIVE IN SOMERVILLE. You had it so good under McLean and could do whatever you want. Now, with Curtatone and Bradley you are forced to actually be police officers and work. Leutcher is an idiot... he is going to make us look even worse. We bitched for 3 years for a new chief, new cars, new guns, training, promotions and a new station. We have received everything but the new station. Curtatone is the ONLY Mayor to even begin the process of getting a new building but you retards think it happens overnight. When you are sleeping in the sub-stations next year instead of at Dilboy or at NSTAR then let's hear the complaints - because you know there will be some you CAN'T be happy.

You Need Help is one of the collaborators

This is the same clown who posted "Get the Facts" in the cooments section of Newstalk for Wednesday October 19th 2005. he was bitch slapped there by "Get the Facts is the Landlord at House of Hate" because he is a conniving,lying piece of crap. Check it out, I wouldn't lie unlike this dope. Let's look at what he says and then compare it with the truth, some of which is clearly printed in the pages of this paper.

1. First, I agree with you. Leutcher is an idiot. But being an idiot isn't a character flaw like, say, being a collaborator such as yourself. The fact is that over 90% of the Patrolmans Union supports Leutcher. You wouldn't know because you're not a member of that Union. Rather you are a fat cat who sold your own union out to get promoted. Regardless, wait until you see what that idiot Leutcher does to Joe. I hope Joe doesn't ever seek a higher office in this state because Leutcher will be there to haunt him. Leutcher will portray him as the anti-union Democrat and get every union in this state to tank Joe. Leutcher is Joe's iceberg and it might not happen immediately but he will sink Joe.

2. You say we bitched about getting a new Chief for 3 years and now that we have one we're not happy. Untrue again. There is no new Chief, only an Acting Chief. No offense to Bradley, but he could be swept from that position the second the job is taken from Civil Service. This is a likely scenario given Joe's track record of using and discarding people. McClean was undermined by a bad economy in Administration 1 and abused by a meglomaniac in Administration 2. And no matter how good some people had it under McClean, it wasn't everybody and it wasn't nearly as good as you have it now, Goodtime.

3. New cars. New cars are bought all the time and they were bought under McClean. That's a smokescreeen on your part, and a poor one at that.

4. Guns and vests. Majority of the money comes from federal grants. Where were these grants during Joe's 1st 2 years? Didn't his grantwriters get paid then? Officer safety was at risk and you're not outraged? Well, you're getting rewarded for wearing blinders and you never did any police work here anway so you were never at risk... so what would you care? The city had to approve the switch to the new guns and they waited two years to do so and NOW you want to reward them?

5. Hiring new officers? These new hires won't even cover the next years of retirements not to mention the 30 bodies we've lost int he past few years and you know that. The citizens are getting screwed on their tax dollars while Joe says that he's going to put more cops on the street. It hasn't happend. It won't happen.

6. Promotions? Where? When? And other than cronies such as yourself, whom? As you stated in "Get the facts" the Mayor never promised that he would make promotions, specifically to Captain. Again, you lie.

7. The new station. Joe was on record IN THIS PAPER as saying there was no problem with the building. He said as much during a tour of the building, you know, the one which he left coughing said "I don't know how you can work here." Have him work here for a few weeks and see how he feels.

8. Training. Only for a select few or for the new guns, again using grant money.

Instead of dropping names and attacking your "fellow" officers, why don't you stand up for the greater good of the department. Would you eat your young to get promoted?

Stop telling lies and start solving problems.

you need help

Listen, don't be so sure you know who I am. I do know who you are though. The fact remains the Somerville Police Department has zero public support. Your continued lies and delusions are just making it worse. You, like your other little friends, just do not want to work. It's 10:40 now so I will let you go back to sleep... I mean work.

To A Real Cop In A Real City

OK young lady, maybe you could tell us what city that is so we can use it as a role model. Be a real cop and let us know where you're from. Better yet, why don't you come to the station and let us know in person. You better bring a football helmet because you're going to get your lights knocked out. Thanks for your input miss.

Who's LT Potatohead?

Can anyone give me some input on Lt Potatohead? What's the knock knock joke about? Who is this guy and why is he so unpopular?

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