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October 18, 2005


jesus christ

This arrest means nothin in the grand scheme of everything. Jason Cutter, while probably guilty of these crimes, is just a scapegoat for the police to prove that they have control over the situation. The reality is the anger in these kids' hearts has been brewing for years and it will not go away. the city can paint over the graffiti, but they can't wash over the greater issue that is gentrification.
So continue to ignore the problems of the real Somerville. Label the way people feel "hate speech" and "ignorance." Maybe that is what it is. But it is the way a very volatile group feels. The reaction from the city, so quick to stop tagging but lethargic to solve the city's drug problems, only solidifies their opinion

Ron Newman

Jason Cutter shows up in this article published 8 months ago:

Jason Cutter, 19, spoke during the open-mike period and called on adults and the Somerville Police Department to better protect teens.

"You guys aren't worried about our safety," said Cutter. "You're worried about your safety, college kids' safety, people with money's safety ... You're sitting there with your money and your good lives. You're not the ones who are losing friends every day."


So, what is the solution to these kids' problems? What can the city do to solve Somerville's drug problems that it isn't doing?

Respecting their feelings is the first step, sure, but there's much more to be done. I want to know what constructive solutions people have, not just more genteel Yuppie-bashing that doesn't change their lives one bit.


I think one constructive thing we adults can do for kids at risk is to get rid of some of these elected officials that foster this feeling of "us against them". If you are planning to vote on November 8th, take a good hard look at some of the candidates and their public statements and see if they are part of the problem. "Nobody's gonna take this town away from us." Does that sound like someone who's setting a great example for someone like young Mr. Cutter?

Adolescents and teenagers are influenced by what they hear at home, school and in the media. Think about it. We can't tell parents how to raise their kids, teachers and the school system can only guide. But elected officials that spout this kind of crap should be shown the door. The power is yours on November 8.

Aldermanforsale is is one of those "Progressives"

Yeah, like we can't see through this thinly-veiled shot at the longtime residents of the City from a so-called "Progressive Democrat." Everybody knows that "Prgressives" are simply social agenda driven liberals who could care less about the working class families of this city, of which there are still many left. We're on to you and we're going to vote against all of the "Progressive" losers on the ballot.

bob dylan

Thank you for that last post. Stop trying to make our lives a political issue. As if you care about what happens to us or what we care about! You think our problems are spurned from our personal ignorance. But the truth of the matter is you want political power so you can push your petty and inconsequencial agendas onto the masses. You don't care about where I wil live in 10 years, you don't care if our friends die of overdoses. but you presume to know what is best for us. Bottom line: you are a threat to my existance in my city. that is what this is about. Survival.


You are absolutely correct, it is about survival. And the choice is yours. You are not correct in assuming that I am one of the "progressives". Like you, or maybe not since you did'nt say you were born here, I grew up in Somerville when it was a hell of a lot more dangerous than now. But when the time came, I got out, got an education, and made some money. Some of my friends chose not to leave, travelled a different path and now 8 of them are dead. Care to take a stab at how they died?

Like I said,younger humans learn from watching and listening to older humans and now from the ever present media. If you think some of these elected officials give a shit about you, think again. If I grew up in this City and made it, you can too. I'm just glad there weren't bonehead politicians that got in my way with crap like "it's us against them".

sure buddy

sure buddy. why is it every time someone says something to these dudes they always happen to have this rough life? We know what you are, guy. you knowing people who died means noting to me, if it is even true.
I don't know what that other dude was saying, but I don't think any of them give any shit about us. but the yuppies really don't give a shit. because it doesn't affect them. they think they care because they make donations to whatever, but it is to make there bleedin hearts feel better.
When I vote, I'll vote for a local guy, because when they're gone, so are we.

newer renter

Just because this is a personal issue does not mean that it is not also a political issue. Ironically, the "progressive democrats" get clumped in with, or identified as "yuppies" even though, according to what I've read from them, their biggest agenda is more affordable housing, rather than more expensive condos.

It is unfortunate that instead of looking for solutions, many are voicing bigotry; and the bigotry isn't justified by pointing out another problem. I can't believe that xenophobia is a justifiable answer, even though my alderman sent a campaign flier recently urging me to vote for him because he is a lifelong resident (which sounds a lot like "we don't want you here.")

I am not a lifelong resident to the city or the region. That doesn't mean I'm wealthy (by local standards I am poor) or that I want to force other working class people from their homes. I'm a renter who hapened to find a rare good deal in Somerville, and I'm very much concerned about housing prices. So I find it insulting when I hear others, especially city officials, obscure the points of a necessary discussion by talking mainly in terms of "old Somerville" versus "new Somerville."

Daniel Mclaughlin

I'm a life long Somerville resident, and I'd like to invite anybody that is interested to join are newly founded group Save Our Somerville Inc.SOS for a meeting about these subjects and more. October 29th 165 Broadway 1pm Teen Empowerment center.All are welcome new and old Somerville residents


What a typical response from all sides of every argument. People get at each other's throats, then a voice of reason chimes in and says let's do something about it together. The response: silence. People would rather complain and do nothing than try to create something new and possibly succeed.
If any of you actually care about what is happening in our city outside of petty politics and divisiveness, go to that meeting. I know I'll be there.

Yorktown Street

"Typical," you're assuming that people communicate only through this site! I know I wrote to Danny McLaughlin at his own e-mail address. I hope others have done the same.


I commend the McLaughlin boys for doing something to help solve a problem regarding the young adults of Somerville. The age group of 16 to 24, particularly males, has always been a time of unrest especially in the city. Most of the young adults of this age, who are not in school, don't have good jobs or have no jobs at all. They don't see a bright future for themselves and now see their friends and neighbors displaced by students from affluent families and young professionals who are making a good living. This only makes them feel worse about themselves and many have turned taking drugs and selling drugs. On top of this they have had to deal with the tragic deaths of at least a dozen of their friends in the past four years. Do we adults really know how this has affected these young men and women? I don't have the answers but most of these kids are good kids from good families who are currently on the edge of destroying their lives. Serious attention needs to be paid to this situation. Thank you and good luck Matt and Dan.


all i have to really say is thing like this make me so mad, i agree with other comments. people dont know how we feel we are angry. we're angry because over the past years we've watched our friends family and other kids just die and nothing is done. its a sick repeating cycle that most cops are doing nothing about and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. now you add "yuppies" into it too. i dont have anything against the people moving here but i am against the fact that the money for houses are going up and all our neighbors who dont have the money to rent are being chased out of there own home it is truely sick. the city thinks it can get better by removing all of our friends and families who are "troublemakers" and just replace them with these new people. How about instead of trying to replace us you try and help us, we're just kids, we're just upset, and we just want people to hear what we have to say about whats going on.


wow. i'm sorry some of you are too ignorant and illiterate to know the difference between a progressive and a yuppie.

political progressives(for those too stupid to get it) tend to fight for things like affordable housing, free health care, better public schools, and the ceasation of wars(which hurt people without any money the worst). MOst the ones I know are desparately poor- because they will not work for corporations who cause harms like child labor, tyrannical governments, poisoned food, and cultural destruction. instead they slave away in locally owned businesses who can't afford health insurance and the like. most of the proggressives i know who could even afford to go to college did it a long time ago, before it got so unbelievably, cripplingly expensive. they also often don't have cars, because cars screw up the environment and cause wars.

any of you do anything like that for the sake of your beliefs? of yeah, i forgot- you're illiterate and probably only "believe" what you see on television!

course, i don't think they do enough-so i'm an anarchist. but who do you think is more on your side- progresives or machine politicians? oh you are such fools!

A yuppie does not give a hoot about any of these things. yuppie stands for "young upwardly mobile proffessional"- which means they have plenty of money to burn. it means someone who cares about themselves, and no one else. they don't care if anyone else can afford a house, as long as they have a nice one. they don't care if the public schools are criminaly horrible, because they just have enough money to send their kids to private ones.

I just hate seeing people who (at least SAY) they are disadvantaged acting like dumb, illiterate sheep. in case you hadn't noticed, every aspect of your lives is commercialized, politicized, and coopted by a host of people who DON'T have your best interests at heart- but go ahead, hide behind your god damned flags and point the finger at the progressives- and all the others who didn't FLUNK out of the THIRD GRADE.

your friends are dying because you are too stupid to make somerville a better place to be. somerville is well known throughout the greater boston area as being chock full of ignorant people, run by stupid people- a place where people are encouraged to be stupid and ignorant! what do you expect, if you don't know the difference between proggressives and yuppies? what else don't you know? god, i wish all the willfully ignorant people would just commit suicide. . . .that way they'd- or maybe I should say YOU'D- stop beating up, killing, taunting, and screwing up MY friends.

gee i'm sorry- i know that was long for the folks amongst us who are too busy watching tee vee, drinking budweiser, and giving blow jobs to their american flags to know how to read!


What's funny is that the people calling others stupid and trying to make people feel less then them are the same people who will only say things like that on-line. I'd bet good money that people like somervilleresident would never say this line to any Somerville resident. "your friends are dying because you are too stupid to make somerville a better place to be. somerville is well known throughout the greater boston area as being chock full of ignorant people, run by stupid people" If you really feel that way then move. Let me ask you something what do you do to make Somerville a better place?? Try and help the city instead of acting like a big shot posting comments that we all know you would never dare say to any Somervillian on the street. I dare you to go to any park, or school and tell the people what you think.You can act big on-line but the truth is there are many people trying to make this city a better place for every one your just not one of them.


Somervilleresident why do you live in a Somerville if you feel that way about the residents? Why don't you just move if you feel so strong about the residents? Do you even know any Somerville youth? Have you been involved working with the people your talking about? Why are you insulting people you never met? What do you know about growing up in hard times? What do you do to make Somerville a better place? What degree or community involvment do you have? Would you ever say such harsh things to the face of the people you are calling out? Or are you just a guy with nothing better to do with his time then try to get under people's skin being an internet loud mouth? Some people like to talk a lot some people like action witch one are you my friend because you seem like a whole lot of talk. Shut your mouth and get involved.


holy cow, somervilleresident, thats some pretty horrifying stuff you just spewed out! how do you ever expect. . . well, nevermind, I don't suppose you are brave enough.

you know, if it weren't couched in such amazingly disresepectful terms, some of what you say is absolutely true-- why not let the facts speak, instead of opening up your hate-box to augment them with bullshit and disrespect?

i'm pretty sad, too, that yuppies and progressives have gotten all mixed up- and i get angry and get in my share of arguements and conflicts- it IS frustrating trying to make things better here- especially after all the masses of budget cuts we've had-- and failed development projects and not to mention the classism and rascism and homophobia and especially gentrification that all rear their ugly heads. . . .

but this is no way to solve the problem. this is no way to deal with it!!

please, if you are an anarchist like you say, please go and read some literature about EFFECTIVE anarchist organizing techniques!! take all taht rage and use it for something constructive! be blunt instead of hateful! be upfront, say you are angry, man i've done it too a little, but try not to insult people with EVERY other sentance!!

i've seen so many groups of people claiming to be "anarchists" being mean to people this year, and it makes me really really REALLY sad, man. . . . haven't you ever read any emma goldman or crimethinc literature or infoshop sites or hell even mildred loomis anything??? please educate YOURSELF before you go out randomly insulting people, this will NOT help! jeez. . . .

thugs and brats

This pup Cutter is a bully and a loudmouth with an ego out of proportion to his intelligence. He's already got a rap sheet and will go down hard some day. In a few years, all his buddies will want their own gentrified suburbia so their kids can grow up safe away from the likes of these DVS dolts. Grow up and stop being a child Cutter.


You guys want an answer? Just go visit multiple myspace accounts that EVERY high schooler has and just observe. I've seen tons of little unpubed punks representing their "gang" on their site. DVS is just a white pussy ass gang of little kids who cant do shit but spray paint on some walls and jump kids younger then them. Oh and I am white as well so I'm not trying to be racist or nothing.

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