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October 24, 2005


A Politician to be Proud Of

Keep up the good work Dennis! You're one of the most honorable and dependable people in City Government. Thanks.

Dennis Sullivan for Mayor

I think that Dennis Sullivan is one of the finest people working in our City. That doesn't say much when you consider the clowns running City Hall, but Dennis is a perosn of such great character that he would be an asset anywhere he worked. Instead of Curtatone or Lafuente or O'Donovan, we should conice this fine young man to run for Mayor. I think he would be teriffic. Thank you so much for your Office Hours and for solving my problems Dennis. This city loves you. God bless.


not to knock Sullivan, I dont realy know him. But it is funny and a little insulting that the candidates want ot "listen to the people", Knock on doors, "make themselves available or accessable" when it is time to get ellected time... I sent an email to my alderman about a concern, not a personal concern but one that affected the community and I am sure a lot people had the same concern and never heard back, not one word, not even a politicians reply. You know, you can't get anything done unless you get a large group together to start complaining, and sign a potention, you really have to become a big pain in their but before they do anything for you. Remember voting for one of these guys is just the start. It is like hiring a contractor to work on your house. You have to constantly look over their shoulder and only give them half of the check up front. Once one of these guys are voted "in" it is like paying the contractor in full up front, They make all kinds of new friends in town business and politics and then totally forget about you!


You must live in WARD 5.


I'm glad to see youknowwho has shown his ignornace of Dennis Sullivan, It gives me the chance to respond to his ill informed posting.If youknowwho was so well informed he would know that Dennis Sullivan has had moblie office hours all over the city. He has had translators at these office hours to ensure that everyone has access to city government. He started this right after he got elected and I was impressed. It shows that some elected officials are for open and provide equal access for all.

You really should check your facts before you toss someone under the bus


well somervileguy, Your misssing the point. I am not attacking Sullivan. I am after all of em. By the way you did absolutely nothing to enlighten me. I am still pretty ignorant here. And I bet you are too. Can you give us one entire example, just one, of what was heard and how one of the candidates took real action to address the concern. We all know they're listening. But are they really listening? And when they hear us, what are they doing about it? Tell me, what has he done for anyone. And don't say "worked to better something"/ actually prove it or we will have to continue to be ignornat to how this guy is helping.


Perhaps you could enlighten me. What concern are you talking about?

Do you have a paticular issue that you feel is not being addressed or are you using a broad brush to tar everyone. I take it from your "after all of them comment" you feel that none of the elected officers are doing a good job?

I may be mistaken here so I will give you the chance to educate me on your issues. Are you just one of those rant and rave types that offers nothing but venom and hate with no concrete issues?


How about Crime somerville guy? What is being done? look at the Somerville journal. There is a car and house break-in list there that goes thru every street in town.

What is being done about the crime?

My point is that we should all be more involved and not rely on the politicians. They certainly don't need to be put up on a pedestal... Not that they are not great people. And I will say again, I don't them and I don't know what they are doing. Ask any old-timer why he has a sign in his yard from some candidate and what the candidates platform is and you see eyes glaze over and then they just start repeating he is good guy. He is a good ole boy. But what does that mean. Maybe they can help folks who cant do anything for themselves a little but they really can't help with real change, they are not going to save out town once we vote them in. we all have to be involved to get things done.

I think there is an old paradigm that could be shifting with the changing demographic. a lot of old Somerville residents think elected officials have omnipotent power. Newcomers know that working hard and making friends allows them choices. And that they have to holler, Tar and scream and get involved to change things for themselves and for the community.

So there your issue. Crime. Is your alderman going to fix it for you?

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