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October 17, 2005


I see where this is going!

I knew it wouldn't be long before Shelton started to use his position at the Somerville News to advocate for Tony Lafuentes. Lafuentes and Shelton are like two peas in a pod. I actually enjoy Bill Shelton's writing style but was it actgually necessary to throw a plug for Tony Lafuentes. My opions of shelton are going to change if he continues to throw Lafuentes plugs. I saw this coming a mile-away. In previous editiorials shelton wrote about how Somerville was changing and I knew it wouldn't be long before he attempted mix Lafuentes in what he calls a change. Lafuentes realizes that he is fading away and his good buddy Shelton runs to his rescue by throwing him plugs via--the Somerville News. The article about the portugese community would have been fine without attempting to finish it off with Lafuentes.


I thought Tony Lafuente was Brazilian?


Shelton, What are you talking about? The most well know portuguese families in Somerville are the Martin's, Oliveira's, Vargas's, and the guy who owns the fish market on broadway.

Home Boy

You see where this is going? Hmmmm.

1. How could Shelton have possibly talked about the impact of Portuguese residents on Somerville politics without mentioning Tony Lafuente? I see your comment as more about your hatred of Lafuente than about anything in the column.

2. So what if Shelton wanted to write a whole column praising Tony Lafuente? There are plenty of things that I disagree wtih Shelton on, but he always presents evidence to back up his opinons, and his evidence checks out. And he treats everyone with respect, even if he disagrees with them.

3. There may be real ways that Tony Lafuente has wronged you or others. Or real political positions that he has wrong, and that would be hurtful to Somerville. You care about this enough to post to this site. But if all you are willing to do is call him names, we'll never know what's wrong with him.

4. I really don't know if Tony Lafuente is qualified to be mayor, but the hatred that you spew at him doesn't tell me this, one way or another. I would sincerely be interested in hearing your objections to him.


Hey... don't forget the Carvalhos!

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