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October 15, 2005


Ron Newman

This morning's Globe reports on an arrest in this case:

Man charged with spraying graffiti in Somerville

Police are seeking a criminal complaint against a 19-year-old former Somerville man they say has been spraying anti-Yuppie graffiti around the city.

The message had been popping up in parks and on private property for the several months, police said. They are seeking charges of defacing public property against Jason Cutter, 19, of Billerica.

Cutter was arrested in Billerica last week on unrelated charges of aggravated assault and was turned over to Somerville police.

Cutter said he started writing the ''Kill a Yuppie" slogan as a social message, and that it was ''just a metaphor."

(read the Globe article for more info)

Ben E King

You people seen very quick to dismiss what the young Mr.Cutter did as this horrible crime that he should be harshly punished for. What you, and apparently nobody else in the city seems to care about is WHY? Why does he write this? You dont know. You dont want to know. You want to clean it up, get him in jail, and go about your normal lives while the real problem goes by unnoticed. Want to know what the real problem is? Try to ask these people's friends. Ryan Sullivan, David Martini, Matty O'Brien, Danny Nunes, James Slattery, Chris Ormond, Bobby Hartigan and the list goes on. Ask their friends why they have some dislike of the yuppie population in Somerville. As a matter of fact, you can hear of the contempt first hand by asking a family who was priced out of the city because of the gentrification problem this city has. Or did you not know there was one? Oh, right. Its just a grafitti problem.

You disgrace!

Don't you dare try to blame the drug deaths of these kids on Somerville yuppies.I despise the liberals more than anyone and I make every bit as much money as they do, but they aren't the problem. In how many different ways do you kids have to be warned about the dangers of drugs before you catch on. You want to make a difference? Post it on these boards who sold these kids the drugs that led to their deaths and we'll let the police and DA's office go from there. Put up or shut up. That's how you can make a difference.

Ron Newman

If guilty, Mr. Cutter should be required to pay restitution to the city and/or do community service such as cleanup. But putting him in jail or otherwise "harshly punishing" him would serve no useful purpose.

It sounds to me like he is genuinely repentant, and perhaps he can help lead an effort to address the deeper problems that motivated him to commit this vandalism.

reply to Ben E King

Ben E King,,, just some FYI.
Gentrification is going on in most cities surrounding Boston. Also, other major cites in the U.S. have been experiencing gentrification for years. It's called progress. It never goes away! Only in non-free market Countries where people don't care and properties become dilapidated because government is involved in real estate, setting the prices.


Ron, I'm not ready to buy into Cutter's apparent repentance quite yet for a number of reasons, primarily because the graffiti was not an isolated incident but rather perpetuated over a number of months at a number of different locations, and likely by a number of people.

If Cutter wants to clam up, protect his friends and become a folk hero in the process, then lock him up.

But if he wants to name names, fine. Make an example of him and his graffiti pals, have them clean up and come up with some worthy community service, i.e. find out why others might be feeling the same way and try to find out what to do with it.

Yorktown Street

When I was much younger, the slogan that people used to spray on walls was "Eat the Rich." It didn't mean they were cannibals. No more does Jason Cutter's graffiti mean he's really threatening people he perceives as yuppies. It's a political statement. Punish him if you like, but the issue itself is not going away. How can we make Somerville a place where people of different incomes, classes, cultures, and politics can all live together?

Mike C

the city don't give a shit about the youth. Thats how we feel. The city cairs more about people with money then they do the youth.You all can say what ever you want to make your self feel right, but I'm 18 grew up in Somerville nearly all my friends have moved away and the only reason I'm still here is because my family is on section 8.You can lock this kid cutter up, clean up all the spray paint, Blam the youth for not being herd but it's not gonna get rid of the problem. The city can try and hide it to make every one think they cair,but what are they doing to help the kids that feel that way.Nothing.


Mike, you're in the trenches, what do you think the city can do to help?

I'm interested to see what comes out of the McLaughlin/Save Our Somerville Powwow (can't make it, prior commitment) but am interested in finding out what can be done.


Progress progress, progress for who? Progress so new people can move in. Progress for who please tell me? My family who my grandfarther grew up here isn't seeing any of this progress all we see is a hike in are rent and my farther having to work another job just to keep up on rent for a 2 bed room that five peole live in. This progress you talk about who is it for cause as far as I see there are more familys strugling to get by now. Progress dose this progress help the familys that this city was built on? Dose the progress help thoses who rent with faimlys? Or dose this progress help bring in new money that is gonna be spent on shoping centers instead of helping the familys in need.


If there's a rent hike, then move. There's no simpler solution than that. Either that, or just get a better education and get a better job. It's only logical, don't you think, that you would fight yuppies back by beating them out in the income game? That would easily solve all your problems, dawg.

Do you people think that Somerville is the only habitable city on the planet, and if you're driven out of Somerville then you're driven into some kind of social exile where you'll never encounter a friend ever again? That's not the case. There are many great cities around with lower income than Somerville, go move there.

If you have a problem, chances are it's your fault. It's not like we live in a feudal society where birth rites dictate our social class. It doesn't so much anymore, buddy.

So, Timmy, you say that the city should protect the people who the city was built on? Let me tell you something, this city wasn't built on the Irish or the Italians or 95% of the people who live here now. In fact, before this city was built, the land belonged to a long forgotten people, it seems, called the Native Americans who we brutally tore land from. It's our own European history that settles the fact that we are Social Darwinists; if you can't keep up with natural selection, buddy, then that's your own fault one way or the other.

Yorkotown Street, you do understand that the "Kill a Yuppie" graffitti is a hazard to people's lives? You can't have things like that floating around. He essentially shouted "fire" in a crowd of angry low-income Somervillians. Freedom of speech can only go so far before it hurts someone.

This says a lot

One of the statements spray painted at Lexington Park during the summer:

'Yuppies are to us as the Pilgrims
were to the Indians'


Therefore, it should be perfectly acceptable to all of us that the yuppies are "taking over" Somerville, as our American society is founded on this crazy idea called Social Darwinism. If you think it's wrong that the yuppies are taking over, you also think it's wrong that the pilgrims, et al, took land from the Native Americans. Therefore, you must also think it's only right and proper that we give up our land right here and now and give it back to the Native Americans, and the rest of us go back to the respective countries that housed our lineages.

Thinking otherwise would only result in hypocrisy and selfishness.

native somervillian

What an idioteque analogy.
As I recall from my school days many years ago, wasn't there a significant amount of bloodshed back when the "white man" took from the native americans what was rightfully theirs. A few graffiti messages is hardly comparable to what happened to the Native Americans
I guess its just natural that people will fight for what they think belongs to them. The condescending and simplistic view of just get a better education and a better job reminds me of the Queen being informed that her subjects had no bread to eat and she replied "let them eat cake". In case you haven't noticed a lot of these Somerville kids have not had the opportunities afforded to them that people of higher economic class have had. It is this arrogant attitude that the "newcomers" exhibit that gets under the skin of these kids.

Ron Newman

"If you're having a problem, it's your own fault" is not a constructive answer to any of the problems that have been outlined in this article (and in subsequent comments).


Better educated I'd like to thank SHS for that. I hope you send your kids there see how they turn out.Who are you to tell me to move? I grew up here I'd like to have my kids grow up here sorry my famliys need aforable housing I'm a burding to you. What do you know about growing up here and wanting to say? I don't give a shit about yuppies. I just cair that my family being able to stay.And yeah the people I'm talking about that the city was built on are familys I'm not talking about irish or italians.Put up any bullshit you want but tell me how many familys will be living in all theses condo's ?


kids from shs wind up going to all sorts of colleges including harvard its not the schools fault you cant spell or figure out why youre in the situation you are.


There's absolutely no reason why a Somerville native should have priority over anyone else in situations like this. Quite frankly, that's really close-minded to think that just because you were born here that "THIS IS MY LAND." I was born here, but I understand that there are a lot of other cities and towns out their that I'd be happy to live in, even though my preference would be to live here. Yuppie haters need to stop being so selfish, and understand that there are other cities out there that they could live in.

In this city, economic value has absolutely nothing to do with your level of education. All kids go to Somerville High School, rich and poor alike. Being less educated and less wealthy is a decision made by the people it occurs to in the normal circumstance in Somerville, which should give you just as much fervor in this free-market society as any yuppie.

And the city being built on familys, eh? Guess what, EVERYONE HAS A FAMILY! You're not the only one, the only person who matters on this planet. Deal with that; understand that each person has just as much precedence in this city, state, nation, and world as you do.

And, native somervillian, you completely missed to point of my analogy, I think. I was trying to explain that Social Darwinism is a natural occurence in society, and life in general. The native americans (underpriviledged Somervillians) weren't as technologically advanced as the Pilgrims (yuppies); therefore, the Native Americans couldn't compete with the European war machine. In this more civilized society, maybe the natives could compete equally well against the entruders through politics, incurring our advanced government and judiciary to settle the matters for us. But that's not really the purpose of government, to fight our battles for us.

The purpose of the government is to protect it's citizens and provide utilities for us to live; and although keeping the yuppies out can be construed as a protective stance for it's citizens, that's not really what it is. It's just being selfish, and is counterintuitive to a proper and prosperous government.

Ron Newman

> All kids go to Somerville High School, rich and poor alike.

Not really -- some go to parochial schools, some to other private schools, some to charter schools, and probably some are even home-schooled.

Demographically, I'm probably a "yuppie", but that doesn't mean my group of people should run roughshod over the people who were already here when we arrived.


You make it seem like the yuppies are coming here with cold hearts and chasing out blue-collar residents with sticks. That's not what's happening. They are coming here looking for a home; are offered one; and they buy it. Landlords realize that these new people are willing to pay more for residency (because Somerville is in such a good location next to Boston and all these colleges) so the landlords raise prices in order to make a bigger profit.

Don't blame the yuppies, blame the landlords if you feel like blaming people. Landlords are the ones who are raising the costs of property; yuppies are just willing to pay more.

> Not really -- some go to parochial schools, some to other private schools, some to charter schools, and probably some are even home-schooled.

So are you telling me that only poor stupid people go to public schools? What's your point? Cause I know rich people that go to public schools, and I know poor people that go to private schools. I know genuises that go to public schools, and I know idiots that go to private schools. Everyone has books available to them, therefore, everyone should have an equivalent ability to read.

Let me just sum up stressing that yuppies are coming here armed and dangerous, chasing people out of their homes with force. They are coming here with money that landlords gladly take, caring not if these people with money were born here or not. Blame the landlords; blame society; blame a free-market economy; blame capitalism; but don't be so biased as to blame people who simply are looking for a place to live.


You hit the nail on the head in regards to blame one group. However don't blame a landlord who is living in a two or three unit, owner-occupied building (good for the city) busting his/her hump. It is a free market economy, if you don't like it MOVE! Try a move to a non Capitalistic Country and then do a post to a news site!


All I can say now is I can tell about 90% of you didn't grow up here.You all will never truly understand.Oh yeah kids from SHS do go to places like harvard but thoses are only the kids in AP kids in the others class's just get pushed alond.Why don't you check out the drop out rate at SHS or have your kid go there then tell me how great it is.Great idea telling me to move. I told you I'm on section 8 my family a voucher to live here.Yeah every body has a family, but how many familys are gonna live in all thses condo's?? Every time I ask you a question you seem to go on a rant about this or that and put up a smoke screen why don't you answer my qusetion. WHO IS THIS PROGRESS FOR?WHO ARE THE CONDO'S FOR? WHO IS DAVIS SQUAR FOR?Peales tell me

native somervillian

Several good points have been made on both sides of this issue. I think the Somerville school system is pretty good especially through grade 8. The High School has some excellent teachers but it is very easy for kids to get distracted, in with the wrong crowd and be left behind before anyone notices. There is not a good safety net for these kids.
As far as who lives in Somerville, who's coming, who's going and why? Realistically there isn't much that can be done about gentrification which is a mainly a process caused by economic conditions. Many old Somervillians have left voluntarily with tidy profits. At the same time there are many being forced out by rising costs.
I personnally welcome all newcomers. My only gripe is we need more families to stay and bring up there children here. We must somehow make Somerville more attractive to young families.
We need more commitment to the schools, more playgrounds, better athletic facilities, more youth programs and more commitment from the Administration to the Recreation Department programs.
This current Administration has done a terrible job of convincing people to stay when so many of its own Department heads and big paying jobs are filled by EX-Somerville people or people who have NEVER lived here. I believe this to be a disgrace and an insult to long-time Somerville residents. Does anybody think that the current Mayor will still be living in Somerville when his children reach school age?


I don't think he's living in Somerville NOW!


It is unfortunate that except for the price factor A poor native somervillian kid is better served by a community of people who improve the neighborhood, want to stop crime, and are more open minded. diversity is an important value to at least one crowd here. This poor kid has a better chance now of overcoming this price factor and avoiding the down side of gentrification.


you know, when a yuppie asks a question that a native would not dare to ask or when a yuppie uses a freedom that a native does'nt know or realizes exists... Well this server to irk the native a little or prod him to wake up a bit in some way. Maybe the native kid thinks yuppies are bold when they walk with their heads up and move like they are free? Maybe the native kid is flenching like a mistreated dog when a person raises his hand to gesture. Why flench? You are not going to get hit now. You are as free as the other guy.

Yorktown Street

There ARE things we can do to slow down gentrification and to change the direction of development.

1) Personally, my wife and I charge a below-market rent to the people in the other half of our two-family. Older people cut us a break when we were coming up. We are happy to do the same. We were lucky enough to buy in early 1996, so even what we charge pays the mortgage and the taxes and leaves us something for upkeep. We don't need our tenants to provide for our retirement. We'll do that ourselves. Anyone who can do the same will help keep rents and prices down in Somerville. But it won't be enough.

2) As a city, we can make rules that make it harder for speculators to buy two- and three-family houses and convert them into condos. We can support organizations that are building affordable housing, or buying it and keeping it affordable. We can lean on landlords who are charging too much and providing too little in return. The possibilities go on and on, as soon as you make keeping Somerville affordable your main policy goal.

No More Oxy's

Just stop doing your oxycontins, get a job, and shut the hell up!


This is a reply to Timmy's previous post.

It's great that you mention that the drop out rate of Somerville High School is very high, because I bet you that most of the drop outs are Somerville natives. Those kids are counter-intuitive to this progress(I'll get back into this later) you're asking about.

I guess that's a reason why we have Full Circles, but that seems a little inaccessible right now. But that's a different rant entirely.

The way I've seen it, a lot of the native born kids here tend to neglect the city that they grew up in. They do drugs, they drink, they beat eachother up, and overall they make the place seem like a very delinquent neighborhood. A lot of my friends at Somerville High are foreigners, and they do a lot more for this city than I've seen any Somerville native do.

These Somerville native kids just don't care about their city, so why should they have any precedence over people who do seem to care?

Now, about progress. This progress is for the city. The city's government benefits from an influx of bigger spenders, if I'm not mistaken. The progress is for people who are moving into the city and need Somerville's great location for job support and education support. This progress, however, is not for ne'er-do-wells.

It seems that it's not so much that people want to save their Somerville so much as it is they don't want other people to enjoy it. As far as saving Somerville goes, just look outside, take a walk down the street, and look at all the litter around. Look at all the graffitti. I don't see many people going around and trying to stop this vandalism problem, which from my observations, is largely do to Somerville natives in the first place.


Why the hell would we "lean on anyone" except criminals? Government is suppose to protect peoples rights. Like our right to live in a crime free neighborhood. Or our right to charge a fair price. Tennants are free to find better housing if they are being charged too much. Government is overstepping its bounds when it trys to tell other people what they can charge or what charity they should give to. If you feel good about charging a low rent, then that is great for you. If you start rules like that for other people then no-one will invest here. There won't be any houses rented out. Landlords wont fix up their properties. And then tennants wont be able to rent anything.

Yorktown Street

We have a different view of what government is for. I think government is supposed to protect people's rights AND be a vehicle we use for pursuing the common good. My vision of a good society doesn't include people being forced out of their home town in droves by rising rents.

Now, you'll notice I didn't say there should be a rule that everyone has to charge low rents. I do urge those who can afford to keep rents down to do just that, but that's a personal responsibility. I also didn't say government should tell you what charity to give to. But through government, we all pick organizations like SCC and give them money to build affordable housing. If they do a good job, then it's a very good use of our money.


Isn't it also the right of the people to move into Somerville? Are you saying that the Somerville government should soley give rights to Somerville natives? Are you saying that only Somerville natives are good?


Just stop doing your oxycontins, get a job, and shut the hell up!

Posted by: No More Oxy's | November 01, 2005 at 01:45 PM

Maybe it's people like this that are the problem in this city. who are u talk to do ya know some one here using oxy's that dosn't have a job.I think maybe your the one who needs help.


bunch of whiny little assholes...on both sides of the issue. i agree with idioteque to an extent - it is the native kids that are walking around like zombies - but who can blame them? its the parents fault for raising them like that, oh here we go - im gonna get blasted for that - give me a break - we do NOT live in a welfare state. the entire welfare system was great in the 60's through the 90's and served its purpose...but it isnt the answer anymore. there are drug problems and high real estate prices sure - but they are NOT connected except for that they both co-exist in the same community.
welfare isnt meant to be multi-generational in the same friggin family. thats borderline socialist views if you think its supposed to be that way.
im not the only person i know who went to somerville public schools had a drug problem had an alcohol problem - but i grew up and got a job and yes, i still live here.
yuppies are the problem? thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard - a yuppie is a term that hasnt been used in 15 years - these worthless lazy kids need an excuse and they conveniently hear mom or dad or stepdad or uncle of the week even lounging around the house waiting to score some black velvet in between welfare checks and how go on and on about how somerville has changed and is wasnt always like this and how because of the damned yuppies moving into the city and ruining it for everyone else, theyre forced to live on section 8.
forced to live on section 8 because someone bought a house? thats the most retarded, uninformed, unintelligent thing ive ever heard...
heres a news flash - theres low income housing in every city and town in the commonwealth - weston and concord even - learn to understand that welfare and section 8 arent meant to be "rest of your life" benefits afforded to you or your family - grow up, stop acting like a little kid, get a job, get a life...others did it long before you were around - and they had it just as bad as you, dont bullshit yourself - try acting like an adults you little whiny retards.


WEll said... I mean think about it. Take in town in the country and the future holds three possible, different, options for that town.

1. Your town gets better , propertie values increase and rents go up, better people are attracted to your town .

2. your town remains pretty much the same, no real change.

3. Your neighborhood declines, slums are installed, and crime goes way up, the good people move out and bad people move in and start drug houses. Dive bars flourish staying open till two in the morning and book bands that play music so loud you have to increase the volume to hear your own television. Crazy nazi kids come out after the bar closes and break bottles in your street and post "white power" stickers on your street signs. Then they speed away in their illegally parked sleds and hit your residently parked car on the way out. Cars that don't get hit get broken into by remaining bar patrons who feel safe to commit crimes.

You have the best scenario of these three options, and still you complain.

Soon, there is going to be a tipping point. There are going to be more real progressives here. And they are going to "ruin it" for the "old timers" who keep talking about the "old days"!!!


1. Your town gets better , propertie values increase and rents go up, better people are attracted to your town .

"Better people" I'm sorry but what are you saying? Dose better people mean people with money? Who are theses better people. You make it clear that you didn't grow up here and have some type problem with the natives.You seem very angry even more then me and are trying to take out your problems out on me just from saying whats on my mind.I never said anthing about yuppies all I said was I my familys is having a hard time keeping up.Its funny that I'm just a kid and you must spend atleast an hour of your day trying to put me down. Proving to your self that somerville natives are this and that.That we are ALL the same.It's people like you that are the peoblem in this city. You shown me that as a kid in this city trying to say whats on my mind Im less then you. You have to out smart me show you must be more educated. I must do Oxy's and don't have a job and must be a drop out cuz I'm a teen in Somerville.Oh you say that there are many low income places that I could move, well you really don't understand that there is no place like Somerville MA. and unless you did grow up here you will never understand what somerville means to the people that where rasied here.I don't cair who moves here but I do have a problem with familys being forced out and tripple deckers turing into condo's. Back off I just want people to see where some of us are coming from.

proud to be a townie

You've really shown your 'progressive' colors. The attitude that the new-comers are 'better people' is exactly the attitude that's causing the problems here. There is a patronizing attitude from many that they are better than someone who grew up here, simply because they didn't! Also, rising property values is only a good thing if you sell your property (or get a home equity loan). Therefore, rising property values only help speculators and others who don't plan on staying here long-term. For the others, particularly elderly and any others on a fixed income, rising property values means rising taxes and rising insurance costs. This hurts the long-time homeowner who in many cases can't afford to pay the increased rates. This is another way that people are 'forced out' of Somerville. Also, your 3rd point is particularly interesting given that we now have 4 2 am liquor licenses in the city. Three of them are for bars that attract a mostly young, yuppie, college-student crowd rather than 'townies'. Interesting.

just wondering...

All this talk about "yuppies." Could you quantify that? Who qualifies as a yuppie in Somerville? I'm just wondering if I should sell the house and move to where I'm wanted. Wouldn't want to cramp Timmy's style.


Yuppie is an outdated term. What is now going in Somerville is the average person against the Superior(they think they have all the answers)Progressives (PDS). Take a look at the individuals who belong to that organization.


Yuppies have no culture.

They grow up in suburban areas without culture, tradition, and in many cases a personality. They move to places like the North End, Somerville, Medford, Charlestown... to finally experience culture. They marvel at the food, the accents, the festivals, the families, and what Boston has done for this world. Boston is the birthplace of freedom. In every corner of this area you will see proof, where thousands of Bostonians died so that this world could live in freedom. From Paul Revere to John F. Kennedy, our tradition runs strong. We are a distinct people... and i can see why yuppies want to live here. It's the most beautiful place in America.

What people need to realize is a new revolution is going on. This "gentrification" is just another word for outsiders with money moving in, driving up rent, and then local governments catering to their wants and desires, instead of the needs of the native Bostonians.

Working class Irish, Italian, Portugese families that have been in these neighborhoods for over 100 years are now suffering.

Instead of local governments directing funds to keep kids off the street, off of drugs..... they are giving money to Tufts University, The Homosexual movement, and so on.

Its a disgrace... but we're too strong for you. You will be beat at your own game, and be more miserable than you are now.

The great communities of Somerville, Medford, Charlestown, and the North End.... where are nation was born.... will now tolerate this anymore. Yuppies have no respect, and its time we take over our own government !!!

The state representative of somerville, Carl Sciortino, was elected, because over $200,000 was given to him from homosexual groups, read all about it on got his power because he stormed into a Catholic church and made out with his boyfriend in front of parishoners. Imagine that? My friends 93 yr old grandmother was there, and had to watch this happen in the church she was baptised at!!! And instead of going to jail... He gets elected to the state legislature to make laws for somerville and medford.

Its time to organize and take back our wonderful communities.


D, I take it you have a problem with homosexuals. Yeah. It really seems that the biggest reason that people are opposed to the yuppie movement is because of, well, they're bigots. You seem to be a bigot, D, which is exemplified by your outrage toward homosexuals.

You first state that many great Bostonians died for this country, trying to embellish the history that is of native Somervillians. Then you go on to say, "Working class Irish, Italian, Portugese families that have been in these neighborhoods for over 100 years are now suffering." That's really funny, because the Irish, Italian, and Portugeuse families were in the exact same case that yuppies are in right now. They all moved here looking for better homes, and got ostracized for that by "native" Bostonians. This is just History running around in a spiral.

What you and others neglect to understand is that we're all immigrants. We all moved in here; our ancestors weren't just born here. However, you ostracize people who are just like our fore fathers, the yuppies. Maybe even a yuppie will be the next Kennedy. You never know.

"Yuppies have no respect."

OMG, then they're JUST LIKE YOU! You begrudge homosexuals for being what they are, and then you try to state that you're so much better than a yuppie because they don't care about other people like YOU do. Do you understand what goes on in your brain-pan, or do you just spout out the first nonsense that comes to your mind?

"Yuppies have no culture."

They have a different culture. They came from somewhere else, and their culture is different. Just because it's different, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

"They grow up in suburban areas without culture, tradition, and in many cases a personality."

Because, by definition I'm sure, only big cities have culture. Yeah. Gotchya.

"They move to places like the North End, Somerville, Medford, Charlestown... to finally experience culture."

Right, because where they come from the idea of culture is about as elusive as a leprechuan. And please make no mention of the fact that these cities all happen to be in close proximity to Boston and many great colleges, because that certainly wouldn't be the reason that people move here. They're here because they don't have culture, and therefore aren't humans, just like the homosexuals and the Jews, right?

Good Point D

You are correct on many of your points, but don't forget that Sciortino and the PDS are winning because people aren't taking them seriously. Well I think its high we start taking them seriously. Call them what they are, LIBERALS. It's such a dirty word that they hijacked the term "Progressive Democrats" from legitimate Progressives like Warren Tolman so people wouldn't see their phony, flaky message. Vinnie Ciampa had over $50,000 left in hi9s campaign fund, but he only took Carl Sciortino seriously during the last week of the campaign. He never spent the money he had left because he was hording it for his next move. People need to smarten up and start voting for Democrats with a true economic agenda for working class people rather than luny social issues pushed by special interest groups which completely fund the campaigns of these so-called "Progressive Democrats."


The first flag of the American colonies was raised in Somerville in 1776 on Prospect Hill. Jingle Bells was written in Medford Square by James Pierpont. Ben Franklin, a Bostonian, discovered electricity. John F. Kennedy, a Bostonian, arguably saved the world from nuclear disaster. The first telephone, the first computer, right here in our back yard. The current mayor of New York City is from West Medford. Medford is the 4th oldest english settlement in America, even older than Boston. Thousands died in every corner of Boston so that this world could be free. Boston farmers with broken guns and low ammunition defeated the greatest military in the world, not even the Spanish Armada could do that, or anyone else. Boston truly blessed this world.

Now, outsiders are moving in and ruining everything with their agendas. Yes they do have agendas. They don't care about the communities they live in. Since yuppies have moved in, money has been redirected to programs to promote homosexuality, transgenerism, and all kind of sexu oriented things. Instead of that money going to the schools, combat gangs, violence, drugs... the money goes to promoting homosexuality.

This is why Somerville is having awful problems that would never even been dreamed of 15 yrs ago. Little girls getting raped, ripped off of wheelchairs by gangs.... 15 yr old kids dying of oxycontin, house break-ins at an all time high. Not too long ago people in Somerville and Medford never locked their doors. Now we don't even know who are own neighbors are. This community is in a downward spiral, and the local government is to blame. Money should be going to beautify our wonderful community, clean the mystic river, have festivals, have fun, be happy... instead the money goes to fund the homosexual movement, the money trail is just sickening.

The state representative of Somerville and South Medford is an open radical homosexual, who stormed into a Church with some guy... and kissed in front of parishoners. THIS IS THE GUY THAT MAKES UP OUR LAWS?!?!?!?!

To the natives of Somerville, I grew up 2 blocks away from Somerville, in South Medford. I feel your pain everyday. I know many of the kids that have died. I've witnessed first hand the horrors that have been happened in the last few years.

Thanksgiving is coming and its time to give thanks. A New England tradition since 1621, still going strong. Don't let the yuppies piss you off because soon, they will have no power to do anything. Someday soon, once our local government is taken back, young somerville kids will have the resources to grow up happy and healthy, instead of money being diverted from them to go to programs to promote gay sex. Its a disgrace, but it will all be over soon.

God Bless Somerville.

Show Me

I'm calling your bluff, you idiot. Show me how Sciortino doesn't have a "true economic agenda for working class people".


You want your proof? Here it is:

And no, I don't have a problem with homosexuals. I have a problem with the radical homosexual lobbyists that rather have money directed to promote their sexual lifestyle to others, instead of that money going to good things, like combating crime and drugs, cleaning up the Mystic River, creating affordable housing, etc.

Showed Up

IUt seems Show Me is putting the cow before the horse. YOU have to show that Sciortino has any economic agenda at all before D can show you whether it's an agenda for working people or not. So far, all Sciortino has done is walk around withat that corny smil and thousand smaile stare and push a social agenda down the throats of the working class.


D, are you so completely idiotic that you blame shit that happens in Somerville entirely on yuppies and the homosexual movement? If that's what you think, than you're a complete moron, and you're just regurgitating something that one of your friends told you once.

First of all, the Homosexual movement is not a bad thing. Since when is social acceptance a bad thing? You mention that gangs are prevalent in our community, and that should be taken care of rather than the acceptance of homosexuals. Well, I can recall that in the past homosexuals had to endure a lot more ostracism than they do now, and that's thanks to the homosexual acceptance movement.

Their's really not much that can be done for kids that get caught up in drugs. Drugs are definately not a problem that happens only to impoverished uneducated people, because I know plenty of people who are well-to-do and well-educated, and still do drugs. In high school, it's a requirement that we take two classes that talk about the dangers of drug abuse. If kids still do drugs after that, that's either do to poor parenting or these kids are just plain idiots.

Vandalism in Somerville can be granted to Somerville natives. Logically, if yuppies move in, Somerville should become beautified, because by kicking Somerville natives out, they are reducing vandalism.

"The state representative of Somerville and South Medford is an open radical homosexual, who stormed into a Church with some guy... and kissed in front of parishoners. THIS IS THE GUY THAT MAKES UP OUR LAWS?!?!?!?!"

Yep. Homosexuals are people too.

"Thousands died in every corner of Boston so that this world could be free."

Part of that free-world is a free-market economy, and yuppies are free to purchase whatever property that landlords freely distribute to them.

"Now, outsiders are moving in and ruining everything with their agendas. Yes they do have agendas. They don't care about the communities they live in."

My father moved here when he was pretty young. In fact, he was young enough that you could even have called him a yuppie. Let me tell you something, he's probably done more for the Somerville community than any of your relatives. Yuppies can care about the community, and I bet a lot of them do, and a lot more will after they've settled in.


Here, I'll save Show Me the trouble. Straight from the horse's mouth:

D - can you fucking comprehend what you read? There's isn't a single word on Sciortino's economic agenda on the entire Article 8 website. Apparently you can't face the fact Ciampa got lazy and complacent, and lost on the issues.


Idioteque, you just proved how insane you are... and how many like you don't care about

"Their's really not much that can be done for kids that get caught up in drugs."

Thats is just a ridiculous statement that doesn't deserve a response.

"Homosexual movement is not a bad thing"

Yeah sure, teaching kids about sticking a penisn into a buttocks isn't a bad thing.

You just proved how ignorant and evil you are. Get a life.


I'm sorry if logical and rational is construed as insane.

Now, D, I'm sure we can be friends, and maybe you can explain some things to me.

How do you think we can stop the drug and violence problem in Somerville?

Drugs and violence are something prevalent in all civilizations, all social classes, and all woks of life. The only way to really stop this would be to stop the drug trade altogether. A little city like Somerville would have a hard time impacting the entireity of the drug trade by itself, but it can do a lot to impact the homosexual movement.

The homosexual movement isn't teaching people to become homosexuals. It's teaching people to accept the fact that certain people are gay (i.e. different). Is homosexuality a choice or an inherent human quality? Sure, some homosexuality seems to be the "hip" thing nowadays, but it's not like these people are going around to you and having sex with you. It's their life, not yours. So who are you to dictate their lives?

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