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October 18, 2005


Joe from Prospect Hill

Wow,nice colors on the Web site now.....Thanks for making the changes, I like the look. Oh yeah who is JV ???? there are so many names that would go with those initials. My guess its Jason Veritack ?? By the way my vote for Mayor is "Nobody" cause nobody wins, that's my opinion here..... What's your opinion?

Ron Newman

I like the new colors too, but you still have incorrect HTML that causes the page to display incorrectly in the Firefox browser. (Everything below the ads in the right-hand column disappears.)

James Norton

Ron Ron Ron -

There is no pleasing Ron Newman!

I make the silly little tags at the end look the way you asked for, after spending hours of time (during which I could have been out making some money instead), and you are still not happy. I'll get into the technical aspect of it, since I know you'll at least understand it.

This type of weblog is based on a combination of a custom themes and formats offered by TypePad and while I could get into the HTML of the format, I would lose the ability to quick change something in the overall formatting scheme of things. I need to be able to maintain some ease of use because there are other people who work at and are associated with the paper that have very little to no HTML experience (they probably don't even know what it means).

I'll see if I can't work on it to smooth out the rought edges, but on this one point, I wouldn't hold my breath for an immediate fix. On another note, I'm glad the new colors and small little formatting things are going over well. It's funny, but tough to ask the color blind guy to change the colors, but in the end it worked out ok. LOL


Ron Newman

I don't think it's that complicated -- you simply have a typographical error on one line of the HTML. If I stop by the office, maybe I can help you fix it.


Newman, For Christsake man, get your own web site and stop annoying me with your nit-picking. If you have constructive suggestions for JN, call him directly, e-mail him, go have coffee with him, have Thanksgiving dinner with him, but for the love of Pete man, stop with the posts that have nothing to do with the News.

James Norton

I'm all set with the Thanksgiving thing, thanks anyway.

Now where is that "Ban IP" button again....



Well ladies and gentleman it finally happened! Sources say that effective today, Sunday October 23rd at 12:00 noon, Somerville Police union President Jimmy Hyde will officially resign! Also resigning from the Somerville Police Union Today will be Gerry Reardon! Jack Lucia is supposed to be next in line for the job as Union President. If he's elected you think there are fireworks now at the police station just wait until he takes office after the election! Jack Lucia and Mayor Joe just don't see eye to eye and Jack won't let the Mayor and Acting Chief Bradley get away with the crap that they are shoving out now!

Somerville Police union President Jimmy Hyde will officially resign!

Now that's good new's that will change The Somerville Police Department forever!

Hyde Resign?  Yeah right!

This story might have some degree of credibility if you two retards could spell Jack Leutcher's name correctly. Hyde is too headstrong to resign. He'd rather go down fighting and that why he will never be taken alive. The Mayor and his handmaiden Bradley are hellbent on destroying the Police Department and promoting their friends. Want proof? The Mayor burned the midnight oil to have Civil Service rescind the exam HE CALLED FOR so he could make FOUR promotions off of the current Captains list. After he got the Superior Officers Union to back him and the exam was put off he announced that he was only going top promote ONE Captain, his pal Goodtime Charlie Femino. Goodtime Charlie was the only LT who didn't study for the exam that JOE called for and likely wasn't going to pass the exam. Therefore Goodtime Charlie wasn't going to be a Captain in Somerville. JOE realized this and pulled the wool over the Superior's eyes and promised them what they'll never get, as he always does. It should be mentioned that Goodtime Charlie is the President of the Superior Officer Union. His motto: "To serve and protect myself and kiss Joe's ass." It's time for Goodtime Charlie to move onto that Campus Police job he's always wanted. God knows he never did anything on the Somerville PD. And the Superior Officer's Union needs to wake up and start pulling with the rank and file of the Patrolman's Union. You guys are getting screwed too but you think its going to get better. It's not. The person that split the two unions was another Curtatone Crony, Don Caliguri. Divide and Conquer. Just something to think about.

Why is the Mayor messing around with the Police Department?

Why is the Mayor messing around with the Police Department? What is he trying to do that sparked all this sudden interest? Is what he's doing legal? Is it in the city's best interest? Please let me know!

 Federal agencies should come in to run our city and police department until all the hacks leave tow

Federal agencies should come in to run our city and police department until all the hacks leave town! This city has so much back door politicking and scams going on and we just sit here and just watch it happen! The sad part is that they are all lining their pockets with our hard earned tax dollars instead of betting and protecting out city! Somerville wake up and smell the coffee!

Don't Worry

Don't worry the rumor has it that the FBI is already investigating a lot of the official in this city. You know who you are

that's baloney

yeah right, and you'd know ??? did the FBI come and tell you that they are investigating??? sounds like a T.L. tall know the know it all...lets hope if there here,that there investigaing the SHA and that Herbe guy with all his doings in the city....lets hope our good mayor is going to ask him to leave his board position.....or is that to much to hope for with El-Mayor Joe ......??
And remember as a service to the reisdents of Somerville, on eleciton day leave blank the Mayors spot on the ballot ....thank you and good night


IM surprised that Somerville doesn't have a civil run council that monitors and overlooks the police department alike many other cities and towns do. A council like this keeps everyone one their toes and honest!

This web site seems to be right on the money and up to speed with just about everything concerning t

After reviewing this site for quite some time now. I come to realize that it is very informative and direct to the point on many important issues in and around Somerville. Its seems like the place to go in Somerville and the place to be free to freely voice your opinion without getting any recourse from anybody later on down the road. Reading all these blogs that contain all so many dysfunctional problems going on in Somerville it's a wonder that the voters just use the process of elimination system with all our elected officials. Its very simple to use. All that you have to do is read about all your city's current problems that are occurring. ( This web site seems to be right on the money and up to speed with just about everything concerning the city!) Then on election day just cast your vote for another new candidate. Its as simple as that! If he or she don't work out, deep six them as well the next time around and choose another one until it works out! This way corruption and favoritism will be a thing of the past and we all can live happily ever after!

Get the facts!

Once again (shockingly) the truth seems to be missing here. This is in reference to the two Trants, McCain, Whelan, Vozella, etc....

1) The Mayor NEVER ever stated who if anyone at all he will be promoting to Captain. If he did I challenge you to back your lies and prove it.

2) The only ones that are trying to ruin things down here at the station are the losers mentioned above. Face it - you are lousy cops. All you care about is yourselves. Training, vehicles, guns, officers, vests, patrolmen... The only administration in 10 years to do anything with the public safety building... what else can Bradley & Curtatone do...

3) You officers are complete selfish bastards. The only reason you are stating what you are is you DO NOT want to work. You took an oath to serve this city.. you are failing. You will only do things if you get paid overtime.


What happened to Steve Cockneck? I like it when Steve Cockneck speaks the truth.

What happened to Brick Bottom? I heard that brickbottom was into shit up to his neck!

"Get the Facts" is the Landlord at House of Hate

Good job slamming people by name in your earlier post. However, you forgot one name- your own. Only 2 people know what the Mayor really said about promotions because they were nostril deep in back door negotiations with the Mayor to push their own agendas. Who are they? The heads of both Unions who were negotiating everyone else down the river for their own agendas. You state that previous police chiefs didn't do anything for the department, well maybe Chief McClean would have if the Mayor wasn't trying to axe him from DAY ONE for a POLITICALLY APPOINTED chief. Just what we need in Somerville, more political appointees. We have such a great track record with such individuals. Amazing, isn't it FACTS, that the Mayor suddenly has all of this money to spend on the Department now, when just 1 year ago he was paring down the staffing and saying there was no money to spend.
In the meantime, just think of all of those homes (over 600 unsolved) that were picked clean by B&E's. Think of the kids that were hooked on drugs and died of suicide or overdose. Think of the dozens of unserved restraining orders and the woman who got beaten due to the lack of a Domestic Violence Unit. Think of the overall drop in services to the people who saw their taxes rise (I know you don't liver here and don't care, but you get the point). Was all of this worth it so the Mayor could put in a political appointee? Was is worth it so that you could make Captaine or a friend of your's could be Chief (albeit, the watered down version)? My opinion is that it wasn't worth it. You would obviously disagree.
I really don't know what the Mayor said about promotions. I would have to be a Union president negotiating without the rest of my e-board for that.

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