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October 21, 2005



kristie's a great instructor. i love her yoga classes. her voice is soothing and she comes prepared to class every week. with candles and music. i feel so much better after her yoga classes. everyone should attend a class and see for themselves.


feb 19 2007
after attending kristies yoga class this past weekend at The Saratoga Dance Flurry I found that
yes kristie gives one of the most " intended " yoga classes I have attended and her warm soft voice and kind yet well formulated
way of instructing is truly a boon for people of all ages and body types, highly reccomend you attend one or many of her sessions

Cara Fletcher

I also think more people should practise yoga.It's so relaxing and distracts your attention from the problems you have at work or at home.very good indeed.

Somerville Resident

I agree, Yoga is good. BUT, I also realized that at last 75% of its efficacy can be achieved with simple breathing exercises. All the advanced stuff and the philosophy that comes with it is mostly New Age BS.

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