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October 23, 2005


Yet Another Hack Job

"David Giangrande, President of Design Consultants, said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone was traveling down the right path in choosing to hold off on the initial beautification project."
Of course Mr. Giangrande would say this because he's the paid consultant the Mayor hired. The Mayor who said that "We have not lost any money." we'' read the rest of the article. The Mass Highway Department said the city needed "to meet basic safety requirements before receiving the money a second time." That means the City doesn't have the money and may not get it if the new plan fails to pass muster. Is this really what we're paying the Mayor and Sean O'Donovan for? There isn't any money because they screwed it up once already. Please, get both of these phonies out of office and have them take their consultant with them. Just a thought, but I wonder who the consultant is related to, Herbie perhaps?


I agree,,,,, a paid consultant.
Means nothing!
Sounds more like what vacation location will they be traveling together!

Dog bites man?

This is really not particularly good reporting- the headline is really misleading, if nothing else. When I first read it, I thought it meant that a third-party observer thought the new plan was better, but its actually the consultant who is getting paid to do the new work. That's not really news. It would be news if the consultant said the old plan was better...

The impression I get is that the News either didn't have the time or didn't want to make a full story out of this, which is fine, but the headline should really say something like "City Consultant on Magoun Square says new plan is better"

Re: Dogs bites man

I don't mind the reporting so much because they're just calling it like they see it. The fact that the paid consultant, the guy you and I are paying, is out there spouting off about the merits of the new plan is what gets me. He consulted on the first plan and it wasn't worthy of the states money so now we keep him on to try a new plan? The longer he "consults", the more money he gets. That's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sounds like they're paying him to be the PR guy for Joe and Sean O'D. I hate to say it but the more nonsense I hear the more I like John L.


The fact is the City has paid Design Consultants, Inc as of this fiscal year, 7/1/05-9/30/05 a total of $23,091.11.

The City had a contract for $100,000.89 and two payments were paid out, $9.428.88 0n 6/15/05, and $90,580.91 on or about the same date.

Seems interesting to see these two payments made so close to the end of the fiscal year 05. If those two bills came in, I wonder what the invocies have for detailed work being performed?

It's time to take a look at the books.


Now you're catching on. Design Consultants was paid to do the first set of plans before CVS came in, with the blessing of O'Donovan. Design Consultants was paid to do a new set of plans after CVS was built, nobody saw them, and again with the blessing of O'Donovan and the Mayor. Design Consultants will now be paid, it is estimated, an additional $30,000.00 to redo the new plans,without input from property owners in the the Square or the surrounding neighbors, with the blessing once again of O'Donovan and the Mayor. Now who wants to wager that once these magical new plans are unveiled to the public after the elections, and I'm sure the public will have suggested changes to the plans nobody saw, that Design Consultants will be paid a fourth time for basically the same set of plans?

Follow the money.


Does anyone know who the principals of Design Consultants are? Just the names.


Other than David Giangrande.


Design Consultants was once part of or owned by a firm called Somerville Engineering which was owned by a man whose name was Capobianco. Interesting? Maybe!

not so

hmmmmm, Cosmo Capobianco the owner of the firm Somerville Engineering (located at the Highland & Medford Street building) proberly not a relative to the Mayor if that's what your thinking?? Mr. Capobianco is and old time Somerville native, lived on Avon Street, and once ran for Ward 3 office years ago....owned and built several of those beautiful buildings around the city that have a Spanish / Italian flare ....


Is the capobianco related to officer capobianco from ward 3??? Interesting now isn't it???


This just in:

Disney CEO says Disney a better theme park than Six Flags;

Coca-Cola executive prefers Coke over Pepsi;

The burger king prefers the Whopper to the Big Mac.

Of course the contractor is going to justify new consulting money! What would have been nice is if Mr. Hassett pushed for more information from the contractor on this miracle plan: What is it about the new plan that makes it so much better? Where are the details? When can we see them? Why did we pay you consulting fees for a substandard plan? Why are we paying you again? Does this new plan even exist?

To the consultant, the Mayor and the ward Alderman: Answer these questions and maybe then I'll believe in miracles, but I'm a little too old for fairy tales.


Looks like Ward 5 does need a change in leadership in November!
When was the last time good news came out of ward 5??????????

Got A ?

I was wondering if someone could answer a political question for me? How come all of a sudden I am seeing Re-Elect Joe Curtatone signs up around Central Street, Vernon Street and others around Ward 5? Has the Mayor now have an opponent as a Write in? Can anyone anwser that for me?


Well, to answer I Got a ? question, I believe the Mayor heard he does have a viable candidate. It is the "BLANK VOTE" everyone is talking about. Word around the "Ville" is to make your vote count, vote Blank for Mayor. Seems like a good idea. I am willing to bet, the blanks may out do the current Mayor. Might as well be Mr. Blank as Mayor, because we certainly do not have any representation on the Hill with Joey.....


I don't believe the reason InTheKnow gives is the real answer. Although, I would vote blank for Mayor. Sounds like a plan.

What I believe SOD did was just what Tommy boy did for his preliminary. He rented the Mayors signs as Tommy did. We all know the Mayor needs free $$$$ so why not rent his old signs. The one problem SOD didn't take into consideration was the fact that if it poured or got windy, SOD signs would fall off the rented signs of the Mayors. Now it looks like we have two candidates to one pole. How interesting. How cheap can you be SOD. Maybe you didn't have a political strategy dinner meeting to discuss this poorly planned escapade like you did last year, when you had no opponent.

Makes one wonder what SOD did all summer in area code 305 doesn't it?


I plan on voting blank for Mayor November 8.
What happens if blank does win?


Blank cannot win. If you vote for blank (or leave the ballot blank) it is as if you did not go to the polls. If you want to make a real change you should support one of the many people running for the BOA or school cmt. Get some experience in how a campaign runs and then help the whomever you feel is the best candidate for mayor in the next election.


Gee, I just received a doorknocker from my summer friend SOD. Sorry I missed you my friend, but I could use your vote on November 8th.

You see, during the summer months I travel back to the "Ville", and for the remaining months, I hibernate to the Sun Shine State like Sean. I thought I gave a Chad vote to SOD in Florida because he was hibernating as much as I was in 305. I could be mistaken thought, but I think not.

When he approached my stoop here tonight, along with Mr. Drip, I mean Waters, SOD seemed a little white. I guess he hasn't seen the sunshine state in about a month now and is going through withdrawal. Well, in two + weeks, he can return to the sunshine state and catch up on some of the tanning he has missed.

Then after the loss he encounters for Ward 5 Alderman, he will probably ask Secretary of State Galvin to hold the special election vacated by Rep. Jehlen to be held in Feb. so he can catch up with the bronze skin tone. Forget it SOD, it’s the end of the road for your political career so pack your bags for good…. Adios amigo


Does anyone know if State Rep. Eugene L. O'Flaherty has any relatives in Somerville politics?


Come on Democrat, of course you can leave the Mayor box blank and still have your vote counted. What country are you from? Leaving the one box blank still entitles you to vote for any other candidate in any field. Your vote will count, so don’t cloud the issue leave the Mayors blank to send that important message.


Thanks Republican, for the answer. Democrat answered only half the question. Of course I will vote for school committee and BOA. I don't need a thirty word political science class from Democrat. However, I will ask again, if blank receives more votes than Curtatonie,,,, the Mayor stays in office?


If more people vote for blank than the candidate, in this case, maybe a lot more will get done in this city.

and as for O'Flaherty, I don't know about blood relatives, but his brother in the Hood is none other than Alderman Sean T. O'Donovan. Both are partners in Somerville's very own O'Donovan and Lyons law firm in Ball Square........


If you leave your ballot blank you might as well not vote. Yes, the vote gets counted, but it is a vote for no one. If there are 5,000 blanks, one for LaFuente and two for Joe C., then Joe wins by 1 vote.


My previous post is not clear on one point.... Everyone should go out and vote for the other city offices! (I just want to make sure that people understand that while it may send a message to vote for "blank", the vote won't get counted against him.)

Joe Blank

Not if you vote for Joe Blank as a write in. they would be counted as votes. this is absurd though and I am not advocating doing such. I'm just adding to this ludicrous conversation.


Not sure if this is a ludicrous conversation.
If ever there was an election that blank wins, it's this one. Not that I would advocate a write-in candidate however blank has a chance of obtaining more votes than Curtatonie. Let's see, looks like from the posted reading on this site that the police and fire departments have problems with Broadway Joe. Most people I speak with are not voting for this guy. Most posts at the site are negative Curtatonie. Most of his direct hires have problems with the Mayor. They may not vote against him however they may not vote for him. Look at Sean O! The Mayor pulled $500k from him for Magoun Square two days before Sean sent out his re-election flyers. I don't think Sean O will cast a vote his way. Who's voting for this Dictator? The current post under "Union Leaders Quit" expressed it all with one word. Megalomaniac!

OK Tony

O.K. Tony. give it up already!

Yorktown Street

If you leave your ballot blank you might as well not vote. Yes, the vote gets counted, but it is a vote for no one. If there are 5,000 blanks, one for LaFuente and two for Joe C., then Joe wins by 1 vote.

Posted by: Democrat | October 27, 2005 at 09:57 PM

Democrat is correct about who wins. I disagree with him or her about the difference it makes. It sends a message when people choose to vote for candidates lower on the ballot but deny the mayor their vote. It would be better if "None of the Above" were an option on the ballot, however.

Mr. None Of TheAbove

Good idea Write in Mr. None of TheAbove for Mayor


I agree somewhat Yorktown but a clear message would be sent to this Administration, if he doesn't have the savvy of being a computer wizard and not read the bloggs, the message would be out of 21,789 votes cast, he got 9,000. That would be a much more clear message that the citizens have had enough of his shenanigans, deceitfulness, undermining, eye shadowing stall tactics.

I am not saying write in votes for Tony L or Steve P, all I am saying is any vote will count as a cast ballet even if the mayors arrow is not connected and at least one other category has an arrow connected. That’s all.

Yes I have an axe to grind with this Administration. If you could see behind all the curtains that are hanging around the City, you would understand. For this Administration to be training non-union workers to obtain their CDL license and after they pass that test, hire them to work for the City, what chance does your brother-in-law, your sister, you yourself or I have in getting a chance to work for the City. You don’t have a snowballs chance in Hell to get one.

Mind you, the Administration has a Unit A position person training these buddies of theirs on overtime that you and I are paying for. What can’t we be afforded that same courtesy? But you can have the Mayor’s brother-in-law’s son work in the Highway Department and when he gets in an accident, leaves the scene of the accident and nothing happens… that’s pretty cool don’t you think? No police log of it, no nothing. You call this a democratic society?

Enough of it all ready. A blank vote will send a clear message that this will be the last term for this Administration and when they are gone, so will their buddies. Last in, first out when the layoff come.

Don't vote Blank!  Vote for future candidates!

Voting for "BLANK" isn't going to help anything. If you know a bright, dedicated, person in the City today, vote for them in order to encourage them to run next time. When BOA members get several hundred votes apiece, the Mayor might get the message. Personally, I'm voting for Dennis Sullivan for Alderman at Large AND for Mayor. I'd love to see him run and show Joe how its done. Ler's hear some other ideas on candidates. I'm open minded to anyone else, but we have to have someone new up there in 2 years.


Okay,,, it's final. I will write-in Sullivan for Mayor. Either Sullivan will be fine with me.


Just received the latest campaign piece from the Ward Five Alderman. Magoun Square redo started off with $500,000.00 two weeks ago. The Mayor responded to the News' coverge of the debacle with a new bid of $1,000,000.00. The Ward Five Alderman upped his bid to $1,500,000.00 in the latest piece of "accomplishments" literature. At this rate with one week to go in the campaigns,do I hear $2,000,000.00? Going once, going twice, c'mon! Somebody, do I hear any other bids?


If the Somerville News will indulge me one more plug for the Community Meeting announced by the City today (November 7) concerning the "New Proposed Plans" for the Revitalization of Magoun Square, I would greatly appreciate it.

The City has scheduled the meeting as follows:

Wednesday November 16, 2005

6:30 PM

VNA Assisted Living Center
259 Lowell Street

If you are interested in the current and future developments(Maxpac, Lowell Street Bridge reconstruction, Green Line Station potential) and their potential traffic impact on the Magoun Square District, I encourage you to attend this important meeting.

I also encourage all residents and business owners in the Magoun Square Neighborhood to attend.

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