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October 31, 2005


blah blah

From one hack to another, I guess!

Going by his theory, perhaps Gene brune thinks that there is no need for elections.

RE: Blah Blah

Typical comment from someone who has no respect for people who have lived their whole lives in this city. That is why older residents hate these new porgressives. I am neither an older or newer resident but I am a little upset with these people who come into the city and try to tell them how to live. Everyone should be welcomed to the city but just don't think you are helping these citizens by thinking your way of life is better then theirs.

Ron Newman

I don't see how the Ward 6 race has anything to do with one "way of life" versus another.

RE: Blah Blah

Anyone who calls Jack a hack is a progressive who wants to further his or her agenda. Jack is the polar opposite of a hack. How much do you want to wager that BLAH BLAH is a progressive. And no I dont want to see BLAH BLAH respond by saying he has been a life long resident or a conservative. That would obviously be a lie

Newman please leave

Newman, there's an opening on the Bicycle Committee in mainland China. Why don't you give that a whirl, you'll fit right in.


Is Ward 6 the most xenophobic district in Massachusetts?


Xenophobic. big word. what does it mean?


I really loved working with Jack over th epast 10 years as a member fo the Davis Square Task Force. However, it is clear that he is really doing his best now to help developers turn ward 6 into a playground to attract yuppies and ruin the residnetial character. I am really dissapointed in him. I guess 22 years on ANY political job is too much for anyone to endure, even if you start with good intentions like Jack I am sure had 22 years ago

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