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September 27, 2005


j i

Ward 2 precinct 1 isn't even in the senate district, is it?


White won by 290 votes in medford.

Peter Kim

Yeah, what's up with that? Is that a typo? Or has there been a change since this:

j i

I was looking at the pdf map from the state site. So that's two sources that have 2-1 in another senate district.


It's clearly a typo or miscommunication. Someone must have been reading them over the phone from the White campaign to the News. Whatever, we're going to get the overall results soon enough.

Ron Newman

Somerville City Cable 16 gives the Somerville results as
Jehlen 3588, White 3115. That's more than a 400 vote margin (though not a huge amount more).

White did not win any of the other towns, either.

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