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September 23, 2005



I think it's a good hing for my vote value that les voters are voting.

It makes my vote 10-20 times more valuable. I never miss a vote and I'm waiting for the day that all liberals stay home in Massachusetts and my vote will bring in a conservative tidal wave of candidates:-)


I think it's a good thing for my "vote value" that less voters are voting. Most Massachusetts voters have some sort of "liberal bias dementia".

Less voters by these demented voters makes my vote 10-20 times more valuable. I never miss a vote and I'm waiting for the day that all liberals stay home in Massachusetts and my vote will bring in a conservative tidal wave of candidates:-)

Jeff O'Connor

Grog, your vote and mine cancel out. And that is pretty much the end of your dreams of glory... Pretty sad, huh?...


How very Republican a sentiment: "I can't wait for the day that liberals don't vote so that I can win."

Keep waiting, Grog...


Well it is Massachusetts....with the majority of it's voters suffering from the "living off the system" genes.
I'll keep voting at every primary and general election
for as long as it takes.

You missed the point. The more fat and lazy the liberal Democrat voters get, the more a Republican or conservative Democrat's voter counts. The tippin' point is that much closer. Somewhat like voters did for Mitt Romney over the tattooed "progressive" candidate a few years ago. Remember her?



Who was the progressive candidate running against Mitt? Shannon O'Brian is anything but progressive. She was the insider candidate (conservative Dem) which is why she lost. Please refrain from changing history to meet your theories.


O'Brien didnt lose because she was a conservative democrat...she lost because of progressive democrats, like yourself, who seperate the Dems and make everyday normal dems vote republican because you are wacked out and no one wants to be affiliated with that


Lets face the facts. There are different kinds of Democrats. Once we can understand this we can see in what way we can work together to make the Party better. Debate within the Party is healthy and can only make the Party stronger. We will never have a Party that is in complete agreement. My problem with the post that I was answering to was that it was making an incorrect statement. Feel whatever you want to feel, just stick to the facts.


Every "liberal" says they are "progressive".

It's just a "re-badging" of the word "liberal".
"Progressives" became "progressives" because "liberal"
started to lose it's "usefulness" in elections.

Look at how many "liberal/progressives" have won anything
around the country over the last 3 election cycles.

You people look silly playing that tiresome "word-game".
People aren't falling for it anymore.


"Look at how many "liberal/progressives" have won anything around the country over the last 3 election cycles."

Well, lets just look at the Congressional Progressive Caucus (I think they had to win their election to be in congress):

Neil Abercrombie
Tammy Baldwin
Xavier Becerra
Madeleine Z. Bordallo
Corrine Brown
Sherrod Brown
Michael Capuano
Julia Carson
Donna Christensen
William “Lacy” Clay
Emanuel Cleaver
John Conyers
Danny Davis
Peter DeFazio
Rosa DeLauro
Lane Evans
Sam Farr
Chaka Fattah
Bob Filner
Barney Frank
Raul Grijalva
Luis Gutierrez
Maurice Hinchey
Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Stephanie Tubbs Jones
Marcy Kaptur
Carolyn Kilpatrick
Dennis Kucinich
Tom Lantos
Barbara Lee
John Lewis
Ed Markey
Jim McDermott
James McGovern
Cytnhia McKinney
George Miller
Gwen Moore
Jerry Nadler
Eleanor Holmes-Norton
John Olver
Major Owens
Ed Pastor
Donald Payne
Bobby Rush
Bernie Sanders
Jan Schakowsky
Jose Serrano
Louise Slaughter
Hilda Solis
Pete Stark
Bennie Thompson
John Tierney
Tom Udall
Nydia Velazquez
Maxine Waters
Diane Watson
Mel Watt
Henry Waxman
Lynn Woolsey

Try and google "Progressive Caucus" and you will see some of the progressives in state legislatures.


You know something that is very prevalent across the country and the state of MA, is that most people are moderate, if not more conservative than the carpet baggers in the Somerville/Cambridge area. What we need to remember is our country was founded on principles of family values, families coming together from Europe on estranged boats with little room for comfort and the only thing to hold on to was themselves. You screaming liberals haven't got a clue of what the value of life and humanity is!! 60% of the U.S. population is not for gay marriage, and not for rainbow colored flags hanging out on city hall. It is accepted, and that is true, but you don't see heretosexuals wanting to have a symbolic flag flying over the roof for everyone to see. With that in mind why does everyone on this website feel to see the reality of american values, and neglect that people are accepted no matter who they are, but lets not brag about it.
I only hope that decent voters realize the games and shortsightings that politicians want to role over your eyes. I only hope that liberals who want to be heard are voted out of office. I only hope that people like Bill White, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Susan Collins continue to get elected, because when all is said and done these are people with family values that resonate with the Amercian People.

Howard Dean

Nice rant, "Matt"... If you weren't an obvious flame baiter I'd recommend you let us know when you decide to come out of the matrix... The great family values of the Bushes seem to be resulting in all their kids being severely fucked up (they are all alchoolic screwups, when you bother checking)... But I suppose with a lot of prayer that can be fixed... We are seeing the results on our esteemed leader...

Manny Ortez

Go get 'em Howard! YAAAHHHHAHAHH!

Yorktown Street

Matt, if you're really for family values, you should be ecstatic about gay marriage. It means that gay men and lesbians agree with you that forming a stable couple (and in many cases, having children) is the most desirable way to build a relationship. Gay marriage is a conservative position. It leaves almost all laws and customs about marriage untouched. It just extends them to more people.

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