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September 28, 2005


Yorktown Street

I just drove down Medford Street near Thurston and a fire engine, an ambulance, and multiple squad cars were visible around the intersection. Does anyone know what was going on?

James Norton

Yorktown -

I live around the corner from there and my wife just called and told me the SPD found a hand grenade. She didn't know much more than that - I'm trying to get the Editor of the paper to see how much he has found out.

Thanks for the heads up.



Does this newspaper ever finish a story?

It seems you have a habit of writing a single sensational paragraph, leaving off with "developing..." and then never developing anyting. What gives? Do I need to buy the print version or what?

the editors

It is a free paper.

Ron Newman

I'd like to see the rest of this story too. Were all of these drugs seized at one place and time? If so, when and where?

(I don't recall seeing anything in the printed paper; maybe I missed it.)

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