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September 22, 2005



Where were these "brave" aldermen when the issue of Assembly Square comes up for a vote? Where are these "brave" aldermen when there is anything remotely controversial? Where are these “brave” aldermen during a non-election year? Their endorsement of Bill has nothing to do with politics, they just hate what Pat's win reflects. These "brave" aldermen have no worries about getting reelected, which is why they suddenly grew a pair. I wish we had some really brave aldermen that would stand up and scream when the people of Somerville are shortchanged. I currently see none on the BOA, hopefully we will get a couple on Nov 8th.


The Foster-Hirsch signs are definatelly the hardest to read. Martinez, Glines and Dennis' signs are very easy to read from a distance. Let's be a little objective...


Great comments Brave. I totaly argee with your analogy. With the endorsement of those so called "Brave" Alderman, I wouldn't wish that on my best friend. Not even my dog.

The BOA was in closed doors for at least 5 sessions after Gravestar Attorneys sat down with this Administration and their attornys to iron out the RFP so that only "1" developer would apply. Boy were they surprised! Unfortunately they were led by their noses and deep pockets. $34 million dollars of profit distributed in all directions. Even overseas where the German millionaires started this deal.

We need to have a total change in this City. I saw a sticker the other day on some vehicles and this particular sticker says it all.

TIME FOR A CHANGE. City Hall needs five pints of blood. Make your vote count.

Just the kind of transfusions we need in this City. Too many of these politicians are settled in thier bungalows.

I only wish the real blood comes to the top on Nov. 8th. Ward 1, 2 & 5, along with two At Large spots, hopefully will be replenished. Please follow that sign and make your vote count.

Jeff O'Connor

There are always a lot of brave people during election time...

Jeff O'Connor

"...she voted to protect violent offenders, endanger babies, raise gas gas prices and remove God from the pledge of allegiance? "

C'mon... What kind of stupid tactic is this? Get this guy off the White campaign! It's sad!!! Even the dumbest person without any knowledge of the details would understand that the context of these votes was crucial and that your spinning is pathetically desperate and weak... Besides, god should be kept in churches and religious meetings, not in politics... Most people in Somerville have that principle very clear in mind; every time you bring it up, votes are lost for White...

Thank You Steve Glines, Ward 6 resident

I am a member of the PDS and I wanted to thank Steve Glines for taking the time to listen to my concerns regarding various issues in the city. Steven took the time to stop by my house twice and I wanted to thank him personally for his time and effort.



I'd love to hear how context could make her vote on any of these issues seem reasonable.

vote for the people's candidate

And speaking of Pat's record for sponsoring legislation....wasn't one of her sponsored bills the famous 'potty parity' bill? Somerville was a laughing stock when our Rep found that issue to be so crucial! I'm glad White put some of Jehlen's far left ideas in black and white. While campaigning, Pat has been bold (arrogant, studpid?) enough to espouse her ideas on families being at parole hearings and prisoners' rights to constitutents who are directly affected by these issues - people on the VICTIM side of the fence, however, not the criminal! She just doesn't get it, does she?



Is this just a blog page? You don't clearly state that "Newstalk" is an editorial/opinion page. So when someone launches into a clearly underresearched opinion on Pat Jehlen's voting efforts, the newspaper comes into disrepute.

In terms of the pledge of allegiance, a federal judge just struck down the use of "under God" in the pledge because it (obviously) violates separation of church and state. At least we have a representative, soon-to-be senator, who actually uses reason instead of impassioned, visceral reaction.


OK Progressives everywhere..........the election is tomorrow(remember?). When you get up tomorrow(if you have a job that is), I want all you boys and girls to hold your breath because this one is going to be close. On second thought, better start holding your breath now. Ok, ready set go!

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