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September 27, 2005



If so, my hat's off to Bill White. That's much better than he had any business doing in this district.

j i

I think the close race says less about Bill White and more about the shambles the Democratic Party is in. Why so many dems voted for White is an outrage.

The Dems asked the progressives to come back into the party and vote for Kerry, but they wont support progressive candidates when they are their party’s nominee. Disgraceful.


i don't get it. white beat jehlen in 7-3 by a few votes and jehlen should have cleaned up there. so, medford and winchester went for jehlen big time? that is really surprising.


The results are reversed. Bill White has been declared State Senator by the U.S. Supreme Court.

After looking at the results they declared. Bill is our type of guy. He wins!!!!!

j i

I'm skeptical myself, doughboy.

Peter Kim

Maybe we should wait until the official results come out. This "anonymous source" could be messin with us...


Look at it this way. After however many years of Democrats not getting along in this town, Somerville has a large number of people who hate Pat Jehlen and were willing to vote for Bill White. That pumped up his totals here.

All the energy for Jehlen peaked at the primary, when it was needed, and lots of her supporters didn't vote today. I know one friend who voted for her last time who didn't today because she thought the result was a given and she had Red Sox tickets. Needless to say lots of people who voted for the other Democrats didn't vote for Jehlen then and wouldn't vote for her today.

The other cities don't have the history, so you still have lots of people coming out to vote for Pat Jehlen like they did in the primary--she did really well in all the other towns--and few people coming out to vote for Bill White because he's just an alderman from Somerville and doesn't have many policy differences with the Democrats.

Ideology and party had nothing to do with the outcome.

Anyway, anyone disagree?


This "anonymous source" could be messin with us...

So far, everything here has been coming from White's campaign. I'm inclined to believe the most recent news from them, whatever it is.


Thats what happens when you open a campaign headquarters only 3-weeks prior to the election. I voted for Bill White and I would like to know why it took so long for him to put his campaign staff and headquarters together? I am not shocked at the results but rather annoyed. I voted for Bill white and I want to know how come he waited so long to start campaigning. If he started gathering a campaign staff and headquarters months ago he might of been able to actually win. Bill White is intelligent guy but when it comes to running for a state senate seat he should of realized that he needed outside help/strategy. Why did he wait so long to start working on this campaign. Pat deserved to win this election because she worked hard and ran an organized campaign. Shame on Bill White. This is the last time I vote for him. I strongly feel that he let many people down. I am not pissed that he lost, but rather pissed that he diddn't get out on the streets alot earlier than he did. I am sure that I am not the only person that feels this way.

j i

Brit- I've already disagreed. People hate Jehlen for what she represents, not her history.


I'm not going to disagree over the finer points. All I meant was that the dislike of Pat Jehlen, for whatever reason, didn't begin with this campaign.

fair deal

The strong showing by Mr. White in an overwhelmiingly Democratic district doesn't point to the sorry state of Democratic unity, but rather to an admirable streak of pragmatism on behalf of the many voters who jumped party lines to support the candidate they felt would best represent the town. The fact is that Ms. Jehlens record of accomplishments over 14 years on Beacon Hill is paltry at best. And though she might talk the talk, she has failed to deliver much of anything to the district. And while many progressives are giddy about having promoted one of our own, if we continue to support candidates only because of the banner they carry, rather than what they actually do to further the issues and get something tangible done, then we stop being engaged, thinking citizens and instead become the same kind of mindless idealogues that we are supposed to oppose.

j i

Let some other district vote-in the fiscal conservative. A liberal district deserves liberal representation and owes that to the state.


Britan33 get a life and stop posting bullshit on line. Find a signifcant other and bullshit them with your commentary. no one cares what you think


"The Dems asked the progressives to come back into the party and vote for Kerry, but they wont support progressive candidates when they are their party’s nominee. Disgraceful"

Very well put, I couldn't agree more. These are the same people who have told time and time again how much party unity is a necessity for the Democratic Party. I guess they can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk.


Results as published on Somerville Cable Access:

Patricia Jehlen: 7475
Bill White: 5762

Pat Wins!


Lucky, someone obviously cares about what Britan33

a lucky ass is still an ass.

Ron Newman

From Somerville City Cable channel 16, the town-by-town results:

Somerville: Jehlen 3588, White 3115
Medford: Jehlen 2455, White 1644
Winchester: Jehlen 1231, White 868
Woburn: Jehlen 201, White 135

Total: Jehlen 7475, White 5762


Perhaps the question then is this: Where does this leave Bill White as far as the At-large race is concerned? You'd think 3115 votes (better than 46% of the vote) in Somerville adds up to slightly more than a hill of beans. Some of the challengers must be a wee bit concerned with Billy's showing; some must be quaking in their drawers, and some must have shit their drawers over this.


Massholes will be marginal Massholes.

Strange that White ran better in Somerville than in Winchester.

winning is the purpose

I would say that Billy got beaten pretty handily all around.

When you figure this was a special who had 3 significant losers to Jehlen- most of which voted against her (and NOT for White) it shows how little support White actually garnered.

If this where a general election White would have lost 3-1- particularly in Somerville.

As for the at-large we'll see in November. My money is on Billy finishing 5th due to we will remember in November syndrome.


Interesting outcome across the district. We had 472 ballots cast yesterday at 3-1 (SHS Atrium) which I am told was again among the largest turnouts. The talley at the evening's end was Jehlen 232 and White 236 (including hand-counts). Makes you wonder what Bill could have done with a more elaborate organization. In any event, I say congratulations and godspeed to Pat (again) and to Bill both. We were well-served by this and offered a legitimate choice.

I wonder who'll win the now-vacant 27th Middlesex Dist. Rep.'s seat? IF all goes as it has so far, that election will span the Holidays and probably the New Year. The wheel bearings on the blue bins in Ward Three are going to need a re-packing!

If it didn't seem like sour grapes, I'd like to see Bill run again for the seat during a regular election-cycle year. The 2006 gubernatorial race promises to have $10-20 million being spent by the two old parties to get their votes out. Mitt did, as I recall, fairly well in Somerville in 2002 despite the Ballot Question 2 having considerable resources delivered to it (it garnered something like 65% in the city).
That amount of "pull" from the GOP, even in Somerville, could put a well-respected GOP challenger over the top vs. a not-so-well-liked incumbent. The recent public declarations by Somerville Democrats in this election tell me a lot about the state of the party here right now. The results of the November muni elections should tell us even more!


For those of you who are surprised at Ward 7 Precinct 3... pay attention. If truth be told, Bill White didn't do as well as he should. 7-3 is the most conservative in the City. Look at the results of the last Presidential election.. it was the best Bush did in the city.

Ron Newman

Unofficial Somerville precinct-by-precinct results are now on the city web site:

ANOTHER ELECTION!! !@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now What??? We need another Special Election to Fill Pat's Rep Seat?? Rumor has it Denise is going to run for it. Then What??? ANOTHER Special Election to fill her seat??? Then What??? Maureen Bastardi will run to fill Denises seat!!! Then Wanda the Crossing guard can run for Maureen's seat!!!!! THE BIG QUESTION IS ....WHO WILL FILL WANDA'S SHOES AS CROSSING GUARD???


LMAO!!! Since crossing guard is an "appointed" position, it will likely be the biggest campaign contributor!


My name is Wanda, and I would like to suggest that JAR AKA "Winnie the Pooh", Lawrence "nobody knows his last name" AKA Bozo the Clown, and Tom Taylor AKA Lurch play twister to see who will fill my shoes as crossing guard.

Ron Newman

Denise does plan to run for Pat's seat -- this was announced at Pat's victory party yesterday. I expect to see more announcements once Sal DiMasi decides on an election schedule.

Denise does not need to give up her seat on the Board of Aldermen if she wins, any more than Bill White would have had to give up his seat if he had won yesterday. Remember that Vinnie Ciampa served simultaneously as an alderman and a state rep.

Slow Down

Are you kidding me. I realize She does not have to give up her seat on the BOA, BUT be realistic. Does she seriously plan to hold both seats? Has she said this? by the way where is Vinnie Ciampa now?


Yes, Vinnie he probably (partially) won the undying enmity of a few folks beacuse of that. It's one thing to have a hack representing you, to have the guy double-dipping at the public trough is a whole other level of something, I don't know what, but it don't smell too good.

Ron Newman

Other people who have simultaneously held city and state legislative offices: Tim Toomey (Cambridge), Saundra Graham (Cambridge), Ray Flynn (Boston).

I have no idea whether Denise wants to hold both seats (nor whether Bill White wanted to).


Ron Newman thinks he has the answer for everything. I just want to know if he can tell me where to get one of those awesome bicycle helmets he wears.


Ron Newman looks like Frank Sinatra.



i wish i was allowed to post some more, but obviously the guys at the news don't like me putting stupid childish links making fun of someone online like i was stuck at 14 and secretly enjoy intellectually masturbating myself.

i know the guys at the news don't like ron's common about them being more consistent and they'd love to ban him, but maybe ron will come around and see they're trying as best they can with what they have to work with and considering their backgrounds are being extremely liberal and open minded.

i guess ill have to just look at the weblog now, because i am sure theyve banned me. oh well, serves me right for being a complete tool.

chew on that

Joe Beckmann

Whatever deadhead claimed the Progressives walked and Jehlen felt their chill ignored, as appropriate, the four incredibly self-serving endorsements that pulled the CONSERVATIVES out of the Democratic voter column last Tuesday. Like most Bush-like ideologues, it makes sense to blame those you don't like, regardless of who is responsible. Quite clearly those endorsements hurt, as did the Jehlen campaign's silence after the primary - no mail, very little phone, and certainly no response to the idiotic endorsements of White.

The only way to guarantee a softer voice in the Senate than we had in the House would have been to elect Bill White, incidentally, who described himself - accurately I think - as "Mitt Romney's worst nightmare: a Republican who didn't agree." While that might have been an appropriate position against Mackey, Casey, or Callahan (three other low watt guarantors), it hardly works against Jehlen, who gets along quite well with Traviglini (another who held both state and city office, incidentally, and who still represents part of Somerville).

More to the point, Jehlen's campaign had a new energy and clarity which will make her a much, much more effective agent than working under Finneran for more than a decade. Only a nincompoop would think White could deliver anything whatsoever to this district, while her agenda is clear, firm, and has the support of much of the current Senate and House leadership.

I wonder how well Roche does, having betrayed his Party. For the first time he may actually have moved voters to go out of their way to be stupid, given their failure to deliver for Toomey and EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE HE ENDORSED.


I'm wondering what part of Somerville Travaglini represents? Or am I reading your statement incorrectly?
I already know what part Pat represents (said sarcastically).

Ron Newman

Travaglini doesn't represent any part of Somerville. Jarrett Barrios represents the parts of Somerville that were not part of Shannon's senate district.


Joe Beckman has a resume in front of Pat Jehlen.


bagged once again Beckman......... God help us if this guy gets a job with Jehlen. "Trav represents a part of Somerville" Just goes to show you how dangerous a little education really is.....


I don't know Joe Beckman, but I do know Pat Jehlen. Apparently, other than a sycophantic attempt to bandy favor with her, this Beckman person is trying to convince us that she is going to somehow metamorphisize into "SuperSenator" from wing nut rep. Well I can tell you, it ain't gonna happen.
New energy and clarity?!?! Give me a break! I'll stop short of calling Beckman a suckass since he obviously doesn't understand how Beacon Hill works.
I read every piece of literature she sent and I saw NOTHING new or any more clear than her aforementioned previous tired platitudes, nor did I hear her propose or articulate anything new or exciting.
Let's revisit this at the begining of the regular general court election cycle (6 months from now) and see what committee chairmanships she's scored, or for that matter what commitees she's serving on. Then let's see what she's pushed through for legislation. This will, I'm sure, be on BHI's radar. Let's look at what she's done for the district. Let's see where Lowell Street Bridge is at. Let's see where Dilboy Stadium is at.
As for Trav being "another who held state or city office" as some sort of rite of passage that wil ensure Pat's efectiveness, I would suggest that perhaps 85% of the General Court has, at one time or another, held "state or local office". Hardly a convincing reason that she will be empowered to get anything done.
All that said, we should probably give her a suitable honeymoon period of, say, 90 days. After that, it should be gloves off time for anyone wanting to take her on in September or November when, presumably, a larger voter turnout because of a governor's race will give a better picture of the sentiments of the electorate. Maybe (hopefully) Pat will turn out to be the be-all-end-all Senator. For Somerville's sake I hope so. But I look at comments made by her in the Farm Team paper this past week in front of a group of educators and all I see is the same old non-sustainable formula of tax and spend.
And by the way, Bill Roche will STOMP any opponent in Ward 1. The reason is simple. He WORKS for his constituents and gets things done. He stays focused on the little things. The problem with the Somerville Democratic Party isn't Bill Roche. By showing the guts to support the person and not the party, he represents to me probably the best hope to show what is needed to restore it to respectability and credibility. beckman would do well to pay attention to Bill as well as the boundaries of the district.
New energy and Clarity.....!!!! Yah... Right!!!


To Joe Beckman,

I agree with you when you said that White would be ineffective under Trav, but I take no value in what you say. Trav represents Somerville? Are you serious. Stick to sending mass e-mails to the pds yahoo group!. But to also think that Pat Jehlen would be effective under Trav is just as crazy. She will continue to be the same pointless legislator that she was a month ago. Please do not put out such a stupid post again. I thought the PDS was careful about stating facts.


"PDS careful about stating facts."???????
I think not. Beckman, when you talk to Jehlen again about the new job, why don't you ask her how the Lowell St. bridge really got funded. We all would be interested to see how careful she is with stating the facts. Remember one thing about Pat Jehlen and PDS. PDS will only state facts as they are relayed by their fearless leader, Pat Jehlen.

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