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September 23, 2005


oh well

i thought it was funny

Ron Newman

As a Pat Jehlen supporter, I thought the fake Bill White web site was lame. Satire is supposed to be funny and have some relationship to the truth; this failed both tests.

I also notice that within a few days after putting this web site up, they took away its links to Article 8 Alliance and Christian Coalition. They also added a link to "Middlesex County Republicans" -- which goes nowhere...


Hey Ron -- what do you mean this satire has not realtionship to the truth? How about the truth that, even if Bill White himself is a moderate Republican, by associating himself with that party he is be default working to advance the conservative, unjust, facist-like policies of the Bush, Cheney, and DeLay and Santorum?

I have no sympathy for Republicans like Bill White who continue their affiliation with such a party but beg not to be associated with it.


Jehlen's people want to play rough huh?

Two can play that game. Some things are in the works about Pat.
Lots of ammunition there.

This just shows that Jehlen's hysterical "progressives" are getting pretty nervous. It's going to be close!

Jeff O'Connor

Haven't seen it... But it sounded like fun!... C'mon, Grog, don't be grouchy... A bit of sense of humor could cheer you up...

Ron Newman

I'm proud to be a Democrat, but there are plenty of people in my party I'd rather not be associated with, like Tom Finneran, Philip Travis (a prime sponsor of the anti-gay-marriage amendment), and Joe Lieberman (an enthusiastic supporter of Bush's war in Iraq).

Guilt by association can work both ways -- so I'd rather avoid it.



That is the difference. You are proud to be a Democrat, Bill is trying to distance himself away from his party as much as possible.


This kind of dirty tricks is the reason I'm unenrolled and intend to stay that way. Too many Democrats can't be trusted and will resort to this kind of tactic in order to win. It's disgraceful. And Pat Jehlen couldn't even come out and strongly denounce it (she adds the disclaimer that after all, he IS a Republican!), which tells me she is either involved or condones it. This type of action, even if it were meant as satire, which I don't believe, might be funny at other times, but days before an election can be seen as nothing more than a deseperate effort to win at all costs! The history of Somerville politics is full of dirty tricks, some well-known, some only known as anecdotes, most if not all perpetrated by Democrats! This won't be the first stolen election in Somerville history! By the way, thanks for the info linking this to Sciortino's (a big Jehlen supporter) campaign against Ciampa- I just lost a lot of respect for him, too.


I am not surprised at the fake website. These Jehlenites try and pretend like they are bleeding hearts but they are more vicious than the supporters of Republican candidate. If someone disagrees with their agenda they will do whatever it take to attack that person no matter how slanderous and hurtful it is. I have had the opportunity to talk to pat Jehlen several times and I think she is somewhat of a nitwit. She can't carry on a normal conversation and she is a complete spaceshot. Her supporters are just as nuts. I am so sick of these granola eating, birkenstock wearing nut cakes thinking they can rule the world. Most of these people need a shower and a lesson in good hygiene. They smell awful and look like they are from another planet. Good luck Bill.

Ron Newman

The Somerville News didn't show very good judgement in printing the entire fake web site at the top of page 3 this week. When I first saw that page, I thought I was looking at a paid advertisement!

Ron Newman

to "Unenrolled": did the anti-Ciampa website misrepresent Vinnie's record? I don't think it did. The anti-White website (especially in its original form) attributed opinions to him that he would in no way have endorsed.

maybe you're kidding

Ron -
It doesn't matter if it was totally or only partially mis-representative. The fact that it was fake and made to look real, and both were created by the same person would tell a reasonable person that it was meant to mislead you about the candidate. It was definately a campaign dirty trick. It's actually worse if it's not obviously fake by being so far out in left field, then people are more apt to believe it. Are you defending it?


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While I find the White and Ciampa sites humorous, I dont think either one serves "the cause" of the people who post it.

Frankly, both go way over the top when there is no need to do so.

There are plenty of valid reasons not to vote for Bill White. First and foremost he is a Republican- the party which has brought you a growing gap between the rich and the rest of us in the United States. The party which has brought us the uncessary war with Iraq while not being able to responde to domestic issues like Katrina. The party which has continually spent the country into debt- essentially to fund tax breaks for wealthy people. The party which refuses to acknowledge or address that over 40% (and growing daily) of Americans do not have access to affordable health care-

These are more than enough reasons not to vote for Bill White and any other Republican. Does it serve any purpose to make a joke of these issues? I think not- these are not matters to laugh about.

As for Pat Jehlen. I will for the first time in my life vote for her. I find it to be a very poor choice- but vastly better than Bill White. I hope a more solid Democrat (i.e. Joe Mackey, Barbara Capuano, or Bruce Desmond) runs next year- I know any one of them can win in a 1-1 race - But for now its the only choice for the working people is Pat Jehlen- because frankly we cannot afford Bill White or the Republicans.

Tuesday has no drama. Pat Jehlen will win by a historic margin. The only real issue is whether Billy making it known he is a Republican will cost him the at large seat.

Lets hope so.


poorjudgement, you were making a lucid argument until the last couple of sentences. "Historic margin???!!" Define that one please. I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to a few hundred votes, or less.
Your comments are exactly the reason I am no longer a registered Democrat in Somerville. The party has gone so far over the edge on behalf of this so-called progressive movement (they're really democratic socialists--let's tell it like it is folks) that you have a significant, some may even say a MAJORITY, of the party jumping ship when faced with the reality of a soliclist democrat being elected to represent a district that simply isn't that way. Pat got 39% of 22% of the electorate's vote on a summer day after spending over $100K of her own and, as I am told, $200K of soft money from groups like Mass Equality AND she relied whether by accident or not on a vote straw in Medford to do it. That hardly looks like the precursor to a "historic" victory this Tuesday.
Your coment about getting Bill White out of local politics was WAY over the top. Were you present at the budget hearing at the SHS Auditorium two years ago? It was Bill White who, as finance chair, arranged that. He was ABSOLUTELY the mos level head of all the elected officials in the room. No BS from Bill.. he told it like it was. Thank GOD (I THINK I'm STILL allowed to say that, right?!?!) we had someone like Bill White around, and I don't care WHAT party he belonged to.
Bottom line is, if you want to vote for a 61-year old grandmother to preside over the corpse of a beauracracy that has run its course, thinking that she will actually be able to get things done for you, you go right ahead. I won;t thin any ess of you for doing so.
As for me, I'm going to take the more "progressive" course and elect someone who, no matter what party he happens to belong to, has at least one foot planted in reality. Who I believe understands that the one-party system in Massachusetts has abandoned us (Bill White was a student of Tip O'Neill--if Tip were alive today, I believe he'd endorse Bill unequivocally), and who has a MUCH better bead on the sentiments of the district. In either case, GOD (oops...there's that word again!) save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!!!


I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to a few hundred votes, or less.

You have no business talking about anyone having one foot planted in reality. Ha!


Anyone who believes that "poorjudgement" will be casting a vote for the Socialist Texan Pat Jehlen "for the first time" or that he/she is a "working person" is extremely gullible or retarded.

It's the same LIB whackjob that posts regularly but keeps changing his/her name.

Howard Dean

Well said poorjudgment. I agree with your assessment of the situation. BTW, Grog is a bot.


White should have stayed an obscure and insignificant player- the most he can hope for now is that he is not a laughing stock among most Somerville voters-

BUT do you think he is really this dumb? Or did he make a deal with Willard?

If he comes within 20% pts of Jehlen I will eat my words and the next edition of most "widely read" paper in Somerville. I'm sure if necessary, I could digest the 4 pages.

Billy is all done. I'm sure his deal is to become a judge or state official because he is much smarter than all of the people who support him...

Bill losing Tuesday is fait accompli ... his losing in Novmeber is becoming more likely with each day and each piece he sends out.

However I'm sure his pal Willard (aka Mitt) Romney will reward him via a judicial appointment or state position since I suspect the braintrust around Willard looked at ancient history and thought it would repeat itself (LOL). If Willard lived or spent more than 5 days per month in Massachusetts .. he would realize it was a foolish venture. But then again, when was the last time Willie spend more than an evening in his Belmont estate? And, why does he always send the Lt Gov to Somerville? Perhaps he does know how to find City Hall?

No Name

Playing croquet at Foss Park? I'd much rather have some welfare recipient or "gang" member stab me or rape my daughter there.

I think Foss Park is wonderful- I particularly enjoyed the disabled kids being molested by some of our upstanding citizens who live in the government projects.

We must create more projects and expand the welfare state like Pat wants to do. Screw the disabled kids- literally.. ha!

Pat Jehlen loves Foss Park the way it is, she's lived down the street from there for years. Cheers to Pat!

Ron Newman

Pat Jehlen lives on Dane Street, in Ward 2, nowhere near Foss Park.

Gang Issue Is overated

The gang issue is overated. Give me a break will ya. The incidents that have occured in the past have been isolated. I am so sick and tired of the press, politicians and police raising the bar on the gang issue. If you know Somerville, and the neighborhoods you would know that there isn't really a gang problem and that certain individuals use the word "gang" as a way to help push their agenda and causes. Its time to read between the lines. If you want to see a real gang go to LA where the real gangs are at.


Once again Ms. Jehlen has demonstrated poor judgment. When questioned about the fake Bill White site she gives the obligatory "I’m sure he doesn’t agree with the other people on that page" then she proceeds to embarrass herself by saying " but he is a Republican just like they are." Pat, who are "they?" Are "they" the people who vote no to tax hikes? Maybe "they" are the people with fiscal responsibility? Would "they" be the people who dropped the ball on the Lowell Street bridge? As a registered democrat I now vote for the person not the party. Never having met Bill White, I will vote for him on Tuesday.


I thought progressives were open-minded or atleast they claim. All they keep saying is that White is a Republican. What is open-minded about that. I am very much involved in politics and I have come to learn that the progressives are as closed minded of a group as they get. They will sell you down the river if you disagree on one issue. A progressive is far worse than a Republic.

Ron Newman

I'm a progressive, and I think Bill White is a fine person. I just don't intend to vote for him tomorrow. (I'll save that vote for the city election in November.)

Ron Newman

>I hope a more solid Democrat (i.e. Joe Mackey, Barbara Capuano,
> or Bruce Desmond) runs next year

Barbara Capuano and her husband were at Pat's fundraiser last week at Orleans restaurant. I really doubt that she would run against Pat the following year.


I'm hearing there will be poll watchers at the polls tomorrow looking for fraudulent voters. Somerville has alot of brazen illegal aliens that have voted in past elections (even though not even "legal immigrants" who are not citizens can legally vote)
and will probably be caught tomorrow.

Seeing that the gang rapists of the disabled little girls in Foss Park were MS-13 terrorist illegal aliens, most lilkely would support Jehlen, she will lose alot of these fraudulent votes as a result of this verification of voter's right to vote.

Let's all kep watch tomorrow!

Ron Newman

What makes you think illegal aliens are trying to vote in Somerville?


It's too easy for them not to. Their "employers" and
"local representatives" are looking the other way
for "everything" they do. This is just one of a long line of
things they have gotten away with. It WILL be stopping though.

It's also a Democratic Party agenda item...make "legal" what is already going on.

Ron Newman

In other words, you have no evidence at all; you're just speculating.


And Grog makes a fool of himself in public, once again. Poll watchers are always watching for these things, which you would have realized had you voted at least once. Do you happen to know some of these terrorists, Grog? It seems so, and so one has to wonder if you are not one of them yourself. Actually, think the authorities should investigate and find out how come you know so much about them and their activities.


Grog knows that Pat Jehlen's going to beat Bill White at least 3-1 tomorrow, and probably better than that, so he's coming up with reasons why it won't be a "real" win and all the people really prefer Bill White.

It's lame. Grog, get over it. It's a state senate race in one of the most democratic districts in the state when the primary has already been held. This is not worth getting so upset over.

Special Election Guesstimate

not for nothing, but Grog is so embarassing for the cause. i love the phone call with a taped message from Teddy Kennedy calling on behalf of granny. how revolting is that - in a special election all you can do is guess unless you have been involved with one as to what exactly will happen tomorrow.

all of the variables that come into play normally are ALL thrown out the window and you all should know this.

so while granny has been a good voice for her own type of democrat and the so called progressives, it just goes to show you that by having drunk lard ass calling on your behalf that she will do whatever it takes, just like the old school old timer pols.

believe this - nobody would do something that lame unless they were scared.

it will be an interesting day for sure.

Manny Ortez

This election is seriously making me lose my faith in American politics. And it's just a district contest! White = Santorum? Are you people daft? Is this your first election? That's the only plausible excuse I can find. If so, happy 18th birthday, next time try and put some thought into it, you lemming.

Is Jehlen running scared? Why else would she say something as juvenile as "well, he is a republican! tee hee!" THIS is the woman we're putting in the State House? God help us. See how far she gets with Super Mitt. Can we make Barrios stay in the Senate?

Manny Ortez

Grog's comment brings me to a second point.

I hereby move for a moratorium on the following two words. Never before shall:


be used in political discourse. Their constant misuse and subsequent misleading leave us with no other choice.

Ron Newman

Well, if you want, you can call me this instead of "progressive".

(thanks to Christine Lavin for pointing me at it.)


I just voted Republican for only the second time in my life. I thought i would feel worse than what I do. I don't know if it is excitement of voting against a fruit cake like Pat or the fact that I didn't label a person because of there party, which all "open-minded" progressives do. Oh well, Pat will win and the world will still turn. I know I sound like I lost faith but I am sure that I will vote for Romney or Kerry Healey for governor. This is what the democratic party does to eachother. We have so many horrifying candidates that no one wants to be associated with. Therefore we will continue to have a Republican candidate in the connor office (not that I mind). Thanks to progressive wack jobs, many Democrats leave the party(Something you don't see in the Republican party.)


I live in Chicago now, and I wish I was there to vote for Pat. She is the kind of leader we need supporting Somerville these days, no more all gaurd corrupt fat wastes of space! Go pat go!

Of course

Chicago...A typical Pat Jehlen nomad...Change the political atmospher and then leave...


10 more hours and all the whining ends.


Voted for Bill White this morning! Overheard a poll worker say that turnout in Medford is brisk! The Texas Marxist candidate, Jehlen is going down! Thank God.

By the way, Jimmy Carter is recommending a "tamper proof voter ID with computer chip and photo" to be part of
Voting Act reforms. If that doesn't tell you anything about
illegal alien're in denial. Reform is coming.


I am taking bets that Jehlen wins by 3,000 votes or more.

This will not be a cakewalk- it will be a landslide of historic measures.

Every community will vote for Jehlen by a 2-1 margin.

If you want to know why- Look at the Exxon earnings the last quarter- the price of gas and heating oil- our children being killed in Iraq- and a deficit we cannot pay off.

Yes, the REPUBLICANS (aka White and Romney) will not escape this landslide. Mitt can run (for President LOL LOL) but he cannot hide- Nor can Bill White who is in his final days as an Alderman at Large.

Ron Newman

Why should losing this race hurt Bill's chances in the Alderman-at-large election?


How desperate does one have to be to use party affiliation as the primary issue in a local election? Is this really the best you can do? Is it really this black-and-white for you?

I should be a natural for the Democrats. That is to say, on a philosophical level, there should be no question -- I should be an easy vote for them. So why do the Democrats have to make it so damn hard for me? Why is it all this childish finger-pointing, this nonsense of name-calling as policy, this "they started it" crap that makes me want to vote Republican just to get the point across that the people that should be leading are costing votes because they're more content to just act smug than engage in actually talking to people?

If people want to keep involving George Bush in every political discussion, then fine. It's this kind of doomed-to-fail childish campaigning that cost Al Gore's and John Kerry's supporters their respective elections. It's Democrat failure that created Bush. Thanks, Democrats, for blowing it for those of us who counted on you, even when you win.


Vote for Pat. And that nullifies Grog's vote. See, Grog, you are not that powerful, after all.

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