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September 27, 2005


Can't believe it!

I can't believe the licensing commission has so little concern for the neighborhoods that they would make this move. I believe The Independent and Toast are owned by the same person - why does he get special treatment? Any why on earth, with the problems we've seen, would they allow an extension to Good Times? It's laughable. And you know they can't do it for these and not others. The other bar owners will rightly claim discrimination and that they are now being hurt by giving it to the others. Soon they will all be open till 2 am and it will be a nightmare! Why do you think we rolled back store closings till midnight? Even 'Store 24' can't be open past midnight. I don't understand how it becomes more fun to be there till 2 instead of 1. What is the difference? We know what the difference will be to the neighbors who are trying to get some kind of rest. Because, after all, a later closing time really just means one more hour of buying drinks - it's all about the money to some people. Not 'can I make money' but 'how much more money can I make'. They'll leave the bars one hour later and one hour drunker. This decision should be appealed by the neighbors (a la Mystic View Task Force if necessary!).

bar rooms are back

the slippery slope of bad government is back in mode at city hall. first we allow john hannah to run amuck. then frankie santenglo parks his boat for free. cash contributions to his honor are in vogue. so what did you expect- bars to be closed at 11pm=- on no not when you owe and have to go to the well over and over again. now we have a bunch of bar owners insuring our yards are pissed on at 3am in the morning.

welcome to the new somerville. same as the old somerville.


Cops are against the extention. Someone should ask how they feel?

Ron Newman

I happen to like the idea of later hours, but I'm surprised that two of the four available licenses were awarded to the same owner.

Good Times has the advantage of not being located in any neighborhood -- nobody lives within blocks of this establishment.

I'd prefer to see the Davis Square Store 24 open 24 hours. My understanding is that it now closes at midnight because people live above it in the same building, and were being disturbed by noise from the store's parking lot. Perhaps a better solution would be to keep the store open but close its parking lot after midnight.


I like the idea of extended operating hours. Personally, I infrequently, stay out late on a Friday/Saturday however; when this happens it does create a rush to other drinking establishments outside the city at 12:30. This has been going on for years. The problem I see is the extended hours being given to only four establishments. Don’t late licenses at the "99" or other less residential areas make more sense? The closest piece of residential property near the "99" is probably 1/4 mile away.

Mayor Joe is a BACKSTABBER!

What the F#&$ did you expect from out mayor? This guy has short or little memory at all! He forgets to do the right thing all the time! Why give two licenses to the same guy? Is he the only F^%&ing supporter in the city? Joe looks like you forgot where you came from! Forgot the people who put you where you are on your F%$#ing thrown so you can shit on all of us! I also know of other friends that you are and have been dicking around since you became mayor! You burnt all your bridges with a lot of us here in Somerville. Name one supporter that you helped besides that frigin idiot Frankie the garbage scow captain! He not only got free boat storage but also a F#@$%ing raise! You shit on all you friends Joe! Supporting a new mayoral candidate like Lafuente looks like the right thing to do. Why not? Jehlen is gonna do it for us! Just wait and see the results at your next election! This mayor is a user! A backstabber! A Thief! But most of all he's a LOSER! Joe you Suck!

The mayor is a loser! I agree!

To the person who posted "Mayor Joe is a BACKSTABBER" all I have to say to you is "WECOME TO THE CLUB"! Joe is exactly as you put it! Short memory! Short term! Pat Jehlen, Tony Lafuente, John L Sullivan, Denise Provos will do the job for us of ousting a Mayor! When joe is out of office and on our even level playing field after he loses his next election, then I'd like to have some pretty interesting words with him! He's a loser!


Wow, I've been there, done that, and been promised the world by the shithead to. He made plenty of promises that he didn't nor try to keep! I'm backing anybody but him next time around and I to would like to meet him on my even level playing field when the time comes! He's such and immature little ass hole!

Ron Newman

Gee, aren't these last three posts rather excessive reactions to a total of eight extra bar hours each week?

(The other paper in town says the hours are being extended on Friday and Saturday nights only.)


I was thinking the same thing Ron. Easy does it. Everything in moderation.

Typical Haters

I think that the negative comments posted by the above individuals are so typical. What more could you expect from Somerville's Haters. Tony L and John L. seem to surround themselves with so much negativity. Its unfortunate to that thier lives are filled with so much negativity. It appears that they are opportunists who sit around like pit bulls and attack promptly after the mayor tries to implement any program regardless if its good or bad. Tony thinks that he is a spin doctor. I feel bad for Tony L and John L because they are so power hungry that they will do anything to make themselves look better. Little do they know that the majority of Somervillians despise them. Tony should take a peak over his shoulder, maybe then he will realize that all his heavy hitters are long gone. What makes Tony think that he is next in line to be the next mayor? If Joe was to leave city hall, I could think of many people that would do a better job than Tony L. Tony should go sit back at the Independent and have a few late night cocktails and relax a bit. Don't be so obsessed with City Hall. The city was nice and quiet when he took off for a month and went to Portugal. Do us all a favor and go back and don't forget to take that piss pod from albion street with ya.


who said anything about Tony F and John L in any of the comments above? not every negative (or honest) comment about the mayor and his administration should be attributed to those two dipshits - every time you purposely spell their names out THAT gives them more credence you idiot.

this city is filled with so many delusional assholes its crazy! mr norton wrote about these people several times and i didn't understand it at the time, but boy am i starting to get it.

i've read, re-read and triple re-read print copies of the paper, stories online here and almost every single comment, and while sometimes i admit i get lost, the same recurring theme comes back whenever anyone lashes out at the mayor or the administration - it must be the work of certain people, who think they're all powerful and they're really not.

the funny thing is, what people have been saying seems to be the truth and its YOU and people like you that keep mentioning those two dipshits and giving them the feeling of power that they have. if you ignore them and stop automatically assuming its always them then maybe, just maybe they'll go away.

personally, i wish they'd go away - and take some of the idiots like you on the other side with them.

Ron Newman

yeah, it's hard for me to see what Pat Jehlen, Denise Provost, or any of the other people mentioned here have to do with whether a few bars should have a few extra hours to serve beer.

If it can be done without disturbing the neighbors, let it continue. If it can't, then roll it back.

Special treatment?

Just to clarify. I understand that Ryan's is also owned by the same owner. Anyone know if that's true? That would mean that extended hours were awarded to 2 business owners in the city!!


Yes, the three bars are owned by the same person. But has anyone thought that it might only have been him that applied for this 2am license? Maybe the others are waiting, or maybe he had a better plan for dealing with patrons than the other bar owners. There's lots of hearsay going round and not many here seem to have the goods.

Good Time is now no longer owned by Ray, as he sold his interest. So, we'll see if the pols still hold their fundraisers there or not. Joe owes that guy a lot for not selling out the Emporium from under their shoes as he has with other businesses in Assembly.

As for the extended hours: yay! about time Somerville joined the rest of the urban fabric! We're not Brookline or even Medford! Hurrah to that!

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