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September 29, 2005



Next time you see the naked drunk girl, get your camcorder out and put her up on the internet. That'll teach her a lesson.


Looking at the financial report of just the Mayor, filed this year since January, the manager of Good Times donated $300. I wonder what amouts were donated to the other members of the Licensing Committee? Checking the list for the other three drinking establishments too.

It is amazing that we are awarding an extra hour to those that drink just to keep them here in the City. What kind of message does this send to our young adults?


I live in Inman square on Dickinson Street. Somerville will only SOMETIMES ticket non residents who use are street as public parking spaces. On my street and in my neighborhood these are mostly people who frequent the Abbey lounge. These illegal parkers increase the noise, crime, and traffic on our street and do things like throw glass beer bottles on our sidewalks and streets. I am sure a lot of them don't even live in Somerville and don't pay taxes here. And the local business they support does nothing to help the community. Their only interest is to make money. They don't really have any community values whatsoever.
The other night, I left my parking spot which was right in front of my house and on the side of the street that I needed to be on in order to avoid a street cleaning ticket. I left for just 5 minutes to pick something up at the store. When I returned, my spot was taken by someone without a parking sticker. they probably figured a chance at paying 20 dollars is less than paying for parking. They most probably did not get a ticket that night, If they did as I did not see any tickets on cars or being issued. On the other hand though, I was forced to park around the corner and several hundred yards from my house. There were a lot of non residents parking on my street that night. I think the bar had some band or something. I got up and out of my house a little late the next day, I walked way down the street and found myself with a 50 dollar street cleaning ticket. You know It just doesn't make any sense to me at all. Shouldn't resident parking belong to the residents who pay for their stickers, pay the excise tax, and who live in the community and vote? I really wish they would make these people who are not members of our community pay large fines so that we could use our own parking spaces!! I really don't feel like they are trying to serve us at all with this parking ticket campaign.
Or if they are, it just is not well thought out. They are not listening to us.
What can we all do about this? After all we are the voters of the community ,we all feel the same way, so how do we change the process?
Somerville Street Sweeping Scam
As of today, I am convinced that the only reason Somerville Public Works "cleans" the streets is to collect parking fines. I left my apartment this morning at 9:00, and as I walked down the street to work, observed two parking officers feverishly writing out tickets to every car on the side of the street marked for cleaning. Though I don't drive, and certainly will avoid it at all cost, I sympathize with the drivers around me who have to put up with these shenanigans.
Every first and third Friday of the week, parking officers nail about ten cars on my street alone with $50 fines for parking in a "street cleaning zone." This morning, my roommate was among the unlucky who received such a fine. This is her first week living in our apartment and she had no clue about the regulation. I'm sure she'll never get fined again after this experience, but it's something different that really irks me. When I came home, I noticed that the street sweeper had been by, not because the streets were cleaner, but because they were in fact, much dirtier. The machine had served only to blow the leaves on the street up onto the sidewalks, and lines of mud had been sprayed on the street during the "cleaning." Now my street is striped with mud, and the leaves and garbage have only moved a few feet. For the revenue they generated in parking tickets for just this one day, one might think they would actually clean the streets.
What a scam.
Posted by Jeff

blah blah

get a life watcher. Why should Somerville bars close at 1am & Cambridge & Boston bars stay open until 2am?
Good for the mayor for bringing this city up to date. And you - why not move to a dry town you dry *****


you know I can't be a good neighbor and play loud music until 2 and have roudy friends running all over the neighborhood. No one would stand for that. If that is what this bar does then the zoning should be changed. They can pick a different neighborhood to do this. how about next to your house> If the rest of the community does not agree with me and has this same attitude as yours I will just turn my owner occupied home into section 8 housing that provides some good rental income. I will rent it out to some people who are more comfortable in that environment and I will make it a three familly istead of two. And I can't really take care of the garden , so I will put in some cement and and rent out parking spots to the Bar. Then, I will buy a nice home in Cambridge to raise my family in.

The Real Watcher

Comment to Watcher about playing music until 2 am..... your not me, I am the Watcher so go find another name to steal. You obiviously like to cause problems and stir the pot. I post what I know, facts.

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